American Cars, 1955
Newsreel segment on futuristic test cars. Engineers driving car.
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Models display futuristic clothes at a planetarium in West Germany
Models display futuristic and space age clothes at a planetarium in West Germany. Clothes includes plastic covers, helmet hats and plastic boots. Location: Germany. Date: March 10, 1967.
HZ Kosovo Art
Futuristic sculpture using military waste
4K Footage Time lapse of Crowded Business people and Passenger walking in rush hour Morning to modern office building
4K Footage Time lapse of Crowded Business people and Passenger walking in rush hour Morning to modern office building, downtown district, Sydney, New South Wales, NSW, Australia, business and people
New Orleans, USA, aerial view
Aerial view of New Orleans skyline at twilight along the lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana, United States.
Futuristic Man (Wrist Panel) - 3
An imagined space age man punches buttons on his futuristic wrist panel.
00:00:00:00 Various models & sketches of futuristic car 2:10. (0:00)/
DN-LB-582 Beta SP
Germany [Futuristic Fashions Shown At Planetarium]
BW MOS Futuristic custom cars are shown off in automotive museum with twin models in swimsuits
Walking Thru Futuristic Complex
People walk outside modern office buildings, doubling for futuristic complex. FIC - 1966 - CLR
Futurist school. French futurist Sculptor M. Chauveau at work. <br/> <br/>Various shots of him working on weird pieces of work including head with arms and legs but no body. C/U of the artist as he moulds shapes from clay. M. Chauveau then uses a small chisel to finish his sculptures. <br/> <br/>Very weird avant garde objets d'art. <br/> <br/>Was an Eve's Film Review item. <br/> <br/>Safety print only.
8 p.m.: [October 05, 2022 broadcast]
A2 / France 2
Mayakovsky and his time, 1973 (35mm negative, scan 4K/sound)
Location: Various, Russia Creator: Luigi Perelli The short film describes the life and work of the great Russian poet, the revolutionary character of his poetry, his profound participation in the events of the Soviet Revolution and the early years of power Bolshevik, until the dramatic death by suicide when the very serious degenerations of Stalinian bureaucratism begin to appear. Through the portrait of Mayakovsky live the innovative ferments of a culture that reflects the great transformations and together the acute contradictions that characterized Soviet society in the years between 1920 and 1930. The film is particularly suitable as a presentation of the film version of Mayakovsky's theatrical work “The Bathroom”. 01. Headlines 02. Series of drawings and graphic works by the Russian avant-gardes. PP photographic portrait of adult Mayakovsky. Series of photographs showing the Russian poet child, together with family members and his childhood home. Photographic portrait of Mayakovsky's father and other family members. Photographic portrait of Mayakovsky teenage, sitting in uniform 03. Repertory images related to the living conditions of workers in Russia at the end of the nineteenth century. Repertory images related to the last Tsar Nicholas II and his family, portrayed during public ceremonies. Repertory images related to the Russo-Japanese War of 1905. Repertory images related to the First Russian Revolution 04. Portrait of the artist, a teenager, with a wide flap hat on his head. Other images of the poet, including those in which he is registered, because Bolshevik 05. Repertory images: a train running in the Russian landscape. Moving images alternate with details of expressionist paintings, Russian avant-gardes, Italian futurists (Sant'Elia), while a voice mentions some verses of the poet, taken from the poem” One hundred and fifty million” 06. The images scroll on the press in operation in a printing shop. Photographic portrait of Mayakovsky. Details of Russian Cubo-Futurist Paintings 07. World War I repertoire images 08. Photographic portrait of Mayakovsky. Repertory images on the rubble and devastations of World War I, on life in the trenches, on the bombings 09. World War I repertoire images: soldiers are resumed during leisure activities. Subsequently, images of dead, or wounded soldiers in the trenches 10. Inq of a bell, then of the sculptures of Notre Dame de Paris 11. Repertory images related to the Russian Revolution of 1917. Moving images alternate with details of graphic works of propaganda of the Russian Revolution 12. Graphic works related to the first representation of “Funny Mystery”, in 1918 in Petrograd. Photographic portrait of Lunacarsky (People's Commissioner for Education, 1917 - 1919). Still and moving images that show Mayakovsky during rallies. More photographic images of Mayakovsky among friends, or on movie sets 13. Images taken from a film, written and starred by Mayakovsky: “The Lady and the Hoodlick” 14. Photographic images that portray Mayakovsky with other characters of the time, including the women he loved 15. Photographic images portraying artists friends of Mayakovsky: Shostakovich, Rodchenko and Mejerchol'd. Photographic images show the staging of the work “The Bug”. Details of stage sketches, graphic works of the avant-garde 16. Moving images of repertoire on the post-Russian revolution period. Details of graphic works, cartoons, created by Mayakovsky 17. Repertory images showing Lenin's funeral 18. Repertory images showing industrial work in the Soviet Union in the twenties of the twentieth century. Details of graphic works by Mayakovsky 19. Photographic images showing Mayakovsky among other artists, during the preparation of the show “The Bathroom”. Scene images 20. PPP of Mayakovsky's face while smoking. Photographic images that portray the poet 21. Photographic images portraying moments of the representation of “The Bathroom” in 1953 in Moscow. Moving images showing some moments of the show (in v. in Russian) 22. Photographic images of a representation of 'The Bath' in Poland, in 1954 23. Headlines run on photographic images related to a representation of “The Bathroom”
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Futuristic car at the International Automobile Show at the New York Coliseum in 1956
Dressed in black leotards, women dance to futuristic music and bang cymbals.
New Orleans, USA, aerial view
Aerial view of New Orleans skyline at twilight along the Mississippi River, Louisiana, United States.
Ford Futuristic Driving Simulator
Exterior shots of an enormous white dome, while inside researchers monitor security cameras, observing the drivers operating virtual reality cars. Includes 3D animation of simulated highway.
PA-3227 Beta SP; PA-2361 Beta SP
Your Home Is What You Make It
The Future
The future as envisioned in a 1960-ish cartoon. A girl rides her futuristic bicycle and receives a message on something very much like a pager. The neighborhood she rides in has loads of boomerang-shaped houses. FIC/WA - 1960's - CLR
Unissued / unused material. <br/> <br/>The Future Exhibition Palace in Paris, France. <br/> <br/>Various shots of dome of new exhibition hall under construction. Plans look very futuristic. <br/> <br/>Date on dope sheet is 31/04/1958.
A woman displays kitchen appliances of a model futuristic kitchen of tomorrow in United States
A modern futuristic kitchen is displayed circa 1950. A rotisserie oven rises up from the counter. Housewife or home maker model displays the interior of the oven. She displays the containers arranged in a cupboard under the counter. A blender base rises up in the counter. She puts the container of the blender in the base and uses it. Then she moves to other part of the kitchen and displays electric burners that turn over to close up. The complete kitchen is covered with panels and no appliances are seen outside. Location: United States USA. Date: 1950.