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Entertainment: Toni Braxton - Singer talks about her new single and album
TAPE: EF02/0993 IN_TIME: 14:54:30 DURATION: 4:36 SOURCES: APTN/ BMG/ ARISTA RESTRICTIONS: music video/performance rights must be cleared DATELINE: Los Angeles. Recent SHOTLIST: 1. Clip video 'Hit the Freeway' Toni Braxton 2. SOUNDBITE Toni Braxton on single: "The Neptunes wrote it, I heard the track , I had never heard the song until I went into the studio. They had some guy lyrics and I was like I am a girl, can we get some chick lyrics in here and they said no no just hip hop, and I said I know what hip hop is so I tried their way first and the next time I went in I did it my way, and what you've got is a combination." 3. Clip video 'Hit the Freeway' 4. SOUNDBITE Toni Braxton on including rap and hip hop on the new album: "Because I was trying to maintain the new style of music and how the whole style of music and how the whole music industry is just changing, it is not the same anymore. Hip hop which everyone thought a phase has been here 20 plus years and that is the new pop music to me, it comes in on the charts and it does incredibly. Everyone sings a song and they have a rapper featured on it from Christina (Aguilera) to Justin (Timberlake) to myself, everyone does that now. So I was very conscious of trying to maintain being current." 5. Clip video 'Un-break My Heart' Toni Braxton 6. SOUNDBITE Toni Braxton on attitude to old hits and fans' associations with past work: "Not trying to top it, just trying to stay here, keep it going. I don't want to be on the VH1 commercial where are they? Where is she? I am not ready for that. So I think I have been very fortunate that I have introduced myself with other songs like 'You're Makin Me High' and 'Man Enough For Me' where I have introduced a little bit of hip hop. So I don't think people are totally surprised because I have done it before. But the only songs they tend to remember when you hear my name is the 'Unbreak My Heart''s and the 'Breathe Again''s which is okay too but there are so many other sides of me. " 7. Clip video 'Hit the Freeway' 8. SOUNDBITE Toni Braxton on attitude to music industry since bankruptcy: "Well a little more negative on some parts of the industry than positive only because, because of the bankruptcy I was privy to a lot of things and I know a lot of things about the music business. It is not called music friends, it is not called music talent, it is called the music business. So I know a lot of things so I can't be as creative as I once was. I am not as green, the innocence is gone now that I wish I didn't know about the business. I know now it is really about a bottom line, the industry, that is the industry as a money making thing." 9. Clip video 'Hit the Freeway' 10. SOUNDBITE Toni Braxton on plans for 2003: "My child is due in March but in June I am going to be starring in Aida in New York so I am excited about that. " 11 Clip video 'Hit the Freeway' STORYLINE: TONI BRAXTON BACK WITH 5th STUDIO ALBUM TONI BRAXTON has been a superstar at 23 and she's been bankrupt - now she's back with her fifth album and a spruced up, hip hop sound. 'Hit The Freeway' is the first single from the album 'More Than A Woman' The R&B singer Toni Braxton is also a mother these days - she had baby boy, called Denim Cole Braxton Lewis, in December 2001, the first child for the singer and her husband Keri Lewis, of the band Mint Condition. She is expecting her second in March 2003. Braxton became the first female artist signed to LaFace in 1991, and her 1993 debut album 'Toni Braxton' was a smash hit churning success with eventual sales of more than 8 million. It earned her two Grammys and hit singles including 'Another Sad Love Song,' 'Breathe Again' and 'You Mean the World to Me.' Her second studio album 'Secrets,' released in 1996, included the hit 'Unbreak My Heart' - which stayed at the US number one for 11 weeks, and is the song most fans still associate with her. The album became her second eight million seller, and earned her another two Grammy awards. Towards the end of 1997, Braxton surprised many fans by filing for bankruptcy. The singer had filed a lawsuit against LaFace Records, in an attempt to gain release from a contract she felt was no longer fair. LaFace had countersued, and the bankruptcy move sheilded her from further legal action. Braxton spent most of 1998 in legal limbo, taking on the lead role in Broadway's 'Beauty and the Beast' until a settlement was reached with LaFace in early 1999. A third and fourth album followed, 'Heat' and the holiday season album 'Snowflakes.' For 'More Than A Woman' Braxton brought in seasoned hip hop producers to help her catch the mood of the market. She admits her experiences have made her more conscious of the business side of the music industry, but remains optimistic. Fans are unlikely to see her tour soon, as the birth for her second child is due next March, but they can still see her perform live next summer. Braxton is scheduled to star in her second Broadway show, 'Aida' in June. CLEARANCE DETAILS TITLE: Hit The Freeway ARTIST: Toni Braxton WRITER: TBC PUBLISHER: TBC LABEL: BMG TITLE: Un-break My Heart ARTIST: Toni Braxton WRITER: PUBLISHER: LABEL: ARISTA
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Entertainment P Diddy - P Diddy on the all-star Bad Boys II soundtrack
TAPE: EF03/0666 IN_TIME: 14:21:42 / 21:06:04 DURATION: 2:00 SOURCES: Medialink VNR/Bad Boy Records RESTRICTIONS: music/performance rights must be cleared DATELINE: NA SHOTLIST Bad Boy Records 1. Clip video - 'Shake Your Tailfeather' Nelly, P. Diddy, Murphy Lee MEDIA LINK VNR 2. B-Roll on set of video 3. SOUNDBITE (English) P Diddy: "I guess you could say there is definitely a lot of egos, in a positive way, that you have to juggle, I couldn't go at some of these artists like an artist, I had to go at them as a producer and be there for what they wanted to get across for the record, and also what I wanted to get across." Bad Boy Records 4. Clip video - 'Show Me Your Soul' by P. Diddy, Lenny Kravitz, Pharrell Williams and Loon MEDIA LINK VNR 5. Various b-roll on set of video 6. SOUNDBITE (English) P Diddy: "If there is a Bad Boys III I am definitely going to have to be in front of the camera, being one of the original Bad Boys, I think it's only right that they put me in their film." Bad Boy Records 7. Clip video - 'Shake Your Tailfeather' Nelly, P. Diddy, Murphy Lee P DIDDY CALLS IN FAVOURS FOR 'BAD BOYS II' SOUNDTRACK ALBUM The P Diddy-produced 'Bad Boys II' soundtrack reads like a who's who of hip hop and R & B. Including contributions from the likes of Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Fifty Cent, Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg and Foxxy Brown, the album is a superstar compilation. P. Diddy, Loon and Pharrell Williams rap on the funky Neptunes-produced opening track, 'Show Me Your Soul'; Foxy Brown contributes some rhyming on an R&B song with Mario Winans; "Shake Your Tailfeather," by Nelly, while Murphy Lee and P. Diddy and rapper Freeway contribute to the track, 'Flipside.' Other highlights include the blazing rap track 'La La La' by Jay-Z, and the raw pairing of 50 Cent and the late Notorious B.I.G. results in the ultimate gangsta anthem. There's also the enticing soul of Beyonce on the dance track 'Keep Giving Your Love to Me,' and 'Love Don't Love Me' by Justin Timberlake channeling Prince. Meanwhile, the ever-ambitious P Diddy, who has already conquered the world of music and fashion, now has an acting career in his sights and has vowed to star in any 'Bad Boy' sequel . "Being one of the original Bad Boys, I think it's only right that they put me in their film," he says modestly. 'Bad Boys II', starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, is currently topping the US box office following its release last Friday (18 July) and goes on release across Europe in October. The 'Bad Boys II' soundtrack album is now on release in the US. CLEARANCE DETAILS TITLE: Show Me Your Soul ARTIST: P.Diddy, Pharrell Williams, Lenny Kravitz and Loon WRITER: TBC PUBLISHER: TBC LABEL: Bad Boy Records
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Tattooed woman warming up her body before dancing.
Entertainment Europe: Rob Dougan - Rob Dougan talks about his album
TAPE: EF02/0529 IN_TIME: 14:15:55 DURATION: 3:51 SOURCES: APTN/BMG RESTRICTIONS: music video/performance rights must be cleared DATELINE: London 6/6/02 SHOTLIST 1. Clip 'Clubbed to Death ' Rob Dougan 2. sot Rob Dougan (on why the album has taken so long): "I don't really care how long it takes, I'm not a very careerist person who thinks 'oh yes we have got to keep releasing something every month and pushing hard and becoming a pop success'. I have a bit of slight disgust at that. I think if you do something good that stands the test of time there's no rush." 3. Clip ' Clubbed to Death' Rob Dougan 4. sot Rob Dougan: "All that I really want with music is that with people's imagination, they are listening to it and really they start imagining things and it hits their imagination. But to do that sometimes in a more specific way, 'Clubbed To Death' is aninstrumental and it is really evocative and perhaps you can see situations and stuff. With the other songs sometimes you do it with lyrics, and it is less ambiguous." 5. Clip' Clubbed to Death' Rob Dougan 6. Sot Rob Dougan: "I just tried to make it a little piece of short film that was a video clip as well. We went out to South Africa. I had to train up for this video because there is lots of running, the scenario is running. " 7. Clip ' Clubbed to Death' 8. Sot Rob Dougan: "The running was difficult because the scenario is sort of, and this is really not going to do it justice, it is a reverse world. Whether you picked this up or not it is a reverse world, and eventually it moves forward, struggles out of that reverse world, and starts moving forward, starts running down freeways, speeding up, faster then cars , into the countryside down dirt roads, running down freeways, speeding up faster then cars, into the countryside down dirt roads and resembling a Hitchcock film. And then eventually takes off into the air and bursts into flames. " 9. Clip ' Clubbed to Death' Rob Dougan DOUGAN RELEASES SMASH DANCE HIT IN UK Australian born Rob Dougan got his first break in music in his twenties when he met Rollo Armstrong, who has since gone on to become a giant producer, working with the likes of Faithless and Dido (his sister). Despite some music offers in Australia, British born Rollo headed back to England and Rob decided to join him. Back in London, Rollo set up dance label Cheeky, which produced Rob Dougan alongside artists such as Skinny, Pauline Taylor and of course Faithless. Rollo and Rob soon became known as 'Dignity' or 'Our Tribe' and between 1992 and 1996 the pair did many remixes and Rob set up his own label RDR (Rob Dougan Rollo) and OTM (Our Tribe Management). The pair then met and collaborated with Kristine W on dance smash 'Feel What You Want', in 1997 releasing the album 'Land of the Living'. Then Rob decided to go it alone releasing the single 'Clubbed to Death' which has since taken the world by storm and been used both to advertise Caffreys beer and in the 1999 film 'The Matrix'. Rob then re-released the theme in 1998 with the addition of lyrics and mixes from Rollo and Midfield General and titled it 'Furious Angels', which is also the title of his debut album. 'Clubbed To Death' is released in the UK next week along with an imaginative yet oddball video. The album hits music shops on July 1st. And although the album may be a long time coming Dougan doesn't see this as a problem. " I don't really care how long it takes, I'm not a very careerist person who thinks 'Oh yes, we have got to keep releasing something every month and pushing hard and becoming a pop success', I have a bit of slight disgust at that. I think if you do something good that stands the test of time there's no rush." The long awaited album is by no means a solo effort. Dougan combines his gravelly vocals with huge orchestral strings. Three tracks, 'Will You Follow Me? 'Speed Me Towards Death' and 'One and the Same', use an orchestra and choir of 122 players taking emotive classical music of the Romantic era and combining it with hip hop production techniques and rhythms to produce a 'string beat'. The album also features soaring tunes more suited to film scores and to contrast some simple lyrical pieces such as 'Drinking Song' accompanied by solitary violins or piano chords. Following the bankruptcy of Cheeky, BMG have bought the rights to Rob's forthcoming album and past tracks including much unreleased material, such as his track 'Soon' with Nick Cave and Kylie and the unusual remix of a Sting song that Sting strongly disapproved of. Sting aside, other artists such as U2, Moby, Pet Shop Boys have been more than pleased with Dougan's remixing results and his future success looks assured with the buzz surrounding him at the moment. And if for some reason, the album fails Rob will also be contributing to the soundtrack for 'The Matrix Reloaded', set for release at the end of the year, which is likely to give Rob another hit. CLEARANCE DETAILS TITLE: Clubbed to Death ARTIST: Rob Dougan WRITER: TBC PUBLISHER: TBC LABEL: BMG