Funny World
golfing in diving suit, Woman in hula skirt, Golf ball goes into water, Man in diving suit golfing in water, People in costumes applaud
Fisherman's Fall
PAN along river to CU of Roderick Haig-Brown in diving suit, lowering mask. FOLLOW SHOT of man in diving suit swimming face under water. Underwater shots of diver moving by.
USS Monitor Recovery Operation
United States Navy efforts to recover the USS Monitor.
1950s Man on Diving Board
Man on Diving Board - Pool - Vacation - Leisure - Travel - Bathing suit fashion
MS of group of women sitting on a diving board in bathing suits and sashes in Atlantic City for the Ms. Press Photographer 1947 contest; low angle slow pan of the contestants; series of shots of the contestants from Pittsburgh and New York City
1970s: Man in diving station, talks into microphone
1970s: Man in diving station, talks into microphone. Man carries equipment. Man in wet suit. Pan of crew putting on wet suits.
Bridgeman Images Details
A public swimming pool is filled with people swimming and diving.
News Clip: Girls on board
Video footage from the WBAP-TV television station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about the Miss Dallas beauty competition.
Underwater construction in the 1850s, rostrum footage
Underwater construction in the 1850s. Rostrum footage of an artwork showing underwater construction taking place in the 1850s. In the first half of the 19th century much work in underwater civil engineering, both in France and Great Britain, was undertaken with the use of diving bells, an example being Brunel's construction of the tunnel under the Thames. The new Westminster Bridge (1854-1860) was built by men wearing diving suits made by John Heinke. Here, pre-numbered stone blocks are being lowered underwater from the surface by crane to the construction workers. The German-born British engineer Augustus Siebe developed the standard diving suit apparatus in the 1830s, consisting of a metallic (copper and brass or bronze) diving helmet, an airline or hose from a surface-applied air pump, a watertight canvas diving suit, a diving knife and weighted boots.
DN-LB-503 Beta SP
New Submersible Invention Revolutionizes Maritime Salvage
germany plunge
Dozens of swimmers dressed in Santa Claus hats and festive swimming suits dived into Berlin's Oranke lake on Thursday for a traditional swim. (Dec. 25)
United States women diving team practice for the Olympics at a pool in Briarcliff Manor, New York.
United States women diving team in Briarcliff Manor, New York. Members of women diving team Helen Meany, Frances Meany and Georgia Coleman in swimming suits as they pose at the poolside. Two girls seated on a diving board as Olympic participants dive from another board. Girls roll and dive in the swimming pool one by one. Location: Briarcliff Manor New York USA. Date: August 11, 1930.
Models exhibit California's swim suits and crazy caps at a resort in Italy.
Swim suits and crazy caps are modeled in a resort in Italy. Models in California's swim suits model at a diving board. Girls walk besides a pool. The models in crazy caps. A man wears a crazy cap. Location: Italy. Date: 1959.
CS of scuba diver wearing dry suit in dive hole cut in icecap four feet thick.
Let's Look At Florida
TFA-165A Let's Look At Florida 04:00:47:15 A tour of Florida in the 1950s Clip #: TFA-165A Length: 26:21 Color: B/W Sound: Sound Decade: 1950s Region: North America Country: United States State: Florida Original: 16mm 1950s, Florida, boat pov Silver Springs tropical jungle, monkey on branch, flamingos, people sitting next to and children playing in outdoor swimming pool, citrus tree, Jacksonville, Main Street, street scene, Main Street Bridge / John T. Alsop Jr. Bridge, St. Augustine, entrance, horse drawn carriage pulling up to log cabin, woman in costume gesturing outside building, Old City Gates, Castillo de San Marcos, tour trolley, horse drawn carriages, ostrich and alligator farm, alligators / crocodiles in enclosure, man feeding storks in pen, Marineland, trainer feeding porpoises jumping out of water, man putting on diving suit and getting into pool, man in diving suit feeding dolphins / porpoises underwater at Marine Studios attraction, porpoise Flippy performing tricks in pool for trainer, Daytona Beach, Season's Greetings from Daytona Beach Optimist Club card, bridge, World Famous Ormond-Daytona Beach sign, cars driving on beach, child walking dog on beach, people wading in surf, Ellinor Village, people sitting by outdoor swimming pool, adults and children horseback riding, Palm Beach, Royal Palm Way, cars driving on Royal Palm Way, Lake Worth, bridge, West Palm Beach, street scenes, cars driving on street, pedestrians crossing, spanish inspired architecture, ranch style home, houses along water, Fort Lauderdale, parked cars near beach, beach cabanas and umbrellas, people on beach and wading in surf, Miami Beach, Lincoln Road, Miami, skyline / cityscape along Biscayne Bay, street scenes, Flagler Street, Byron's Department Store, airplane taking off, National Airlines airplane taxiing, airport, traffic crossing signals lowering so that airplane can cross street, crossing signals raising for traffic, parrots on tree branches, flamingoes drinking water, Parrot Jungle, parrots and macaws perched on man's and women's arms, trainer instructing parrots / macaws / cockatoos to perform tricks, Sarasota, Ringling Museum, seniors playing shuffleboard on outdoor court, St. Petersburg, street scenes, seniors sitting on sidewalk benches, homes, beach, people seated on beach and wading in surf, Tarpon Springs, sponge fleet, man in diving suit sponges diving, sponge diver, sponge diver bringing catch onto boat and removing diving suit, Tampa, cars driving on street, Franklin Street, Kress Building, street scenes, Park-n-Shop, Silver Springs, glass bottom boats, boy diving into Silver River from swim raft and swimming, underwater views in glass bottom boats, fish, jungle cruise speedboat ride on Silver River, boat pov Silver Springs tropical jungle, wild monkeys on branches, Cypress Gardens, tour boat traveling through Cypress Gardens, smiling Southern Belle seated on bench and waving, water ski show, people watching water ski show, citrus trees, baby standing next to boxes of citrus, water being sprayed onto citrus trees
1951 Swimsuit Fashion
b&w - "HOLLYWOOD REEL" - FASHIONS - Rose Marie Reid bathing suits - An evening gown becomes a bathing suit - Swimming pool fashion - Girl dives into pool and gets out of pool - Diving - Swimsuit
A woman in a striped swimsuit performs a comedic dive for a crowd.
Fish pot and divers
Scuba divers coming across a fish pot. Filmed in the Caribbean Sea.
DN-LB-502 Beta SP
Unsinkable Suit Saves Inventor in River Plunge