Black Homelessness 1978
Here is a series of interviews with several young black people who talk about their struggle to find an accommodation, the lack of support from the council, and the reasons why they found themselves in this situation. Made for the UJIMAA Housing Association. West London Media Workshop. SHOTLIST - (00:00) The first interviewee talks about sharing a flat with a friend for 6 months before having to leave due to her flatmate having a baby. This was when she was 19, leading her to look for a flat for her and her brother. They had no success due to lack of money as well as housing availability. The interview is cut short due to a tape error. (01:15) The second interviewee is a young man. Two years ago he was living comfortably with a woman, but had to move to Mile End (in a place with a broken bed and windows) after that arrangement dissolved. Despite constantly checking newspapers for housing adverts, he has had to live primarily in squats, hostels and other temporary living arrangements. The majority of housing / estate agencies are white, leading him to believe that his race was a strong factor in not succeeding. (03:00) He talks about not being able to go back to his parents due to issues with he and his father, who felt he should move out of the family house when he was around 19 years old. (03:44) The interviewer asks what the council should do about it. The interviewee feels they should make provisions for young people to help them find accommodation, especially those with little money / experience in the housing market. He doesn't think anybody could find accommodation without help, particularly those who are black as the housing market in London is predominantly white. (04:42) The third interviewee is a girl who is currently squatting with 12 other girls. Despite looking all over for alternative accommodation, agency fees are a big issue, as well as living with landlords who control their lives. In their current situation they can't use the back kitchen or toilet due to water issues, and the council is difficult to get hold of to deal with these issues. (05:44) The fourth interviewee is a young man who has previously squatted in the Brixton area. He talks about the police coming in the middle of the night and forcing them out without giving notice, and taking them straight to the station. Although he left home voluntarily to seek more independence, he states that the most common reason for young people leaving home is due to parental issues. (07:14) He discusses the issues of being young and without work, leading to a reliance on the council who do not provide satisfactory help to people in these situations.
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Italy British 3 - American flatmate of dead British student, inquiry magistrate
NAME: ITA BRITISH 3 20071103I TAPE: EF07/1324 IN_TIME: 11:06:04:07 DURATION: 00:00:21:24 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Perugia, 3 Nov 2007 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. American flatmate of the victim at house, accompanied by police 2. Inquiry magistrate Giuliano Mignini driving away from the site in a police car 3. Pan left from the traffic on road to the house STORYLINE: A 22-year-old British student found dead near Perugia's university for foreigners was stabbed in the neck, likely with a knife, a coroner said on Saturday. An autopsy on Meredith Kercher was scheduled for Sunday, Perugia medical examiner Luca Lalli said. He ruled out earlier media reports that the student had been stabbed with a screwdriver. Police discovered Kercher's body on Friday in the bedroom of a house in Perugia. They had come to the house to return a cell phone that belonged to Kercher, which had been found by an elderly woman in her garden, Italian news reports said. Kercher did not live at the house, and it was not clear what she was doing there. On Saturday police took Kercher's flatmate to the house. A magistrate was also seen leaving the house.
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Adult man carefully trims up hairline of friend's haircut with razor
Young adult male very carefully uses comb and electric razor to trim up friend's haircut in domestic bathroom
Female backpackers relaxing in dorm room
Handheld shot of female backpackers spending leisure time in dorm room at hotel
#Trend: the colocation business
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Entertainment: UK Robbie Williams - Pop star dismisses deal row and enjoys flatmate in gay show
TAPE: EF02/0856 IN_TIME: 14:12:06 DURATION: 1:00 SOURCES: Channel 4 RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Bromley, UK. October 7 2002 SHOTLIST: 1. Vs Robbie Arriving at Churchill Theatre 2. SOUNDBITE question: "Is it a true story with you and Guy." SOUNDBITE Robbie Williams:"My mum always says if you haven't got anything nice to say about somebody go to the News Of The World." SOUNDBITE question:"Is that what you are going to do?" SOUNDBITE Robbie Williams: "No, I wish Guy all the best of luck and I don't mean that with any sarcasm, I love him to bits I think that he's great." STORYLINE: ROBBIE CHEERS ON ROCKY HORROR SHOW STAR Robbie Williams joked it was not the first time he had seen his flatmate Jonathan Wilkes in "suspender belt and mask" when he turned up to see him star as 'Frankenfurter' in the hit show 'Rocky Horror Show.' He emerged from the same people carrier as model Rachel Hunter, at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley, Kent, last night for the first night of the UK tour celebrating the cult show's 30 anniversary. Williams he told reporters he was looking forward to the show which is a transvestite horror spoof playing on sexual ambiguities. When asked where Rachel was he joked: "Rachel who?" And when quizzed on his bust up with songwriter Guy Chambers, who worked on some of Williams' biggest hits, he said: "My mum says if you have not got anything nice to say about anybody, go to the News of the World (The UK's biggest selling tabloid)." Williams has been branded "disgusting" and "a coward" by his former songwriting partner, with whom he wrote 'Angels', 'She's The One', 'Let Me Entertain You', and 'Millennium'. Chambers was reportedly dumped last week after refusing to write exclusively for the star after Williams signed a UK record £80 ($120) million deal with EMI. Jonathan Wilkes battled to the end against a bad throat which hampered his singing. But his pop star friend Williams, 28, congratulated him in his dressing room afterwards before leaving with Rachel Hunter via an underground car park.
Young Asian friends Cheersing with their glasses at an indoor dinner party, happy friends raising a toast together on vacation.
Young Asian friends Cheersing with their glasses at an indoor dinner party, happy friends raising a toast together on vacation.
TAPE_NUMBER: EF01/0142 IN_TIME: 14:35:37 LENGTH: 04:07 SOURCES: APTN/UNIVERSAL MCA RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video/tv clips without clearance FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: xfa TITLE: HEAD OVER HEELS JUNKET LOCATION: LOS ANGELES DATE: JANUARY 2001 In case the 1998 Christopher Reeve remake of 'Rear Window' was too complex for you, those ever-thoughtful bean counters at Universal have released HEAD OVER HEELS, an alleged comedy thriller that uses the central spying motif from the Hitchcock classic to pointless effect. Amanda (MONICA POTTER) is the kind of sweet girl who moves from Podunk, Iowa, to Manhattan so she can restore Renaissance paintings for the Metropolitan Museum of Art with her lesbian best friend (CHINA CHOW). Unfortunately for her, she chooses to live in a flat with four models, the WASP (Shalom Harlow), an Aussie bumpkin (Sarah O'Hare), a husky-voiced Russian (Ivana Milicevic) and an African-American (Tomiko Fraser). Being rake-like fashion victims, they are appalled at Amanda's natural country looks and set about "making her over" into a glamorous city girl like themselves, as Entertainment Weekly comments: " not because she isn't pretty enough but because she has to learn to view life through the glam mask of a gold-digging power babe." But even a make-over montage isn't sufficient to boost Amanda's confidence in the future of her love life and, sick of her model flatmates, she confines herself to her room. From there she begins to spy on Jim Winston, played by FREDDIE PRINZE JR. ('She's All That'), a cute fashion executive who lives across the way. At first sight he seems almost as sweet as Amanda (who is so sweet it shines through the excess blush and powder trowelled on by her flatmates) and our country girl in the city begins to fantasise about his flaws. Until, that is, she looks out of window one day and witnesses him kill someone. Or thinks she does. No-one believes her, so Amanda launches a private investigation to discover the truth about the man she thought she could have loved. The sight of the ever-pretty, preppy, goody-two-shoes Freddy Prinze Jr playing a bad guy hasn't enthused the critics, with one commenting, "The notion of an actor as innocuous as Prinze playing a possible bad guy is a paper thin gimmick, but it's all there is to 'Head Over Heels.'" That verdict seems to be unanimous. Other comments include: "A train wreck of bad lines and predictable plot twists" and "Can easily boast one of the worst written screenplays of the year". The only praise is faint and for Monica Potter: "Potter, who has a moonstruck glow, deserves a romantic comedy less fake than the fire on a TV screen featured in the movie". The film opens on the 9th February 2001 in the USA. { SHOTLIST: 1.Film clip from "Head Over Heels" Please credit Universal 2.Soundbite: (English) Monica Potter (Actress) 3.Film clip, Please credit Universal 4.Soundbite: (English) Freddie Prinze Jr. (Actor) 5.Film clip, Please credit Universal 6.Soundbite (English) Freddie Prinze Jr. (Actor) 7.Film clip, Please credit 8.Soundbite (English) Tomiko Fraser (Actress) 9.Clip from EPK of film, Please credit Universal 10.Soundbite (English) Shalom Harlow (Actress) 11.Wide shot of runway with models, from behind the scenes, Please credit Universal ?
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Entertainment Daily: Robbie Williams - The cheeky star entertains fans at a huge gig in London
TAPE: EF01/0722 IN_TIME: 13:43:17 DURATION: 2:08 SOURCES: BBC RESTRICTIONS: music/performance rights must be cleared DATELINE: London Royal Albert Hall 11/10/01 SHOTLIST 1. Live performance ' Mack the Knife' - Royal Albert Hall WILLIAMS SWINGS IN LONDON Robbie Williams took to the stage on Wednesday night to perform cover versions of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin songs to a whole host of stars. 3,500 fans turned out at the Royal Albert Hall in London to watch the young star as he plugged songs from his latest album, 'Swing When You're Winning.' Nicole Kidman, who was expected to do a duet with Williams of Nancy Sinatra's 1967 hit 'Somethin' Stupid', was too frightened to perform at such a large venue according to today's tabloids, but instead sat in the audience with 'Billy Elliot' director Stephen Daldry. Rupert Everett, who like Kidman also appears on his latest album, compered the show, giving an X-rated performance which is expected to be cut from the BBC version of the show that is out later in the year. Other stars who graced the stage included Jane Horrocks, who is best known for her role in 'Little Voice' and the character of Bubble in 'Absolutely Fabulous', US star Jon Lovitz and Williams' flatmate, Jonathan Wilkes, who made a failed attempt earlier this year to emulate his friend's success. Williams performed to the crowd wearing a black tuxedo, and was accompanied in his renditions of classic swing songs by a 58-piece orchestra and troupe of 20 scantily clad girls, who the cheeky singing star joked he'd like to get more familiar with. "Robbie says take your skirts off. Robbie says go back to The Ritz where I'm staying, go straight to suite 811 and wait for me buck naked" said the star on stage. Like this retort, the singing was repeatedly intersected with a humorous script which was written by 'Notting Hill' writer Richard Curtis. During the performance, Williams also did a duet with a recording of Frank Sinatra's voice for the song 'It Was A Very Good Year'. According to reports, the Sinatra estate was so impressed by his versions of 'Old Blue Eyes'' tracks that they wholeheartedly gave permission to record the tracks and to use Sinatra's voice in Wednesday night's performance. Other tracks performed during the evening were 'Have You Met Miss Jones?', 'Mack The Knife', 'The Lady is a Tramp', 'Mr Bojangles', and 'My Way.'
Young male fist bumps roommate as they nod their head to music together
Young adult male sits at breakfast table mixing music on laptop as male roommate wearing pajamas walks up and gives him fist bump while they both nod their heads along to the music together
Men sit at table laughing while male works on fashion design in background
Group of three young adult males dressed in casual clothing talk and laugh at breakfast table with juice, coffee, and fruit while one man works on pinning fabric on fashion design mannequin in the background
TAPE_NUMBER: EF01/0146 IN_TIME: 14:30:07 LENGTH: 02:24 SOURCES: APTN/VIRGIN RECORDS RESTRICTIONS: Shots 1, 3, 7 & 9 = VIRGIN RECORDS, No re-use/re-sale without clearance FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: xfa Title: Jonathan Wilkes Date: January 2001 Location: Dublin, Ireland They say that the entertainment business is all about who you know, and it looks like there's no exception to that rule when it comes to JONATHAN WILKES. You may not have heard his name yet, but you no doubt soon will do. With a very familiar British regional accent, and with devilish eyebrows, it comes as no surprise that Wilkes is the best friend and flatmate of none other than ROBBIE WILLIAMS. His first single "Just Another Day" is not due for release in Europe until March but APTN caught up with the young singer when he was about to get on stage at the recent Dublin Childline concert. The song was written by Eliot Kennedy, the musical genius behind such big names as the Spice Girls, Take That, Boyzone, 5ive and S Club 7, and the video features Wilkes running around a beach with a bunch of his friends - but not our Robbie. Wilkes decided to become a singer when his hopes of becoming a professional football player were dashed when he was told he wasn't good enough. So, he asked his best pal Robbie for help and it wasn't long before Wilkes was performing to record company executives who started a bidding war for the youngster. Innocent Records finally landed the deal with the young singer and now it looks as though the world is Wilkes' oyster. With not only Robbie Williams and Eliot Kennedy behind him but also songwriters Bryan Adams and Guy Chambers, it looks like the world is set for another singing superstar. SHOTLIST: 1.Clip ' Just Another Day ' 2.sot Jonathan Wilkes 3.Clip ' Just Another Day ' 4.b-roll Robbie Williams & Jonathan Wilkes at Q Awards 6.sot Jonathan Wilkes 7.clip ' Just Another Day ' 8.sot Jonathan Wilkes 9.clip 'Just Another Day' ?
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UK Panama - Latest on arrest of UK canoeist, who returned after being missing for 5yrs
NAME: UK PANAMA 20071206I TAPE: EF07/1461 IN_TIME: 11:20:13:01 DURATION: 00:02:08:15 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION/SKY DATELINE: Various - 6 Dec 2007 RESTRICTIONS: See script SHOTLIST: AP TELEVISION London 1. Various of newspapers AP TELEVISION ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: 24 HOUR USE ONLY++ 2. John Darwin's death certificate SKY Location not given 3. SOUNDBITE: (English) Stephen Armstrong, flatmate of John Darwin's son Mark "(Mark disappeared) When we were all sleeping, and he's taken his laptop and everything. So we're waiting to see what's what. But we don't really know anything, we've contacted the number because we've got some information. He's left notes behind to his girlfriend and stuff. It's pretty weird notes and stuff, (incomprehensible) but we don't know anything else and don't really want to say anything else." SKY Kirkleatham 4. Exterior of police station 5. Shot through widow of police station SKY Location not given 6. Close-up of couple who sold house to Darwin 7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Robert Meggs, sold house to Darwins: "They did say that they had twelve properties already and say they were experienced buy-to-letters, so this was an extension of their property empire." AP Television London 8. Various of newspapers SKY Location not given 9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Robert Meggs, sold house to Darwins: "Yes, I got the impression she was a very strong character. Not that he was a weak one, but she was at least an equal partner. She took a lot of the decisions I think, in terms of asking about the business, how it ran and what the property was worth and so on." SKY Kirkleatham 10. Various exterior of police station STORYLINE The wife of a man who was missing for five years says she knew he was alive and that a photo of the two taken last year in Panama was authentic, British newspapers reported Thursday. Anne Darwin's purported confession came as police in northeast England questioned her 57-year-old husband, John, who has claimed to have amnesia. Police declared Darwin, who was arrested early Wednesday on suspicion he may have faked his death, medically fit to be interviewed. Police were also investigating whether Darwin was hiding in the United States after Wednesday's international appeal for information about his whereabouts produced calls mainly from the US and Panama, a police official told The Associated Press, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing. Darwin's wife said in an interview published by The Daily Mail and The Daily Mirror newspapers that she initially believed her husband had died in the North Sea in March 2002, when he was believed to have had a canoeing accident. "It was years later," she said, when her husband contacted her and revealed he was still alive, the reports said. She would not say when or how he made contact. John Darwin may have turned himself in because he received a tip off that police were closing in on the scam, the police official said. The Darwins' two sons, Anthony and Mark, said Thursday they want nothing to do with their parents if Anne Darwin's apparent confession proved accurate. "If the papers' allegations of a confession from our mam (mother) are true, then we very much feel that we have been the victims in a large scam," they said in a statement. "How could our mam continue to let us believe our dad had died when he was very much alive?" "We have not spoken to either of our parents since our dad's arrest and at this present time we want no further contact with them." A flatmate of Mark's, Stephen Armstrong, told British broadcaster Sky News that Mark had disappeared. Mark left, said Armstrong, "when we were all sleeping, and he's taken his laptop and everything". He added Mark had "left notes behind to his girlfriend", but did not elaborate. Sky News reported that Mark Darwin had "transferred large amounts of money" to Anne Darwin's account in Panama. AP Television could not independently verify this information. Anne Darwin, 55, said her husband has not been in Panama for all of the last five years, but that the couple had rented a villa for a brief holiday and that's when a real estate agent took their photo and posted it on his Web site. She said she would return to Britain to explain to her sons and to police what happened. "My sons will never forgive me," she was quoted as saying. "They knew nothing. They thought John was dead. Now they're going to hate me. They'll be devastated and will probably want nothing to do with me again." John Darwin came to the attention of police again in the last few months after his wife was overheard by an acquaintance speaking to him on the phone, the police official said. That acquaintance has been in contact with detectives for some time. At the same time police were alerted to suspicious credit card applications. Anne Darwin said she knew of her husband's plan to return to Britain, but his decision to turn himself in to police next surprised her. She said it was possible her husband had suffered some kind of breakdown. Anne Darwin acknowledged she could face prosecution in Britain, but said she planned to return and was consulting a lawyer. John Darwin was working as a prison officer when he disappeared in March 2002, his wife saying he apparently took his canoe into the North Sea. It was later found wrecked on a beach. A coroner officially declared him dead. Police have appealed for information from anyone who has information on John Darwin's whereabouts since his disappearance.
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Roommates enjoying warm drink at window at home
Roommates spending the day together at home, in bed, looking at phone and tablet, eating, reading, doing yoga, dancing, riding roller skates, having fun and taking a boat ride. Part of a series with stills
Italy DNA - Lawyer for Knox's Italian boyfriend Sollecito gives presser
NAME: ITA DNA 20071115Ix TAPE: EF07/1382 IN_TIME: 10:13:05:15 DURATION: 00:01:46:19 SOURCES: SKY Italia/AP Television DATELINE: Perugia, 15 Nov 2007/FILE RESTRICTIONS: see script SHOTLIST Sky Italia - No Access Italy 15 November, 2007 1. Luca Maori, lawyer defending Raffele Sollecito, Amanda Knox's boyfriend, in his office 2. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Luca Maori, defence lawyer: "The knife in question is not the jack-knife found on Sollecito (Raffele Sollecito, Amanda Knox's boyfriend) when he was taken into custody, nor is it the one found in a drawer in his room. It is a kitchen knife found in Sollecito's living quarters which were shared with Amanda Knox." AP Television 3 November, 2007 3. Amanda Knox walking by police car near house where Meredith Kercher was found dead 4. Pan left from street to house where Meredith Kercher was found dead Sky Italia - No Access Italy 15 November, 2007 5. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Luca Maori, defence lawyer: "The cloth found by forensic police revealed DNA traces relating only to Amanda (Knox) and Sollecito (Raffele Sollecito, Amanda Knox's boyfriend) himself, and in any case to belonging to the victim. It is worth stating that the cloth, as Sollecito has always claimed, was only used to clean the kitchen of his house." AP Television 3 November, 2007 6. Various exterior shots of forensic staff at work on crime scene Sky Italia - No Access Italy 15 November, 2007 7. SOUNDBITE (Italian) Luca Maori, Defence Lawyer: "As of today, November 15th, 2007, forensics have not yet completed working neither on the jack-knife, nor on the Nike shoes which were also confiscated as evidence." AP Television 11 November, 2007 8. Various of Perugia jail STORYLINE A lawyer for Raffaele Sollecito, the Italian boyfriend of Amanda Knox who shared a flat with the murdered British student Meredith Kercher, refuted on Thursday claims that forensic tests linked his client to the murder. Earlier Italian news agencies reported that Italian police had found DNA traces from Kercher and her American flatmate, Amanda Marie Knox, on a knife belonging to Sollecito. "The knife in question is not the jack-knife found on Sollecito (Raffele Sollecito, Amanda Knox's boyfriend) when he was taken into custody, nor is it the one found in a drawer in his room," said Luca Maori, defence lawyer. He added: "It is a kitchen knife found in Sollecito's living quarters which were shared with Amanda Knox." Maori also discounted other DNA evidence reportedly found by investigators. "The cloth found by forensic police revealed DNA traces relating only to Amanda (Knox) and Sollecito (Raffele Sollecito, Amanda Knox's boyfriend) himself, and in any case to belonging to the victim. It is worth stating that the cloth, as Sollecito has always claimed, was only used to clean the kitchen of his house." Kercher, aged 21, was found with her throat cut in her apartment in the Italian city of Perugia earlier this month. Italian prosecutors believe she was murdered after refusing to take part in extreme sex. Three people, Knox, aged 20, from Seattle, Sollecito, aged 23; and Congolese immigrant Diya "Patrick" Lumumba, aged 38, were remanded in custody on Friday as suspects in her death. All three have denied involvement. It's reported that Kercher, a Leeds University student who had travelled to Perugia in August to study at the city's University for Foreigners, was stabbed in the neck in her bed as she resisted a sexual assault. She was found dead in a pool of blood when police visited the apartment on 2 November, 2007, to return Kercher's cell phone, found in a neighbour's garden. Her body was flown to Heathrow Airport, London, on an Alitalia flight from Rome on Sunday. She was from Coulsdon, Surrey, in southern England.
Male friends carry sofa into new home
After moving a sofa into a new home, two male friends sit on the sofa and relax. They give high fives while sitting on the sofa.
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