DN-1009 1 inch
[Interview w 2 Red Army Ex-POW's Who Served Germans]
Eye Exam
Footage of of a woman having an eye exam including an excellent CU of one of her eyes looking through the exam equipment. DOC - 1990's - CLR
Hooded Seal (Cystophora Cristata) Juvenile, Just Captured For Physical Exam, Wide Shot Zooms Into Close Up On Face
Hand Held, rest, Black, Blue, Brown, Camouflage, Color Change, Colorful, Irregular, Texture, Ocean, United States, Coast, endangered species, Island, Protected Species, Rocky Reef, Temperate, threatened species, Topside, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New England, north america, North Atlantic Ocean, North East, Rhode Island, Cystophora Cristata, Hooded Seal, pinniped, Animal Care, Animal Medicine, Animal Stranding, Antibiotic, Blood, Ear Swab, Fur, Husbandry, Phocid, Physical Exam, Piniped, pinniped, Science, Seal, Stranding, Veterinarian, Veterinary Care, Wet Fur, Close Up, High Angle, Wide Shot, Zoom, Animal, Environmental Impact, Juvenile, Mammal, Scenic, Single, Day, Fall-Autumn, Summer
Prisoners wait for their medical exams outside examining room in prison
A doctor calls a male prisoner to the "examining room" of the prison. Prisoner stands up and follows doctor. Young male prisoners talk to each other while they wait for their turn to take their physical and psychological exams. Doctor opens door to call out another prisoner. Sign reads "Examining Room" beside door. Two prisoners wait for their turns beside psychiatrist's office door. Sign reads, "psychiatrist" Location: United States USA. Date: 1937.
FR6 A & B
WASHINGTON DC Senate/Congressional hearing. Result of Lab exam of Julian Frank's body. Aircraft crash. FBI investigation. Dynamite explosion by dry cell battery in aircraft.
News Clip: Exit exam
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
Young girl gets examined by UNICEF doctor
1970s: Man walks toward large office building
1970s: Man walks toward large office building. Flags wave before large building. Van pulls into parking lot. Men and women take exams in classroom. Crowds walk through city street.
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Pacemaker and defibrillator, angiography
Angiography of the chest of a 75-year-old heart failure patient wearing a pacemaker/defibrillator. Angiography is an X-ray examination of the circulatory system, in which a radio-opaque contrast medium is injected into blood vessels to show blood flow. In this clip the medium appears dark, and the flow of blood through the brachiocephalic veins (upper left and right) and the vena cava (down centre) to the heart is seen. This is being performed to ensure the veins' condition is good enough to permit the changing of the pacemaker/defibrillator (at right). The pacemaker supplies electrical signals to the heart muscle to ensure a steady beat. The device also contains a defibrillator, which shocks the heart back to a steady beat if it starts beating erratically (fibrillation).
Students from the Normal School dispute the assessment methods and want to boycott the exams. INTERVIEW Louise Harel Keywords: EDUCATION,COMMITMENT,STUDENT,QUEBEC
SKorea Exam
SKorea Exam
Hospital bed, senior patient and nurse talk with night check and healthcare monitor in ICU. Elderly, person and working on health, wellness and care for cancer and clinic consulting and nursing
Hospital bed, senior patient and nurse talk with medical check and healthcare monitor in ICU. Elderly, person and working on health, wellness and care for surgery and clinic consulting and nursing
Exam Results; 10/12/00
Exam Results
News Clip: Teaching (Student Competency)
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
juvenile delinquents punished with a public spanking
BW W/ SOME SYNC AUDIO Municipal judge in Whiting Indiana decides that juvenile delinquents that engage in underage drinking should be punished with a public spanking. For making fun of a policeman's hat, the youngsters must write, read and study the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and take an exam that is tough. Includes shots of teenage drinking, greasers, and the spanking
Monks in monasteries surrounding Lhasa, Tibet
United States Office of Strategic Services (OSS) diplomatic and military mission to Tibet led by Major Ilia Tolstoy and Captain Brooke Dolan II. Monasteries around Lhasa. Monks arrive in world's largest monastery. Tibetan monks appear in exams held by learned in order. Location: Lhasa Tibet. Date: 1943.
Healthy brain, MRI scan sequence
Healthy human brain, sagittal MRI scan sequence. Magnetic resonance imaging is a diagnostic technique that uses a powerful magnet and pulses of radio waves to image internal structures. It is particularly useful for imaging the central nervous system as it shows the difference between grey and white matter.
Exam Results; 10/13/00
Exam Results
A young man prepares for his exam, students sitting exams, rushing to see results, and walking in the Latin Quarter of Paris, 1951
Clip 6 from the 1951 French film 'Le Lycee Sur La Colline', following a student of the 1950s from his entry at Lycee Henri IV (Paris) to his final graduation. Young man having breakfast, lacing up his shoes, fiddling with a spot in front of mirror. Crowd in street of Lycee Henri IV. Big room for final exam, empty, then filled with students. Students squeezing to see their marks pinned on wall. Group of teenage students wandering in the Quartier Latin streets. Two cars of the 1950s. Teenage student wandering in the Quartier Latin streets. Two cars of the 1950s. Picture of a famous aviator. Picture of Pasteur. Picture of a bald man with round glasses and sash of the Legion of Honour.
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