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SPAIN Reel 1 of 2 07:00:14 MS Map of Spain, Portugal, Morocco and France MADRID 07:00:36 City streets, traffic, ornate, imperial Spanish architecture/buildings. Fountain, statue of 2 knights in armor on horses. Trees, government bldgs, domed roof. Courtyard, ornate gate, people feed pigeons. Street artist, paintings on sidewalk, sketches, caricatures, outdoor market. Traditional apartments/houses, balcony, colorful mural, religious imagery - angels, women w/veils. Outdoor cafes, tables w/umbrellas. Busy street scene, McDonalds. Int. restaurant, group of people hanging out at table, woman fans herself w/hand-held fan. Young boy feeds pigeons. Women in traditional colorful dresses/costumes. Strange characters/street personalities. Newspaper stand. Fancy hotel. Government buildings. Monumental archway. Red tile roofs. Spanish flag flapping in wind. Park, men play cards at outdoor card table, CU hands w/strange cards w/ vegetables on them, shady trees. Couple in row boat on lake, glamorous, romantic. Woman feeds squirrel in park. Public garden, colorful flowers. Street musician/guitarist. Neon, painted signs, red light district, restaurants, Chinese restaurant. Crowded narrow streets, promenade, evening. Courtyard, outdoor cafi, tables, umbrellas, lively atmosphere, evening crowd, people enjoy meals. Dancers perform stage show for off screen audience, traditional costumes, OTS audience to stage. Men on horses, 19th c. military costume, parade, crowds, pageantry, CU young soldier, helmet w/red feather. TOLEDO 07:10:10 High angle Est. city, reddish brick, old Spanish architectural style, arid landscape. Church/cathedral, bell tower. Small town street, old bldgs, store fronts. Ornate cathedral spire, bell tower. Int. cathedral, vaulted ceiling, nuns, mural/painting, natural lighting. Sidewalk, store front, sale items displayed, Int. shop, medieval & modern swords & knives displayed on wall. Car POV, highway, fields, rolling hills. GRANADA, ANDALUCIA 07:13:18 Narrow streets, neighborhoods, highway, barren landscape, 07:14:21 the ALHAMBRA, built by the Moors, Moorish architecture, castle, pine trees, courtyard, fountain, columns, Generalife garden. ALPUJARRAS 07:17:13 Car POV, narrow country road, shady trees, distant village, Est. town, white bldgs, town built into side of hill, scattered trees, shrubs; narrow alley, stucco bldgs, store fronts, rugs for sale, "Supermercado" (supermarket, grocery store), "Pepe Alegrias" restaurant, bar. Quaint open air courtyard, restaurant, hanging garden, lush setting; wool rugs, stucco store front; hotel. MALAGA 07:18:46 Ocean, shoreline, modern, high-rise resort hotels, mountains, beach, people in distance, soft waves, beach houses, palm tree; upscale neighborhood, hills, swimming pool; people at outdoor tables, grass umbrellas, beach scene, families play in water, beach umbrellas, barren, desert-like mountains in bg; sailboats, motorboats, marina, yacht club; bridge, rock canyon, dry river bed, aqueduct; boardwalk, lighthouse, breakwall, oil tankers, cruise ships; military battleship, cargo ship at dock, palm trees. Traffic circle, fountain, trees. Families in park, jungle gym, palm trees, merry-go-round, mini-amusement, children. High angle stadium/arena, bullfighters, bleachers. City skyline. Gibrafaro Fort, castle ruins, village, stucco houses, red tile roofs, arid landscape. Car POV, city street. COSTA DEL SOL 07:23:11 Balcony, potted flowers, houses, blue sky. White stucco houses/condos on hill, "for sale" sign posted, English & Spanish. Palm tree. Golf course, ocean bg. ALGECIRAS 07:24:29 Ship POV of ferry boat, cargo ship, boat railing, life preserver, hazy mountains, cruise ship, moody storm clouds. CEUTA, AFRICA 07:25:00 Boat POV of Rock of Gibraltar in distance behind misty ocean haze. Cruise ship/ocean liner, passes harbor, palm trees. Shoreline, soft waves, road, Spanish-style stucco condos, hotels NICE. Small, wooden fishing boats, one towed by other. Stucco archway, narrow alley, white stucco houses, local people, children playing in street, kick ball. Crowded narrow alley, people dressed in traditional Muslim robes, outdoor market, some in modern dress. Man on hands and knees pounding wooly sheep skin w/stone. Handmade carpet/rug shop, various patterns/designs. CU plate of couscous on small table. Couple sits at small table in restaurant. ROCK OF GIBRALTER 07:29:23 Distant, hazy Rock of Gibraltar; approaching cruise ship. Military jet, pale blue sky, shot from below, flies toward cam, lands on runway revealed w/pan to be on Rock of Gibraltar. Military airbase, aircraft hangars, barracks, warehouses, barren mountains in bg. Fishermen in small wooden fishing boats in harbor prepare fishing nets. Pull catch from nets, empty them into buckets. MCU fish in wooden bucket covered with salt. Windmills on barren hillside spinning in soft wind (power, energy, electricity). Beach, surfers, soft waves, wind surfers, arid landscape. SEVILLE (SEVILLA) 07:32:10 Car POV of street traffic. Ornate cathedral/church. Boat in canal, bell tower, palm trees, mansion. Horse-drawn carriages. Garden, pond, fountain, wealthy homes. White pigeons (doves?) in Marta Luisa Park, little children feed pigeons. Drawbridge, industrial neighborhood, steel tower, dock, crane for loading ships, Calesas. Quadalquiver river, harbor, cruise ship, sculling boats, steel bridge, cargo ship. "Seabourn Spirit" cruise ship. (What about gypsies dancing flamenco and playing the castanets, and people hanging out in small smoky bars sipping sherry, ala "Carmen"? What about Semana Santa, the holy week before Easter? Oh well.) JEREZ 07:35:09 Domecq Winery/Vineyard, producers of sherry wine for which area is famous, farmhouse, fields, grapes. Stucco house, sign reads "Bodega Guadalupe, Domecq", villa. House, green shrubs frame entrance, fountain, bust of man's head, balcony. CU wine bottle label. MCU 3 wine bottles on wooden table w/3 wine glasses half-filled. CORTIJO LA CALERA RANCH 07:36:03 Cows in field, blue sky. Nice houses, flowers, shrubs, blue sky, palm trees, arched entrance, gate. Horses, dry grass field. White horse, saddled, tied to stucco bldg. Black bulls, cow, high desert landscape. 2 men on horses pose by flowering plant in front of house, wear bolero hats, each holds a garrocha (staff). Guy on horseback corrals cattle, dry hilly area. Bullfighter practices in ring w/black bull. MS red cape & sword. 2 women stand in shady spot of open air patio, dry barren rolling hills BG, colorful full length dress. MERIDA 07:39:50 Brick bridge, 20 feet high (aqueduct?), Roman ruins. Steel suspension bridge in barren desert setting, shallow river below. Ruins of old bridge, castle ruins, arched doorways, columns, statues, stone bleachers, stadium arena, amphitheater ruins, tourists mill about. Birds in large nests atop ruins, large white birds, black storks. Red tile roofs of village homes, dry shrubs. Narrow alley, 3 story stucco houses w/balconies, hanging plants. Tavern, church, bell tower, bird's nest. Low angle from dry river bed to old foot bridge heading toward distant castle on hilltop, dry desert shrubs, blue sky. Valley, rolling hills, vineyards. Over tree tops to distant village, hillside, greenery, red tile roofs, white stucco, countryside. Tourists, woman sells elaborately designed hats on street corner store front, woman wears flamboyant hat. Outdoor market, pottery. Bird-shaped pot, colorful water basin, detail of painted flowers, iron bull sculpture, dolls in costume, painted dishes, crucifix hangs on wall by statue of the Virgin. Old man picks cherries from tree, cherries on branch, being stacked in crates in orchard, CU woman's outstretched hand w/ripe cherries. Small houses built into side of barren hillside. Trucks stop on highway to let herd of sheep cross, classic Old World meets Modern Times shot, ala "To Catch a Thief". Old couple walk 3 cows along side of road. SALAMANCA 07:48:42 Small hotel, sign reads "Parador Salamanca" - adobe house, shrubs & trees; large modern bldg w/garden. People on footbridge in distance over shallow river, tall ornate bldgs in distant bg., blue sky. Plaza, ornate cathedral, crowds, cafes, 2 young women sit at table & talk, old men stand & argue, students, University of Salamanca (old European university). Guys on bicycles in cycling uniforms ride along country highway toward cam., large group cyclists round corner, following police motorcycles in bike race, ride toward & past cam. Hotel Leon, fancy hotel, guard by entrance, high society woman exits. Hotel De San Marcos, luxury hotel, tinted glass doors, interior hotel, hotel lobby, old world style. SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA 07:54:44 Old man w/walking stick to cam, country road; old men on street. Country road: Man rides tractor w/hay; man leads cow pulling cart. Bird house w/crosses. Sunflower field. Dry, brown fields, farmhouses. Rows of olive trees, olive orchard, dry grass, olives on branch. Water flows through aqueduct. Men in field load bundles of hay onto flatbed tractor trailer. Brown bull grazing on dry grass; field of grazing cows by ocean. Est. city, high angle GOOD. Ornate church spires, red-tiled roofs, Cathedral of St. John (San Juan), bell tower, statues. BURELA 07:58:57 Colorful toy boat-like boats in harbor. Women create huge flower arrangement on ground, reminiscent of parade float. END TAPE
Yachts during the Challenge cup and George V on HMY Britannia wins the Yacht race in Cowes, England
The Challenge Cup at Cowes Week in Cowes, England. Yachts at dock. King of the United Kingdom George V at controls of HMY Britannia. Yachts during the Challenge cup sailing boat race. Location: Cowes England. Date: August 11, 1932.
Full title reads: "Cowes Week. Opening Day marred by accident". <br/> <br/>Cowes, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. <br/> <br/>Various shots of yachts, large and small, sailing of the coast at Cowes. Good shots of people looking on from the sea front. Good scenes of big yachts making tight turns. LS of damaged yacht - according to paperwork this is the Endeavour. More yachting scenes follow. <br/> <br/>N.B. Item found in Unidentified Gazettes reel. Matches missing item from 36/63.
A2 / France 2
20:34:52:18 Obama-Cow-Pile TRT: 33 OC: or his. 20:34:31;10 - - I know governor romney came to des moines last week, warned about a prarie fire of debt. that's what he said, prarie fire. But, he left o ...
King George V attends annual Cowes Week
EBC-173 Beta SP
b&w mos newsreel - Desert Circus Week - Palm Springs - Walter O'Malley - Sportsman of the Year O'Malley rides by in Thunderbird car into stadium parking lot - moving pov straight back in parking lot away from stadium moving pov straight back to O'Malley's car driving on street to camera w/ police escort - motorcycle policeman by O'Malley & deputy sheriff Larry Finley walk into stadium - shot of cows in pen back view of high bleacher stands - stadium vendors sell cotton candy to young boy - shot of boy eating cotton candy w/s of vendors & crowds at fair or circus O'Malley & Johnny Grant walk together then pose with musician who plays bass fiddle c/u donkey with ears down - then ears perk up - men climb up stairs to official box in stadium h/a down to cows or cattle in pen - c/u man looks down from official box c/u Finley & O'Malley who holds cigar in holder - Grant on horseback - c/u O'Malley & Finley - Grant tips hat to crowd
Tottenham school teens win youth prize at Cowes Week regatta: Live interview
Tottenham school teens win youth prize at Cowes Week regatta: Live interview; ENGLAND: London: GIR: INT 3-shot of Kai Hockley (student sailor), Christopher Frederick (Student sailor), and Jon Holt (Head of Sixth Form) from the Greig City Academy LIVE STUDIO interview SOT - John Holt (Head of Sixth Form) on supporting the students in Sailing and gaining qualifications and skills Close up of trophies gained from Cowes regatta, in studio by news desk ** SOT under shot of TROPHIES and of STILL ** Christopher Frederick (Student sailor) interview SOT - on getting involved in the sport following school assembly
Farmers March. <br/> <br/>LV Farmers marching down Whitehall leaving Ministry of Agriculture and Fish en route to House of Commons. CU Ditto. AS Ditto, farmers carrying banner. GV Ditto. As they walk down Whitehall. GV Walking S. Two farmers, one wearing cloth hat. In background are Houses of Commons. GV House of Commons with marchers walking towards it. Pan across and up to show House of Commons. GV Marchers outside Commons. Pan across ditto. SV Wallace Day, the organiser, with marchers. CU Day. SV Policemen keeping marchers in line. SV Mr Cumming leading cow towards Commons. Cow's name is, 'Nasturtium'. CU As the cow walks through gates of Commons. GV Line of marchers. CU Policeman keeping marchers in line. SV Cow being tied to parking meter by owner. CU Sign on cow, 'My Boss and I Work A Seven Day Week for 5d a Pint. No Wonder We're Both Drying Up'. CU Cow being milked into cup. SV Ditto, as owner takes cup and places it through a window in Commons.
ISSUE_NO = 1209A NO_OF_ITEMS = 6 ITEM_NO = 4 DESCRIPTION : For thousands of Britons, sailing is the greatest of all sports, and one most distinguished competitor, the Duke of Edinburgh, had entered the Dragon "Bluebottle" and "Coweslip" in the Flying Fifteen Class. CARD_FILE = 57607 CARD_TITLE : COWES WEEK OPENS SHOT_LIST : Cut story - KS. GV Cowes. CU starting gun firing. Various shots of small yachts in race, weather windy. Small yachts turning some getting into slight difficulties. Shots of the "Bluebottle" & Coweslip" on water. KEYWORDS : Great Britain; Royalty; Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (Lt Philip Mountbatten); Sport; Yachting; Ships and Boats; Isle of Wight MATERIAL : TWTD Tape 72 FEET_SHOT = 1001 DATE_SUBD = 08/07/1952
PDA-10019 1 inch; Beta SP
Be Kind To Animals Week
Tottenham school teens win youth prize at Cowes Week regatta: Live interview
Tottenham school teens win youth prize at Cowes Week regatta: Live interview; ENGLAND: London: GIR: INT Close up of trophies gained from Cowes regatta, in studio by news desk Christopher Frederick (Student sailor) interview SOT 3-shot of Kai Hockley (student sailor), Christopher Frederick (Student sailor), and Jon Holt (Head of Sixth Form) from the Greig City Academy Kai Hockley (student sailor) interview SOT John Holt (Head of Sixth Form) interview SOT - on School buying a boat for the students to compete with from Ebay
FR3 / France 3
King George V arrives for start of Cowes Week Regatta
Tottenham school teens win youth prize at Cowes Week regatta: Live interview
Tottenham school teens win youth prize at Cowes Week regatta: Live interview; ENGLAND: London: GIR: INT Presenter lead-in to camera SOT 3-shot of Kai Hockley (student sailor), Christopher Frederick (Student sailor), and Jon Holt (Teacher) from the Greig City Academy LIVE STUDIO interview SOT - Christopher on winning trophy at Cowes Sailing regatta
King George V sails aboard Britannia during Cowes Week Regatta
19 20 National edition: [issue of October 31, 2022]
FR3 / France 3
TAPE_NUMBER: EF00/0677 IN_TIME: 18:51:37 // 19:27:08 LENGTH: 02:42 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: English/Nat XFA New York city welcomed another batch of colourful immigrants this week - five hundred (500) life-sized, painted cows. The cows were designed and decorated by New York artists and will be on display in streets, parks and plazas throughout the city from now until the beginning of September. They were painted to represent New York city scenes, including a taxi cab, the Brooklyn Bridge and Broadway. This is the first public art exhibit ever staged in all five boroughs of New York. SUGGESTED VOICE-OVER New Yorkers are used to sharing their city with strange beings, so it seemed almost natural, to some, to find life-sized, fiberglass cows popping up in their neighborhoods. Most New Yorkers took a few minutes to examine the newcomers and then went about their normal routines. Some saw the works of art as conversation pieces. SOUNDBITE: (English) "That it stops and makes me talk to you, I think that's a wonderful idea. Because it will do that with a lot of other people." SUPER CAPTION: Richard Morales, New Yorker The cows will grace the walkways, park entrances, street corners and plazas throughout New York City until around the beginning of September. A similar 'cow parade' has been launched in the past in Chicago in the United States, and Zurich in Switzerland. The organisers hope the cows will bring people closer together because, they say, for some reason everyone seems to like cows - especially bright, colorful, dancing ones. SOUNDBITE: (English) "I kind of look at New York in a more celebratory way. I tend to look away from the darkness and celebrate the goodness of what the city's about. And that's what this cow is about." SUPER CAPTION: Billy Miller, Artist Unlike traditional art displays, the 'cow parade' is interactive, so people are allowed to touch, feel and pose with the cows. SOUNDBITE: (English) "I used to dance like that in my younger days." SUPER CAPTION: Janet Byrnes, Tourist SOUNDBITE: (English) "Cows are interesting things you know, they're almost like buildings out of place in the desert. Cows in the city, they're kind of different." SUPER CAPTION: Errol Insler SOUNDBITE: (English) "They're all great. My favorite are the dancing cows. Who wouldn't want to kiss a cow?" SUPER CAPTION: Tourists Tourists seemed to enjoy the cows, because they provided an opportunity for weird and wonderful photos. SOUNDBITE: (English) "The lips got on this cow from my own lips, just me, every single one of these is an authentic kiss from the artist, and there's it's just a lot of kissing going on." SUPER CAPTION: Kris Henderson, Artist This unique art project is hosted by NYC 2000, the Office of the Mayor, and the New York City parks commission. After Labour Day, the cows will be sold at a major auction house, with proceeds going to charities for children. APTN SHOTLIST: New York City, U-S-A, 16 June, 2000 1. Wide shot of Bryant Park, zoom in to cow 2. Low angle shot of man, cow and pigeons 3. Close-up of 'taxi-cab cow', pullout to medium shot 4. Medium shot of a cow next to a couple dining at an outdoor cafe 5. Wide shot of building, pan down to Spiderman cow 6. SOUNDBITE: (English) Vox Pop, Richard Morales, New Yorker 7. Medium shot of a blue cow 8. Medium shot of woman looking at blue cow 9. Wide shot of man with dog looking at cow 10. Close-up of child's hands on cow's udder 11. Wide shot of children playing on cow 12. Wide shot of colourful cow, zoom in to close up 13. SOUNDBITE: (English) Billy Miller, Artist 14. Medium shot of 'Eloise cow', pullout to dancing cows 15. Medium shot of girl posing with dancing cows 16. SOUNDBITE: (English) Vox Pop, Janet Byrnes, Tourist 17. SOUNDBITE: (English) Vox Pop, Errol Insler 18. Medium shot of 'smooch' cow, zoom to horses 19. SOUNDBITE: (English) Vox Pop, Tourists 20. Close-up of artist kissing cow 21. SOUNDBITE: (English) Kris Henderson, Artist 22. Close-up of woman with camera taking picture of cow 23. Wide shot of children walking by an 'Annie Get Your Gun' cow 24. Medium shot of 'camera cow' on street 25. Medium shot of 'NYC cow', zoom in to "I love NY" which is written on the cow's eye.?
Item title reads - Climax of Brilliant Season. Cowes Week, with King racing his yacht "Britannia" a great success despite mixed weather. Isle-of-Wight. <br/> <br/>L/S of a yacht (Britannia ?) on the sea. M/S as it sails past. M/S of King George V on deck with his party, two ladies climb onto another boat followed by the King. M/S as the sails are taken down. Various shots of yachts sailing past a big liner. Various shots of the yachts sailing about. M/S of one filmed through a lifebelt, shot goes a bit off centre.
AFP-136G 16mm; VTM-136G Beta SP
Tottenham school teens win youth prize at Cowes Week regatta: Live interview
Tottenham school teens win youth prize at Cowes Week regatta: Live interview; ENGLAND: London: GIR: INT 3-shot of Kai Hockley (student sailor), Christopher Frederick (Student sailor), and Jon Holt (Head of Sixth Form) from the Greig City Academy - Christopher on future in Sailing sport
ISSUE_NO = 1365A NO_OF_ITEMS = 9 COMMENTATOR = David Jacobs ITEM_NO = 2 DESCRIPTION : The Duke of Edinburgh was at Cowes for the opening day of the Regatta, and he sailed his yacht "Cowslip". CARD_FILE = 64184 CARD_TITLE : COWES REGATTA SHOT_LIST : Britannia in background. Yachts in foreground. Prince Michael being showed the ropes by Uffa Fox in "Cowslip". Duke arrives by helicopter. Duke aboard Cowslip with Uffa Fox as one of the crew. Duke goes to Britannia. INDEX : Aviation, British Royalty, Duke Of Edinburgh, Prince Michael Of Kent, Personalities, Shipping, Towns and Cities, Water Sports - Yachting COMMENTS : MATERIAL : NEG 03104 ??? LENGTH_SHOT = 81ft SUMMARY : DATE_SUBD = 08/02/1955