Unissued / Unused material - <br/> <br/>Frankfurt, West Germany (FDR - Federal Republic of Germany). <br/> <br/>GV Control tower of airport, name on side "Rhein Main Air Base". GV Airport runway, aircraft comes to over camera to land, at night, good shot. VS US (United States of America) Air Force Boeings taxiing in, at night. VS US troops leaving aircraft at night. General Edwin Burba, the Airborne Troops Commander to oversee manoeuvres arriving. GV Airport runway, aircraft comes in to land from behind camera. MS General von Hassel, Federal Defence Minister greets US Air Force Secretary Eugene Zucket, US Ambassador to Bonn MacGhee and US General Freeman, at the airport. GV Runway at night with Globemaster Troopcarrier aircraft landing from over camera. VS Globemasters taxiing in. VS The large doors at the nose of the Globemaster open and the troops spill out. CU Army shoulder flash "Hell on Wheels". VS Soldiers' personal equipment being unloaded. MS Army chiefs watching operations. CU Air intake of a Boeing 707. VS Troops leaving aircraft and form up. VS Good material of rows and rows of US Army tanks lined up at Kaiserslautern. Other items of defence are also prepared for the men to take over. <br/> <br/>(F.G.) Old record suggests that material dates from around 25/10/1963.