Couple sitting in plane
Passengers. Couple sitting in plane
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Reenactment. Old couple attacked in their home by Nazi Brown Shirts.
A reenactment. An elderly couple sitting on a bed inside a house. Two Nazi Brown Shirts enter the house and attack the couple. Location: Germany. Date: 1936.
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News Clip: Couple
Video footage from the WBAP-TV television station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
Philippines Protest
Gay couples "wed" as part of pride month
Semaglutide drug binding to GLP-1 receptor
Animated molecular model of the drug Semaglutide (red) activating the GLP-1 receptor (blue). This activates G-protein complex inside the cell. Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor (GLP1R) is a transmembrane protein found on the surface of cells in the pancreas and brain. It is a G protein–coupled receptor (GPCR) that mediates the action of GLP-1, a peptide hormone released by the body after food. Once activated, the GLP1R changes shape and activates the G-protein complex inside the cell, which signal the body to release insulin and control the appetite. Semgalutide is an artifical analogue of GLP-1 used to control type 2 diabetes and obesity.
Couples dancing outdoors
Couples dancing outdoors
A couple sits on a couch watching television.
Brolga couple preening
Preen, Land, Australia, Rainforest, Rural, Tropical, Wetland, Australasia, Brolga couple preening, Wide Shot, Bird, couple, Day, Spring
1987 Couple in Convertible
movpov couple in convertible car to camera
Couple Discusses Wife's Hopes
Young couple discuss the possibilities of the wife ever being promoted beyond secretary. Wife thinks she can become important, husband thinks the system won't let her. FIC/WA - 1970's - CLR
Empty prison for sale in Domfront, France
Close-up hands of unhappy african ethnicity couple fighting and yelling in the living room. Relationship crisis
Marriage crisis. African ethnicity heterosexual couple in the middle of a fight. Arguing about their relationship problems
A2 / France 2
Costume Party
Shots of a Shriner's costume party. A lot of balloons and couples having a blast. DOC/WA - 1950's - CLR
Couples sit and lie in the grass at Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo, Japan.
Japanese couples dating at Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo, Japan. Pathway at Imperial Palace Park. Young Japanese couple seated on grass. Another young couple walks down a path hand in hand and sit on the grass. The young couple talking while seating on the grass. Japanese woman smiling. The man smiles back. Other couples in the background. Young couple talks. Another couple lying on the grass. A couple on grass. Another boy and girl lying on the grass with a picnic basket. Another couple walks hand in hand in the background. Location: Tokyo Japan. Date: May 1949.
Young Couple Arguing and Fighting
Young Couple Arguing and Fighting
[Birth: spiritual dimension]
A2 / France 2
Syria Weddings
25 couples marry in mass wedding in capital
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Tawny Frogmouth couple perched sleeping
day aleeping, Land, Australia, Rainforest, Rural, Tropical, Wetland, Australasia, Tawny Frogmouth couple perched sleeping, Wide Shot, Bird, couple, Day, Spring