1994 Fashion Show
Fashion week - runway model - fashion show - fashion designer - clothing - Carolina Herrera
Women's fur Runway fashion show (1950)
Women's fur Runway fashion show (1950)
DN-LB-582 Beta SP
Germany [Fashion Show by Young Designers]
Fashion show of dresses and gowns in New York City
MS Female models walking down catwalk during fashion show
Models display transparent gowns made of cellophane at a show in Paris, France
A lingerie fashion show in Paris, France. Models wear transparent gowns made of cellophane as they walk the runway at a fashion show. Models display different designs of lingerie, as seen through the cellophane. Location: Paris France. Date: 1933.
Fashion Stuff; 1/17/1995
fashion runway show
Fifties Femininity
In a fifties fashion show, a model wears ultra-feminine lingerie. DOC/WA - 1950's - B/W
Entertainment Japan Runway
Models walk on vertical runway in Gucci designs
Fashion Week NYC Maybelline designer check in
8 p.m.: [October 21, 2022 program]
A2 / France 2
Berlin Fashion Show
After an establishing shot of the ext. of an austere looking exhibition hall, various int. shots from a Berlin fashion show. Music thumps loudly while models walk, pivot, turn. Audience reaction shots, including applause. Conservative ready to wear clothes on stage. The most avante garde note is the red umbrella carried by a male model. DOC/WA - 1980's - CLR
BW MOS Teen girls model fashions on runway for roomful of other teen girls, lots of pearls and white gloves, period fashions
1994 Fashion Show
Fashion week - runway model - fashion show - fashion designer - clothing - Ralph Lauren
Commercial passengers fly Stout Airlines from Detroit Michigan to Cleveland.Ohio
Opening slate refers to developing scope of commercial air operations in late 1920s. A bus parks at the Detroit office of Stout Airlines at Ford Airport, Detroit, Michigan. Passengers leave the bus and enter the office to obtain tickets for a flight to Cleveland. They are nicely dressed in the fashion of the day, men in suites and ties and women in Cloche hats.. Many spectators stand behind a fence at the airport to watch the activities. Passengers leave the office and head toward a parked Ford Tri-motor passenger plane parked on the ramp. One woman is accompanied by three small boys. Next, a man is seen passing the passengers' luggage through the plane's entrance door to a male steward inside. Scene shifts to the uniformed steward loading the baggage into large overhead bins in the roof of the passenger compartment. He closes and secures the storage bins and then heads outside the plane where he assists passengers in boarding. He climbs aboard. The aircraft is then seen taxiing toward the runway for takeoff. As it passes the camera, a sign painted on its side is visible reading: "Stout Airlines, Detroit-Cleveland" (and Chicago added below). (Note: they did not operate to Chicago until 1929) The aircraft takes off heading close to the camera, near its lift off point, and heads off into the sky.Scene shifts to inside the passenger cabin where the passengers (unrestricted by seat belts) chat with one another as the cabin steward watches over them from the front of the cabin. View of ground from passenger cabin window. View of the Ford Trimotor from another aircraft flying nearby. More views inside the passenger cabin with people looking out the windows. View of what may be a suspension bridge under construction across the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland. More views of passengers enjoying the views through their cabin windows. Aerial view of trimotor descending toward destination over cityscape. The aircraft taxis into the Cleveland Hopkins airport ramp and parks. Passengers are seen departing, from inside their cabin and then stepping onto the airport ramp. Location: Detroit Michigan USA. Date: 1927.
US Michael Kors Runway
Bella Hadid walks in Kors runway show
Various Subjects
Fashion shows-models on runways
Fashion Week NYC People greet at Designer Check in