Germany EU Centre
German village becomes EU's centre after Brexit
00:00:00:00 MS man on tractor passes/ MS man pulls wagon into barn/ LS elderly woman walking/ EXT Tudor style bldg (0:00) /
German soldiers search houses in Polish village during World War II.
German soldiers search Polish homes, during World War II. Occupants stand outside as Germans look through a house. One soldier looks through basement opening. German soldiers walk along a road, as they enter a Polish village. Location: Poland. Date: 1940.
[SA. baut Alpenftrape] Reviewing of German Troops/ some sort of parade traveling along village road.
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Germany - glockenspiel clock, Munich, village, cottages on lake, clock with figurines, markets, cities, musicians, folk dancers, amusement park crowds, festival, Octoberfest, rides, amusement park at night, tram, German Alps, scenics, castles, palaces with fountains, decorative houses with paintings, church INT, medieval festival and musicians, man in jester costume, kids, roasting pig, re-creation knights and court, medieval games - fencing, sword fight and jousts, closing montage: shadow hot air balloon over field, aerial of cathedral, red roofed city on Rhine, girl eating ice cream, bell ringer, Kayaks under wooden bridge, pied piper and kids, horse carts on beach.
Location Unknown / Unclear - France? <br/> <br/>Several shots of British troops walking along country road with German prisoners. Several shots of British troops fighting in a village, they take cover behind farmhouse, some smoke seen in distance.
US troops capture German troops in village in Belgium during World War II
German tanks and soldiers pass through a Greek village.
With the R.C.A.F. in Europe
HALS PANs of town of Baden-Baden, Germany. Various street scenes with pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Several street scenes in German provincial town. Street scenes in town of Zweibrucken, Germany. LS of German village on hillside overlooking river. Street scenes in German village. Several TRAVELLING SHOTs of traffic on German Autobahn.
Olympic Village, Munich, timelapse
Timelapse of a zoom in from a cityscape to the Olympic Village in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. The city held the Summer Olympics in 1972.
Allies Continue Advance Through German Villages"
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A2 / France 2
German Army Group A troops invades an unidentified Belgian town.
German soldiers enter a burning village in Estonia
German soldiers enter a burning village in Estonia
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Olympic Village, Munich, timelapse
Timelapse of the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany, at night. The city held the Summer Olympics in 1972.
Title for this item is missing - paperwork states that this item belongs to the NEWS IN A NUTSHELL collection - which is broken apart. <br/> <br/>REBUILT GERMAN VILLAGE <br/> <br/>Wrecked village with soldiers walking around. Cut to lines of new country houses with people working on them. Several shots of the village life in the newly rebuilt village - children playing, horse drawn cart passing, people working.
Defence of Canada
Series of shots of Canadian soldiers participating in manoeuvres in German countryside; shots of armoured vehicles (M-113A3s) and trucks driving down roads and through villages, townspeople moving about, also shots of soldiers breaking camp in the morning.
00:00:00:00 TU gate/tower of small town/ TU man on tractor passing then kids on bikes/ LS family strolls through gate/ LS French flag on mast on tower/ VS people seated at outdoor cafe/ VS teen studen ...
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BAVARIA weather vane with horses, Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle, butterfly, gardens with topiary, Berlin wall, Jeep down road, prison looking barbed wire, maps, BERLIN swan, parks and fountains, street musician with violin, palace, re-creation of medieval, Cities, HAMBURG, DRESDEN MUNICH kids, chickens, ruins, statues, castle, potter, crafts, porcelain, painting, table setting with dinnerware, scenics over Rhine, carving, cliffs overlook Rhine, Berlin, empty stadium, medieval musicians, cafes, art, kids eat ice cream, Bavarian village, clock with figures, medieval troupe, waterwheel, palaces, cathedral, musicians on street, skater, choir, stained glass, balloon rides, aerials German countryside, banquet, fancy food on Rhine cruise, castle, fairytale mermaid combs hair, castle overlooks village, pan countryside, cafes, kiddy ride, tram, grapes, military band, castles, clock, crafts with lathe, making cuckoo clocks, flower garden,
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FR3 / France 3
German prisoners of war are held in Saint-Malo, France, during World War II
[SA. baut Alpenftrape] Reviewing of German Troops/ some sort of parade traveling along village road.
German soldiers arrive with prisoners and a recaptured village in France during World War I
The Battle of Arras in France during World War I. German soldiers arrive with prisoners. A recaptured village. Damaged houses in the village. People stand on a road in the village. Location: France. Date: 1918.