1970s FBI
documentary about the Federal Bureau of Investigation - Washington DC - sound - shows various duties of FBI - J.Edgar Hoover desk - various shots FBI building - agent guards freighter at dock - wood house explodes - sniper shoots policeman - contraband / evidence packages - lab instruments analyze box - laboratory - technology - possibly polygraph instrument - crime lab - forensics - espionage - DC - D.C.
9th sniper killing in Washington area
9th sniper killing in Washington area; USA: Virginia: EXT / DAY Cars along PAN i/c Woman sat in car Guardian Angel pumping petrol at gas station PAN man sitting in car Guardian Angel filling car at petrol station PAN woman sat in car People standing guard in street Malik Zulu Shabazz (Local activist) (wearing bullet proof vest) interview SOT - Have to track down and stop this killer / We have to kill this killer, this is war
FSN-63 Beta SP
The killers of Washington
A2 / France 2
Photographers click pictures of a famous female Russian sniper with officials in Washington DC, United States.
A famous female Russian sniper is recognized in Washington DC, United States during World War II. The Russian woman sniper, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, is seen greeting Soviet Ambassador to the United States, Maxim Litvinov, and shaking hands. View of medals pinned on her uniform, as a member of the Soviet Army 25th Rifle Division. Lieutenant Lyudmila Pavlichenko stands with the officials as photographers click pictures. Location: Washington DC USA. Date: 1942.
Interview with Steve Emerson
Interview with Steve Emerson, author of American Jihad and terrorism expert concerning the Muslim hatred toward the U.S. and terrorism.,00:00:30>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Steven Emerson S-T-E-V-E-N E-M-E-R-S-O-N terrorism expert and author of American Jihad., , INTERVIEWER:,Is it just American policy decision made recently supporting Israel or is there something larger against the united States going on here?,01:04:02>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,There's a whole matrix of disputes, if I can use that term, but the bottom line is, is that if you take away let's say Palestinian issue you would still have the rage against the United States um because of the fact that the United States is opposing the jihad movements around the world. In Bosnia, the Philippines, Chechnya, Saudi Arabia elsewhere. , , INTERVIEWER:,Is there a general opposition to the civilization of the west?,01:55:11>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Well ah the ideological one of the ideological parents let's back up. The ideological founders of the Muslim brotherhood, which include Hanan Al-Banna Site Catude(?) and Maldute all founded their movements before the creation of state of Israel and premised their ideological rage against the whole idea of western modernization. They were quote conformers. They wanted to go back to pristine ah versions of what they thought was Islam, which was of course a return to Islamic fundamentalism. So Cutub(?) restated the United States in the 40's realer against American Jazz and against American blacks. He was quite racists. He hates the whole promiscuity nature, promiscuous nature of American society. Which shows that his aversion to the United States was premised as a civilization cultural conflict as opposed to just a political. , , INTERVIEWER:,The Palestinians defiance today is really a descendant of a larger struggle against American culture?,03:14:24>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Well the Palestinian movement is both national and religious. Um and there are those that, that are, are content to keep it a conflict as just against Israel for suppressing what they call you know the right to self determination. But in recent years it has been largely taken over by the Islamists whose vision is to displace Israel and create a Palestinian state, Islamic state which would be part of a much lager Islamic empire. So the problem here is, is differentiating the agendas of the groups that are involved in promoting the Palestinian cause. The Hamas organizations in the United States have very adept as trying it portray themselves only as trying to throw yoke(?) off from Israeli occupation when in fact there are internal meetings to talk about the whole issue of Islam and the religious factor being the underlying for their, for their battle. , , INTERVIEWER:,Can you talk a little about Hamas and the Palestinian connection on more of a global scale?,04:39:04>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Well the, the Palestinian terrorist groups are primarily comprised of 3 different let's say corporate parents. One is the Islamic jihad. The other one is Hamas. The third one is Fatah. Um Hamas and Islamic jihad as islamists pure and simple. They get their funding from Iran or from the Persian Gulf. Or from the United States in recent years um and their agenda is part of it. They were born out of out of the Muslim brotherhood movement. So all of the other Islamic militant movements in the world are cousins. Fatah was born out of Arafat's movement back in 1964. And slowly it has become Islamists so that when you see suicide bombings carried out by the Al Axa brigades they wrap themselves up in the Koran and they invoke many of the koranic affirmations about martyrdom. Now question is what relationship is there to Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda by in large has not created a network in the West Bank or Gaza because there has, they're not filling a void. There already is a vibrant suicide bombing industry. So there's no need it's not like they can come in and compete. The only way they can come in and compete is if they have a nuclear weapon. Then they could probably you know if they have weapons of mass destruction, which obviously is something the Israelis have to consider, but by in large um they, they Al Qaeda is, has not been able to establish a network among the Palestinian groups., , INTERVIEWER:,Why should the United States crack down on them?,06:45:01>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Well the bottom line is that the Hamas and Islamic jihad, which admittedly have tried to confine their attacks just against Israelis, um have also though entered into relationships with other radical Islamic terrorist groups. And in the United States there has been this incredible commingling of assets, recruitment between the different Islamic groups so that Hamas and Islamic jihad have cooperated even with Al Qaeda in the United States, with Hisballa. So I call it the fundamentalist diasper where these groups have sort of networked with one another. , ,07:25:28>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,So focusing only on Al Qaeda and not on Hamas gives the ability of Al Qaeda to have a free venue. So there's a need to, to 1 remove their network in the United States. But also the fact of the matter is attacking the Israelis um and destabilizing Israel is a direct threat to the United States. Um and to the extent that, that um Israel, Israel is destabilized so is the United States. Um so removing that threat to destabilization of Israel or threats to destabilization of Jordan is all in the best interests and there's no reason why the United States ah should allow terrorists groups to operate from the US with total impunity to essentially destroy American interests in the Middle East. , , INTERVIEWER:,Is there evidence of direct threatening language against the United States?,08:35:00>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Well for years you could see among the, the grassroots of Hamas and the Palestinian group other groups that hatred of the United States um in terms of support for Saddam Hussein or death to America rallies. Now the Hamas leadership has been careful to try not to be publicly castigated by asserting threats to America. However you know they've done this privately. Now in recent times they have actually issued exhortations to attack America particularly um in December and January December of 2002 and January of 2003. Where they have openly called for carrying out attacks against American targets around the world., , INTERVIEWER:,Who did that?,09:29:05>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,In solidarity with the Iraqi you know efforts to repel American intentions, American quote threats to defend Iraq Palestinian leaders from Hamas and Al Axa have openly talked about attacking the United States. , , INTERVIEWER:,A lot of people say that Al Qaeda's attack on the United States was because of American support for Israel. ,10:14:25>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,I didn't see that poll. Um I would be surprised by that um by the accuracy of that finding but having said that um there's no doubt that, that um this is what Muslim groups and extremists what to portray. If only Israel is untethered and severed from the United States relationship that somehow this would just free up the US from having enemies in the Muslim world. It's simply not true cause if Israel were to disappear tomorrow and an Islamic state were to replace it you would still have a 9/11. And in fact you could probably say that um you look, if you want to project it not the future, look at what Sudan did and look at what Iran did. Those are Islamic states, and Afghanistan, those were Islamic states that weren't bordering Israel. Israel was not their main raison d'etre. The raison d'etre was to impose militant Islam or Islamic fundamentalism in their own society and then to grow and impose it around the world. , , INTERVIEWER:,Is there something the US can do?,11:37:26>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Well I suppose if the United States wanted to retreat entirely um there's a potential that they could, and retreat into a totally insulated, isolated, isolationist position, perhaps some of these groups would be satiated. Um the other hand to the extent that the US perceived as running and surrendering it's a, it's a will it has in the past at least involved in Al Qaeda and others to you know to pursue the US even further. , , INTERVIEWER:,Is there something that Israel could do to end their conflicts that they continue to have?,12:32:05>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,The problem is for Israel is that their probably are things that it can do to stop smaller percentages that is perhaps some of the programmatic supporters of a 2 state solution would be satisfied and would accept the legitimate boundaries of a 2 state solution but Israeli is struck because to the extent that it, it would try to satisfy the smaller percentage it would only make itself more vulnerable to the larger percentage which would use it's new found territory to attack Israel. Which is exactly what happened after Oslo., , INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE?,13:20:14>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,No the premise for Oslo was the same deal that Anwar Sadat made. In exchange for real security we'll give you your, your, your land back. We'll give you, and particularly the Palestinians, we'll give the opportunity to have self-determination. And to the extent that you could prove that you were willing to life side by side with us you know we'll respect it. So as Israel withdrew more and more all that happened in exchange for a pledge and a commitment not to militarize, not to carry out terrorism Palestinians thoroughly disregarded it. Became a very militarized place equal to the amount of weapons that the Hisballa required in southern Lebanon., ,14:03:28>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,And the attacks continued unevaded. So in a sense Israel has already tried appeasing or dealing with what they felt was the moderate wing of the Palestinian movement that was reconciled to Israel's existence i.e. Arafat. But they were fundamentally wrong., , INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE?,14:40:25>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Well I think that turkey is a good example of a country that is quite robust in its democracy. Be it with you know not the same standards the west has but certainly compared to the other Muslim countries and it's very pro western. Obviously there's a new question mark given the, the new Islamic party that has control but the Turkish generals have been very adamant about not allowing Islamic fundamentalism to take hold there. So I think that's a good, now the only problem with using that analogy is that um turkey became a secular state because of kamal(?) INAUDIBLE adamant determination to root out fundamentalism. And that was done before the advent of television cameras. I mean today it would be very difficult to view that as, as, as a say as ruthlessly as he in all candor did. Um and today the problem is that um while Islamic populations claim they want democracies they're in a sense totalitarian populations that would vote in if they had free elections ah the most fundamentalists terrorist supporting regimes that one could find. , , INTERVIEWER:,What should American policy do if they hate us INAUDIBLE?,16:10:03>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Well I think as the President said we're not going to entrust our security to others. Number two um this is a policy of containment. Um if you have people who hate you and they're are determined to wipe you either cave in and hope and beg for their mercy and, and take a gamble they'll give them to you, it will be given to you. Or you end up standing tough and trying to make sure that they respect your existence. I don't think there's any alternative there. , , INTERVIEWER:,Repeat that last point.,16:48:15>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Um I don't think there's any alternative other than to assert ones independence and project strength as a means of deterring efforts to attack us. There are enemies out there. They're not they're implacable. There's no reconciliation possible. Um and to the extent that we are able to stand up not just politically but militarily um in a way that eviscerates their strength there's a zero sum game that allows us to be more secure. , , INTERVIEWER:,Do you see a movement in Muslims that oppose the jihad?,17:48:17>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Well at present I, I don't see a eminent prospect of an Islamic reformation. Which is what would really be the answer to issue of Islamic fundamentalism. There are individual Muslim leaders and intellectuals who've only acknowledged the need for it but I think there's any ground swell. And the problem really is the fact that Saudi Arabia and other fundamentalist countries control the purse strings and, and so and the fundamentalist ideology has so imbued the Islamic culture that for anyone to get up and start a peace now movement um would, would change their actuarial tables. , , INTERVIEWER:,Arafat's supposed to meet with INAUDIBLE?,19:14:05>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Well Arafat could technically still be a secular side terrorist two aren't mutually exclusive however um he is wrapped himself upon in the Islamic ideology. He is still more of a um focused on liberating Israel and creating a Palestinian state. Um he's unwilling to give up terrorism I mean there's no doubt this a man who is ah without any integrity. A man who is, is there's terrorism in his blood and he's not gonna change. And he has openly allowed a whole Hamas Islamic jihad and now embryonic Hisballa infrastructure to develop under his own sovereignty. , , INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE?,20:21:14>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,I guess I must have been sleeping when the Palestinian peace camp developed because I never saw them immerge. Even the height of Oslo accords when Rabin and Peres were in power I didn't see any peace camp develop., , INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE?,20:50:10>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Israel is only gonna exist because of deterrence and projection of its strength. And because it, it defeats its enemies. Um the only solution at this point is for Israel to, to, to maintain its military strength and hope that there will be some changes in the body politics of the Palestinians that say you know we haven't gotten any place after 2 years and ump teen thousand of deaths and perhaps we really should rethink the whole notion of terrorism. But Israel doesn't have an option here. Um it let it, it let it's guard down once in 93 and it paid its price with thousands dead. , , INTERVIEWER:,America's next steps after Iraq what do you think?,21:45:10>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,I think it the, the sequence of steps after Iraq depend upon what happens in Iraq. Will there be through chaos? Will there be a new Iraqi regime that takes over that's pro American? I think it's hard to access it is hoped that somehow stability and democratic forces take over and this will in turn put pressure on the Iranian regime. But it, it's the Middle East is something that you know there are multiple domino chain reactions that can't be projected., , INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE?,23:40:12>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Public opinion surveys show a large degree of radicalism among Islamic populations. Maybe they have been manipulated in terms of their ideological outlook but that's, that's the way totalitarian societies exist and operate. Now the question is whether you can get beyond that and get into self criticism which is the fundamental intent of the western society um I don't know that that's possible at this point. I mean we hope and we, because that's really one of the only ways to assure that this battle between militant Islam and the west would ever cease because the Islamists want to cease it. Um so having said that it's you know the argument's been made at least with regards to militant Islam that somehow the radicals have hijacked the religion. Um I don't know if I would say that. I would say that um the militants are practicing their interpretation of Islam. And to degree, to the degree that there is following for it then it becomes more than just a hijacking it becomes a dominant force. Now of course most ah Muslims don't practice terrorism. And may, and many just want the same values and, or adhere to the same values and economic interest as everyone else. But are also manipulated into believing that somehow they are the victims and that it is a western crusade against them and that Islamic honor needs to be resorted and that you know this whole notion that the crusades haven't stopped. , ,25:40:05>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,So the sense of self victimization overrides material self interests which has really been the problem. , , INTERVIEWER:,Are we seeing the decline of Islamic civilization?,26:10:01>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,I don't know what period of history we're looking at in terms of the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. The question whether the fundamentalists are at their peak or whether they're bottoming out. I would say we still have not seen them um get to their peak. I think that we're looking at you know different rounds this is a long range perspective it's hard to sort of step back. Um I mean Islamic civilization is, is, is continuing from when it started 1,400 years ago. The issue is whether the dominant strain of Islam um is for the foreseeable future going to be militant and um I don't see any major impetus for change on the near horizon., , INTERVIEWER:,Is there another Bin Laden on the horizon?,27:21:19>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Well what I think I mean Bin Laden is certainly a charismatic leader who has a lot of capabilities that is not easily replicated by other Islamic militants. On the other hand since 9/11 there's really been more of a, a I'd say a deconcentration of the Al Qaeda organization with franchises and want to be's and self jihadist operating around the world. So there's a lot of expertise that's been filtered down to the local cells that do not need Bin Laden. I mean he's probably critical to the massive operation of the type we saw on 9/11 but others can carry out operations like in Bali or in Moscow or elsewhere., , INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE Islamic terrorist?,28:10:18>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,I think the jury is still about what has, what has. With regards to the sniper I think that , , INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE?,28:23:16>>>, STEVE EMERSON:,Right. With regards to the DC sniper I don't know if there's any evidence to suggest linking him directly to a terrorist group. The question is whether he was motivated by what I call the personal jihad. The jury is still out on that one., , END OF INTERVIEW
The White House during a signing ceremony, complete with snipers on the roof. Pullback to LS view.
The White House during a signing ceremony, complete with snipers on the roof. Pullback to LS view.
Newspaper headlines of FBI agents arresting criminals in the United States.
An introduction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington DC. Aircraft in flight. Dramatization of mid-air explosion of aircraft by a criminal intending to collect on insurance. Newspaper headlines read 'Youth Confesses United bombings', 'Graham gets Death' regarding the case of John Gilbert Graham in 1951 who was convicted of crime in blowing up an aircraft in an attempt to collect insurance. Still photo depicts a hijacker of an aircraft or a "skyjacker" attempting to take over an aircraft with pilot in cockpit. Still photos depict work of FBI on various civil rights cases. Newspaper headlines read 'FBI presses hunt for King suspects', 'FBI arrests Georgians in Shotgun Slaying'. The first Director of FBI John Edgar Hoover speaks into a microphone during the Freedom Foundation Award ceremony in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Dramatized scenes of crimes involving the FBI: A house explodes. A reenactment shows a sniper on a rooftop shooting at police officers as they approach a house. Location: Washington DC USA. Date: 1977.
[Washington Killers: Duplex with Maryse Burgot]
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Crime: Sniper strikes again
Crime: Sniper strikes again; ITN Washington DC: Vox pops SOT
DN-5 1 inch
Miscellaneous newsreels
Washington snipers attend pre-trial hearing
Washington snipers attend pre-trial hearing; Maryland: i/c in carpark where first victim was shot
8 p.m.: [broadcast November 11, 2009]
A2 / France 2
The White House during a signing ceremony, complete with snipers on the roof. Pullback to LS view.
DAV-25 Beta SP