Handicapped athletes play a game of basketball in wheelchairs.
Handicapped snow boarder
Vietnamese boy having convulsions
A young male child having epileptic seizures whilst being cared for at the Buddhist orphanage, Ky Quang PagodaÂÂ II, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
US Special Olympics
Special olympics for the handicapped
Disabled parking sign - blue disabled parking sign showing minimum fine $250 - close up against blue sky - handicap - handicapped
News Clip: Handicap computer
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
Handicapped Workers
Handicapped Workers. A promotional spot about the value of hiring handicapped workers.
Anti-Nazi propaganda
Nazi propaganda to justify euthanasia. Portraits of mentally handicapped people 02:15:22 The courtyard of a mental hospital with people walking around, watched by nurses who exchange food. 02:16:19 As a contrast: Young and healthy women playing ball / a bunch of ugly rats. // 02:21:48 Nazi propaganda with sound: Hitler youth girls busy, doing different kind of handworks. After work it can be played" : Girls are sledging in the snow. // 02:22:19 Mothers leave the city with their children to be safe from British-American air raids (1942/43) This is all very well organized by the Nazi party. Parents can rely on the best childcare in homes of the NSV (National social service). Also in these winter months the NSV has organized an extended "Kinderlandverschickung" (KLV = Kids brought to the safer country side in WW2.) - 2:22.54 "This is a train transport of Berlin children at Anhalter train station just before leaving for Silesia. Other transports go to other parts in the east and south of the Reich. Mom and dad can rely on the best care of their kids. That's a big relief for all social classes. England protects only the children of the wealthy ones. Germany however knows no difference between rich and poor.""
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DN-108 1 inch
[Santa Anita Handicap - 1938]
Champion’s mind
Bolivia Clashes
Bolivian handicapped clash with police
1970s NEWS
DN-LB-319 Beta SP
World of Sports, The - Suburban Handicap horse race
Child with hydrocephalus, Vietnam
Young child with hydrocephalus being cared for at an orphanage. Hydrocephalus is a condition in which the excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid results in an abnormal widening of spaces in the brain. In Vietnamese children the condition sometimes occurs as a result of the child having had prenatal exposure to dioxin, the chemical contained in Agent Orange. Large tracts of land in Vietnam are still adversely impacted by the chemicals used by the American forces in the Vietnam war (1961-1971). Vietnamese authorities claim that a significant number of Vietnamese citizens are still suffering from the adverse effects of Agent Orange. Filmed at the Buddhist orphanage, Ky Quang Pagoda II, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
00:00:00:00 VS pf Sen Labor & Human Resources Subcmte on devices to aid handicapped. (0:00)/
La classe inquinata, 1975-76 (16mm negative, scan 2K/sound)
Location: Perugia, Italy Creator: Gioia Benelli I bambini che presentano dalla nascita, o dopo, un handicap psico-fisico anche leggero, subiscono oggi come sempre un drammatico destino di esclusione e di emarginazione. Il documentario intende dare un contributo dialettico al dibattito in corso su questi temi già iniziato da tempo, anche in Italia, illustrando una nuova indicazione metodologica che scaturisce dalla straordinaria esperienza sviluppatasi in Umbria. 01 . Facciata e inq varie dell'ospedale psichiatrico di Perugia 02 . Camera car sull'istituto 03 . Interni, corridoi e padiglioni; inq varie e pp di vecchi pazienti 04 . Inq e pp di bambini handicappati impegnati in attività didattiche del Centro di Igiene mentale di S. Sisto 05 . Bambini a mensa 06 . Inq di bambini, seguiti dalle assistenti, che dipingono e disegnano 07 . Interviste ad alcuni operatori del CIM 08 . Allievi del CIM nel laboratorio di meccanica 09 . Ragazzi costruiscono un muro 10 . Un giovane disabile impasta frittelle nel laboratorio dello zio
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1982 Golden Globe Awards
newsreel - 1982 Golden Globe Awards - woman tells of special award to Henry Winkler and Garry Marshall for hiring handicapped actor, shots of Winkler and Marshall
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Elderly handicapped senior citizens in wheelchairs.