1940s Fashion Models
b&w - mos - Fashion models - French fashion - Paris - Evening gowns - Dresses - Wealth - Luxury - fancy dress
Schoolchildren talk about fashion in school in NY City
Funny World
women in hats w/ feathers (3 women walk along outdoors in fancy dresses, all have feathers in their hats)
Children participate in a fancy dress where they dress up in flower like dresses in Ocean Park, California.
Children participate in a fancy dress parade in Ocean Park, California. Children parade in a fancy dress event as they wear colorful costumes and dresses. A girl pushes a trolley or stroller decorated with flowers. A boy dressed as a cowboy, and girls dressed as saloon girls. A girl dressed as a milk maid, and another girl dressed like an island native in grass skirt. A young boy or girl rides on a float with an airplane covered in flowers, but he is crying the whole time. A girl dressed up as Statue of Liberty as she blows flying kisses. Location: Ocean Park California USA. Date: July 8, 1935.
1940s 3 sisters pose in fancy dress/2 girls at piano
Rio Cruise
B/W- 1930c, Rio Cruise- 1930s R-2 - more views of towns, cities, modern vs old world, beauty shots, shorelines with fancy hotels, modern cities, construction of high rises, tree lines boulevards, fancy downtowns, fishing boats, back on ship showing various activities, fancy boulevards and cafes, well dressed people, looks very European, newspaper stands, businessmen, good travel shots through city boulevard and around city and along beachfront boulevard, surrounded by hotels
A2 / France 2
ISSUE_NO = 882A NO_OF_ITEMS = 9 ITEM_NO = 7 DESCRIPTION : A Fancy Dress Competition for 200 children was recently held in Monte Carlo. CARD_FILE = 46842 CARD_TITLE : CHILDRENS FANCY DRESS BALL SHOT_LIST : Elevated shots of crowds. Open air fancy dress. Mother kisses her child. Two girls walks towards judges table, one starts to cry, so the other smacks her. INDEX : Countries - Monaco, Entertainment, Fashion, Mankind, Towns and Cities MATERIAL : Neg - Can 8763 Cut lav - Can 8743 Swedish Dupe - Can 8763 TWTD - Tape 53a LENGTH_SHOT = 97 DATE_SUBD = 04/27/1946
Revolving Showgirls Holding Lit Orbs
Spinning on a large film reel shaped platform, showgirls dressed in elaborate plantation dresses holding lib orbs spin about. Marvelous imagery and production values.
Japan Halloween
Japanese don fancy dress in run-up to Halloween
Shots of fancy skating duet going through their paces during ice carnival at night on open rink. Various shots of children dressed up in great variety of costumes, skating about during ice carnival. Shots of very small children, big children, adults minding wee tots. Sequence showing costumed skaters skating for and over camera on ice level, of skater diving at camera, sliding into ECU. Shot of photographer.
00:00:00:00 Alternate State Procession Aftermath/ George Galloway talking at Trafalgar Square re anti Bush protest/ people in fancy dress/ clowns marching. (0:00) /
AFP-147EP 16mm
Carnival ? Location of events unknown. <br/> <br/>Brief shot of men and women wearing old fashioned fancy dress costumes.
Ericsson Sports Day and Fancy Dress, UK, June,1964
Home movie shot in June 1964, UK showing the Ericsson Sports Day and fancy dress. Featuring shots of horse riding, miniature steam engine, running race and fancy dress competition.
Bridgeman Images Details
b&w-fat man in bowler hat gets two pies in face; fancy butler gets pie in face; man in monacle gets two pies in face; well dressed ladies get pies thrown in face; big fancy rich people's party-vintage-pie fight; men in tuxedos hit w/ pies; LS-elegant ballroom party pie fight; rich, dressed up people furiously throw pies at each other. To view this clip, please visit www.filmarchivesonline.com/clipsindex.shtml and click on PIE FIGHT.
Fashions by Canada
Sequence in restaurant showing man looking at mural depicting woman in fancy dress, calls waiter, pays bill, looks at mural and sketches as waiter walks away. CSs of heap of strips of white fabric, hand guiding material through sewing machine. Sequence on women sketching fashion design, showing instructor looking designs over, woman looking at magazine while working. Shot of man at drawing table, throws pencil on table, looking frustrated. HACS of drawing from over man's shoulder. LACS of two men at work on dress on dummy. CUs of hands sewing printed fabric on sewing machine. CU of thread unwinding from spool on spindle. CUs of woman's hands sewing crepe fabric on sewing machine. CU of man's hands sewing crepe fabric on sewing machine.
Kids play coppers
children playing cops and robbers / fancy-dress as Police officers
Bridgeman Images Details
Revolving Showgirls Holding Lit Orbs - 1
Spinning on a large film reel shaped platform, showgirls dressed in elaborate plantation dresses holding lib orbs spin about. Marvelous imagery and production values.
Cinerama Fashion Show
Couple walks into building dressed up at night, Wide shot of fancy party, women prance around, showing off dresses, In another room two women (seamstress?) are helping two women dressed in gowns with their accessories, Blonde woman in tight black suit shows off outfit for party, Brunette woman in white gown follows, More ladies have their dresses and accessories fixed in the backroom, Blonde shows yellow dress to party, Lady shows off pink dress, Swedish couple receive message from concierge back at hotel, man kisses wife goodbye.
1950s Train Dining Car
Dining car - Interior passenger train - People in fancy dress seated at tables - Restaurant - Fashion
One of Florida's original theme parks turns 60 today ... and there's plenty of fanfare surrounding the Cypress Gardens anniversary. More details as available.
Phil Drake wins 1955 Grand Prix de Paris