Surfing in Opito Bay - 5
Locals surf at Opito Bay in Kerikeri, New Zealand. Brief clip of a female surfer walking out of the water. Brief clip of a surfer wiping out and their surfboard popping up in the water.
The Evening Team - 1st part of March 29, 2023 (1/2 - EDS).
Men and women Olympic hopefuls try out on the downhill slalom
Officer notices a man he knows to have a suspended license operating a motorcycle with a woman passenger on the back. The suspect has been rumored to be driving around town in on this black Suzuki without a license. Officer flips on lights and the motorcycle will not stop. The chase heads to an apartment complex and for a moment the officer loses sight of the motorcycle as it disappears into the complex, coming out the other side. The chase continues and the motorcycle makes a too-wide turn and wipes out. The suspect is only dazed and appears to be unharmed, he takes off so the officer follows. The woman stays near the bike and appears to be stunned that she too in unharmed. The suspect is later found in some near by bushes and is apprehended, he was taken to a hospital where it was determined that his only injury was a mean road-rash.
1970s Surfing
Female surfers - woman - Surfing - Surfers - Beach scenes - young people - teens - people in their 20s wearing bathing suits - girls in bikinis - surfing competition - California or Hawaii - wipeout
Bavarian Alps Winter Sports
Footage of skiing, ski jumping and bobsledding in the Bavarian Alps includes nice shots of skiers jumping, bobsledders at the start line, a LS of the mountain with the village at the base, General Matthew Ridgeway and other spectators watching the competition, a group of men pointing in opposite directions and a skier wiping out. DOC/WA - 1950'S - B/W
HB-21 35mm Beta SP
TAPE_NUMBER: EF00/0219 IN_TIME: 07:24:04 - 10:30:27 LENGTH: 01:57 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: Korean/Nat A South Korean female police chief has begun a successful campaign to wipe out underage prostitution in one of the capital's notorious red light districts. Kim, Kang-Ja began daily patrols of the Miari Texas district of Seoul in January. Since her appointment to the post she has cracked down on around 100 brothels in the area and her campaign has enjoyed much public support. One of Seoul's newest Police chiefs Kim Kang-Ja is determined to wipe-out underage prostitution on her patch. She patrols the streets of the notorious Miari Texas red light district alongside her officers, every night. Since she began her campaign last month, Kim says more than 1500 women aged 18 or younger, have left the brothels where they worked. And she says about 100 brothels have either closed voluntarily or been forcibly shut down with about a dozen owners facing prosecution for employing underage sex. The Jong-am Police now hold records of some 750 adult prostitutes still working in the area And Kim says confidently that under age prostitution is no longer available in her district. She's got the support of the public, with local media reporting her achievements. Following her example, South Korea's National Police Agency have now decided to crackdown on underage prostitution in the country's other red-light zones. But Kim's job will not end with the crackdown on underage prostitution, she plans to extend her campaign to the full letter of the law. And with the government planning to build a facility to rehabilitate former prostitutes, Kim says her job has been made easier. SOUNDBITE: (Korean) "Other than these brothels, we will crackdown on all the underage prostitution at bars, cafes and other places. At the same time, we will be deeply involved in a government effort to set up a facility to accommodate those girls." SUPER CAPTION: Kim, Kang-Ja, Chief, Jong-Am Police Station, Seoul Kim says her success is down to a new government policy on prostitution, which lays downs penalties for all involved in the industry, including -owners, security guards, pimps, customers and landlords. Prostitution is illegal in South Korea, but still the sex industry prospers. As many as 1-(m)million women are estimated to be working either on a part-time or full-time basis in the industry. SHOTLIST: Seoul, South Korea - February , 2000 1. Police chief leaving car 2. Police chief and her officers patrolling Red light district 3. Mid shot of prostitutes in brothel 4. Various cutaways of prostitutes 5. Police chief viewing brothels through glass window 6. Various of prostitutes in brothel 7. Cutaway of street scene 8. Cutaway of police chief 9. Police chief and officers patrolling streets 10. Police chief goes into brothel 11. Cutaways 12. Window shot of men in brothel 13. Cutaway of prostitute 14. Cutaway of Police 15. Police chief inspecting officers 16. SOUNDBITE: (Korean) Kim, Kang-Ja, Chief, Jong-Am Police Station, Seoul 17. Cutaway 18. Various shots of prostitutes in brothel 19. Cutaways XFA?
Surfing woman wipeout crashing with her surfboard at the beach. - Slow Motion
Surfing woman with her surfboard at the beach in Portugal.
Surfing woman wipeout crashing with her surfboard at the beach. - Slow Motion
Surfing woman with her surfboard at the beach in Portugal.
ACL-3030 Digibeta
Iran - the cowardly lest regime
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
PET-138 1 inch
M ITW Rally We All in Lille
Surfer Having Fun on a Longboard
Surfer Having Fun on a Longboard
OFF Illustr Guest/ Day against Violence against Women, Information stands in Poitiers
Midi Atlantique
Surfer on a Longboard in the Tropics
Surfer on a Longboard in the Tropics
M OFF Rally We All in Lille
Surfer Having Fun at Sunset
Surfer Having Fun at Sunset