Frank Sinatra Timex Show, with Dean Martin, Bing Crosby
Sponsored by Timex, Frank Sinatra with friends Dean Martin, Bing Crosby and the beautiful Mitzi Gaynor sing and dance.
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Frank Sinatra announces the winner for Best Picture, Tony Richardson for "Tom Jones," at the 36th annual Academy Awards in Hollywood.
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The Sinatra Kidnap Story
Unissued / Unused material -<br/><br/>Title reads: "The Sinatra Kidnap Story"<br/><br/>Nevada, United States of America (USA).<br/><br/>LS Night club "Hanah's" at Lake Tahoe. MS Neon sign outside night club, Frank Sinatra Junior's name is at the bottom of long list of celebrities. MS Frank Sinatra Jnr. on stage in night club during performance behind him is the new Tommy Dorsey band. <br/><br/>GV Motel block where Sinatra Jnr. was kidnapped from. MS Door of motel room. CU Padlock above door handle, pan up to door number 417. VS At questioning session Dorsey band trumpet player John Foss and Frank's manager Tino Barzie are seated at table. GV From travelling car of snow covered pine slopes. VS Armed with rifles US Police stop cars at road block to check on them. GV Neon lit street in Nevada from moving car. <br/><br/>Los Angeles, California.<br/><br/>CU Poor quality of Frank Sinatra Senior being questioned by press, after paying reward of $240,000. MS Sign, 'Bel Air' pan to road. VS Outside her home Nancy Sinatra with Frank Jnr. and daughter Tina. They answer press questions about the ordeal Frank went through. <br/><br/>(Comb.F.G.) Old record suggests material dates from around 15/12/1963.
1955 In despair, man (Frank Sinatra) visits his drug dealer for another hit
Stars and hoodlums
A2 / France 2
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[Sinatra, Frank w Orchestra of Sailors
The Frank Sinatra Show - Horne & Prowse
FBI arrest two accused kidnappers of Frank Sinatra Jr and recover most of the ransom money in Canoga Park, Los Angeles
Accused kidnappers of Frank Sinatra Jr being arrested in Canoga Park, Los Angeles two days after his December 8th kidnapping. FBI agents search the grounds of a house at 8143 Mason Ave. in Canoga Park where Frank Sinatra Junior was held for ransom. Barry Keenan being arrested by the FBI agents. Another suspect, Joe Amsler, with the agents. Captured ransom money spread on a table. Newsmen click pictures. Frank Sinatra speaks to the reporters. Mother Nancy Barbato and sister Nancy Sinatra hug Francis Albert Sinatra, Jr. at their home in Bel Air, Los Angeles. Location: Canoga Park Los Angeles. Date: December 16, 1963.
Reaction to the news that entertainer Frank Sinatra has died.
Hollywood Stars At Racetrack
Many shots of Hollywood icons at the racetrack, interspersed with horse race. Shots of people rushing to grandstand entrance. Eddie Bracken checks racing form. Shots of Randolph Scott and Don Ameche in grandstand. Lou Costello sticks lit end of cigar in his mouth. Shots of horses trotting along track. Cary Grant in stands with man and woman. Fred Astaire smiles. Frank Sinatra stands with Louis B. Mayer. Shots of horses racing around track. Al Jolson with pretty brunette. Jack Dempsey with pretty blonde. People rooting for horses. Horses cross finish line. Shots of winning jockey receiving floral wreath. DOC - 1940's - B/W
Actor Frank Sinatra accepts Academy Award for best supporting actor at the 26th Academy Awards at Pantages Threatre in Hollywood, CA
For the people of Palm Springs Frank Sinatra will forever hold a special place in their hearts. What was once the Sinatra compound in Rancho Mirage is practically a city landmark. And as people Sunday remember him in his death, many believe he put Palm Springs on the map. While Frank Sinatra's funeral services will be closed to the public, millions of fans worldwide want to say goodbye. Some of them gathered Sunday in Palm Springs to bid farewell to the man they too called a friend. Although the Sinatra family has made no formal announcement as to where Sinatra will be buried it is presumed he will be buried at his family plot at a cemetery in Palm Springs, just a few miles from where he used to live.
United States of America USA. <br/> <br/>American commentary. <br/> <br/>VS. Around log cabin type building in the San Fernando Valley, police are seen looking for foot prints and finger prints. VS. At police headquarters of the two suspects that are under arrest for the kidnapping, Barry Worthington Keenan and Joseph Clyde Amsler. VS. Police chiefs stand by as all the money is laid out on table, this was the ransom. VS. Frank Sinatra Senior steps out of his house to speak to press. MS. Frank Sinatra Junior with his mother and sister. <br/> <br/>(Comb. F.G.)
OBIT Nancy Sinatra Sr
Nancy Sinatra Sr., first wife of Frank Sinatra, dies at 101
WAVES arrive for Frank Sinatra's performance at Walton Auditorium in the Bronx, New York Cuty.
Women military WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) seated in the Walton High School Auditorium in the Bronx, New York City. The Women's military reserve units await a performance by Frank Sinatra. WAVES applaud and cheer. A WAVES stands next to a board stating the night's performance by Frank Sinatra as well as the Station Military and Dance Band. WAVES seated inside the auditorium. They applaud. Location: New York City USA. Date: November 1943.
1958 Frank Sinatra
b&w - Frank Sinatra performing at the Beverly Hilton Hotel after Kings Go Forth Premiere - Singing onstage
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Bing Crosby, celebrity Charity Golf performance Palm Springs
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Bing Crosby, celebrity Charity Golf performance Palm Springs. Palm Springs Riviera Hotel Ballroom. Rare footage of Sinatra onstage with Dean Martin and Bing Crosby. Also on stage with Sammy Davis Jr., Jack Carter, Dean, Bing and Frank Sinatra.
00:00:00:00 Frank Sinatra sings. (0:00)/
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[Frank Sinatra sings The Song Is You]