The millennium of Granada
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Emir Feisal Looks Over British Army
ISSUE_NO = 154 NO_OF_ITEMS = 5 ITEM_NO = 4 DESCRIPTION : Son of the King of Hedjaz visits Aldershot Command where he is witness of a cavalry display. CARD_FILE = 1811 CARD_TITLE : Emir Feisal Looks Over British Army SHOT_LIST : Foreign royalty with British Officers walking along after the Emir alights from car. Cavalry display. Emir and company. Close shot of group. They say a few words in English. SOUND : Voices of above KEYWORDS : Royalty; Military - Ceremonial; King Feisal I of Iraq; Hijaz; Great Britain; Military - Displays MATERIAL : B&W 172 LENGTH_SHOT = 98 DATE_SUBD = 00/00/0000
Syria Pope Preps - Country prepares for Pope's arrival
TAPE: EF01/0383 IN_TIME: 22:45:14 DURATION: 3:49 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Various - 4 May 2001 SHOTLIST: Damascus, Syria 1. General view of Hijaz Square 2. Picture of former President of Syria Hafez Al-Assad 3. Madhat Dahsa Street where the Pope will visit three churches 4. Close up of street sign 5. Church and Omayad mosque 6. Al-Maryamia Church, which Pope will visit 7. Various interiors of church 9. Patriarch Oghnatios Hazeem 10. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Patriarch Oghnatios Hazeem "Christianity should be asked here and not outside this region. Since the Pope is coming from Rome to here, nobody should think that Christianity in Rome is primary and that it is secondary here just because the number of Christians here is less. Christianity started here and then spread to the rest of the world." 11. Cutaway picture of Christ 12. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Patriarch Oghnatios Hazeem "The Pope's opinion is very important to us. We are looking for somebody who respects our suffering. I think this visit is very important for the whole Middle East region." 13. Various shots of people hanging welcome banners for the Pope 14. Portrait of Pope being placed on wall 15. Various of preparations inside Al Abbassyeen stadium 16. Workers cleaning street and planting flowers Golan Heights 17. General view of Golan Heights 18. General view of damaged Orthodox Church 19. Shots inside showing damage 20. General view of heavily damaged Golan Hospital 21. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Hilal Al-Atrash, Governor of Quneitra "Syria is a peaceful country and a country which loves peace and security. Syrians are looking forward to the Pope's historic visit so he can see what our country is suffering from Israeli occupation." 22. Various of Israeli-Syrian border STORYLINE: The Syrian capital Damascus is preparing for the visit of Pope John Paul II in the latest stage of his six day pilgrimage retracing the steps of St. Paul - the first leader of the Christian Church. The Pope will celebrate mass in the Al Abbassyeen stadium on Sunday. The Pope will also visit Quneitra in the Golan Heights and see heavily war damaged buildings including the Orthodox Church and the Golan Hospital on Monday when he will hold a prayer service. The Pontiff began his pilgrimage in Athens, Greece on Friday with a sweeping statement of regret for "sins of action and omission" against Christian Orthodox that includes the sacking of the ancient centre of Greek Byzantium. The declaration - long awaited by Orthodox leaders - could provide a new foundation for the Pope's attempt to encourage dialogue between the two estranged branches of Christianity.
Before concert Hijaz Car and Electrik Gem at the Dairy
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Strasbourg: mobilization of Alsatian artists and intellectuals against the FN
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Strasbourg: presentation association "Kriprod"
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LMD - 97 - Le Printemps de Bourges (backstage and concerts)
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Printemps de Bourges: L'Hijâz'car
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PARIS/ regional selections Printemps de Bourges, the Hijaz car
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In the mountains of Arabia
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