The first British plane with nuclear capabilities flew during The Cold War; it’s called the Fairey Gannet and was used to fight the Russians. Western Wisconsin is now home to one of those planes and it is the only one in the world that still flies. The Fairey Gannet, called Janet, is one of eight that flew during The Cold War. It is an impressive sight with a wing span nearly 60 feet long. When the wings fold up, the span is 22 feet long. "She's quite unique," Pilot Harry Odone said. "Out of all of them, she's the granddaddy. She's the longest serving Gannet in the world. Quite an amazing article to have. I'm very proud of her." Shannan Hendricks, who is now Odone 's wife, bought the plane after the museum it was in closed. Figuring out how to get it from Canada to Minnesota and then to New Richmond was a chore. The plane sat in Canada for years. Then, others wanted it and stole the plane’s parts. "We had to use the FBI, Canadian Police, CID (Criminal Investigation Department) in England, to try and track down what was going on because it was organized crime," Odone said. Eventually, the Canadian government called saying the aircraft was illegally parked. The couple had to move fast. "It was too big to go onto the road and be trucked back to the United States," Odone said. "It couldn't be hauled, and couldn't be taken apart in any significant manner because it was too big to go on the road." Ironically, they found a Russian company that makes massive cargo planes to fly it to Minnesota. "To move the airplane alone, we're talking about $200,000," Odone said. That price was even discounted. Once inside the hangar, Odone had to restore it. "I have over five and a half thousand hours myself on the maintenance on the aircraft," Odone said. "I spent six months soda blasting the airplane, taking every inch of paint off the aircraft." Despite the man hours and a lot of money, Odone says it has all been worth it. "If it was your own home, or own family, you wouldn't give up, and that's how we looked at it," Odone said. Janet the Gannet is part of their family, and the hope is that your family will see her too. "It's about sharing it," Odone said. "It's not about having an aircraft and keeping it to ourselves. It's an amazing piece of history and everybody should be a part of it."
(HZ) Germany Urban Art
Urban art comes in from the cold at biennale event
Blackburn Buccaneer, Fairey Delta 1, Fairey Delta 2, Short SC1 and the Harrier are all seen in action at airshow
Clip from Flight Fighters of the Fifties"
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NEWS PAGEANT OF MOVIETONE - Reported by Leslie Mitchell
ISSUE_NO = 495A NO_OF_ITEMS = 12 ITEM_NO = 5 DESCRIPTION : NEW AIR LINER IN MINIATURE - The model of the new Fairey Transport plane. CARD_FILE = 34920 CARD_TITLE : New Fairey Transport Plane SHOT_LIST : A model of the new Fairey Transport plane which is destined for service on the Imperial Airways routes is demonstrated KEYWORDS : Personalities - Miscellaneous; Business and Commerce; Aviation - Innovations; Great Britain MATERIAL : Neg 4483 LENGTH_SHOT = 49 DATE_SUBD = 11/22/1938
Wings Parade
Shots of men bombing up a Fairey Battle. AIR TO AIR shot of Fairey Battle. Closer view of bombs falling. AERIAL SHOT of bombs falling.
A crew wheels out the Fairey IIID floatplane used by Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho for one of the first transatlantic flights from Portugal to Brazil. Mastered in Apple Pro Res 422 HQ and Uncompressed, available in all forms of HD and SD.
King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and two parliament members inspect a British aircraft factory in Britain.
Inspection of a British aircraft plant in Britain during World War II. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom and two parliament members enter an aircraft plant. They inspect a British aircraft factory. An unidentified aircraft being assembled in the background. Factory workers at work in the plant. Queen Elizabeth looks at a partly assembled British Fairey Albacore torpedo bomber. The King and the Queen and the parliament members walk in front of the aircraft being assembled. Civilians and factory workers in the background. Location: United Kingdom. Date: 1940.
The Evening Team, 2nd part of May 1, 2023 (EDS, 2/2).
Soldiers practice shooting artillery at radio controlled pilot-less Fairey Queen IIIF plane in September of 1937 near Somerset, England
US Banksy Auction
Iconic Bansky pieces to be auctioned off this weekend
Diane Feinstein / American Women Study / News Conference (1993)
Magnificent Flyers
Several AIR TO AIR LSs of Royal Canadian Navy Fairey Fireflies airborne, putting off over airfield. MS and CUs of Fireflies airborne.
Malta during World War II
Film begins showing young school children on Malta, walking, through streets littered with rubble, on their way to an outdoor school during World War 2. . Several scenes of the children at school. They line up outside a building and then proceed to their outdoor classrooms, all of which have desks for them. Several scenes focusing on the children in various outdoor settings. British sailors move a torpedo on a transporter to arm a British Navy Fairey Swordfish biplane torpedo bomber. They roll the torpedo underneath the aircraft to fasten it in place. Naval aviators discuss the mission. A swordfish plane starts its engine. Sailors move munitions from storage in medieval moats, through walled passage ways to arm the aircraft. They load a torpedo onto a Bristol Beaufort twin engine torpedo bomber. The Beaufort bomber starts engines, taxis, and takes off. It is followed by two Hawker Hurricane fighter aircraft. Malta defenders with anti-aircraft guns in positions under camouflage netting. One with binoculars scans the sky for enemy aircraft. He speaks into a radio. Air raid alarms sound, and civilians run to shelters, as the military mans anti-aircraft guns. Fighter pilots run to their aircraft. A Fairy Firefly fighter plane is seen readied and waiting for a pilot. Closeup of pilot climbing into cockpit. Anti-aircraft gun crew mans its gun. Farm workers pause and look skyward. Anti-aircraft guns firing. Axis aircraft downed by anti-aircraft fire, crashes in explosion. Guns fire at a German Heinkel 111 bombers. Bombs exploding on the ground. Civilians seen in a bomb shelter. Numerous bombs striking all across a city. People emerging from their shelters after the raids. Newspaper front page shows George VI and notes that he has awarded Malta the George Cross. Boys running to distribute the papers. A florist shop owner places flowers on display outside his shop. Location: Malta. Date: 1943.
Anne Rosencher, Thomas Legrand, Jérôme Jaffré
Radio France: filmed programmes
ISSUE_NO = 355 NO_OF_ITEMS = 11 ITEM_NO = 3 DESCRIPTION : New RAF Plane CARD_FILE = 4346 CARD_TITLE : New RAF Plane SHOT_LIST : Shots of the new Fairey 'Battle' bomber. In air. Over camera etc. Landing. Lights placed in the wings. It is a monoplane. SOUND : Commentator KEYWORDS : Airforce - Active; Aviation; Fairey Battle Light Bombers; Great Britain MATERIAL : Combined Dupe Neg 05162 LENGTH_SHOT = 63
The British demonstrate their newest fighter aircraft, including the Fairey Delta Wing and the Hawker Hunter. Aerial CUs missiles.
British jet "Fairey Delta 2" breaks speed record of 1,000 mph in flight over England
Food: how far will the price increase go?
FR3 / France 3
Shot 01/21/2017. Mexico Solidarity March b-roll. Shows people marching, protesting, and holding signs in support of women's rights and Planned Parenthood.
US Williams Auction
Robin Williams' art, toys, watches going up for auction
Bismarck, a German battleship is sunk by British fleet, off Saint Nazaire, France.
German battleship Bismarck in sea near Saint-Nazaire, France. Views on British warship of lower deck, bombs are lifted by means of hoist. Guns aboard British warship are fired. Views of burning ship Bismarck in ocean in distance, explosion on Bismarck can be seen. British naval observers on bridge of ship. Views of German wounded sailors recovered from Bismarck being carried up gangway after having been rescued at sea. British aircraft carrier 'Victorious', biplane aircraft Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber on the deck of British aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal (91). British battleship at dock, two British Navy Officers shake hands. British sailors raise their hands and salute. Views of battleships. Sailors on board HMS Ark Royal raise a plaque celebrating the defeat of the Bismarck, above a Sebastopol 1854 plaque. (World War II period). Location: Saint-Nazaire France. Date: May 27, 1941.