CLEAN : Whistleblower Ellsberg criticises Obama on
Daniel Ellsberg who revealed government wrongdoing when he leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971 has said that President Obama is conducting the most secretive administration in history at an event in support of Bradley Manning whose trial on espionage charges begins Monday. CLEAN : Whistleblower Ellsberg criticises Obama on on June 02, 2013 in Washington, District of Columbia (Footage by AFPTV via Getty Images)
The Dick Cavett Show (ABC)
Guests: Daniel Ellsberg Dick Cavett welcomes his only guest military analyst Daniel Ellsberg.
DN-B-244 Beta SP
[WWII - D-Day - Towing Phoenix Units - Gliders Overhead]
Ellsberg Leaks Pentagon Papers
Former Pentagon employee Daniel Ellsberg meets with reporters after he leaks top secret study of Vietnam policy to the New York Times, which headlines their contents. Soldiers unload boxes of the documents. DOC/WA - 1971 - B/W
NEWS; 1971
00:25:45:00,NIXON IN CHINA, Nixon gives speech on peace and China, People in streets of China, Cho En Lai of China, Nixon in China,CANADA, Premier Kostgin on trip to Ottawa, assaulted, with Trudeau,BRUSSELS, Britain joins Common Market in Brussels,CHILE, Shots of banks in Chile, Allende gives speech, Castro on visit to Chile,VIETNAM, Diplomats enter Vietnam peace talks in Paris, People vote in South Vietnam, Motorcade comes out of fort. Tu wins, William Cale comes out of court marshal for Mai Lai Massacre, United States flag lowered as troops pull out of Vietnam,WATERGATE, Daniel Ellsberg talks to reporters. Boxes marked "TOP SECRET", Pentagon Papers, brought in in press conference, New York Times headline,EGYPT/ISRAEL, Sadat gives speech, Nixon meets with Golda Meir,ATTICA, Siege at Attica, Aerial view of massacre at Attica,PRICE FREEZE, Nixon gives speech ordering price freeze, People look in store window, Stock exchange floor, Strikers march on picket line,UNITED NATIONS, Taiwan representatives walk out, United Nations ext, United Nations council meeting, Saudi delegate pushes man on United Nations council floor,EAST PAKISTAN, Bengali refugees in India, Tank rolls in streets of Bangladesh, People in streets shake hands with tank driver,NORTHERN IRELAND, Troops clash with protestors in Northern Ireland,USSR SPACE RACE, Soviet rocket takes off, Funeral for Soviet cosmonauts, Khrushchev widow at private funeral ceremony,APOLLO 15 MOON LAUNCH, Men watch launch with binoculars, Astronauts on moon, Module blasts off from moon, Capsule splashdown. Astronauts on carrier,JESUS MOVEMENT, Signs for Jesus, People pray, sing in church
Military personnel riding on a truck. Daniel Ellsberg being interviewing by the press after the Pentagon Papers were leaked. The New York Times front page. A police officer wheels two boxes containing the Pentagon Papers to a table and unloads them. PLEASE NOTE VIDEO & AUDIO OF NEWS ANCHORS & REPORTERS IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR LICENSING
Comparison between the return of veterans from Iraq and Vietnam
FR3 / France 3
President Nixon talks about approval of entries to the Ellsberg Project during a news conference in Orlando, Florida.
A journalist questions U.S. President Richard Nixon about the Ellsberg Project during a press conference in Orlando, Florida. The journalist asks the President about the legal code of approval granted by him to the American military analyst Dr. Daniel Ellsberg's project. The President responds that he had not approved or ordered any entries in Dr. Ellsberg's office. He himself came to know about these entries on March 17th and he has also mentioned this in his statements as well. He states that he finds this not only illegal but stupid as well. He states that all these leaks are seriously damaging the national security. Location: Orlando Florida USA. Date: November 17, 1973.
b&w newsreel - President Richard Nixon speech announces trip to China - Chinese people on street - Premier Zhou En-Lai - Nixon meets Emperor Hirohito of Japan - Russian Premier Alexei Kosygin visits Canada's Pierre Trudeau - British Prime Minister Edwin Heath - Salvador Allende of Chile - bank fronts - Fidel Castro in parade - peace talks - men walk to Paris building - Saigon building - posters - people vote - president's car by - Lt. William Calley walks from courthouse - U.S. troops and Vietnamese troops in Vietnam - Daniel Ellsberg - Pentagon Papers - cu headlines - Egypt's Anwar Sadat - Israel Premier Golda Meir and Nixon - riot at Attica State Prison, New York - guards with guns - aerial courtyard with prisoners - Nixon speaks about inflation - wage and price freeze - people at storefronts
Daniel Ellsberg Surrenders at Boston Courthouse - 1
Outside a courthouse in Boston, whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg surrenders to federal authorities. He states to crowds of gathered reporters he was the one who collected the documents from the Department of Defense about the Vietnam War that would become the Pentagon Papers which he then submitted to the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate. He further states he regrets not simultaneously giving the information to the public through newspapers.
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Royal Navy Commander Kit Kat watches towing of Phoenix units across English Channel prior to D-Day during World War II.
Towing of Phoenix units across English Channel for D-Day invasion of Normandy during World War II. Phoenix units (Mulberry Harbor) and barges alongside them with tugs. Royal Navy officers aboard a ship look at Phoenix units. Soldiers stand on side of units. Royal Navy Commander Kit Kat with binoculars. Men on a tugboat play accordion and rest. Men and dog mascot on deck. Formation of fight planes pass overhead. British Captain Edward Ellsberg and other officer aboard the tugboat. Tugboat moored to Phoenix unit by men. Location: English Channel. Date: June 5, 1944.
Richard Nixon
Interview Re: Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers
An interview with Stan Wellborn, Director of Media Affairs at the Brookings Institute in Washington, DC who claims that Brookings never had in its possession any of the infamous Pentagon Papers which sparked the Watergate scandal in 1972.
Daniel Ellsberg interview
Daniel Ellsberg interview; ENGLAND: London: GIR: INT Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers Whistleblower) 2 WAY interview from San Francisco SOT
USA / ARMED FORCES / CRIME: Bradley Manning trial begins
USA / ARMED FORCES / CRIME: Bradley Manning trial begins; Maryland: Forte Meade: EXT Ellsberg addressing crowd (not heard) Daniel Ellsberg ('The Pentagon Papers') interview SOT - Change the policies that require so much secrecy from the American people / certainly telling the truth about what we're doing in Afghanistan and Iraq does shame this country and of course it brings comfort to our enemies, the way to stop that is to stop doing things that require secrecy because they're so illegal and shameful Protesters marching along and chanting 'Free Bradley Manning' SOT Protesters with banner 'Exposing War Crimes Is Not A Crime' 'Free Bradley Manning' logo on T-shirt TILT UP photograph of Barack Obama (US President) fixed to top of shirt
Morton Halperin Confirmation Hearings (1993)