B&W film, University of Michigan Football game
When Your Time Is Your Own
Various shots of professional football club at play. Various shots of people among spectators, elders, youngsters. Several shots of television set, football game in progress.
The November 9, 2023 Shock Team (EDC).
Sports fan friends watching a game and celebrating on a bar rooftop
Sports fan friends watching a game and celebrating on a bar rooftop
Carnivalists as football fans at the Rosensonntagszug, 1980
Carnivalists as football fans at the Rosensonntagszug, Arnsberg, Sauerland, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, 17 February 1980, Europe
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royal family of Greece attends football game
Philadelphia, PA; royal family of Greece attends football game; stadium filled with fans; football field filled with colorguard
Football In Durham, NC
Shots of a football game in Durham, North Carolina. Good shots of the fans watching and enjoying the game from the stands. DOC/WA - 1950's - B/W
Green Point Traffic Circle, South Africa, aerial
Rotating aerial over Green Point Traffic Circle while fans walk towards Cape Town Stadium before the Germany vs. Argentina World Cup football match on the 3rd July 2010.
Unissued / unused material. <br/><br/>Colour item. Millwall v Carlisle United.<br/><br/>Millwall Football ground, the Den, London.<br/><br/>Various shots of fans on the terraces cheering, pan to show football players leaving the pitch. Millwall wear white strips, Carlisle United in blue.
A large crowd gathers to watch the Pro Bowl football game between the East and the West in Los Angeles, California.
Pro Bowl football game of 1966 between the teams of East and West in Los Angeles, California. A large crowd of football fans gather at a stadium to watch the game. Football game in progress. Crowd cheers and applauds. East wins the game with a score of 36-7. Location: Los Angeles California USA. Date: January 17, 1966.
US Fan Engagement (NR HFR)
NFL Teams Add Non-Football Attractions For Fans
Fans during Tennessee-Alabama football game iin Knoxville
News Clip: Cowboys fans
B-roll video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, covering a news story about the Dallas Cowboys football team arriving at an airport greeted by a crowd of fans.
1930s FOOTBALL FANS (CQ03750)
Various shots of fans in football stadium; football crowds, football fans cheer.
Football game between Stanford and U. Cal. Berkeley, and field show of the Stanford University Band
Fans at Stanford University's football stadium turn red and white cards in an orchestrated way showing school spirit. The Stanford University Band, a scramble or scatter band known as the LSJUMB, performs a field show together with the Stanford cheerleaders. The Stanford football team takes the field. Views of the football game, the fans in the bleachers, and the band. Location: Palo Alto California USA. Date: November 1976.
First Football Game (Soccer) played after fall of Baghdad
game play to end of game and fans rush onto field
Excited fans with downed goalpost at 1949 college football game
Various Subjects
Rowdy Fans; Baseball's Rangers fight fans. 1960 Football game, fans rush field and knock over goal post
Football Team Returns
Supporters and fans of The Hammers (West Ham Football Club) wait for the team's return. A police escort of seven motorbikes leads an open top double decker bus through the streets. Fans cheer and wave scarves as the bus passes. Fans on the terraces. The team captain runs on the pitch holding their winning cup to the adulation of the crowd.
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