Pro Grand Master of England Lord Ampthill speaking at 150th anniversary of friendship between English and American Freemasons
Unissued / Unused material. <br/> <br/>London. <br/> <br/>Title reads "Women Freemasons - Installation of Grandmaster in London." <br/> <br/>Various shots of procession of Women in Masonic dress moving down staircase to Masonic Temple to enthrone Mrs Challon as Grandmaster. Woman announces the ceremony - natural sound. Door opens and Grandmaster steps out of a room after the ceremony. Women freemasons congratulate the Grandmaster. <br/> <br/>Natural sound only.
Wooden Weatherboard Public Building, Possibly Previously Freemason's Lodge. Car Passes F/G
Drive, Colorful, Pink, White, Land, New Zealand, Temperate, Topside, Akaroa, australasia, Architecture, Building, Lock Shot, Low Angle, Wide Shot, Domestic, Scenic, Day, Summer
One of New Orleans' above-ground cemeteries, including the gravesite of Freemason Grand Master John Gedge. Note Transferred to Apple Pro Res 422 HQ. Pillarbox. Available in all display formats.
Freemasonry/ Coming out of the myth
Midi Atlantique
White House Cornerstone (1992)
White House Ellipse
PA-0022 Beta SP
Don't Be a Sucker
The road to eternity VI
Light at the End of the corridor VI
VIDEO OF OIL NEAR CHANDELEUR ISLANDS Video shot today of oil near Chandeleur islands followed by raw interview with St Bernard Parish Sheriff Jack Stephens (shot Friday) about the oil on the islands Source: ABC Ingest rolling Slug Chandeleur Islands See videographer Jack Rayzor's shot sheet below.. Significant amount of oil in water between Freemason Islands & Chandeleur Islands There were about 8 boats working off Chandeleur Island mostly on West side. Here is what we shot: Oil off Freemason Islands ( 12 .Miles. SW Chandeleur) Boats off of Chandeleur Oil in water @ Chandeleur Oil both sides of boom Laying more Boom off island Trackin shot oil covered boom (37 mile Due South Bilouxi) Minnows swimming by boom Non Oiled Pelicans on shore & flying Large shrimp boat - booms on board about 3 miles N of island.
Bamboo, Lions and Dragons
Various CSs and CUs of Chinese sculptures and incense holder at Freemason's lodge.
Italy Pope Film (V) - Controversial film linking Pope and crime
TAPE: EF02/0187 IN_TIME: 00:04:25 DURATION: 1:30 SOURCES: APTN/VNR RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video/tv clips without clearance DATELINE: Rome - 5 March 2002 VOICED BY Emily Morgan SHOTLIST: APTN 0000 Wide shot St Peter's Basilica 0007 Mid shot people in the street 0011 Mid shot movie poster for 'I Banchieri di Dio' VNR - Clip from 'I Banchieri di Dio' 0016 UPSOUND (Italian) Bishop Marcinkus (played by Rutger Hauer) "Dear God, we trust in your infinite mercy for the tormented soul of Roberto Calvi, whose industrious life we could never have imagined would end like this." 0023 Various movie clip APTN 0037 SOUNDBITE (Italian) Giuseppe Ferrara, Director of 'I Banchieri di Dio' VNR - Clip from film "I Banchieri di Dio" 0049 Various scene with Roberto Calvi (played by Omero Antonutti) and Bishop Marcinkus (played by Rutger Hauer) APTN - March 6 - Rome 0101 SOUNDBITE (Italian) Claudio Siniscalchi, Editorial Director, Cinematographer's Magazine (a Catholic magazine) VNR - Clip from film "I Banchieri di Dio" 0113 Various clips from film ENDS 0129 STORYLINE: A controversial new movie, which is said to have infuriated the Vatican, is due to premiere in the Italian city of Turin. The film suggests that four years after the election of the Pope the Holy See was at the centre of a conspiracy involving drug-running mafiosi, corrupt bankers and politicians, arms traders, Freemasons and spies. 'I Banchieri di Dio' - or 'God's Banker' - tells the story of Italian financier Roberto Calvi who was once the president of the biggest private bank in Italy. 0003 The Vatican is said to be furious about the controversial new movie. 0007 'God's Banker' suggests the Holy See was at the centre of a conspiracy involving drug-running, corrupt bankers and politicians, arms traders, Freemasons and spies. 0016 (UPSOUND (Italian) Bishop Marcinkus) 0023 The film tells the story of Italian financier Roberto Calvi, who was once the president of the biggest private bank in Italy. 0030 The movie investigates the ties between Calvi, a Bishop at the Vatican Bank, Italian government officials and the Mafia. 0037 (SOUNDBITE (Italian) Giuseppe Ferrara, Director of 'I Banchieri di Dio') 0039 "Certainly the Vatican doesn't come out of this looking good. One cannot commit such major criminal offences," the director, Giuseppe Ferrara, says. 0049 Ferrara says he has proof that deals were struck between Calvi - who was known as 'God's Banker' - and the Vatican Bank. 0057 But the editorial director of a Catholic film magazine begs to differ. 0101 (SOUNDBITE (Italian) Claudio Siniscalchi, Editorial Director, Cinematographer's Magazine - a Catholic magazine) 0104 "The media can construct from nothing facts that don't exist and make them become truths," he says. 0113 After the collapse of Calvi's bank in 1982, he was found hanging from a bridge in London, and the film backs the theory in Italy that his death wasn't suicide, but murder. 0123 The Vatican says it had to pay 250 (m) million dollars to Calvi's creditors. ENDS 0129
Item title reads: "London - Masonic Service - in aid of Islington's War Memorial Fund" <br/> <br/>Islington, London. <br/> <br/>MS Freemasons in parade in regalia of sash and apron entering building.
Saint-Georges, the black Mozart
Several shots of St. John?s Masonic Temple in winter.
New York Grand Master Johnson speaking at commemoration of friendship between English and American Freemasons
John Salvi Defense Rests (03/13/1996)
Both sides wrapped up testimony today in the murder trial of John C. Salvi III. Salvi is charged with killing two abortion clinic workers. His attorneys acknowledge that Salvi was the gunman in the December 30th, 1994 attacks on the clinics in Brookline...but say he was insane. They say he was obsessed with delusions that the mafia, ku klux klan and freemasons were conspiring against catholics to reduce their numbers, by luring catholic women to undergo abortions. Prosecutors argued that Salvi was sane and motivated by extreme anti-abortion views. After both sides finished testimony and cross-examination, the judge gave jurors thursday off. Closing arguments are to start Friday and jurors will be sequestered until they reach a verdict. If convicted of first-degree murder, Salvi faces mandatory life in prison without possibility of parole. If acquitted by reason of insanity, he will be committed to a state hospital until deemed sane.
Eye of Providence Loop
Loop animation of Eye of Providence
Freemasons participate in laying the cornerstone at new Silver Springs, MD, post office in 1936
Full title reads: "London. Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons, founded by women for women, celebrates its 'coming of age' by dedicating new Headquarters and consecrating new Temple." <br/> <br/>London. <br/> <br/>Group of women, dressed in Freemasonry style regalia of bibs and sashes, walk down staircase. <br/> <br/>Unidentified woman speaks to the camera. She says that they are celebrating the 21st Anniversary of the foundation of the 'Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons'. She says that they are based on the Grand Lodge of England and possess the same secrets, degrees and rituals as their male counterparts. <br/> <br/>More shots of women freemasons coming down steps.
1950's - Masonic Ceremony, Oklahoma, USA
Placard stating 'Roll of Honor' - list of Oklahoma Masonic lodges commended by the Prince Hall Grand Lodge for their support of the Public Relations department of the grand lodge during the 1950-1951 year. African American men perform masonic rituals during ceremony at Masonic Lodge, Masonic Aprons handed out.
France Le Pen - Le Pen comments as he arrives for French radio interview
TAPE: EF02/0362 IN_TIME: 22:04:13 DURATION: 2:04 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Paris - 29 April 2002 SHOTLIST: 1. Pan from street to exterior of radio station "Europe 1" 2. Car convoy arriving 3. French Presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen surrounded by security getting out of car 4. SOUNDBITE (French) Jean-Marie Le Pen, French presidential candidate "I'm fine, as you can see, despite the sudden wave of mud, of calumny and, I have to say, a Soviet atmosphere. Everybody is against Le Pen. We have finally discovered the reason for the French slump - it was Le Pen's fault, but if we get rid of him, everything will be fine. The Medef (union bosses) will waltz with the Communist Party, the Cardinal Lustiger with the Freemasons. That would be splendid! I am a factor of national unity!" 5. SOUNDBITE (French) Jean-Marie Le Pen, French presidential candidate "(Q What do you have to say to foreign countries that are criticising you?) Mind your own business." 6. Le Pen entering radio building 7. Various security waiting outside building STORYLINE: French far-right presidential candidate, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has poured scorned on his critics as he arrived for an interview at a French radio station. The French National Front leader quipped that he was a figure of national unity in France, with everyone blaming him for the country's economic problems. Le Pen's second place polling in the presidential primary on April 21 stunned the country. Since the French electorate learnt that Le Pen would face President Jacques Chirac in the May 5 run-off, protesters have taken to the streets on a daily basis. If elected, Le Pen says he will try to cut France's ties with the European Union, restore border controls to limit immigration and phase out income taxes. He opposes abortion, supports the death penalty and has often been accused of being anti-Semitic.