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little girl (sad) waits in airport with flowers, plane lands, dance rehearsal, man instructing dancers, ballet at bar, graceful hands, teamwork with man and woman dancers, horse stables, group cheers, tailgate party, fans cheer, POV tailgate parties, scoreboard, team cheerleaders, football game, fans in stands cheer, field from the press box, re-creation of horse drawn carriage, crafts - man making a broom, thoroughbred horses, horse farm at dusk, horse race, fans crowds at racetrack, starter blows horn, field of cotton at dusk, family singing, spraying crops, woman and kid pick cotton, man and 2 mules in front of barn, cows, woman with parasol, cornfield - man and kid on porch, play in progress - country folk actors bowing
World Cup Eng Reax 5 - England fans react to defeat, scuffles, arrests
NAME: WCUP ENG RX 5 20060701I TAPE: EF06/0579 IN_TIME: 11:15:54:08 DURATION: 00:02:49:02 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Gelsenkirchen - 1 July 2006 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST ++NIGHT SHOTS++ 1. English football fans singing, pan to stage 2. Various of police in riot gear and singing English football fans 3. Various of police apprehending England football fan 4. Various of police in riot gear standing in front of singing English football fans 5. Police apprehending England football fan ++NIGHT SHOTS++ 6. Police in riot gear standing in front of singing English football fans 7. England football fans singing 8. Police in riot gear standing in front of singing English football fans 9. English football fans dancing and singing as one fan holds a flag 10. Various of police with English football fan STORYLINE Police detained about 100 mostly English football fans in Gelsenkirchen after England bowed out of another major tournament on Saturday, falling to Portugal in a penalty shootout in the FIFA World Cup quarter final. German, British and Portuguese police had been deployed in case of trouble, but incidents were isolated, and no major clashes after the match were reported. Some glass bottles were tossed but there was no immediate confrontation. Despite the general calm, German police formed a line around some England fans in a bid to stem violence. Portugal won a penalty shootout 3-1 following 120 minutes of goalless football and advanced to the World Cup semi-finals for the first time since 1966. Keyword-world cup 2006
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Fans cheer at football game Pom poms wave Tom Harmon talks to camera in empty football stadium Runner scores touchdown in college football game Harmon leaves empty stadium CU yellow tag ('CAUTION RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL') CU flashing light ('REACTOR ON') Heart of nuclear reactor Students walk on college campus (seen again) Aerial of campus Professor teaches small class CU hand takes notes CU students think, write CU man speaks through bullhorn Crowd of students protests ('End US Aggression Against Vietnam') Male student walks with baby as 'papoose' Students sing, act crazy, march in parade, go-go dance Mess of paints Students paint, sculpt, print in class Student makes model of town Students walk past peace sign, protest slogans on fence Harmon talks to camera, interviews professor Students march, riot, get hit by police Soldier patrols in Vietnam Soldiers fire artillery in Vietnam More soldiers patrol Professor smokes under sign: POSITIVELY NO SMOKING Professor, students discuss Mike Wallace talks with students Harmon, bride leave church, at reception Man plays guitar, sings in club Clergyman talks to camera Students in protest march Restaurant signs (GREAT GENERIC MONTAGE) Movie marquees ('The Happening,' 'Loving Couples') Students drink in club, stand on tables, chugalug beer Girls sing, dance in rehearsal for show, then in performance Male student reads aloud from the Michigan Daily Harmon talks to camera, man sets type in background CU news stories Harmon interviews college newspaper editors Scientists look at monkeys in cages CU man talks to camera ('this is no parlor game or make believe') Medical students watch presentation People work in lab Churches Professor teaches class Buildings under construction Modern dorms Male students eat dinner CU parts of motorbikes Students ride motorbikes Couple walks in woods, motorbikes pass them POV from motorbikes as we pass couple Modern buildings Woman plays huge pipe organ Parts of organ Organist, man talk Music professor coaches students who play piano, sing Man plays harpsichord Conductor leads symphony orchestra in rehearsal Men operate hydraulic tank Early rocket ascends CU instruments operate Research buildings (DAY, exterior, seen again) Students talk in lab Students wear headphones, work in language lab Students paint in class Men work in lab Professor teaches class Men work on early holography experiment CU holographic image Students work in lab Rocket launch Latino woman praises family planning, works as teacher's aide Black woman praises family planning Ghetto streets Ivy-covered campus buildings Students watch black and white TV in class Plaque honoring John F. Kennedy (JFK), voiceover of JFK making speech about Peace Corps United Nations Secretary General U Thant receives honorary degree, makes speech Soldiers fire artillery, armored vehicle burns (pink footage) Wounded or dead soldier (black and white footage) More artillery firing (pink footage) Dead soldier, soldiers carry man away on stretcher (black and white footage) Harmon, man walk, talk on campus
Bosnia Scuffles - Turkish football supporters scuffle with police in ethnically divided town
NAME: BSH SCUFFLES 20080621I TAPE: EF08/0645 IN_TIME: 10:33:04:21 DURATION: 00:01:30:20 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Mostar, 20 June 2008 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST ++NIGHT SHOTS++ 1. Police in riot gear walking 2. Police officers standing in line 3. Group of police officers in riot gear 4. Police vehicle driving by 5. Police van driving by 6. Riot police picking up equipment from van, moving away 7. Police walking 8. Police standing, Turkey fans in the distance on the street 9. Turkey fans celebrating, AUDIO: singing, chanting 10. Wide of fans celebrating, AUDIO: singing, chanting 11. Police standing on street, one fires tear gas 12. Wide of fans on the street, police in the foreground 13. Ambulance driving by 14. Police walking on the street, Turkey fans in the background STORYLINE Police clashed with football fans in the divided Bosnian town of Mostar on Friday after Turkey beat Croatia 3-1 in the quarter-final of European Championship. Security in the ethnically divided southern town was stepped up ahead of the game. Muslims in Mostar traditionally support Turkey, while Bosnian Croats regard the national squad of neighbouring Croatia as their own. Earlier this week, police said more than a thousand police officers, including special riot police units, would provide security in Mostar during the match. AP Television pictures showed Turkey fans in Muslim eastern Mostar celebrating after the win. Riot police patrolled the streets and one officer was shown firing tear gas. Bosnian Croat and Muslim football fans in Mostar have a long history of fighting, including during the 2006 World Cup. Mostar has been ethnically divided since the 1991-95 Bosnian war with the Neretva river being the invisible border between the Muslims and the Croats.
spx - wisconsin - badgers - fans (11/21/1998)
2000s NEWS
NEWSFEED: 8/21/05 ISRAELI SETTLERS LEAVE GAZA, ANIMAL RESCUE, FIRE PORTUGAL, WHAT EFFECT ARE GAS PRICES HAVING ON BUSINESSES IN TEXAS? ;SHUTTLE DISCOVER LANDS with NASA bug. POPE BENEDICT DEPARTURE Papal motorcade, spectators, Pope boards plane ;IRAQ REAX TO US PRESENCE TILL 2009 city traffic, newspaper headlines, auto accident aftermath, police car on side of road ;MIDDLE EAST SETTLERS CHECK IN HOTEL Int nice hotel lobby, men wearing yarmulkes. SHARON THANKS SOLDIERS speech in big tent ;GAZA RABBIS REMOVE TORAH Int crowd singing softly as mournful men bear Torah away ;ISRAELI FORCES SETTLERS SCUFFLE soldiers carrying man, men struggle with soldiers, soldiers standing by jeep with flat tires ;Women & kids in courtyard with furniture, baby in tub, bulldozer, women walk down HIGHWAY ;MIDDLE EAST ABANDONED PETS husky in cage, pigeon in carrier, scruffy kitten in carrier, ferret on roof! Kitty enters carrier ;Man catching budgies, sheep in pen, animal rescuer catches a duck (great audio). ABBAS & US ENVOY guards, Int Welch & Abbas ;MIDDLE EAST ATZMONA WITHDRAWAL soldiers in bullet proof vests, settlers trying to bar gates, soldiers enter community center ;VAR quiet symbolic protests, houses, crane lifting mobile home (why is everybody leaving their fan behind?) ;MIDDLE EAST GAZA SETTLEMENT DEMOLISHED steam shovel demolishing house- more creepy construction vehicles approach (a sci-fi movie) ;PORTUGAL WILDFIRES NX fire, overweight woman leaves ambulance, evacuating hospital, man swatting fire with branch, take that! ;DX forest fire, charred vehicle, NX firefighter hosing forest fire, DX wildfire, onlookers, firefighter, smoldering ruin ;AFGHANISTAN BUSES COLLIDE accident aftermath, bus crash on hwy, loading dead bodies into truck, wounded in hospital ;AFGHANISTAN EMBASSY CONVOY ATTACK men looking at hole left by missile. AFGHANISTAN REAX TO US SOLDIERS KILLED ;IRAQ PRINCE ANDREW VISITS UK TROOP military helicopter landing, prince in camouflage uniform, shaking hands here & there ; 49ER HERRION DOES pro football player at game, press conf. IL RACE CAR JUMPS TRACK NX wrecked race car in grandstand ;IN JEREMY DOYLE'S FATHER REAX stills of soldier. ZIMBABWE WOMAN KILLED BY LIONS African wild animal park signs ;Scruffy lion behind chain-link fence carrying bone, lions scuffling, lions eating, picnic area, visitors watching lions ;MN AIRPLANE PASSENGER REAX flight schedule on monitor. SKYDIVERS DRESSED AS HOGS skydiver lands in street (not much of a costume); MIDDLE EAST GAZA EVICTIONS soldiers at doorway, men crying, soldiers carry unresisting man (eerie & sad, a contrast to line 6) ;Int men dancing, DX calm settlers escorted by soldiers. GAZA HOUSES DEMOLISHED bulldozer pushing tree, wreckage ;ERIC RUDOLPH FILE still, ATF investigating bombed doorway, bombing aftermaths- DX & NX, ATF recovering hidden explosives ;Bomb victim with shrapnel scars on face, fire engine & yellow tape, Rudolph leaving court; MIDDLE EAST GAZA PULL OUT burning barricade, the rest is repeats, devotional candle ;TX HOUSE STOLEN man unlocks front door, smarmy two story house, Int new house, DX real estate sign, woman knocking on door ;TX GAS BURGER PRICES gas station scenes & hamburger restaurant scenes, cash register (the owner apparently thinks he's a saint) ;Why are we so concerned about these Texans? TX GAS FURNITURE PRICES city traffic & furniture showroom warehouse & delivery truck ;LONDON BOMBINGS INQUIRY FOR KILLED BRAZILIAN MAN from tv talk show, armed police, police commissioner, memorial ;MIDDLE EAST PEACE CONCERT symphony orchestra ;POPE BENEDICT RETURNS FROM WORLD YOUTH DAY NX passenger plane landing, Pope deplanes, Pope in limo ;I think the Brazilian guy shot in London's name was Jean Charles De Menezes. Not Brazil Man Killed
Texas - A&M - Wrap
Iraq Football - Iraqi football team celebrates Asia Cup victory
NAME: IRQ FOOTBALL 20070804Ix TAPE: EF07/0927 IN_TIME: 10:09:47:23 DURATION: 00:01:46:18 SOURCES: POOL DATELINE: Baghdad - 4 Aug 2007 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST ++AUDIO AS INCOMING++ 1. Various of people dancing and singing in celebration 2. Wide of stage and audience 3. Victorious Iraq football team sitting down 4. Three footballers, one on phone 5. Wide of Asia cup on table 6. Footballers standing and singing 7. Close-up of Iraqi flag on football shirt 8. Wide of stage 9. Footballer waving and blowing kiss, pats his heart and is greeted by fan 10. Various of footballers 11. Mid of officials 12. Footballer received flower garland 13. Coach receiving garland and celebrating 14. Wide of room, with Asia cup in foreground STORYLINE The victorious Iraqi football team was honoured by politicians and fans at an official celebration of their Asia Cup victory in a central Baghdad hotel on Saturday. Fans waved Iraqi flags and danced in jubilation as politicians posed for photos with the players at the al-Rashid hotel in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone. The celebration was closed to all but Iraq's political elite, with tight security preventing regular citizens from welcoming their soccer heroes home in person. The team arrived in Baghdad on Friday, minus three players, including captain Younis Mahmoud, the Sunni who scored the winning goal in the final. Mahmoud remained abroad out of fear for his life. The limited homecoming came nearly a week after Iraq bested three-time champions Saudi Arabia 1-0 in the final cup game on Sunday in Jakarta, Indonesia. Lawmakers invited players to a special legislative session in their honour when parliament resumes on September 4. Midfielder Ali Abbas said he hoped the soccer victory would help his country "achieve security and stability."
Out: 00:04:00 B-Roll: The Longshots, movie poster, zoom in and out, CU titles, zoom out to show poster, pan to movie display, poster zoom in to the title, zoom out to show full poster, zoom in to Ice Cube face, pan down to Keke face, zoom out to show poster, zoom in to title, pan up to Ice Cube, pan down to title. A02. HRN-2577 In: 00:04:00 Out: 00:07:05 B-Roll: The movie marquee – The Longshots, pan down to the carpet press line, tilt up to marquee, from marquee tilt down to show press row, the poster again, tilt down to show title, a team arrives, yell at us. A03. HRN-2577 In: 00:07:06 Out: 00:09:42 B-Roll: Invited guests wait to get in. Cars go by on Westwood blvd. pan from street to press line, street cars go by pan back to press line, Ice Cube poster Raw Footage, inside movie lobby, the poster in the glass display, A04. HRN-2577 In: 00:10:50 Out: 00:11:37 B-Roll: From the press line, pan up to marquee, “The Longshots”, pan down to show press line, tilt up to marquee. A05. HRN-2577 In: 00:11:36 Out: 00:11:50 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Chloe Bridges – “Tammy” – The Longshots A06. HRN-2577 In: 00:12:15 Out: 00:12:46 Sound Bite: Chloe Bridges – “Tammy” – The Longshots I don’t know, do they? That would be great if they did. I don’t know. OC: What position would you play in the NFL? Chloe: I don’t even know the positions, what does the linebacker do, what is that? I don’t even know. (She laughs) A07. HRN-2577 In: 00:13:23 Out: 00:16:00 B-Roll: Down the carpet, Michael Colyar and wife arrive and stand for the press; the team stands for the press and gives us a shout out. Michael Colyar stands and gets interviewed. A08. HRN-2577 In: 00:16:49 Out: 00:17:25 Sound Bite: Michael Colyar – “Ennis” – The Longshots (With his wife) Mine, mine, how I came from no-where, from the projects of Chicago, went through Venice beach spent nine years telling jokes, passing my hat, and now I’m here with Ice Cube, just got done doing one with Eddie Murphy and I’m about to shoot the first black Disney animated feature film, ever shot, called “The Princess and the Frog”, so I’m watching my career turn into that longshot story, and it’s a winning story and the same message is in this message is, it’s all about your attitude, your attitude determines you altitude and just keep a positive head, keep God first, you can do anything. A09. HRN-2577 In: 00:17:26 Out: 00:17:45 Sound Bite: Michael Colyar – “Ennis” – The Longshots (With his wife) Right away it ain’t going to be long now, it ain’t going to be long now, it’s just a matter of time, they done kick the door open. OC: What position would you play? Michael’s Wife: I would have to be the quarterback. Michael: Thank you, play it safe. Michael’s Wife: I can’t be hit to hard A10. HRN-2577 In: 00:17:43 Out: 00:12:58 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Michael Colyar’s wife. A11. HRN-2577 In: 00:18:28 Out: 00:18:50 Sound Bite: Malcolm Phillips – “Manny” – The Longshots Ah, I mean, I tried out for a show chorus a long time ago, you know, I really couldn’t see myself show choiring, oh a honestly, you know the whole dancing and singing thing, couldn’t see myself doing that, but you know, I was like, ah, I really want to do it, and so I guess that was a longshot if that’s what you’re asking. A12. HRN-2577 In: 00:18:53 Out: 00:19:25 Sound Bite: Malcolm Phillips – “Manny” – The Longshots I don’t know, I mean, I guess one day it could happen, cause I mean, as you know, the human race, as everything passes, everything gets all aged and all that, a lot of things happen now, unreal things happen, so I guess it’s possibility, I’m not skeptical about it. OC: What position do you think women would play? Malcolm: I can see like a girl safety, you know, exactly. A13. HRN-2577 In: 00:19:58 Out: 00:20:11 Sound Bite: Zorianna Kit – “News Reporter” – The Longshots Um, gosh, isn’t everyone an underdog at some point, everyone’s childhood right, I don’t think everyone would say I didn’t have a hard time. A14. HRN-2577 In: 00:20:15 Out: 00:21:07 Sound Bite: Zorianna Kit – “News Reporter” – The Longshots You know what, I can tell you that when I was 10yrs old, I was the sole girl on our school’s football team, and I was really good. OC: And what did you play? Zorianna: I was the quarterback actually and I was, I was really good, Canadian football though which is a little bit different from American, but still yeah. OC: So do you ever see in your lifetime, women playing in the NFL? Zorianna: Oh, of course, yeah without a doubt, if they want to, that’s the thing, how many women want actually aspire to that. OC: What position would you want to play? Zorianna: Come on quarterback is always the best. OC: You wouldn’t want to be a linemen or something like that? Zorianna: Naw, and I have no interest in being a cheerleader either, (she laughs), not one bit, not going to prance around in those pom-pom’s give me a real ball. A15. HRN-2577 In: 00:21:10 Out: 00:21:29 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Zorianna Kit – “News Reporter” – The Longshots A16. HRN-2577 In: 00:25:21 Out: 00:25:53 Sound Bite: Miles Chandler (Purple shirt) – “Damon Fisher” – The Longshots Alan Aisengerg (Green Jacket) – “Feather” – The Longshots Miles: I guess acting itself I guess, you know, at first, it’s kind of hard to believe like how to get here and everything and once like, you start doing film, start doing this, being on the red carpet, everything starts like being like wow, we came from you know, something not much of an actor to working with Fred and becoming better actors and what not. Alan: That’s are longshot story coming from nothing, from two kids in New York to here in L.A. , so. A17. HRN-2577 In: 00:25:58 Out: 00:26:44 Sound Bite: Miles Chandler (Purple shirt) – “Damon Fisher” – The Longshots Alan Aisengerg (Green Jacket) – “Feather” – The Longshots Alan: Oh yeah, if not the NFL, at least their own league, so that there not getting their ass’s kicked, but yeah I definitely can see them playing because, there’s more girls like Keke, like Jasmine that can definitely play, so, I think it can definitely happen within the next 5 or 10 years. OC: If women were to play in the NFL, what position do you think they would play? Alan: Wide receiver I think. Miles: Yeah I guess receiving, I don’t know, Keke really surprised me with QB, she’s a good thrower, she has a good arm. OC: So you couldn’t never see them as linemen? Miles: Could be. Alan: It could be interesting, to watch, a female sport with guy cheerleaders, I’ve got a new hobby right now, it would be fun. A18. HRN-2577 In: 00:27:54 Out: 00:28:17 Sound Bite: Shane Kaufman – “Rodriguez” – The Longshots Well you know, I wish I could, but my biggest team as far as football for me is like Patriots, so that’s definitely not the underdog, although I mean it was awesome watching them come from just a great team to suddenly being able to win, what was it 18 games in a row, that was fantastic, but they lost in the Super Bowl, so. A19. HRN-2577 In: 00:28:22 Out: 00:29:10 Sound Bite: Shane Kaufman – “Rodriguez” – The Longshots Hmm, the NFL, I really, I really have no idea, I really don’t follow it enough of the idea of football, just the Super Bowl mainly for me, I just I don’t know anything’s possible, you know, we almost had a woman president, this year, so. OC: What position do you think a woman could play in the NFL? Shane: Receiver probably run pretty fast, I don’t know. OC: What about linemen, or anything like that? Shane: I don’t think they would be tackling that much, I don’t know. A20. HRN-2577 In: 00:29:54 Out: 00:30:40 B-Roll: Tyler Perry, walks the carpet, talks to reporters. A21. HRN-2577 In: 00:30:48 Out: 00:31:43 Sound Bite: Tyler Perry – Producer/Director/Actor****Sniped No, not at all, you know, when your in this business you have to do a lot a different things, to become a lot of different people, and show a lot of different sides of yourself, I’m not surprised at all, he has a huge following and I’m here to support him. OC: I understand you wrapped with JJ Abrams on the Star Trek. Tyler: Yeah I did. OC: What was that experience like for you? Tyler: You know, it was really interesting and really cool at the same time, I’ve never been on anybody’s set so it was really interesting to see somebody else work. OC: A cool costume, I bet too. Tyler: No, just a regular costume, but the costumer would kill me for saying so, no special effects, none of that stuff, but JJ I think, we were born of the same mother, my mother’s half for him was Jewish, and mine was black, we are so much a like it’s amazing. A22. HRN-2577 In: 00:31:52 Out: 00:32:30 Sound Bite: Tyler Perry – Producer/Director/Actor****Sniped I haven’t seen it but that’s why I’m here to show my support for both of them, but I know what kind of work they do, so it should be really great. OC: What do you think about you giving them the step up in their career’s? Tyler: You know, I don’t know if I gave them the step up or they give me the step up, as it stands I just want to see them do more and more, so it’s going to be really phenomenal for both of them. OC: Have you ever thought about working with Ice Cube? Tyler: Sure, yeah absolutely if it ever presents itself I would love too. OC: What do you expect from the film? Tyler: Just a great, great family comedy, so I’m looking forward to it. A23. HRN-2577 In: 00:32:42 Out: 00:32:15 Sound Bite: Tyler Perry – Producer/Director/Actor****Sniped It’s just that anytime there’s a movie, anytime there’s a film something that speaking to people, children anyone about doing and being the best that you can, I’m all for it, I’m there. A24. HRN-2577 In:00:33:01 Out: 00:33:35 Sound Bite: Tyler Perry – Producer/Director/Actor Tyler: The television show you mean? OC: Yes? Tyler: It hasn’t been announced yet, but yeah it’s coming really soon, I have to wait for TBS to make the announcement. OC: House of Payne how is that coming for you? Tyler: House of Payne is great we got 26 more episodes, we start shooting them on the 15th and we’re real excited about it. OC: Any new theatre coming from you? Tyler: A couple of shows right now on tour, we’ll be coming back to the Kodak really soon, though, we’ll see what happens. A25. HRN-2577 In: 00:35:17 Out: 00:35:25 Sound Bite: Tyler Perry – Producer/Director/Actor Not with those guys no, no never see that. A26. HRN-2577 In: 00:35:30 Out: 00:37:23 B-Roll: Tasha Smith – “Claire Plummer” – The Longshots, speaks with reporters. Pan over to show crowed red carpet, show a camera man shooting, Garrett Morris walks on the carpet talks to reporters. A27. HRN-2577 In: 00:37:58 Out: 00:38:18 Sound Bite: Tasha Smith – “Claire Plummer” – The Longshots Wow, my favorite underdog, yes, um, the Cinderella story, is that the name of that film the one with, Russell Crowe, I would say that’s one of my favorites. A28. HRN-2577 In: 00:38:29 Out: 00:38:56 Sound Bite: Tasha Smith – “Claire Plummer” – The Longshots I feel like after seeing this movie, I think that there are young people that will see a whole lot more that is within themselves, that they could even imagine, I felft that, this movie is inspirational and you know what you never know, we might have a female one day, take us, you know, to the Super Bowl one day, we almost had one become President of the United States, you follow me, you never know what a woman can do. A29. HRN-2577 In: 00:38:58 Out: 00:39:20 Sound Bite: Tasha Smith – “Claire Plummer” – The Longshots Oh, I wouldn’t be a linebacker, no I wouldn’t be a linebacker, maybe I don’t know, gosh, I don’t know enough about football to really answer that question, honestly don’t ask me that question, I don’t know. A30. HRN-2577 In: 00:39:25 Out: 00:39:36 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Tasha Smith – “Claire Plummer” – The Longshots A31. HRN-2577 In: 00:39:53 Out: 00:40:12 Sound Bite: Kofi Siriboe – “Javy Hall” – The Longshots My favorite underdog story, I enjoyed the film Radio with Cuba Gooding Jr. because he was special ed. He was facing all that adversity and people didn’t take me well at first and at the end he overcame everything, people enjoyed him and he was a great figure, so it’s one of my favorites. A32. HRN-2577 In: 00:40:18 Out: 00:40:50 Sound Bite: Kofi Siriboe – “Javy Hall” – The Longshots I actually think I might see that, they might create their own league, they might actually play in the NFL, I feel if they can play as well as us, they should go ahead and do what they want to do, you know what I mean. OC: What position do you see women playing in the NFL? Kofi: Um, maybe a quarterback, wide receiver, running back, cause their fast little women, OC: Linemen? Kofi: It depends on the build, maybe a lineman, but a running back definitely. A33. HRN-2577 In: 00:41:55 Out: 00:42:38 B-Roll: Celebs, get interviewed and talk to reporters, Jimmy Jean Louise, crowd shot. A34. HRN-2577 In: 00:43:31 Out: 00:44:31 Sound Bite: Jimmy Jean Louis - Actor Well I don’t have anything in mind, but the first for me being here is an accomplishment to be honest with you, because I do come from a place that had no electricity, no running water in my little village in Haiti, so every time I think about that from going to Haiti to then Spain, Italy, South Africa, and then to find my self here, I always ask myself how I make it here, how did I get to here, so that always amazes me, but uh, we have way greater stories than that, such as Nelson Mandala’s story, which is a great story, as far as sports related stories, underdog story, you have some many, man, I cant think of any one right now as we speak. A35. HRN-2577 In: 00:44:34 Out: 00:44:58 Sound Bite: Jimmy Jean Louis - Actor Well it’s such a man’s sport, with the beer and the yelling, you want her, I think it’s a man’s game we’ll never see a girl, it’s a great movie, but it’s not going to happen. A36. HRN-2577 In: 00:45:25 Out: 00:45:43 Sound Bite: Keke Palmer – “Jasmine” – The Longshots I love Karate Kid, the first Karate Kid, I remember how I had never seen it before I was wondering which one was the first, what’s the first, so when I finally saw, I was just in to it, really, really, love it, so I would have to say that’s my favorite underdog story. A37. HRN-2577 In: 00:45:46 Out: 00:46:05 Sound Bite: Keke Palmer – “Jasmine” – The Longshots Definitely I could see women playing in the NFL, especially women, there’s a lot of girls right now just playing on football teams in different states and they are so in to it and like they say on the field, there not women, their football players A38. HRN-2577 In: 00:46:03 Out: 01:46:10 Sound Bite: Keke Palmer – “Jasmine” – The Longshots I would play the quarterback, quarterback only, I love it, I love it. A39. HRN-2577 In: 01:46:09 Out: 00:46:20 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Keke Palmer – “Jasmine” – The Longshots A40. HRN-2577 In: 00:46:44 Out: 00:47:09 Sound Bite: Malcolm Goodwin – “Roy” – The Longshots (Guy with hat on) Rey Valentin – Actor Malcolm: You know what, you just named it the Karate Kid. OC: I need something else. Rey: I’m a Stallione fan, anything that Stallione underdog you know, I gotta. Malcolm: Yeah the entire, Rocky 1 thru 4, and the last one not 5, but Rocky 1 thru 4 and the last one, with the exception of 5, love them. A41. HRN-2577 In: 00:47:15 Out: 00:47:50 Sound Bite: Malcolm Goodwin – “Roy” – The Longshots (Guy with hat on) Rey Valentin – Actor Rey: I hope so, I mean, they would probably sell more tickets, cause I actually would want to come to the stadium, you know. OC: (talk) Malcolm: Those are some big dudes, if there’s big women, that big then yes absolutely, if you give me a 6 – 6 woman, 275lbs. who can play offensive line, why not, why not, hey. A42. HRN-2577 In: 00:48:09 Out: 00:48:38 B-Roll: Ice Cube talks to reporters A43. HRN-2577 In: 00:48:48 Out: 00:49:50 Sound Bite: Ice Cube – “Curtis Plummer” – The Longshots*****Sniped I mean thank God, that the Weinsteins company wanted to something that had a little more substance, you know, we could did a board comedy, we kept as more dramatic type of movie, you know, it’s just an inspiring type of story, I was just glad they were able to green light the movie and we were able to do it, I’m always looking for stories like this. OC: What made you decide on KeKe Palmer? Ice: She’s the best, I mean when you’re looking at actresses in here age range, who else sticks out more than Keke and to find out that she was a great athlete too and that she could throw the football was the icing on the cake. OC: Speaking of which what do you think about girls and football? Ice: I think you should find your talent, I don’t think you should worry about what society’s rules are and I think you should go for it. A44. HRN-2577 In: 00:51:20 Out: 00:51:27 Sound Bite: Ice Cube – “Curtis Plummer” – The Longshots Ice Cube coming out of south central Los Angeles, becoming a movie star, that’s the greatest underdog story. A45. HRN-2577 In: 00:53:06 Out: 00:53:20 Sound Bite: Earthquake – “Karl” – The Longshots The New York Giants, that was it, that was a longshot. A46. HRN-2577 In: 00:53:33 Out: 00:53:59 Sound Bite: Earthquake – “Karl” – The Longshots Hell no, excuse my language, hell no, to physical of a sport, yes, no, no, I played and hurt my nail and I was through, and I’m a gangster lite, lite gangster. A47. HRN-2577 In: 00:54:00 Out: 00:54:59 B-Roll: Earthquake, and Fred Durst – Director – The Longshots, hang out and talk to reporters. A48. HRN-2577 In: 00:56:29 Out: 00:57:02 Sound Bite: Fred Durst – Director – The Longshots You know it’s like a dance, like a dance. OC: The movie is about long shots, what’s your favorite underdog story other than this movie? Fred: My Bodyguard, that’s a good experience for me. A49. HRN-2577 In: 00:57:02 Out: 00:58:02 Sound Bite: Fred Durst – Director – The Longshots Actually, truthfully it was the heart of the film and being apart of a genre that I think is essential, family films, you know um maybe having an experience cinematically that has some substance and intergerity and makes you feel good, and makes you root for the characters and maybe you know follow the thru line of the story which is a beautiful relationship between and Uncle and an Niece and how a void in her life was filled, and I know what it’s like to have those types of voids as role models growing up and um, on top of that to be able to work with really, really talented people with amazing presence like Ice Cube, this man has things, layers, we are just seeing the beginning of what he is capable of, the guy is fucking amazing. A50. HRN-2577 In: 00:58:04 Out: 00:58:14 Sound Bite: Fred Durst – Director – The Longshots That’s still something I’m excited to see, I mean I would like to see how that would fly. A51. HRN-2577 In: 00:59:30 Out: 00:59:54 Sound Bite: Debby Ryan – “Popular Girl” – The Longshots My favorite underdog story is all of them, but I’m thinking, you know Spider Man, it’s random, you know, because he was just so nerdy, not only does he use it to better himself, but to better other people and I think that Jasmine in the same way she inspires her town she uses stuff that’s been given her. A52. HRN-2577 In:01:00:22 Out: 01:00:30 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Debby Ryan – “Popular Girl” – The Longshots
DN-LB-531 Beta SP
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Texas - A&M - Wrap
US Football Reaction - Korean & US football fans react to World Cup draw
TAPE: EF02/0496 IN_TIME: 23:45:44 DURATION: 3:53 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Los Angeles/Washington DC - 10 June 2002 SHOTLIST: Arlington, Virginia - 10 JUNE 2002 1.mshot of US football fans singing songs 2.cutaway US football fans 3.SOUNDBITE:(English),VOXPOP,US Soccer Fan "I think the outcome is great. Why? Because first of all we are playing and they have all their fans there. And we first scored first and showed them that we are not afraid. And they propped a good fight,but I think we fought pretty well too and it was a great game. I am very proud of the US team." 4.cutaway US football supporters 5.cutaway US football fans 6.mshot of US football fans celebrating US goal 7.SOUNDBITE:(English), VOXPOP,US Soccer Fan "It was a decent game. I thought the US got outplayed of course being in South Korea. But a tie is very nicely done. It's good to come out with a tie. 8.cutaway US football fans watching game anxiously 9.SOUNDBITE:(English), VOXPOP,US Soccer Fan "Next game I think we will beat Poland. And that will advance us to the second round. This is what we want. But the key is to get first place so we do not have to play Italy." 10.wshot of US soccer fans not lucky enough to get in the bar watching the game through the windows Koreatown, Los Angeles - 10 June 2002 11.mshot of South Korea football fans dancing and singing 12.cutaway South Korea football fans 13.mshot of South Korea football fans singing and cheering for their team 14.various shots of South Korea football fans 15.mshot of board in restaurant showing that South Korea is one of the hosts of the World Cup 16.various shots of South Korea football fans cheering for their teams while watching the game 17.mshot of South Korea fans wearing all red 18.various shots of fans cheering 19.tight shot of South Korea fan 20.mshot fan in disbelief 21.various shots of fans in disbelief 22.cutaway fans panning to TV screen showing the game 23.various shots of fans celebrating 24.mshot South Korea football fan holding his head and watching the game 25.mshot of South Korea fans all dressed in red 26.SOUNDBITE:(Korean),VOXPOP,South Korea football fan 27.mshot of South Korea football fans STORYLINE: Soccer fans came out early Monday morning across the United States to cheer on their team, and the Korean team who the U.S. was up against. Despite the 02:30 (East Coast time) start time, and the fact that alcohol sales are prohibited at that hour, U.S. supporters packed Summers, a bar in the Washington D.C. suburbs, to drink sodas and support their team. So many fans turned up at Summers that not everybody fit, some were stuck watching the game through the front window. In Koreatown, one of Los Angeles' largest ethnic enclaves, Korea supporters also showed up in droves. About 300 fans came, faces painted, and well charged up, to the Rosen Brewery in Koreatown to root for their home team. The United States could count itself lucky to escape with a draw against South Korea. Facing a team fresh from its first World Cup match victory ever and fired up by tens of thousands of red-shirted fans from the proud co-host nation, the Americans survived on brilliant saves by Brad Friedel. The 1-1 tie Monday left both teams needing a point in their final first-round game to advance to the second round. They led the Group D standings with four points each, with winless Portugal and Poland set to meet Monday night. Then the Americans play Poland and South Korea meets Portugal on Friday.
VTM-78BL Beta SP
O.J. LETTER/SONG (04/20/1995)
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Euro2008 Aut Fans 4 - WRAP Supporters react as Germany beats Poland 2-0; comments
NAME: E2008 AUT FAN4 20080608I TAPE: EF08/0599 IN_TIME: 11:00:56:17 DURATION: 00:03:30:06 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Klagenfurt, 8 June 2008 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. Germany fans waving flags 2. Poland fans waving scarves singing national anthem, firecracker going off 3. Germany fans chanting 4. Various of Germany fans celebrating first goal of the match scored by Lukas Podolski ++NIGHT SHOTS++ 5. Mid of fans during half time 6. Germany and Poland fans grabbing each other's hands 7. Poland fans cheering 8. German fans cheer as Lukas Podolski scores a second goal making it 2-0 9. Various of scuffles erupting and riot police stepping in 10. Mid of riot police and fans 11. Police pushing fans back 12. Mid of riot police 13. Various of police pushing fans back 14. Wide of group of riot police standing in middle of fans 15. Germany fans celebrating 16. SOUNDBITE (Polish) Poland fan, no name given: "We should have won, we were playing better." 17. Germany fans celebrating 18. SOUNDBITE (German) Germany fan, no name given: "The victory was a must, we should have won three or four nil but two nil is good too." 19. More of Germany fans celebrating STORYLINE Fans gathered in the Austrian town of Klagenfurt on Sunday to watch Germany defeat Poland in their opening Group B match at the European Championship. Lukas Podolski scored both goals to give three-time champion Germany a brilliant start in the Championship with a 2-0 win. Despite the win one Germany fan said he'd been hoping for more goals. "The victory was a must, we should have won three or four nil, but two nil is good too," he conceded. A Poland fan however said his team should have won. "We should have won, we were playing better." During the match German and Polish fans, side by side with their rivals, partied in good spirits, however scuffles later broke out and riot police quickly stepped in. The game, which started at 2045 local time (1845 GMT), had been identified as a high-risk match. To many fans, Germany vs. Poland has become more than just a football game because of the historic significance of their meeting, such as Germany's invasion of its neighbour at the start of World War II. It was Germany's first victory in Euros since winning the 1996 finals over the Czech Republic. Poland had not beaten Germany in 16 meetings over 75 years.
AFP-99BH 16mm; NET-163 DigiBeta (at 01:33:59:00); Beta SP
Panthers Flood Gifts
Ukraine WCup Clashes - Reaction after Ukraine loses 4-0 to Spain
NAME: UKR WCUPCLASH 20060614Ix TAPE: EF06/0522 IN_TIME: 10:48:00:21 DURATION: 00:01:48:16 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Kiev, 14 June 2006 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. Wide top shot with crowd of Ukraine football fans in Independence Square 2. Top shot of football fans with umbrellas in the pouring rain 3. Various of fans dressed in national colours, clapping, cheering and singing 4. Various of large TV screen, showing game live 5. Various top shots of fans, large amount of smoke rising around them 6. Mid shot of girl fans with flag 7. Young fans, chanting and clapping 8. Various of police scuffling with fans, one person on the floor 9. Fans shouting at police, pan to police 10. Fans shouting at police 11. Various of fans watching game in subdued mood 12. SOUNDBITE (Russian): Vladimir, football fan, local resident: "The Ukrainians did not manage to control their emotions, there was some fear and they underestimated the Spanish. They expected the game to develop in a simpler manner." 13. Wide pan of crowd of fans standing in rain, watching the game on large screen STORYLINE: Several Ukraine football fans were detained by police in Kiev on Wednesday after a disturbance following their team's 4-0 defeat by Spain in the World Cup. Thousands of eager fans clad in their country's yellow and blue gathered in the Ukrainian capital in heavy rain to watch on large-screen televisions as the former Soviet republic made its first ever appearance in the World Cup. But spectators in Kiev's Independent Square watched in dismay as Ukraine suffered the heaviest defeat so far in this year's tournament. Several fans threw smoke bombs into the crowd - a sign of frustration - and police detained several people. Interfax said police planned to increase patrols around the Spanish Embassy overnight. Some businesses nationwide shut down early on Wednesday to let employees watch the game; others ordered a temporary shutdown. Ukraine's next match is on Monday against Saudi Arabia.
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