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A2 / France 2
Euro2008 Swiss Turk Reax 3 - WRAP Arrests as Turkey beats Switz 2-1, reax from fan zone ADDS arrest
NAME: E2008 ST REAX3 20080611I TAPE: EF08/0611 IN_TIME: 11:05:21:00 DURATION: 00:02:58:13 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Basel - 11 June 2008 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST PLEASE NOTE: FIRST SOUNDBITE CONTAINS EXPLETIVE 1. Wide of ambulance driving through crowd gathered on street 2. Police vans driving through crowd UPSOUND: sirens 3. Various of police leading handcuffed youths into police van 4. Turkish fans singing and dancing in celebration 5. Turkish fans cheering their team's victory, one fan waving Turkish flag 6. Various of police holding Swiss football fan to the ground 7. Wide of police van arriving, driving through crowd, AUDIO siren 8. Swiss football fan waiting to be put inside police van 9. Football fans standing near police 10. Swiss football fan getting inside police van, door being closed 11. Police standing on bridge looking down on crowd 12. Various of Turkish fans, cheering, dancing and waving flags 13. SOUNDBITE (English) Swiss fan, Name not Given: ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: SOUNDBITE CONTAINS EXPLETIVE++ "I hope we stay hardened. Turkey wins, not for Swiss, Swiss ++inaudible++ Not sure what's happened. S**t happens." 14. Various of Turkish fans jumping up and down, cheering and waving Turkish flags 15. SOUNDBITE (English) Turkish fan, Name not Given: "This match is wonderful. In the last minute we have won this match. All people...it's nice. We'll make a party. We make a party tonight." 16. Pan of Turkish fans jumping up and down and cheering their team's victory STORYLINE Swiss football fans watched in dismay as Arda Turan scored in injury time on Wednesday to give Turkey a 2-1 win over Switzerland that eliminated the co-hosts from the Euro 2008 Championship. Turan scored in the second minute of injury time, sending a right-footed shot from outside the area that deflected in off Switzerland defender Patrick Mueller. Earlier, Switzerland player Hakan Yakin scored, giving his team a 1-0 lead over Turkey, delighting fans in Basel who braved torrential rain to gather at the fanzone on Wednesday. Turkish substitute Semih Senturk headed in a cross in the 57th minute to bring the score level. A first-half downpour left the field at St Jakob Park a quagmire, and a draw seemed likely until Turan's deflected shot looped over goalkeeper Diego Bengalio. After the match, there were scenes of jubilation from Turkish fans on the streets, proudly waving Turkish flags and cheering their team's victory. One Turkish fan expressed his joy over his team's win, "this match is wonderful. In the last minute we have won this match." However, the celebrations were marred by an incident in downtown Basel involving a Turkish fan who reportedly threw a flare at a group of Swiss supporters. No injuries were reported. AP Television footage showed Swiss police leading handcuffed youths into a waiting police van. It was unconfirmed how many arrests were made. Elsewhere in Basel, AP Television filmed police detaining a Swiss football fan, though no further information about the incident was available. After Switzerland's loss they became only the second European Championship host to be eliminated before the last four. Euro 2000 co-host Belgium also failed to get through the group stage. The match was the first between the two teams since an ugly brawl three years ago in Istanbul that brought a rash of suspensions, with FIFA president Sepp Blatter even threatening at one point to ban Turkey from the 2010 World Cup. Blatter, a Swiss native, eventually backed down. Both teams downplayed the history in the run-up to the match and said they were focusing solely on football.
1990s NEWS
NEWSFEED, 10/98 YUGOSLAVIA, IRAN AT WAR, VARIOUS ECONOMICS, ITALIAN FASHION SHOW, JERUSALEM KILLING PROTEST, SWISS BANKS; DX YUGOSLAVIA CONVOY rubble in streets, thin old man, burned tractors/ men walking, car in ditch, people carry dead body, brothers crying; DX CONT'D people stand qround covered dead bodies, people ride in tractors, ash burns by house, lady hides, family looks @ burnt house; DX CONT'D man puts water on smoking rubble w/ hose; DX RUSSIA GOV'T/PROTESTS politicians @ long table, red brick gov't building, yeltsin rewards old man; DX CONT'D large office space w/ employees @ computers, talking head, large chanting russian protesters; DX IRAN WAR GAMES soldiers shoot weapons from tanks, soldiers running, soldiers using field communication, cannons firing; DX CONT'D soldiers POV during combat, tanks, soldiers POV, tanks, cannons fire, soldiers run/ make perimeter, firing missiles; DX CONT'D soldier's perimeter, missile fire; DX SRI LANKA OFFENSIVE aerial map, tanks, soldiers attacking/firing weapons/ on tank/ launch granades, helicopter flies over; DX CONT'D soldiers attacking, hospital sign/ building, patients in bed, nurses help patients; DX AUSTRALIA ELECTION people hold out flag, man walks through reporters, policemen greet older man, couple talks on radio; DX CONT'D large press conference, politician speaks, angry crowd, police on horseback ride up, bleeding old man escorted; DX CONT'D female politician steps on platform, male politician speaks, seated journalists @ dinner tables listen to politician; DX CONT'D protesters outside yelling, police carry away protesters & lock them up; DX VARIOUS KOSOVO REAX press conference, politician speaks, political debates, talking heads, reporters ask questions/ man answers; DX CONT'D white house rep speaks, news reporter w/ world map behind him; DX USA WORLD BANK/ IMF press conference, reporters write, talking heads; DX VARIOUS YUGOSLAVIA clinton speaks, refugees on tracors, damaged homes, guerilla soldiers, talking heads, 'officials' home; DX CONT'D large conference room, talking head, downtown street w/ white old buildings, office building sign, people pull up, talking heads; DX SWITZERLAND UBS WS town exterior, bank exterior w/ people, talking heads, swiss bank exteriors; DX USA DOCUMENTS talking politicians outside u.s capital, talking heads, gingrich speaks, truck backs into building, man passes out documents; DX VARIOUS ECONOMICS asians looking @ building, tokyo stock echange, men @ computers, #'s on board, german stock exchange exterior & interior; DX CONT'D people look @ #'s on monmitors, line graph on wall, talking head, LS office w/ computers, talking head, NY stock exchange, time man; DX CONT'D CU ticker board & floor activity, clinton speaks, teachers walk kids down street/ inside sydney stock exchange, int. exchange floor; DX ITALY FASHION make up applied to models, black woman gets body painted, int. runway/ fashion show audience, various girls walk down runway; DX CONT'D backstage w/ hair & make-up, models on the runway, models bring out designer at the end; DX YUGOSLAVIA UN HCR/BODIES United Nations un in rain, people greet un, people distribute rations,talking head, villagers lifestyle, uncovering dead bodies; DX AUSTRALIA DECLARATION people on street, people placing ballots, talking heads, people counting ballots, candidates speak; DX CONT'D woman exiting building being escorted & photographed; DX CROATIA/FILE PAPAL MASS crowd on street, massive crowd greets the pope, the pope waives @ crowd & speaks, b/w footage of the pope; DX AT SEA/USA SPILLAGE aerial view of oil spill, talking heads, oil drill platform, oil in water, talking heads; DX FILE TOMBA RETIRES skiers on mountain, downhill skier, man recievs award, man eats food, old olimpiad grounds, man talks; DX GAZA/JERUSALEM KILLING PROTEST law enforcement takes away dead bodies in desert, large crowd marches, crowd @ burial, protesters on street; DX CONT'D police carry away protesters violently, old woman cries, talking heads, protesters sing, police violently break it up; DX ERITREA MILITARY trucks carry tanks, tanks ride down street w/ people watching; DX FRANCE FANS/ STRIKE arc de triumph, people walk on street, french newspapers, world cup fans @ the eiffel tower, exterior stadium; DX CONT'D man sells shirt to fan, fans outside stadium, fans sit on bleachers ;
Wonderful World
Wonderful World. Wonderful World Broad documentary surveying global cultures, lifestyles, emphasizing common human activities, sponsored by Coca-Cola. Narrator: Ken Nordine. Parallels in European, American, Asian, South American, Caribbean lifestyles, leisure, hospitality, (racial stereotypes in narration.) Landmarks, history, sports, architecture, travel. Amazingly, everyone drinks Coke - globalism, multinationalism. Intro. Stars & planets in space backdrop. Music, VO host talks of universal of human desire for something beautiful. Revolving model globe of Earth. Aerial POV NYC midtown Manhattan. TD skyscraper. Rockefeller Center Plaza w/ patio tables, international flags. Lever House on Park Ave. Americana. VS baseball stadium. (sports) VO host. Nothing is more American than baseball. Batter makes base hit. Fans in bleachers, beverage vendors. Car drives through covered bridge. VS Small New England town. Tree-lined streets, church steeples, schooners in harbor (ships, boats) in Mystic Seaport, Connecticut, VS Harvard University campus, Cambridge, MA. Students entering columned building. Quebec City, Canada. People ride in horsedrawn carriage. WS Chateau Frontenac Hotel. Peace Tower- Ottawa. Mounted Police (Canadian Mounties!), motorcade by Canadian Parliament. Parliament on Thames River, Great Britain. Westminster Abbey, London. Royal Guards on parade, Buckingham Palace. Portrait of Duke of Wellington. VS English pubs, inns - men play darts. Signs of inns. Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. Actors perform balcony scene in Romeo & Juliet, Stratford-on-Avon. Oxford University. Good scenes of horse racing. Fans holding drinks, watching race. (sports) France. Boat POV Seine River, Eiffel Tower & original Statue of Liberty. Notre Dame Cathedral. People at sidewalk tables on Champs d' Elysee. Arc D' Triomphe. VS People dine in elegant French restaurant; Chefs speak to people at tables (cuisine). Waiter brings main course to table, spoons marinade over it. (Roast animal w/ skewered vegetables). Parade in Montmarte. The Louvre museum. Man paints scene of museum on canvas outdoors. Tour De France bicyclists racing through small towns, cheered by spectators. VO In Europe they live in easy harmony with the old and the new. Belgium. Spires, medieval facades of the Guilds in Brussels. Boat POV canals, downtown bicycle race Amsterdam, WS rural land w/ windmills, Netherlands. Stockholm, Sweden. Town hall, modern buildings along river. Sailboat on water. Swedish smorgasbord (buffets) Guests move in line, serve themselves food from table. Children play in water fountain. Germany. TU modern office building (Frankfurt?). Soccer game. Players, goalie makes kickoff, fans react in bleachers. Aerial POV Rhine Valley, river, trees. Castles on green mountain sides. WS Heidelberg. Lion sculpture on campus of University. Students between classes. Dancers in country town plaza. (Oktoberfest-like). Villagers in traditional costume. CU Tuba player. Munich town clock (Glockenspiel) w/ mechanical jousters. Vienna Opera House. Female dancers perform to Johann Strauss waltz by arch. Festival in Vienna. Couple drinking Coke at table. VS Swiss Alps. Man plays accordion at picnic by river. Italy. La Scala opera house, Milan. Grand Canal, Venice. Children feed pigeons in St. Mark's Square. Gondolier rows gondola in front of Rialto bridge. Florence. Outdoor markets at Ponte Vecchio. Piazza della Signoria. HA WS PAN Florence w/ Arno in FG. VS Rome. Renaissance architecture. St. Peter's Basilica. ZI dome. VS fountains including Bernini fountains, Trevi fountain. Arch of Constantine. Coliseum, Ancient columns at the Forum. Spain. Street festival Pamplona. People carry oversize royal figures. Crowds dancing w/ banners. Running of the Bulls in Pamplona. Crowds run down narrow streets into bullfighting arena. Matador challenges bull in bullfight. (Cruelty to animals). Crowd waves white flags. Madrid. Plaza De Toros. Couples get Cokes from drink vendor stand. City statues. Flamenco dancers perform in plaza, men clap castanets. Middle East / North Africa. Men lead caravan of three camels in silhouette on horizon - GOOD. VS People listen to storyteller outdoors, laugh. Caravan travels over bridge. Arab minarets. VS Casablanca, Morocco. Lamb & bread is served at outdoor meal. Men wear fez. Couple inside bazaar casbah drink bottles of Coke. VS mosques. Egypt. Traditional Felucca sailboat traveling up Nile. VS Sphinx. Tourist family on pyramid. Ancient arches, columns, statues, relics, hieroglyphics in Nile Valley. Africa. Victoria Falls (waterfalls). Wild animals. Female lions, gazelle, lions, giraffes, elephants. Lion hunts. Natives perform primitive art form - Tribal dancing w/ shields & spears & percussion (marimba). Feathered costumes, animal skins. Buildings in Johannesburg, South Africa. National Memorial windmill, Capetown. European mansion. White family picnic on beach. White couple sits on Point of Rocks where Atlantic & Indian Oceans meet. India. Taj Majal. People walk on sides of pool. Women sort colorful silk & satin fabrics. Bride & groom greet guests at their arranged wedding ceremony. VS New Delhi government buildings. Singapore. University of Malaya. Students chat & joke on campus. GREAT LA statues of Balinese gods w/ dramatic music. Thailand. VS Bangkok temples. Buddhist monks in orange robes walking. Women perform dances in traditional costume (pointed headdresses & jeweled satin dresses) on stage. (Architecture) Asia. Hong Kong (China) Neon lights of city signs at night. People dining in restaurant. Good CU table laden with food. Family dines at table w/ chopsticks. Woman wears silk dress. Young girl squints as she eats sweet & sour dish of food. Junk boats & sampans in seaport harbor. Japan. Woman in kimono performs dance w/ fan at outdoor tea ceremony in garden (geishas). Actors dance in traditional costume & masks on stage in Kabuki play (Noh, drama, theater). EST shot Manila, Philippines. Backyard party - Filipino guests serve themselves food at buffet table. VS Couples do traditional Tinkling dance (dancing between bamboo sticks as they are clapped together.) Hawaii (Polynesia)-- Female dancers in leis & grass skirts perform the hula at luau party. Line of surfers stand up on boards, ride wave - dog surfs too (cute animal tricks!). Australia. Sailboats on harbor. Family leaves house for Christmas in Summer, etc. Sailboats on harbor. Koalas in trees at zoo, kangaroos. WS Bondi Beach, Sydney. Children play in water, wet boy runs to mother who eats at picnic on beach (note cunningly placed Coke bottle). Sailboat on water. South America. Peru -- Remains of Inca civilization in Andes mountains. Villagers in traditional dress lead herds of llamas, walk on stone steps. Children play flute, dance outdoors. Argentina -- Man rides horse, rounding up herds of cattle on ranch. Polo match. Group of excited young men & women watching the game. EST shot Buenos Aires. WS traffic on widest street in world. VO: Pioneer countries' hardships. Statue of explorer, wagon & oxen. Couple drinking Coke while sitting next to cannon on cliff, looking out over city of Montevideo, Uruguay. Sao Paolo, Brazil. Modern architecture. Copacabana, beaches in Rio De Janeiro. Dancers & musicians perform for guests on patio during Carnaval. Couple on balcony look out over city of Rio De Janeiro, harbor. Good HA WS EST shot. Dominican Republic (West Indies, Caribbean, Greater Antilles). Monuments, bell towers. Tomb of Christopher Columbus in Santo Domingo. Modern architecture. (Cuba) VS office buildings, palm trees. Musicians perform traditional song in Spanish for diners on balcony. (Guitar, maracas, clave). Mayan pyramids (Mexico). Dancers in colorful feathered traditional costumes perform Aztec dance w/ drums. Buildings w/ ancient art. Mexico City. University of Mexico campus. Man & woman in swimsuit. Man cliff diving into Pacific Ocean (Acapulco). Good EST shot Acapulco. United States. California -- Golden Gate Bridge. VO - path of Spanish conquistadors. Waiter serving platter of shrimp cocktail to people seated at Top of The Mark (Mark Hopkins Hotel) restaurant with view of San Francisco Bay, downtown, Bay Bridge. Family driving in convertible car along hilly road overlooking city. Anaheim, CA -- Old Time train. Tourists walk on Old Western town street in Disneyland. American Indians dance on float w/ teepee in Disney parade. Western railroad cars. Colorado State Fair. People on horseback w/ flags, Rodeo: male rider on bucking horse. Two female fans in cowboy hats, Western wear. Man gets thrown off bucking steer. The West, camping. People ride on horseback along ridge trail, Grand Canyon, Arizona. Canadian Rocky Mountains. Uniformed Canadian Mounties (police) ride along river. Fisherman casting line, reeling in and catching fish in net. Two men cooking fish in skillet over campfire, drinking Coke. Canoeing on Lake Louise. (Alberta, Canada). Americana, hospitality. Boats on harbor in Great Lakes. City skyline of Chicago, IL. Fountain, St. Louis, MO. VS Family & friends' backyard barbecue- Summer. Man wears chef's hat, apron. CU hamburgers & hot dogs on charcoal grill. PAN over food on picnic table. (deviled eggs, vegetable tray, baked beans, bottles of Coke on ice.) Woman serves food. People on horseback ride past mansion (Virginia?) Washington D.C. -- White House, HA WS EST shot of Capitol Building & the Mall. Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ZI Statue of Liberty, NYC. Patriotic summation. Music: America The Beautiful. End credits..
Football fans feel excitement of World Cup in every corner of Qatar
DOHA, QATAR - DECEMBER 03: Qatar keeps World Cup fans in a trophy atmosphere in every corner of the country. They decorated everywhere with the flags of 32 countries that attended the tournament. The World Cup's group stage ended Friday with 120 goals scored in 48 matches. The group stage was held between Nov. 20 and Dec. 2. The top two teams in the eight groups qualified for the Round of 16. The remaining teams in the knockout phase will be vying for the 2022 world title. The Netherlands, Senegal, England, Argentina, Poland, France, Japan, Spain, Morocco, Croatia, Brazil, Switzerland, Portugal and South Korea all still have dreams of hoisting the trophy. The US and Australia were eliminated Saturday. Host nation Qatar, Ecuador, Iran, Wales, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Denmark, Germany, Costa Rica, Belgium, Canada, Cameroon, Serbia, Uruguay and Ghana did not manage to get out of the group stage. (Footage by Hakan Dundar/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
PA-2177 1 inch; PA-0731 Digibeta
Wonderful World
FR3 / France 3
Flag of Switzerland at the stadium
Fans of the Switzerland football team unfurl a giant flag in the stands at the stadium. High Quality HD video footage.
Euro2008 Swi Reax 2 - WRAP Czech and Turkish supporters watch match in fan zone
NAME: EURO2008 SWRE2 20080615I TAPE: EF08/0625 IN_TIME: 10:22:33:03 DURATION: 00:03:29:00 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Geneva - 15 June 2008 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST ++DAY SHOTS++ 1. Wide top shot of fan zone 2. Various of Turkish fans dancing and chanting 3. Wide of Czech fans watching game 4. Wide pan of crowd applauding 5. Zoom-in to Czech fans celebrating goal ++NIGHT SHOTS++ 6. Wide pan of Turkish section watching match in silence 7. Wide top shot of fan zone 8. Close-up of young Turkish fan chanting 9. Wide shot of crowd 10. Czech fans celebrate goal 11. Czech fans chanting 12. Turkish fans celebrate goal 13. Turkish fans standing in rain 14. Pan of Turkish fans celebrating late goal 15. Turkish fans celebrate their team's win 16. Fans dancing, holding Turkish flag 17. High shot of fans leaving fan zone 18. Fans dancing, holding flags 19. Fans with large Turkish flag 20. Fan using flag as prayer mat to give thanks for Turkey's win STORYLINE: Turkish football fans in Geneva celebrated their team booking a place in the quarter-finals of the European Championship following a dramatic 3-2 win over the Czech Republic on Sunday. Hundreds of supporters without tickets for the decisive Group A encounter at the Stade de Geneve watched the match on a giant screen in the Swiss city. There was plenty at stake for both teams, with the winner guaranteed a place in the quarter-finals as group runner-up behind Portugal. The Czechs appeared to be in control after goals by Jan Koller and Jaroslav Plasil gave them a 2-nil lead. But Turkey staged a remarkable comeback in the rain. Arda Turan found the back of the net in the 75th minute, then Nihat Kahveci scored twice in three minutes late in the match to secure a stunning victory. The flurry of late goals prompted wild celebrations among the Turkish fans, who can now look forward to a quarter-final against Croatia. Turkish fans joined in some loud celebrations as the final whistle blew, waving flags, cheering and chanting as the left the fan zone. One man used a flag as a prayer mat to give thanks for the Turkish victory.
DN-LB-536 Beta SP
Universal Newsreels
Fans on a stadium cheering on their team with a huge flag of Switzerland
Fans of the Swiss football team unfurl a giant flag in the stands at the stadium. Patriotic celebration of favorite sports team
PA-4156 Beta SP; PA-0639 Digibeta; PA-0166 Beta SP
[Amateur film: Medicus collection: New York World's Fair, 1939-40] (Reel 6)
Euro2008 Aut Storm - Two fans trampled, seriously hurt during evacuation of fan zone
NAME: E2008 AUT STO 20080625I TAPE: EF08/0658 IN_TIME: 10:24:11:11 DURATION: 00:00:55:05 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Vienna - 25 June 2008 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST 1. Top shot of fans being evacuated from Euro 2008 fan zone after thunderstorm 2. Fans standing in rain, covering themselves with flags 3. Various of fans during evacuation 4. Wide of almost empty fan zone 5. Fans walking in street in rain, cheering 6. Tracking shot of fans celebrating in rain 7. Tilt up of fans singing and standing in water on road, splashing water 8. Tracking shot of fans on streets in rain STORYLINE Police said two people were injured after being trampled when thousands of football fans rushed from Vienna's main Euro 2008 fan zone to escape a thunderstorm. The finale to Germany's 3-2 win over Turkey in the European Championship semifinal was a thriller, but very few fans outside the ground in Switzerland saw it, either in victorious Germany or gloomy Turkey. A violent thunderstorm swept across Austria and knocked out power at the International Broadcast Centre in Vienna, from where television images of the match were beamed around the world. The heavy rain, high winds and lightning sparked the evacuation of the fan zone in downtown Vienna. Authorities said they gave the order to close the area at 10:15 pm local time (2015 GMT) after the storm unleashed winds exceeding 100 kilometres per hour (60 miles per hour). AP Television footage showed fans during evacuation and fans walking in streets of Vienna in heavy rain. With the match delicately poised at 1-1 in the second half at St. Jakob Park in the Swiss city of Basel, screens around the world flickered and went blank. Internet coverage also was hit by the blackout. UEFA said in a statement that the technical reasons for the blackout were being investigated. As the thunderstorm raged over Vienna, the images came and went several times in the closing minutes. Images returned in time for viewers to watch Lahm eliminate Turkey with a goal in the last minute of regulation time. The only broadcasters whose signal escaped the interruption were Swiss public TV company SRG in Zurich and Al-Jazeera, said UEFA, which couldn't immediately explain why those feeds were unaffected by the Vienna broadcast centre blackout. While the disruptive storm hit Vienna, spectators watching the game at the ground in Basel remained dry and unperturbed throughout.
State of play of Swiss football.
AFP-72-I 16mm; VTM-72-I Beta SP; NET-10 DigiBeta (at 01:00:00:00); Beta SP
MISC. NEWSREEL 1920's #4
Euro2008 Swi Preps - Swiss and fans prepare for start of Euro 2008 championship
NAME: E2008 SWI PRP 20080607Ix TAPE: EF08/0595 IN_TIME: 10:36:38:08 DURATION: 00:03:02:24 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Geneva/Basel - 7 June 2008 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: Basel 1. Wide of Rhine river 2. Mid of boat on river 3. Mid of fan stand on river side 4. Mid of huge screen on river bridge 5. SOUNDBITE: (Czech) Vox pop, no name given: "Bonjour. I'm from Czech Republic, from Teplice, the atmosphere is fantastic, there are a lot of us coming, and I think we will beat Switzerland two to one. The first goal will be scored by Koller (record scorer Jan Koller) and the second by (Libor Sionko) Bronco. And then we will be happy. Everybody (laughs)." 6. Wide of "Fanzone" stage with screen 7. Wide of grand stand 8. Czech fans 9. Czech fans holding flag 10. Swiss fans in the street 11. SOUNDBITE: (Swiss German) Vox pop, no name given: "Victory, a clear victory! (How far do you think the Swiss team will go?) At least to the quarter final. (Do have higher hopes?) To go through to the final! It could be enough with a bit of luck." 12. Swiss fans cycling past, swiss fags attached to their bicycles Geneva 13. Pan across exterior of Geneva stadium 14. Mid shot of EURO 2008 poster at stadium 15. Mid shot of police officers 16. Wide of stadium 17. Wide of entrance to fan village 19. Wide of fans at counter 20. Wide of camping site with tents and Portugal fan 21. Mid shot of tent with Turkish flag 22. SOUNDBITE: (English) Leonell from Sweden, football fan: "We're here and we want to see the game, of course, and we know Turkey will win. We're quite excited, don't like the rain though. But it will be okay!" 23. Pan across tents set up by fans 24. SOUNDBITE: (English) Victor, Portugal fan from Canada: "My cousins are in Germany, they picked me up in Frankfurt. We drove another ten hours down here. Now we're camping and hopefully we'll win today." 25. Mid shot of Geneva Euro 2008 flag 26. Mid shot of houses at Geneva lake 27. Close up of huge football balloon flying above Geneva Lake, zoom out to wide of lake STORYLINE Football fans in Switzerland braced themselves with excitement for the kick-off of the 2008 European championship Saturday. The opening game of the tournament sets co-host Switzerland against Czech Republic in Basel, before Portugal take centre stage against Turkey in Geneva. Czech and Swiss team supporters started gathering in the streets of Basel, the city's main squares and along the Rhine river, where those who do not possess tickets for the actual games can watch the matches on huge screens. A football team from the Czech city of Teplice predicted a 2-0 victory over Switzerland. "The first goal will be scored by (Jan) Koller and the second by (Libor Sionko) Bronco. And then we will be happy," he said, laughing. A Swiss fan challenged this prediction. "Victory, a clear victory," for Switzerland, he said, adding his team was at least going through to the quarterfinal. Fans from across Europe and even further afield have been travelling to Switzerland and neighbouring co-host Austria to cheer their teams. In Geneva, where the second game of the tournament takes place later on Saturday, a total of 90,000 fans can watch the matches at a fan zone in the city centre and at a separate camping site at Bout-du-Monde. Campers, however, had to make do with unpleasant weather conditions: rain has pelted down across co-hosts Austria and Switzerland much of this week, and when it has not been raining, it has still been cloudy and cool for the most part. That's a big change from the hot and dry weather expected across central Europe at this time of year. A huge, helium-filled football over Lake Geneva has been a troubled symbol for the European Championship host city after it was damaged by storms and disappeared from view, while Swiss and Austrian meteorological services have launched Web sites to keep fans up-to-date on the latest weather forecasts. But organisers have already said that they don't expect rain to dampen the fans' enthusiasm at stadiums and open-air parties across the two countries. Leonell, a football fan from Sweden who is staying at a camping site, complained about the weather, but said she was "excited" about the tournament anyway. "It will be okay!" Victor came from all the way from Canada, via Germany. The weather wasn't on his mind at all, only one thing: a Portuguese victory. The tournament runs through June 29.
Fans on a stadium cheering on their team with a huge flag of Switzerland
Fans of the Swiss football team unfurl a giant flag in the stands at the stadium. Patriotic celebration of favorite sports team
[Anti-nuclear demonstration in Paris]
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
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supporters take a selfie at the stadium
supporters take a selfie at the stadium
Euro2008 Swi Reax - Fans reax after Switz v Czech opening match
NAME: E2008SWI REAX 20080607I TAPE: EF08/0596 IN_TIME: 10:03:59:09 DURATION: 00:01:43:08 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Basel- 7 June 2008 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. Czech Republic fans celebrating 2. SOUNDBITE: (English) Jarek, no last name given, Czech Republic supporter: "I think this game is absolutely not correct because Switzerland has played 90 minutes on one goal, but the Czech Republic, normally, it was better, you know?" 3. Czech Republic fans cheering 4. Swiss fans walking along street 5. Swiss fan, face painted, waving large flag, walking along other supporters 6. SOUNDBITE: (German) Marcus, no last name given, Swiss supporter: "It was a good game for us, the Czechs are a difficult team, but in time the Swiss team will improve. I hope that Switzerland will pass into the second round but even if not we'll have enough fun." 7. Swiss fans walking away STORYLINE: Czech fans cheered their country's victory against Switzerland on Saturday in the opening match of the European Championship. Vaclav Sverkos scored his first goal for the Czech Republic in a 1-0 win over co-host Switzerland. Sverkos, making only his fourth appearance for the national team, scored from 16 metres (yards) with the outside of his right foot in the 71st minute, shortly after coming on as a substitute. Sverkos' goal saved the Czech Republic from an otherwise poor performance that included long stretches of Swiss control. "I think this game is absolutely not correct because Switzerland has played 90 minutes on one goal, but the Czech Republic, normally, it was better, you know?" said Czech supporter Jarek. Switzerland also lost influential captain and record scorer Alexander Frei when he injured his right knee. The 28-year-old striker was taken off the field in tears shortly before halftime. He returned to the bench on crutches. The host country missed a chance to equalise in the 80th minute. Tranquillo Barnetta's low shot was stopped by Czech Republic goalkeeper Petr Cech after Tomas Ujfalusi appeared to handle the ball in the area. Johan Vonlanthen got the loose ball but his shot hit the crossbar, and the ball was cleared. Before the late drama, there had been few clear-cut scoring chances, with the youthful Swiss lacking a cutting edge in front of goal and the experienced Czechs happy to soak up pressure and look for chances on the counterattack. But some Swiss fans appeared confident that their team's performance would get better. "It was a good game for us, the Czechs are a difficult team, but in time the Swiss team will improve," said Marcus, a Switzerland supporter. "I hope that Switzerland will pass into the second round but even if not we'll have enough fun," he added.
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supporters take a selfie at the stadium
supporters take a selfie at the stadium
South Korea World Cup Reax - South Korean fans react to outcome of Swiss-SKorea match
NAME: SKO WC REAX 20060623I TAPE: EF06/0552 IN_TIME: 11:01:24:12 DURATION: 00:02:20:10 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Seoul - 24 June 2006 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: Night shots 1. Wide tilt down from top of Seoul Plaza Hotel to huge crowd sitting in Seoul Plaza 2. Wide shot of crowd wearing red T-shirts jumping and singing 3. Females dressed as 'red devils' in reference to the nickname of South Korea's football fans 4. Wide panning shot of giant South Korean national flag being carried by crowd as national anthem is played before kick-off 5. Electronic screen showing pictures of individuals team 6. Zoom-in shot of fans, with faces painted red, fans clapping hands 7. Female fan looking at the screen 8. Wide of fans 9. Female fan covering her face with red handkerchief Day shots 10. People holding red flags, with Korean letters reading: "Dae han min kook" (Republic of Korea) 11. Female fan with wings on her back 12. People watching a huge screen as Switzerland score for second time UPSOUND (Korean) "It's a ridiculous situation..." 13. Disappointed people 14. Various of people looking disappointed with some walking away 15. Female fan wiping her eyes 16. Various of fans 17. Wide of people getting up to leave, sound of whistle signifying end of match 18. SOUNDBITE: (Korean) Park Jae-woo, Supporter: "I thought we could get to the round of 16, I expected a lot, but we lost... I feel so sorry. But as our players did very well, I see a positive future." 19. SOUNDBITE: (Korean) Seong Sung-hee, Supporter: "Very angry. Out of the matches (they have played), today our players performed the best. But we could not score a goal. There was something unpleasant with the referee." 20. People leaving 21. Girl clasping hands together 22. Wide panning shot football fans in front of Seoul City hall STORYLINE: Thousands of football fans filled the streets of Seoul on Friday night, in the hope that their team would go through to the round of 16 in the World Cup only to be disappointed as Switzerland beat them 2-0. All the streets surrounding city hall were blocked as the Red Devils, the name for South Korea's football fans, waited in hope. Switzerland defender Philippe Senderos scored the first goal in the 23rd minute and butted heads with opposing defender Choi Jin-cheul at the same time. Both players were left bloodied, with Senderos bleeding from his nose and Choi from his forehead. Both were briefly treated on the sidelines and Choi continued to play with a bandage on his head. In the 51st minute Senderos fell on his right elbow and was replaced by Johan Djourou. Switzerland coach Koebi Kuhn said Senderos dislocated his right shoulder and would not be able to play on Monday. Striker Alexander Frei scored Switzerland's second goal in the 77th minute. The linesman had called for offside, but the referee overruled him because the ball had been first touched by an opposing defender. In Seoul, many expressed frustration at the match. "Out of the matches (they have played), today our players performed the best. But we could not score a goal. There was something unpleasant with the referee," said fan Seong Sung-hee. The Swiss team needed only a draw in its final group match against South Korea. Friday's score was enough to give Switzerland first place in the group and a match against Ukraine in the next round. Switzerland is the only World Cup team not to have conceded a goal in this year's tournament. Keyword-world Cup 2006