Unedited HD footage from small town 1950's America
Small Town America - Low aerial panning view of the center of a small American town or city where stores were built around the town park or square with historic statue. Scenes of traffic, main street, and front of F.W. Woolworth store and other store fronts. Greeting Diversity -Scene of two business men shaking hands, Woman wearing mink shawl, man removes hat to greet lady. Young African-American speaking to white couple and shaking hands. People using their hands, pointing fingers, and touching other people while in conversation. Facial expressions, people smiling, somber expression. People touching, holding hands. The County Fair - Scenes of a County Fair, amusement rides, woman eating cotton candy, horse pulling contest, ferris wheel, people at picnic, plates of food, school marching band in parade, prize oxen in parade, man on horse drawn sled, boy with stubborn pony that won't walk, group of young guys on wall yelling and laughing, image of strong man with tattoo, scene of fire-eater, man swinging hammer trying to ring bell, children rides and go-cart race, trotter horse race or harness horse race.
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Carvings of clown faces with different facial expressions
Carvings of clown faces with different facial expressions
TT US CES Driverless BMW
Driverless car responds to gestures and facial expressions
AFP-52FZ 16mm
A2 / France 2
b&w newsreel - New York - Thomas Lamont of the House of Morgan speaks on the economy - c/u Lamont with interesting facial expressions
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American soldiers on board an invasion barge at Kiska in Aleutian Island, Alaska
Facial expression of American soldiers on board an invasion barge at Kiska in Aleutian Island, Alaska. A soldier smokes a cigarette. Two officers synchronize their watches. (World War II period). Location: Aleutian Islands Alaska USA. Date: 1943.
Facial expressions of a young Bornean orangutan
High speed footage of a juvenile Bornean orangutan (Pongo Pygmaeus) making facial expressions whilst in a tree. Filmed in Tanjung Putting National Park, Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo.
HZ US CES Driverless BMW
Driverless car responds to gestures and facial expressions
News Events Post-War Japan 1946
Various news events in Post-WWII Japan with the eruption of Mount Sakaurajima, May Day demonstration march of Japanese laborers, political demonstration in front of the Emperor's Palace, Japanese women voting for the first time and more News Events Post-War Japan 1946 U.S. Department of Defense film documents news event in Japan during the time period November 1945 to June 1, 1946. Shot List: 00:00:06;15 March 22, 1946. The following scenes were recorded showing the eruption of Mount Sakaurajima which is located in the Southern part of Kyushu near the city of Kagoshima. Several aerial views showing volcano in eruption. Several angles of the volcano as seen from the south coast road just outside Kagoshima city proper. Several views of the volcano as seen looking across Kagoshima Bay. Several views of volcanic clound as seen when several hundred feet from base of volcano. Close shot of lava. Aerial view of snowclad peak of Mount Fuji. Several angles, LS and CU of rim area. 00:02:43;15 Several general views of Tokyo as seen when looking south at Diet Building. Mount Fuji in far background. 00:03:14:14 May Day Demonstration, May 1, 1946. Half a million laborers, agrarians, and white collar workers demonstrated before the gates of the Imperial Palace and later marched throughout the streets of Tokyo in the largest and most peaceful May Day celebration in Japanese history. Light rain and stiff cool winds failed to alter the carnival air of the demonstrators, which started 10:00 AM with speeches in Imperial Park. This was another first in Japanese history, since the people had never before been allowed to demonstrate on the Emperor's grounds. Speakers called for united workers front to take over the government. The weather was extremely bad for color, however the historic incident could not pass without a few feet of color. The long shots were taken from atop the Meiji building. 00:04:15;00 May 19, 1946. More than 150,000 singing and shouting workers demonstrated for increased food allotments and political readjustments before the Emperor's Palace. This is the second laborer demonstration in Tokyo this month. The demands of the demonstrators were for emergency rice and other food supplies to Japan to be handled by civilian organizations and that labor be given increased control over Japan's industrial production management. The banner carrying crowd started assembling at many areas and marched singing through the streets carrying many banners which expressed opposition to a Conservative Reactionary Cabinet. 00:05:53;23 LS Pan L to R as seen from atop the roof of Meiji building looking at Imperial Palace grounds showing the demonstration gathered in front of the Palace. First take a false start, second OK. LS Same as above, closer shot. LS Same as above, pan from R to L. LS Same as above, demonstrators by long columns march toward speaker's stand. LS Same as above. Stationary shot. Imperial Palace. Slow pan shot downwards to show demonstrators below. This is followed by a pan R to L to show the thousands of demonstrators. LS Extreme wide angle shot to give an overall view of area and demonstrators, followed by a closer shot of same. MLS Showing the speaker at the makeshift stand. The speaker is Mr. Kenichi Ito, Kanto District Trade Union. slight edge fog. MCU Same as above slight edge fog. MS Pan down along the L section of the speakers for a study of the spectators and their emotional reaction. MC Stationary shot of a group of red bandanas on the heads of girls. 00:09:25;03 MC Several shots of a group sitting on the ground listening to speaker. To the L of the speaker's stand was a group of white clad Red Cross Japanese nurses. A speaker, Mr. Yoshira II. Also different shots of spectators. A speaker and the most important one there. He is a congressman representing the Socialists party. This shot was given a longer run for the possible incorporation of a sound track. Two speakers, Mr. Kyuschi Tokuda, Communist comgressman, and Mr. Shingoro Shimagami, Chairman. Group of workers listening to the speaker several cuts, also shots of workers eating their lunch. MS Group of demonstrators singing Song of the Red Flag. Several cuts and angles. The speakers on the stand direct the singing. Group shots here and there of demonstrators singing. 00:13:24;14 The demonstrators have now left the assembly area and are marching, some at a trot ot run, all in tempo or to a rhythm that sounded like onto onto onto or as they say in Japanse Wasshoi Wasshoi. The scenes consist of the following action: Workers from Sunamachi Steel Works. Workers marching in circles and move towards camera. Group of demonstrators having a pep meeting. Workers sitting on ground listening to speaker who is on top of police box. Workers waving red flags while singing The May Day Song. Climax of the whole demonstration, workers wave red flags, others wave hands in the air shouting Banzai Banzai Banzai. 00:16:08;23 June 1, 1946. Showing Count Otani's family in their garden. Mrs. Otani is the sister of the Empress of Japan. Three sons and two daughters and a baby make up the Otani's family. The picture was taken at their beautiful garden in Kyoto. Count Otani is the head priest of Higashi Honganji Temple. 00:16:51;27 April 9, 1946. MLS Street rally held in Hiroshima. Candidate represents Hiroshima Prefecture and is electioneering for the Diet. MLS Pan R to L shows large crowd listening to speaker. MS The speaker and the crowds. MC Several quick cuts showing the faces of listeners. MC Low angle shot of the speaker. MS CU Misc. shots showing faces of the listeners. MS Pan R to L. Speakers back to camera. Crowds in front of speaker. MS CU Misc. shots of spectators and listeners. CU Low angle shot of speaker Mr. Hisao Yamamoto, a member of the Japanese Free Party (Nippon Jiju To). He speaks to the people about the policies of his party and begs the men and women to vote for him. MC Same as above, different angle. Same as above, closer angle as he speaks into microphone. CU Spectators and listeners facial reaction to speaker. 00:19:13;09 April 10, 1946. A series of quick cuts showing Japanese women voting for the first time in Japan. Scenes consist of quick cuts of voter booth. Girl writes her name on ballot and walks out of booth. Voters drop ballot into slot on ballot box. CU Of the yellow pine ballot box under heavy padlock. Note: Above scenes were recorded under great difficulty due to power generator trouble - light source poor. 00:20:02;06 February 11, 1946. A series of shots showing a group of American GIs grouped around a bunch of Japanese girls. Also several quick shots showing young Japanese boys carrying the GIs duffle bags. Above scene recorded in Oita, Japan. 00:20:45;23 November 1945. A series of long telephoto close up shots showing a group of American GIs playing Romeao to a few Japanese maidens. Scenes were recorded from seventh floor window of the Meji building, Tokyo. Action takes place in top of the outer moat wall of the Imperial Palace grounds in Tokyo.
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Patients suffering from sleeping sickness sleep in Congo, Africa.
The victims of sleeping sickness, Trypanosomiasis caused by the tsetse fly in Congo, Africa. Patients suffering from sleeping sickness. Sick people seated on ground and sleep. A sick man sleeps. Facial expression of a sick man. Location: Congo. Date: 1940.
Gender - Emotions
The Vanishing World - Native American Indian
Films documenting the Native American Indians in the early 1900's showing people, lifestyle, culture, crafts, hunting, religion. Very interesting and rare footage showing customs of Native American Indians. The interstitial cards describe the different cultures and how the Indians were poorly treated. Views of the landscape - mountains, river, prairies Views of the wildlife - bear, elk, buffalo . These were used for food and clothing Herds of free roaming buffalo 04:07:00 - Actuality footage of Prarie Indians constructing teepees 04:08:00 - Houses built of adobe and stone 04:08:30 - Navajo's housing built of logs and mud 04:09:00 - Navajo men go out tohunt 04:09:25 - women tanning hides 04:09:45 - Havasupai women carrying wood, making baskets 04:10:30 - Pueblo women grinding corn, making bread in ovens, 04:11;30 - Hopi Indians live high over the desert and women carrying earthen jugs of water to their dwellings 04:12:19 - Hair dressing of the Crow woman and the tradition of men painting into the part 04:12:50 - Ceremonial Peace Pipe being shared - whole ceremony captured 04:15:50 - a battle on the Prairie 04:17:26 - returnof the victorious war party 04:18:07 - ceremony at the river to give thanks. Medicine Man, women cutting willows and bringing firewood and gathering stones, heating stones and smoking peace pipe and purification bathing 04:20:47 - narrative cards say that there was infrequent battles among tribes prior to the White Man 's arrival 04:21:46 - War chants and preparation for warm heading out on horseback 04:23:00 - on the war trail and scouuting for enemy 04:25:30 - approaching and invading enemy village and killing. 04:27:40 - vanquished 04:28:30 - The Navajo covers its tracks by riding through the dry sandy prairie 04:29:00 - End of the trail - Indians now look at the destruction of their race as the White Man has changed things. The Bureau of Ethnology at Washington says that the INdian Population has decreased 65% since the coming ofthe White Man. 325,000 remain where there were one million two hundred thousand. 04:30:23 - the Hopi mother fashions the hair of her daughter into whorl shape indicating she is ready for marriage 04:30:57 - sheep and goats herded on teh desert and the women weaving wool into blankets. 04:31:50 - men shaving as facial hair is considered a disgrace. godd shot of man shavingwith wife and child 04:32:05 - Indian use of the stomach stick to aid digestion and build muscle 04:32:40 - communicating through smoke signals and hand signals which is now becoming extinct. Seen is Mountain Chief, Blackfoot, telling the story of the battle of Hope-Up in sign language to a group of Sioux Indians. 04:34:00 - love making and wooing varies among tribves. The Crow adorns himself in his richest garb and parades before the woman of his affections until his solicitaitons are accepted 04:35:12 - War bonnet is most imosing feature of ceremonial regalia. Every eagle feather represents some deed of valor 04:35:30- - there are over 200 ways of painting the face and body to express the voice of a vision or a dream. Paint expreses symbolism, to protect the face and distinguish the tribe. Also used to express personal desire or purpose of conduct. Paiting bodies for war trail seen. 04:36:00 - Pueblo women wear deer skin leggings to protect themselves but also to show social standing and financial position of their family. THe thicker the windings the greater the aristocracy of their status. 04:37:13 - A Trip to the Arctic with Uncle Sam aboard the USS Bear - observing fish and seal hunting. Boat cutting through the icelands. Point Barrow Alaska - land of the Midnight Sun - 10 months of daylight - northernmost point.views of homes and village and people. 04:39:19 - Eskimo watching on beach. Eskimo dogs seen. Groups of children seen and then in school. Boys taught business and industry, girls to sew and cook and keep house polar bear cub seen as pet 04:41:55 - monument market which separates boundary of Canada and Alaska. Views of water and icefields and icebergs 04:43:10 - Point Hope, Alaska - igloos - frames made of whale bones, walls of sod. Men and women wearing fur coat 04:44:30 - graveyards - cemetary fenced with whale bones. Reindeer imported but now vast hers roam the fields. Reindeer meat is now new industry. Killing of reindeer seen. Reindeer is as delicious as steak or chicken. 04:47:00 - USS Bear continues its way through the waterways to Plver Bay, Siberia - veiws of ship and its crew. Eskimo welcomes the visitors with dances and celebrations. Also a wrstling match exhibition. 04:49:00 - A New Deal is imposed - all tribes must raise the stars and stripes. Expedition of Citizenship making them sign declaration of allegiance to US. views of Oglala Sioux, Pine Ridge Reservation dedicating the flag. 04:51:05 - Otoe, Missouri, Kaw, Ponca, Pawnee and Tonkawa Indians raising the flag on the Otoe reservation in Oklahoma 04:51:47 - flags presented to each tribe. 04:54:00 - This New Morning will come - there has been a recodificaiton of Indian Laws, the Indian will be freed from teh perils and evils of the Reservation system, parental control over the INdians has been abolished...it goes about rights the Indians should now have including the indian given full citizenship and equality and how not really true. Final statement about how much the Indians have not received the promses. Good shot of Indians on horseback riding off into sunset. Gladiators of other days have paused for a silent moment on the hill crest...Indians seen charging down a hill towards camera - Prohpecy died yesterday and despair - the despair of tomorrow writes its gloomy headlines upon every advance step of their journey. A series of shots of Indians on horseback in silhouette against the setting sun .
1933 Walt Disney Cartoon Craft
Part 1 of 2 - b&w - motion picture cartoon craft - Walt Disney studio - c/u Disney, magician makes table rise, w/s down to movie studio - pan then street level shot - Walt Disney in convertible car drives up to studio building - c/u Disney gets out of car & enters studio - pov from inside door as he enters, h/a down to exterior inside studio lot - cars - employees, c/u animation - cartoon - pages of animation flip - show action as pages ripple, interior conference room w/ directors, artists, tech experts - c/u artist sketching - c /u animator studies his own facial expressions, artist make facial contortions in mirror to copy onto animated character - c/u Pluto character, w/s interior two artists sit at drawing boards - c/u rough sketches or drawings, interior photo room - sketches photographed or copied, c/u man looks into Moviola - c/u animator studies his own facial expressions, artist make facial contortions in mirror to copy onto animated character - c/u Pluto character, w/s interior two artists sit at drawing boards - c/u rough sketches or drawings, interior photo room - sketches photographed or copied, c/u man looks into Moviola - small projection machine - e/c/u view in eye piece - see animation action interior projection room - backs of people viewing screen
Covid: transparent masks highly expected by the deaf and hard of hearing
PET-1176 Beta SP
Long-tailed macaque eating a mango
Close-up of a Long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis), also known as the crab-eating macaque, eating a mango from a tree in the grounds of an eco-tourism lodge adjacent to Gunung Leuser National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia. This endangered species of macaque is an omnivore which lives in large groups with a structured hierarchy.
Loire Bretagne
VNR: Toy Fair (2001)
Long-tailed macaque
Close-up of a Long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis), also known as the crab-eating macaque showing facial expressions. This endangered species of macaque is an omnivore which lives in large groups with a structured hierarchy. Filmed in the of the Gunung Leuser National Park on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.
1932 Herbert Hoover
b&w newsreel - w/ audio - San Diego, California - ex President Herbert Hoover gives speech to assembled crowd at convention in exposition grounds, warning Americans against dictatorship - speaks into CBS microphone - many seniors in audience Rome, Italy - Europe - crowd wave and cheer - c/u Italian dictator Benito Mussolini - makes facial expressions - addresses crowd from balcony - Fascism