Exteriors of Cuban and Puerto Rican stores and shops in Harlem, New York City, United States.
Hispanic businesses of Harlem, New York City around 1940. Signs in Spanish on stores and shops of community from Cuba and Puerto Rico, along 5th Avenue in Harlem, New York City, including "El Siglo" books and perfumes store, and the "Casa Siegel" furniture, record, and electronics store at 1393 5th Avenue, New York City, near the corner of 115th Street (owned by Sidney Siegel). Exterior marquee of the "Hispano" movie theater. View of the storefront for the "C. Mediavilla Licores " liquor store. A resident leans out of a window above shops. View of the "Garcia and Pena" clothing store at 1357 5th Avenue, New York City. Location: New York United States USA. Date: July 1939.
Hispanic young woman playing violin
Hispanic young woman playing violin. Model Released
Hispanic Heritage; 10/12/00
Hispanic Heritage
Intradermal naevus, wobble test
Dermatoscope image of a wobble test being performed on an intradermal naevus in a 43 year old Hispanic female patient. The contact plate of the dermatoscope is lowered onto the lesion and moved parallel to the skin. The naevus appears to move, or wobble, under the contact plate, rather than moving en bloc. An intradermal naevus is a benign skin growth. It forms at the junction of the epidermis and the dermis, two of the skin's layers.
US Obama Hispanic Heritage (Lon NR)
Obama Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanic family picks cotton in field; Hispanic families lined up with buckets at tanker truck after 1954 flood
African Americans and other minorities are still with us. And
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No title. Lying in State and Funeral of Robert Kennedy, New York and Washington DC, United States of America (USA). <br/> <br/>Low angle shot American flag flying at half mast from St. Patrick's cathedral. L/S ditto. Interior M/S group of men keeping vigil around coffin of assassinated senator Robert Kennedy (Bobby Kennedy). Various shots crowds filing past coffin. Various shots crowds queuing in street and entering cathedral. They come from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. More shots people filing past coffin to pay final respects. Various shots people leaving cathedral. Various shots of Hispanic woman crying hysterically, policemen help her out of the cathedral. <br/> <br/>Various shots crowds of dignitaries in mourning dress entering cathedral for funeral. Amongst them we see film star Cary Grant, delegate / ambassador Averell Harriman, singer / actor Harry Belafonte, future president Richard Nixon, Governor of New York Nelson Rockefeller, Secretary of State Dean Rusk and President Lyndon B Johnson. Various shots procession down aisle. M/S President amongst congregation. M/S Cardinal. Various shots people in crowd outside cathedral while service was in progress. L/S front of cathedral. The Cardinal comes out, followed by other clerics. L/S as coffin is carried down steps, it is blessed by cardinal. C/U Kennedy's widow, Ethel and his eldest son Joseph. Coffin is carried to hearse, members of family walk down steps behind it. <br/> <br/>L/S flags at half-mast in Washington with Capitol in background. L/S Arlington national cemetery with President Kennedy's grave in foreground. C/U eternal flame on grave. Various shots train carrying Kennedy's coffin, it passes crowds standing beside track. Some people salute and hold American flags. Night shot floodlit Capitol building. C/U eternal flame of JFK's grave, pan to pall bearers brining Senator Kennedy's coffin to grave site. Joseph Kennedy leads them, the pall bearers include Lord Harlech, Averell Harriman and astronaut Colonel John Glenn. Night shot of Kennedy family by grave. We see the pall bearers folding the flag covering the coffin. John Glenn hands the flag to Senator Edward Kennedy, who hands it to Joseph, who hands it to Ethel. M/S widow Ethel kneeling before grave. L/S all the mourners kneeling. Ethel kisses the coffin, the rest of the family follow suit. Ethel walks through the mourners, President Johnson speaks to her. The President and Ethel leave, followed by other mourners. <br/> <br/>
1990s Public Transportation
Public transportation - Los Angeles - Hispanic community - latino
An Hispanic woman carrying a Stanley's groceries bag exits a store. A hostess seats unseen patrons.
Cultural appropriation
Radio France: filmed programmes
Summer series on seasonal jobs: The job of tourist guide
Loire Bretagne
but still make only 72 percent as much as men do for comparable jobs. The average income for an Hispanic woman with a college degree is still less than the average income of a white man with a high school diploma.
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1995 School Children
Latino children go to school - students use computers - Hispanic - Latinx
US Obama Hispanic Heritage (CR)
Obama Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
News Clip: Hispanic Awards
B-roll video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story. This story aired at 5pm.
Hispanic Parade; 6/5/1994
local Hispanic parade
Humanitarian aid to Hispanic people following June 1934 flood of the Rio Grande River
Ronald Wilson Reagan makes a speech and people being interviewed on his policies in Washington DC
President of the United States Ronald Reagan's policies in the United States. President Ronald Reagan makes a speech about small business. People on a sidewalk. A man speaks about the failure of the minority business. President Reagan greets people and presents a momento. People praise president Reagan. Ronald Reagan delivers a speech in front of White House. People seated in garden listen to the President. People on sidewalk. Automobile traffic on road. The president speaks about the difference between a small business man and a large business man. A man presents his views on Reagan's policies towards small business man. Shops in a market place in an area of the United States with mostly Hispanic or Latin American owned small businesses. Location: Washington DC USA. Date: November 1984.