Wivelsfield Green, Sussex. <br/> <br/>L/S of the Epsom race court. Crowds and cars are seen everywhere. Crowded grandstand can be seen in the background. M/S of the crowd around bookmakers. L/S of the crowds. L/S of the roundabout with a few children enjoying a ride. Low angle M/S of the roundabout. L/S of the race tracks. Low angle C/U shot of a bookie next to his board. L/S of the race. Cut to a high angle shot of a line of donkeys lead by children. <br/> <br/>This is Donkey Derby in Wivelsfield Green, Sussex - charitable event in aid of the Sunshine Homes for Blind Babies and some other charities. High angle L/S of the crowd leaning over the wooden fence. M/S of a man wearing bowler hat leading an armoured rider on a donkey along the course. M/S of a woman leading a lady rider with a large straw hat on a donkey along the course. Several M/S of the people in the audience. <br/> <br/>M/S of a boy stroking a donkey's head - sweet. M/S of the children and donkeys preparing for the race. Several shots of the people selling toys, people waiting and children preparing for the race. Officials (judges) inspect lined donkeys. Bookmakers shouting the odds and people betting. <br/> <br/>Children on donkeys are lined up in starting position. M/S of the crowd leaning over the fence. C/U of the Union Jack dropped as the start sign, donkeys lined up in background are seen starting the race. Several shots of the race, which starts well and finishes without major difficulties but later develops into a chaos when two judges try to chase up one of the donkeys without a jockey.
[Start Tray]
FR3 / France 3
The 90's, episode 401: TAKING CHANCES
01:36 Bungee Jump by Patrick Creadon and Randy Jaffe. Patrick Creadon prepares to bungee jump from a crane. he has a camera taped to his hand to capture the moment in all its glory. It's not that dangerous, is it? Pat asks. You're gonna be just fine, replies the jumping aid? And he is, despite a slight drunk feeling. 07:16 Lilly Barry by Skip Blumberg. Lilly Barry, a blind woman, talks about the perils of negotiating New York's streets. She says the best way a sighted person can help her is to just ask me if I need assistance. 08:56 Lane Sarasohn by Nancy Cain. Lane Sarasohn, a lottery player, picks the following numbers: years he has lived in home, his daughter's age, his son's age, years married, wife's age and his age. He partakes in this ritual as insurance against a lifetime of self incrimination. Nancy asks, Is it taking a chance to buy it or not to buy it? It'd be courting disaster not to buy it, he replies. 10:03 Visa Lottery by Nancy Cain, Eddie Becker, Miguel Kohan and Fabian Wagmister. A look at the chaos surrounding the visa lottery. Attorney Vera A. Weisz helps describe how the lottery works. A post office box in Arlington, Virginia, handles the millions of applications, which they accept for one week. Of the 19 million applications received, 40,000 will get a permanent visa, 16,000 of these must be of Irish descent... Applicants discuss their strategies. Sending in 400 applications is not uncommon. Eddie Becker encounters an Argentinean camera crew. They say The 90's is one of their favorite channels. Eddie suggests that they submit a tape. They happened to have shot tape of the riot that ensued at the post office the previous night, which is shown here. The masses surge toward the mail bins, their future determined by the bin they get their application in? A screen roll indicates that both the Senate and the House are working on an improved process. Meanwhile, the US Post Office grossed $5.51 million from this year's lottery. 17:47 We Play For Tips by Esti Galili Marpet. On the streets in New Orleans, Doreen's Jazz Band belts out the classic Down in New Orleans. 18:46 72 Stories Up by Nancy Cain and Hector Garcia. A window washer cleans pollution's residue off a Los Angeles skyscraper. On the smog, he says, It's kind of unsightly, but it's also home. 29:05 Tovey Halleck by Skip Blumberg. In New York: Skip Blumberg burns some tape on his way to see Tovey Halleck, an artist. I guess every time I go out shooting I'm taking a chance. Who knows what I'm going to find? ponders Skip. Tovey takes Skip to his studio, an outdoor sculpture/shed, where he forges iron into art. Skip asks him if he was taking a chance by his career choice. I think some people aren't cut out for it. Some people have to learn in a hands-on way, he replies. From the outside looking in, some people would say you're taking a chance, says Skip. 34:22 Fire Dance by Judith Binder. In Bali, Indonesia, natives chant around a fire. 35:25 More from Lane Sarasohn. Lane Sarasohn, the lottery player, says, I saw a guy on a PBS documentary who said, 'Look, this is America. You can win the lottery and tomorrow be a millionaire.' That's not the American Dream. The American Dream is a house, a car, two kids and a dog. Now the American Dream is never having to worry about money again. 41:46 Pat Arbor by Tom Weinberg and Patrick Creadon. Pat Arbor, a soybean trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, says, The risks we underwrite are different than the risks of a bingo parlor or Las Vegas. You don't have to turn a card, you don't have to roll a dice. The farmer, however, does have to plant the grain, because we have to eat. As soon as the farmer plants the grain a risk is created. All we do at the Chicago Board is underwrite that risk. We do not create that risk, the risk is already created. 42:37 From the Horses Mouth by Jay April. A trip to the race track yields a collection of gamblers talking about the topic they know best. What's the biggest chance you ever took in life? asks Jay. The man responds, Getting married. 49:42 John Schuchardt by Andrew Jones. John Schuchardt, a former captain of the US Marine Corps, recounts his story of speaking up against the Gulf War while President Bush attended church in Kennebunkport, Maine. We understand the church to be the place where urgent moral concerns belong and ought to be addressed... I stood up and said, I have a concern... We must think of the 18 million people of Iraq... We must think of what it is to be bombed by 2000 planes a day'... Someone shouted for me to sit down and the congregation rose up to sing 'God Bless America' to drown out my voice. I continued, 'I will speak for those who are suffering. Before we sing the Lord's Prayer I have a word' and it was for that statement that I was assaulted by the chief of police. I was expelled from the church. I lifted my voice and spoke, 'I am the voice of the voiceless. Stop the bombing. Stop the massacre' I was charged with disorderly conduct. They used the law as a weapon. They felt their purpose was to prohibit anyone from talking in front of the Commander-in-Chief. Footage of Schuchardt being dragged away is also included.
AFP-32P 16mm; VTM-32P Beta SP; MAST-720 1 inch; NET-104 Beta SP (at 01:42:12:00); DigiBeta
1920 Family squabbles in crowded courtroom as man (Buster Keaton) climbs desk to talk to judge and gains permission to marry girlfriend
The ancient splendor of the Siamese Court is recalled by the Royal Barge Procession down the River Chao in Bangkok. It signals the end of Buddhist Lent in a tradition which is centuries old.rn
Courtroom Violence In Greece; 02/06/01
Caught on film type footage of some men attacking another man in a courtroom in Greece: Three men punch and kick a helpless guy in court; CU of bloody man looking scared; Bloody man escorted away; Angry man continues to scream at attacked man (Violence, Chaos)
Japan Enthronement Banquet
Banquet held for Emperor Naruhito s enthronement
[SUPREME COURT EXTERIOR BUSH / GORE LEGAL TEAMS] [TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA USA] Supreme court exteriors - Gore/Liebernian Legal Team RS 16 December 7, 2000 11:15:21 daley to mic 11:15:24 today they made their case. Made well by nir. Boies, proceeding based on one premise that every vote should count 11:15:53 we @ them for their seriousness, on behalf of al gore and joe lieberman thank our legal team 11:16:47 pan to reporters chaos 11:16:54 bush/chency legal team to mic 11:17:07 ban-y richard 11:17:11 1 thought that the court thoroughly analyzed the issues and I was pleased with the argument 11:17:32 my next step is to see judge clark who's having closing arginnents. No evidence that was presented for plaintiffs yesterday 11 17:56 depart mic 11 18:48 pan to more reporter chaos
Spain ETA - Hunger-striking Basque prisoner to be allowed to serve sentence at home
NAME: SPA ETA 20070301I TAPE: EF07/0256 IN_TIME: 10:00:09:00 DURATION: 00:03:27:18 SOURCES: AP/EFE/POOL DATELINE: Madrid, 1 March 2007/File RESTRICTIONS: see script SHOTLIST: AP Television Madrid - 28 February, 2007 1. Wide exterior of "12th October Hospital" in Madrid from where Jose Ignacio De Juana Chaos was moved 2. Mid of hospital windows 3. Wide exterior of hospital EFE - No Access Spain San Sebastian, Basque Region - 1 March, 2007 4. Various of pro-ETA supporters and riot police outside hospital to where De Juana Chaos has been taken 5. Zoom in to Ambulance 6. Mid of protesters and police 7. De Juana Chaos entering hospital AP Television Madrid - 1 March, 2007 8. Spanish Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba arriving for news conference at Spanish Parliament 9. Wide of news conference 10. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, Spanish Interior Minister: "(Jose) Ignacio de Juana (Chaos) is going to complete his sentence under home custody, given his grave health condition, to avoid his death and to allow for his recuperation. Although the term is not technically correct his status has been softened to house arrest." 11. Wide of news conference 12. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, Spanish Interior Minister: "If he did not have less than a year and a bit to serve for a crime of threats, which is the crime for which he is currently imprisoned, I wouldn't have taken this decision. To make this decision I have had to take into account humanitarian considerations. I am convinced that if I had not take this decision (Jose) Ignacio de Juana (Chaos) would have died in prison in the next few weeks." 13. Wide of street 14. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Vox Pop, no name given, Madrid resident: "There have been too many victims and although we have offered our forgiveness he has not shown any regret towards his victims. He has never had that most human trait of doubt. He has never asked himself if he was wrong to have killed those people." 15. Wide of street crossing Pool FILE: Location and date unknown 16. Close-up of De Juana Chaos sat down 17. Mid of De Juana Chaos standing in court STORYLINE: Spanish authorities moved a hunger-striking ETA prisoner from a Madrid hospital to one in the Basque region on Thursday as a first step toward allowing him to serve the remainder of his sentence at home under custody. De Juana Chaos was taken by ambulance to a hospital near the Basque city of San Sebastian and his arrival in the city was met with altercations between riot police and pro-ETA supporters who gathered outside the hospital. Spain's Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba said he personally made the transfer decision, after consulting with judicial authorities, to avoid the death of seriously ill de Juana Chaos. ''To make this decision I have had to take into account humanitarian considerations. I am convinced that if I had not take this decision (Jose) Ignacio de Juana (Chaos) would have died in prison in the next few weeks," said Perez Rubalcaba at a news conference in the capital. De Juana Chaos, aged 51, has been forced fed by means of a tube inserted into his nose for several months. He had been on hunger strike for 114 days to protest his continuing imprisonment on a new, recent conviction for writing articles deemed as terrorist threats. Perez Rubalcaba said that, if De Juana Chaos recovered enough in the hospital, he would be taken home to serve out the remainder of his sentence under police custody. On the streets of Madrid, residents questioned Rubalcaba's decision. "There have been too many victims and although we have offered our forgiveness he has not shown any regret towards his victims," said one woman. De Juana Chaos has been in prison since 1987 for the deaths of 25 in a series of ETA attacks. With time off for good behaviour and other benefits, he was on the verge of release last year when he was charged anew over newspaper articles he wrote from prison that were deemed as threats of new attacks.
NEWSFEED: 9/2-5/04 PROTESTERS AT RNC CONVENTION, RUSSIAN SCHOOL SIEGE, WHALE RESCUE, MISS UNIVERSE LOSES HER SKIRT ON STAGE; NX EXT protesters at RNC, lots and lots of anti-Bush signs, we hear a woman speak but do not see her; NX EXT continue watching protesters listening to speech; NX EXT still watching PROTESTERS,not doing much except holding up signs; NX EXT protesters changing 'No more Bush'repeatedly; NX EXT John Kerry and John Edwards give speech immediately following Republican Convention;INT court case involving murder of dog by bow and arrow; DX EXT traffic at stand still as residents evacuate Florida in anticipation of hurricane, T/H Jeb Bush;DX EXT aerial of line of folks waiting at lumberyard (probably in Florida)INT Miss Universe on catwalk, skirt falls off, audience laughs, she discusses incident on TV interview; DX EXT Russian military helps screaming children after school siege, many shots of chaos, mother falls to ground; DX EXT smoke rises from distance, more shots of chaos on ground, injured girl placed in car, aerial of child on stretcher; DX EXT Russian news report on school siege, more shots of siege as it happens--building smokes, gunfire heard; DX EXT whale rescue in China; DX EXT bride and groom kiss during their wedding--at Wal-Mart, var shots of Wal-Mart wedding; DX EXT news segment about a girl mauled by a dog;
PET-820 35mm Beta SP
Amidst reporters and police, people rush out of an unknown courtroom.
US Kavanaugh Senate Statements (Lon NR)
Chaos marks start of Kavanaugh hearing
Saeb Erekat Interview
01:37:54:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Can you say your name? ,01:38:00:00>>>SAEB ERAKAT:My name? My name is Saeb Erakat. [SPELLS NAME] ,01:38:05:00>>>INTERVIEWER: What is your preferred title?,01:38:15:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: I am a Cabinet Minister on the Palestinian Authority. And when we have negotiations, I lead the negotiations. ,01:38:30:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Where are you from? ,01:38:40:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: I am a Palestinian. I was born in the City of Jericho, in 1955. That's where I did my - all my studies. And later on I did my Bachelors and Masters in ____ City University, in International Relations, and I went for my PhD in England, school of Peace Studies, and ____ Resolution. I am married, four children, two daughters, and two boys. I also wrote books on the - mostly on the Israeli conflict. And my real life is as a University Professor in the Political Science Department, at _____ University in _____. ,01:39:00:00>>>INTERVIEWER: You wrote a book on Jewish immigration to Palestine. ,01:39:05:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: That's right. ,01:39:15:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Can you tell a little bit about (Inaudible)? ,01:39:18:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: I wrote a book on the Jewish immigration to Palestine. Not in terms of how many came from Russia, and how many came from The Soviet Union, or how many came from Romania, or so on. But here is a notion of people who built their premise, their idea, in 1897. Hertzel said, let's give a land with no people, to a people with no land. And the people with no land, you are referring to the Jews, and the land with no people - you are referring to Palestine. And that year, when he said that, there were 650,000 Palestinians. And -they deny their existence. They deny the existence of my grandfathers and great grandfathers. And then -in 1917, when balfour declaration was issued, and stated to create a homeland for the Jews. And without undermining the civil and religious right of the non-Jewish minorities in Palestine, we were referred to now, we (Inaudible) nonexistence stage into being, but now 92% of Palestinian - of Palestine was Palestinians - mothers and Christians, and were referred to as the minorities. And the 8% of the population, the Jews were granted in accordance with the British logic, the homeland, while they shifted to treat us, as the minorities were (Inaudible). ,The third stage, we are thinking ____, began in 1948 when Israel was created, and one million Palestinians became refugees. We became to be known as the refugee-problem. The ____ refugee problem, the ____ refugee problem. And this stage continues until 1965, when nobody realized that between 1948 and 1965, four out of each ten Palestinian born in refugee camps, died before reaching the age of one. When Palestinians took to arms, to struggle and to say we have a problem, then we were - they branded us as terrorists. ,01:41:53:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: And then the fifth stage was, when they signed an agreement in Oslo, with us, or in Washington, saying - on that first day, saying the Palestinian people. So the whole thing of, of the book before Oslo was the transition of a people who denied our existence, and then who used demography, and immigration to build a nation. And then, they occupied the West Bank in Gaza, in 67'. The annual population growth of the Gaza Strip, today, is 5.2%, annually, which is the highest on earth. And the West Bank, at 4, 4%, annually. So what's the logic? What's their logic? If they attribute to build in Israel, for Jews, as they say, and then bring all these immigrants to (Inaudible) factor, and then they keep occupying three - now today we have 3.6 million Palestinians. And this population growth, annually, which is almost 4.5%., ,The question I ask, in that book, and the questions are - the questions asked, to maintain an occupation that is consistent with the idea that led to the birth of Israel. How do they manage this? And is it really -only a concept of a nation for the Jewish people, that they want? Or, why do they keep occupying me? What do they want from me? We can't - anybody who knows, to calculate one plus one equals two, will calculate that this average growth rate, annually, that, in plenty of time, the whole demographic balance between the Mediterranean and the River of Jordan, will be to my favor. Why are there big settlements next to my home, Jericho - town of Jericho? Why do they build settlements in Ramalah and Hebron? What are these people -who transfer the ____ to be just one, and turned out into being a land broker? (Inaudible). , And all, you know, the conclusion of my book was that it's, it's political blindness, arrogance of power, extremism, and that, you know, I realize that there were very ugly phenomenon's, in the growth on the rise in this Israeli society, toward racism, toward fascism. Because such diseases, nobody is immune to being a racist, whether black or white, or colored, or Moslem, or Christian, or Jew. And we're always trying to find a way to explain it. The question, I brought to them in that book, what are you going to do with me? [OFF CAMERA COMMENTS] ,01:45:23:50:00>>>>>>INTERVIEWER: You said the ____ society is racist - have gone toward racism and fascism. (Inaudible) Palestinian society? ,01:45:24:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: Well, the Palestinian -I'm exerting every possible ____, at this stage. Where we tend to be the last people on earth to be under occupation. Well, Israel is the last country on earth that possesses _____ occupying power. Where today are they speaking to me, in the West Bank and Gaza? 50% of Palestinian children are malnutritioned. 45% of Palestinian women - they're pregnant and they are facing anemia - anemic. And we have been pushed toward a human catastrophe, where our towns, villages and refugee camps have been turned into big prisons. ,And this human catastrophe is not happening because we were hit by floods or earthquake, or volcanoes. It's human made catastrophe. And the Israeli government made the catastrophe ____, something called closure and siege, where, where people, you know, like in - take my constituents in Jericho, who are normal people. They have seven patients who needed chemotherapy for their cancer. They died last year because we could not get them to hospitals in Jerusalem, East Jerusalem. We have three people who need kidney dialysis, and (Inaudible). They died. We could not leave them there, because of Israeli road blocks. ,So, with all this circumstances, people tend to be angry. People tend to hate. People tend to say, sometimes, bad things about Jews. We stand up and we urge them, please, don't, don't, don't let them push you towards that ____ of hating people simply because they are a different religion. And saying, openly, there is Judaism is a god religion. We must expect - we have no problem with Jews, as Jews. We have a political problem with Israeli politicians who are politically blind, who are pushing their people towards racism and fascism, and don't let them push you to these ____. ,01:47:30:00>>>INTERVIEWER: You were a man of peace, you are part founder of the peace camp. Where is the peace? Where is the peace camp today, and why (Inaudible)? ,01:47:45:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: The peace camp, the Palestinian peace camp, today, is a shattered peace camp. And I would tell you that it's - to be honest with you, also there's an Israeli peace camp - a shattered peace camp. We are mirror image of each other. Israelies and Palestinians. ,But let me tell you the following: I'm one of those who has been to life after peace. I have negotiated with Israelis during the Barak government; President Clinton, President Arafat, on a ____ status agreement. We have drafted three chapters of the treaty, me and my Israeli colleagues, and we came a long way. We know exactly that peace is doable, on all issues; the Jerusalem settlements border refugees. ,01:48:55:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: And I don't act like a prophet to tell you that peace will come. The peace will happen between Palestinians and Israelis. And it's not going to happen because I wish it to happen, because the uniqueness of our conflict with the Israelis, is that it will never be played in accordance with a zero sum game. Sharon may want to play it in accordance with a zero sum game. Netanyahu [PH] may way to play it in accordance with a zero sum game. Palestinian extremists may want to play it in accordance with a zero sum game. The uniqueness, the uniqueness of this conflict, it's either two winners, or two losers. Losers we have been, for the last fifty years, because we sought the path of violence, wars, and military solution which will never provide answers. And the only way to be a winner is going to be through a meaningful peace process, that will end the Israeli occupation, and establish a Palestinian State, next to Israel, on the June 4, 67' borders. ,I did not wake up one morning, and neither did President Arafat, wake up one morning and felt his conscious was aching (Inaudible) Israelis, that he organized the State of Israel. And by the way, neither did the Israelis wake up one morning, and felt their conscious was aching that they wanted to organize the PLO, for the Palestinian people. It is a need. ,Today, when I seek peace, with Israelis, I'm not doing the Israelis a favor - the favor is for my people, my daughters. It's for me. We need peace. And today, at this darkest hour, of Palestinians and Israelis, I can tell you that the majority of Palestinians and Israelis want nothing more than the revival of hope, in their minds, that peace is doable. A revival for many, for the peace process, that would end Israel occupation, because that would be the surest way to peace in the security for all. ,01:50:30:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Thank you sir. You speak about the majority of Palestinians. Does the Palestinian Authority, the ____ Minister, does it speak for all the factions of the Palestinian Movement, or just for ____? ,01:50:40:00>>>SAED EREKAT: No, we speak for every Palestinian. I was - we were elected by the Palestinian people. It's true that I got 58% of the work in this constituency against seven candidates. But that's elections. We are a democratically elected Palestinian Authority. And we, as Palestinians, we have an overloaded wagon. We really do. We've gone through transformations that's so difficult. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish and tell the difference, and educate our people about the difference between political pluralism - meaning having parties, having different opinions, having a position, or authority pluralism; (Inaudible) into their own hands, and achieve this through guns, or through violence, through whatever. And we're telling them, we must tolerate and build a nation, build on political pluralism. But authority pluralism must not be tolerated under any circumstances, under any religious ____, under any reason. Nothing justifies authority pluralism, because it's the ____ destruction. ,WE have, we have another (Inaudible) because sometimes we tell people, okay you can't come to (Inaudible) in Jericho. And (Inaudible) against me, against my policies, against me as a peace maker, which they do. Okay? But when you stand up and start advocating to hate Jews, or to kill Jews, simply because they are Jews, that is not freedom of expression. That's incitement, and that should be punishable by law. That's what we're doing, that's (Inaudible). ,Now, you take all of this, Palestinian Authority, that is not a Palestinian State, we are not a state, ___ government that is a conflict of limitation. I cannot leave my hometown, Jericho, unless a military commander allow me. The farmers cannot leave Jericho unless the military commanders would allow them. The occupation continued. The settlements continued. Confiscation of land continued. And we were up against all of these things. And then all of the continuation of the settlement activity, the confiscation of land, (Inaudible) because this is the ammunition for our extremists - Palestinian extremists who are killing, but Israelis don't want peace. ,01:53:30:00>>>INTERVIEWER: I read in an Israeli newspaper, ____ that there is actually a civil war in the Palestinian community. That it is actually not the Palestinian Authority speaking for ____. The Palestinian Authority is in a civil war against Hamas, against the Jihad, and they're not a unified nation speaking for all. Are you in a civil war with Hamas and Jihad? ,01:53:58:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: No. No. I don't think we have a civil war. I don't think we, we will have a civil war. But, as I said, we are telling all Palestinian factions that authority pluralism will not be tolerated, cannot be tolerated. And there will be one authority, and that is the elected authority. Because our way of life, when a Palestinian State established, and mark my words, they're gonna be free democratic nation, accountable, transparent, belief in human rights, and the universal values of human rights. ,Now, I'm not saying that we have magic solutions, or magic states. We're being challenged by certain parties, by certain extremists who want to take the law into their own hands. Who want to exercise their rights as an authority. By that, because they're not a state. And today, the Sharon government has done nothing but destroy us. (Inaudible) here in Jericho. I am directed to help the people of Jericho. Me and my constituent. Farmers come to me to help them give their citrus or vegetables to the Mullah Market. I can't help them . They have to go to an Israeli officer, the ____ in the entrance of Jericho, and get the permission from him. If a Palestinian wants to leave to a university, he has to seek the permission of Israelis. If a Palestinian sick person wants to go to a hospital, or go to a ____, or get whatever. But Sharon is making me irrelevant, on the hour, every hour, here. ,01:55:45:00>>>INTERVIEWER: What about the - the ____ Martyrs Brigade. They're supposed to be connected to ____. Are they connected to a Palestinian Authority, or are they enemies of the Palestinian Authority? What's the position on the (Inaudible)? ,01:55:51:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: Well, the position of all Palestinians, and the ____ Martyr Brigades, or all other military groups, the Palestinian Authority's position is that we do not tolerate anybody taking the matters into their own hands, period. Whether it's from this faction, or that faction. There is one authority that's been calling to stop all attacks, to stop suicide bombing, to stop everything, and I think people should listen to. But now, you know, we're an authority by name. Sharon is destroying this ability. Sharon destroyed our ability. Sharon destroyed our command centers, our communication center, our police stations, our prisons. And, you know, I understand that if I'm accountable, I have to be irrelevant. But if you're making me irrelevant, don't make me accountable. ,So that's the - Sharon's game. Sharon is destroying us on the hour, every hour. But when something goes wrong, because his policies of ____ would always fail, and he will not bring any peace or security Israelis through military means. If a suicide bombing happens, while he is in full control of our towns, villages and refugee camps, and his tanks ____, he points his finger at Arafat, and asks to blame us. ,01:57:10:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Do you oppose - what was your response to President Bush's call for a regime change in June, this past year in 2002? ,01:57:21:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: Well, we responded to him. I held a press conference here, and we had the Palestinian Authority. And we announced that we would convene presidential and ministerial elections, so the Palestinian people can choose, electoraly, their leader. And I thanked President Bush. The Palestinians have elected this leadership, in free and fair elections, that was helped and sponsored by their American Administration, and by the European union, by the way. And let Palestinians choose their leader, through one mean, only. And that is democracy and elections. We don't have an army, we don't have a navy, we don't have an air force. ,So, if President Bush thinks we can't have a coup, it's not possible. We don't have the means. You know, Israel is the strongest - one of the strongest army on earth. We have been facing the most disproportionate use of force in the history of mankind. So, (Inaudible) Arafat, us, every Palestinian, we want to hold presidential and administrative elections, so Palestinians can choose their leader. But I don't think that is ____ to President Bush, or to Prime Minister Sharon, that they could care less. The Palestinians are ruled by the Boy Scouts, or Atilah the Hun, that's a pretext. I believe this president of the United States, has decided to take the cost free road, of slugging Palestinians, of blaming Palestinians, because it doesn't cost him anything. And I believe this administration has the same gift from the peace process and the end result, is more Israeli and Palestinian blood, and that is the truth, and that's the unfortunate truth. ,01:59:00:00>>>INTERVIEWER: What do you think has gone most wrong about the (Inaudible) in the past two years? What have been the most successful, and the biggest mistakes? ,01:59:05:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: Well I, I don't think that we can find answers, in terms of trying to site mistakes, or trying to find answers, or trying to find good things or bad things. It's very expensive. Palestinians, my job, and my belief is to save lives, of Israelis and Palestinians. Listen, I'm a father of four. It breaks my heart to see an Israeli child die, or killed in a suicide bombing, here, which I condemn. And which we, in the Palestinian Authority and President Arafat condemn. And we have always said (Inaudible) target civilians, over Israelis or Palestinians. But when people want to give to us, a solution, solve the problem, they usually handle the roots of the problem. And the roots of the problem, here, is occupation. ,When the Oslo Accords were signed, Palestinians, in the streets of Ramalah, and streets of Jericho, and the streets of Gaza, said goodbye to Israeli soldiers who were leaving. Because they believed that we can achieve peace through negotiations. Ten years, after Oslo, Palestinians are still telling us now, you promised us. We're still under occupation. Settlements are expanding. Where is the peace you promised us? ,02:00:40:00>>>INTERVIEWER: You talk about the opposition to the militancy of the extremists. But they are still doing so much, the ____ Martyr Brigade continues ____ very popular, as the - these militants, have they gotten away from you, are they no longer led by the ____? ,02:00:54:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: I don't know exactly what's, what's happening. I don't have an answer, to be honest with you. But I know that -listen, if Sharon manages to achieve his end game, and that is to destroy the Palestinian Authority, and to kill President Arafat, the alternative to this Palestinian Authority, and to President Arafat, it's gonna be chaos. There's gonna be anarchy. , In my hometown, there will be militias, and warlords dividing the city between themselves, and the first thing they will do is to kill people like me. And this will be the situation in all Palestinian towns and villages, and refugee camps. And I'm sure that, at that point, Sharon and ____ will stand on American TV to say, we want to make peace, we want to make a concession for peace, but we don't have partners. You don't expect us to negotiate with militias and warlords and Taliban and ____. That's their end game. Their end game is to let things reach the point of chaos. I believe what we're suffering from, Palestinians and Israelis, are the near seeds that _____ planted between 1996 and 99', when he was the Prime Minister. , ,02:02:05:00>>>INTERVIEWER: You mentioned Taliban. Americans often make comparisons. Since September 11th, they feel the price of terrorism. And for them, perhaps, the September 11th - the suicide bombing of a _____ Martyr Brigade looks like the Taliban, the Osama Bin Laden attack. It looks like the same thing. That may be the root of (Inaudible). ,02:02:10:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: Well I - first of all, Israel, since September 11th, I believe - Sharon and the Israeli government, and Israeli politicians, have tried to hijack September 11th. I look at it - as Palestinians we condemn the attacks on the Twin Towers, and in Washington, were the strongest possible attack. Palestinians in Gaza, and Jericho, and Ramala, stood in lines to donate blood to the American victims, held vigils. And yet, we are - to the common Palestinian, you know, occupation is the highest form of terrorism. And we suffer from the Israeli state of terrorism. ,02:03:31:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: And it's ironic that, you know, at a time when the Americans go to Afghanistan, we see these Americans and British in Afghanistan, building schools, building water pipes, building roads. How can the Israelis compare themselves with Americans and, and those in Afghanistan, who are building a nation, while they lay army in Jericho, in Ramala, in Gaza, in ____, and destroying the water system; the roads, the sidewalks, the schools. So, how can Americans not see the difference? Americans were not out there fighting the Afghanis, or Taliban, or Al Qaeda. These people did this horrible, murderous attack on innocent Americans working in New York and in Washington. , So how can Israel get away with trying to equate between the two situations? By simply using the fact that my middle name is Mohammad. And that's very dangerous. That is a dangerous thing. It's another phenomena of Bin Laden, that Israel is trying to use now - (Inaudible) a Moslem, and that's very dangerous. That's racism. And that should stop. Islam is not a religion that advocates bombings or suicide bombings, or killings of civilians, or ___. And, as Palestinians, we stood up and told Bin Laden ____ Arafat, stood up on record and told him, don't use your injustices for our just cause. That's our position. ,02:05:30:00>>>INTERVIEWER: You are a man of peace and negotiation, not a man of ____. Camp David, [TONE] (Inaudible) opportunity for negotiations. What went wrong at Camp David? Why did (Inaudible)? What happened with (Inaudible) Bill Clinton - ,02:05:36:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: Look, I know that difference. My word against Netanyahu's word, or Barak's word, in the commerce and the senate. I don't stand a chance. I don't stand a chance. And what happened in Camp David, I was there. I believe no Palestinians and Israelis have come, ____ in Camp David. Many stones were, were, were unturned. And it's not, you know, our resolution about doctor's salaries or nurse's salaries. These issues that we're negotiating are what make Israelis and Palestinians ____ settlements, borders, refugees, Jerusalem. We're the product of history, religion, and so on. So, we came a long way. ,And then after Camp, Camp David, I sat with ______ for fifty-seven ____, under Camp David in Jerusalem, West Jerusalem. In which we came a long, long, long way, the Clint - the Clinton parameters of December 23rd, which I received from President Clinton (Inaudible). And then I went back with President Arafat, to see President Clinton, no January 2nd, 2001, just eighteen days before he left the White House. And President Arafat told him, I accept your barometers, with the following clarifications - the same answer that Barak gave. ____ saw President Clinton in Tel Aviv, Citizen Clinton, and I said to him, Mr. President, why did you say that we rejected your promises? You know what Arafat told you, yes? He said, I was told if I don't say this, there will not be a Peace Camp in Israel. , So, we came a long way. We have drafted three chapters of the permanent status treaty. And the on - and we agreed, I agreed with my Israeli colleagues that by 13th of April, 2001, the treaty would be concluded. And what happened was, in February they elected Sharon. Sharon became the Prime Minister, in March 2001, and he suspended all negotiations. That is the truth. That's what happened. , ,02:07:447:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Have things become better, since that time of Camp David, has the intifada advanced things for the Palestinian people, and if so, how? ,02:07:53:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: Don't take the intifada as, ah, advanced or put things backward. The Intifada is a Palestinian message. When Palestinians - so, you know, the continuation of settlements. So, Sharon and the holiest of the holy, for the Moslems in (Inaudible), okay? They came to the realization that the peace camp way of negotiations had failed. So the intifada came as a message that you will not accept occupation. We will continue asking for our freedom and liberty, which you failed to give us through negotiations. Which YOU - we were told by Baker, personally told by Jim Baker, (Inaudible) that they stand next to those who stand next to peace. That once we recognize the State of Israel, once we accept two for two, things will change and we will have a two-step solution. And for ten years, Palestinians have seen the continuation of settlements, confiscation of land, demolition of homes, and they were asking people like me, you promised us. We're supposed to (Inaudible)? He told us once (Inaudible) Israel, we will have our own state. You brought us nothing but more settlements. ,So now, that's the cause for the intifada. It's not because the Palestinians dreamt - Palestinians dream of their liberty and freedom, and they will seek it. In my world, I tell Palestinians, we gonna get our freedom, and our liberty, our independence, through a meaningful peace process, that will lead to the ending of the Israel occupation. Others, others are saying to me, we tried to for ten years. You brought us no peace, you brought us no security. So the real challenge, today, is to believe that peace can walk. , ,02:09:50:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Do you support the road map of the quartet; President Bush and the (Inaudible)? ,02:10:00:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: We support it, yes. We are on record, and President Arafat wrote letters to the court, saying that we (Inaudible) President. , ,02:10:15:00>>>INTERVIEWER: What are - what parts of - what magic ingredients would be the final, absolute thing that Israel would provide? It would be an end of conflict for now, and forever, no more struggles, no more war? ,02:10:28:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: End the occupation. End the occupation, and to have agreement of Israel withdraw to the June 4, 67' borders, and a just solution to the refugee problem. It's not, it's not that we need top reinvent the wheel. These things are specified in resolutions 242, and 238, which we agreed with Israelis, and signed with Israelis that the objective of negotiations would lead to the limitation of 242 and 238, meaning, ending the Israeli occupation, Israel will withdraw, a just solution to the refugee problem. , ,02:10:50:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Is there room for a negotiation of the June 4th, 67's borders? ,02:10:55:00>>>SAEB EREKAT:Meaning? , ,01:11:00:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Is there any room to negotiate, in other words - ,02:11:05:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: [OVERLAP] Meaning - , ,02:11:10:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Exactly, Barak claims to have offered 100% of the equivalent territory, but not necessarily that exact same territory. ,02:11:18:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: Well I don't think Barak was saying the truth, when he said that. As a matter of fact, I have never received anything from Barak. And I challenge him to show it to you. As a matter of fact, all the ideas that came out, accepting 67', and then we have a swap of land in size and value, was our idea. Was OUR idea. The fact that we came and said, we accept a state with limited arms, and we accept American and European troops in the state, it was our idea. That we accepted three monitoring station for Israel, in the State of Palestine, and that we accepted to have Israel control over the Jewish Quarters in our city of East Jerusalem, that was OUR idea. And I challenge Barak to show -what he offered the Palestinians. ,Barak came to Camp David without a government. Sharanski [PH] had left him, ____ had left him, _____ was about to leave, and this is the truth. But I told you, we are not running a charitable organization, if it's my word against Barak's word, in the congress and the senate, and for that matter in American media, I don't stand a chance. But ignoring the fact, or denying the fact don't mean they don't exist. This is the fact of what happened in the negotiations. , ,02:12:45:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Are you saying you ____ all these causes that broke down the trust and (Inaudible) negotiations that led to the intifada? So that means that what had ___ Ariel Sharon to visit to the Temple Mount, caused - ,02:12:55:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: No I think, I think Ariel Sharon's visit to the Harim Sharif [PH] ____, was intended to destroy the peace process. Sharon knew exactly what he was doing. Sharon knew that exists historical moment when negotiations are not producing, when settlements are continuing, when Palestinians are suffering, when Israelis are doubting. It is the right time for him to do this visit and destroy everything. And I remember President Arafat - in Barak's home, I was with him, begging Barak not to allow Sharon to go to Temple Mount, to the Harim Sharif, and to a ____ Mosque. And Sharon knew exactly that if he did this visit, he would destroy everything. He knew what he was doing. , ,02:13:50:00>>>INTERVIEWER: You mentioned June 4th, you mentioned end of occupation, you did not say anything about refugees. (Inaudible) ,02:14:00:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: [OVERLAP]I said - I said, a just, a just solution to the refugee problem, and I'm not going to negotiate any of the issues, or where we stand in terms of our positions on - on TV. I leave this to the negotiating table. , ,02:14:10:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Which Israeli - and you've met many of them, which Israeli would be an appropriate peace maker, who really strikes you (Inaudible) that can be somebody that -,02:14:18:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: [OVERLAP] To be honest with you, I have all the respect of the democratic trust of Israelis. And I'm willing to negotiate with any Israeli - leader the Israelis elect. Because I want to make peace with all Israelis, not for this party or that party in Israel. And whoever runs Israel is the choice of Israelis, not my business. I'm not gonna (Inaudible) an Israeli negotiator. , ,02:15:00:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Do you understand the young Palestinian - what it takes to carry out a suicide bombing, inside Israel? Do you understand what - ,02:15:10:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: It gives me a pain in the heart, because I really want Palestinians, and I want my children to be the doctors, the lawyers, the poets, the journalists, and not the suicide bombers. I believe we must revive hope in the minds of Palestinians. We must tell our children, that yes, you'll be able to attend university, yes you will have jobs, yes you will have your freedom, yes you'll have your independence. Yes, this occupation will end. That's what we need to get our answers. And we hope we can ____. , ,02:15:25:00>>>INTERVIEWER: What do you see as the -what do you see as the vision in the future? Do you predict that one day peace will come?,02:15:37:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: Absolutely. Listen, I think the dire situation out there -this human catastrophe that's facing Palestinians, and the situation that the Israelis are living under is just one thing. I want the Israelis and Palestinians to think that what's happening out there is because we did not make peace. And the absence of peace, this is _____. So I'm sure that Palestinians and Israelis will make peace. Because peace is doable. There will be a Palestinian State beside the State of Israel, on the June 4th, 67' border. ,But the real challenge is, how many lives, how many Israeli lives and Palestinian lives must go before we, we come back to the negotiating table? What does Sharon wait for? What is he waiting for? How many lives? How many Palestinians and Israelis must die before people like Sharon must be convinced that there is not - there will never be a ____ solution to this problem. , ,02:16:50:00>>>INTERVIEWER: On those lines, just to follow up, what do you say Palestinians have the right to do in the resistance, until the occupation (Inaudible)? ,02:16:57:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: Well, I believe that Palestinians have the right to stand up against occupation. I believe the Palestinians must stand up for their liberty and freedom. And I tell the Palestinians that we can do, and get our liberty and freedom through a meaningful peace process. And I really hope that today, even though I believe, I'm in a very small minority. I believe that we can revive hope in the minds of Palestinians, that peace is doable, and that we can reach our freedom and independence through a meaningful peace process. We need the help of those who believe in peace. I could care less if someone is pro Palestinian, or someone is pro Israeli in the United States. My world is divided between those who are pro peace, and those who are against peace. And there are those who are pro peace, on both sides, that need the help of every decent human being. ,02:18:00:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Can you help to really stop the terrorism? ,02:18:05:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: We are trying our best. We are trying our best. But - have you been to our towns in Jeanine and Nablith [PH], and the _____, recently? Where is the Palestinian Authority? Is there a Palestinian Authority? We are being destroyed by Sharon, on the hour, every hour. , ,02:18:15:00>>>INTERVIEWER: Do you feel like the Israelis really all feel like Sharon is an extremist? ,02:18:22:00>>>SAEB EREKAT: [OVERLAP] Usually, you know, nations do export technology, export oil, export diamonds, export food. Mr. Sharon is a master at exporting fear, in his own people. And he _____. I think it's ironic about the fact that he brought them no peace, no security, and yet people will vote him as the next - as the Prime Minister of Israel. [OFF CAMERA COMMENTS] ,[END OF INTERVIEW]
Low Aerial Shot over Trouville-sur-Mer Looking South-West over the tennis courts of Trouville
The camera flies South-West over beach-front tennis courts. Eventually the camera leaves the beach behind and flies over the town of Trouville-sur-Mer
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