Cecil B. DeMille, Jesse Lasky, and Samuel Goldwyn put up plaque for "The Squaw Man," first American feature-length movie
Various Subjects
Historic Hollywood and Los Angeles
00 -:30 - B/W 1920s, ‘Hollywood Today Reel One’ slate. Man operates camera, fade into montage of 1920s Hollywood scene :30 - 1:01 - B/W, 1930s Aerials of Los Angeles 1:02-1:16 - B/W, 1920s-slate reading Hollywood's main thorofares. CU shot of Hollywood Boulevard. HA shot of Hollywood Blvd with traffic, building with sign reading Hollywood Branch, Security Trust & Savings Bank 1:16 - 1:27 - B/W, 1920s POV driving down the street with traffic 1:27 - 1:35 - B/W, 1920s Sunset Blvd street sign. WS Sunset Boulevard, with traffic 1:35 – 2:06 – B/W, 1920s, Slate: “Famous Studios, the homes of modern magic”. EXT. Warner Brothers office building. HA shot of Warner Bros. studio lot with roadway in foreground 2:06 – 2:29 - B/W, 1920s, Mack Sennett Studios EXT. Pathe Studios office 2:29 - 2:33 – B/W,1920s CU of traffic signal with displaying “Stop”, Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street signs above signal. Signal then changes to go 2:33 – 2:56 - B/W, 1930s EXT of Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant 2:57 – 5:29 – COLOR, 1940s - Rearward POV of car driving in Los Angeles driving down Hollywood Boulevard heading West and stopping at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Traffic, trolley cars, yellow and white buses, pedestrians crossing. Hotel Drake can be seen. Shot of Grauman’s Chinese Theater from across Hollywood Boulevard as traffic passes, red trolley cars wait on street 5:29 – 6:22 - B/W, 1930s, Shot of Hollywood Blvd. sign in foreground with traffic in background. EXT of Sardi’s restaurant, various shots. HA shot of Sardi’s, car pulling up to curb 6:23 – 7:01 - B/W, 1930s. HA shot looking down on Hollywood Boulevard facing east. Grauman’s Chinese Theater to left. Banner across Hollywood Boulevard advertising “Shirley Temple”. Traffic moves below 7:01 – 7:49 - B/W, 1930s, Shot of Hollywood Hotel sign, PAN to well-dressed couples passing under sign and to street. PAN down of still of Hollywood Hotel 7:49 – 8:48 - COLOR, 1930s, WS, PAN of area around Grauman’s Chinese Theater, PAN down to theater. WS, HA, Hollywood Bowl 8:49 – 14:03 - B/W, 1930s, HA shot of heavy traffic on freeway. Aerial shot following traffic down freeway. Aerial shots of Hollywood Bowl and area nearby. Aerial shots of traffic, shots of buildings Hollywood area. PAN across to Hollywood Bowl 13:54 – 14:38 - 1940s, COLOR EXT. Original Brown Derby on Wilshire. EXT. 1950s Schwabs Pharmacy. WS of the Ambassador Hotel 14:39 – 16:04 - B/W, 1930s – HA shot over Wilshire Boulevard with Wilshire Boulevard Temple. PAN to opposite side of Wilshire Boulevard. POV driving down Wilshire Boulevard towards Pellissier Building and Wiltern Theatre (Warner Bros. Western Theater). Double decker bus waits a traffic light. EXT locked off shot of Warner Bros. Western Theater. PAN up to top of Theater 16:05 – 16:09 - COLOR – EXT sign reading “Hollywood, Welcome Winter Bowlers” 16:10 – 16:59 - B/W, Night, 1930s – Hollywood Boulevard, heavy traffic, Hotel Christie sign. PAN across Hollywood Boulevard to Hotel Christie sign, heavy traffic on Hollywood Boulevard. Robert’s Drive-In, art deco style drive in 17:00 – 18:49 - B/W, 1910s, Steam train approaches small town station, CU of train wheels moving on tracks, shots of steam training passing. HA shot of steam train passing large lake. MCU various shots of train wheels. B/W, 1920s train approaches station, shot of train moving down rural area. Train approaching rural station 18:49 – 19:17 - B/W, 1920s – EXT WS of Mascot Studios lot. Still images of Mack Sennett Studios lot. Pickford-Fairbanks Studios still of putting up sign. 19:17 – 20:00 - COLOR, Shot looking up from railroad tracks as steam train passes over camera 20:02 – 22:09 - B/W, 1910s – Steam trains pulling in to station, several takes. Train station during heavy rainfall as steam train pulls in to station, passengers quickly get out of train. CU lettering reading “Los Angeles” 22:09 -22:21 – COLOR, 1940s EXT. Union Station CU of entrance. WS of outside of station 22:22 – 23:10 - B/W, 1920s - Man winds old film camera and turns, chyron read “Hollywood” across frame. Stills of ‘Hollywoodland’ sign and ‘Hollywood’ sign. (1930s) Pedestrians sit on bench and wait for bus to arrive, traffic on street. People climb stairs of Los Angeles City Hall 23:12 – 25:06 - B/W, 1910s, Various scenes of actors, Hoot Gibons, Blanche Mehaffy, Fred Gilman, Laura La Plante, Reginald Denny, Dorothy Gulliver, George Lewis (with dog) 25:08 – 27:34 - B/W, 1910s, Slate reads “Tom Mix and his horse “Tony”, EXT of West Coast Studios. Tom Mix shakes hands with man and walks into building. “Shirley Mason and Francis Mac Donald” slate. Bar scene shoot. “Bessie Love and Harold Goodwin” slate. Various scenes shot. “Charles (Buck) Jones with his director and Charles French” slate 27:34 – 29:52 - B/W, 1920s - Man turns film camera, fade in Hollywood montage of various locations and studios around Hollywood. Aerial over Los Angeles. Repeat of Hollywood thoroughfares footage 29:53 – COLOR, 1960s, EXT. Bradbury building, ZI to Bradbury building exterior signage. Various EXT shots of Bradbury building. ZI Million Dollar Theater building, PAN to top of Metropolitan Water District Building 30:47 – 31:07 - B/W, 1930s Man walks in MacArthur Park Lake 31:07 – 32:27 - COLOR, Shot of CU shot of front of old radio, hand turns on radio and tunes radio. MCU of old radio on table. Side angle shot, CU of old radio on table, various angles 32:27 – 32:48 - COLOR, 1940s, Greyhound bus with Hollywood sign on destination board, drives toward camera and stops. Bus approaches depot with ‘Los Angeles’ on destination board on front of bus. Bus turns in and enters depot 32:49 – 33:49 - COLOR, 1940s WS and PAN of Los Angeles from high angles, various shots. Shots of back area of house on hill with swimming pool and small pagoda 33:50 – 34;40 - B/W, 1930s, WS of Hollywoodland sign and Hollywood Tower. PAN to nearby buildings. PANs across Hollywood Blvd. stopping and starting with shot of Pantages Theater 34:41 – 34:53 - COLOR, 1940s, CU traffic signal with Hollywood Blvd, and Vine Street. Signal changes from stop to go 34:53 – 37:55 - COLOR, 1950s, CU of roof of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, slow PAN down to tourists at theater entrance. Side angle shot of ornate roof of theater. Various shots of theater and PANs down. Tourist look at handprints of celebrities including Sofia Loren. MCU of lion statue at theater entrance, tourists in the background. Tourists at entrance of theater, man cleans near entrance. Various shots of two women in high heels walking over celebrity names at entrance of theater 37:56 – 38:31 - B/W, 1940s, EXT Grauman’s Theater, ‘Stagecoach’ banner across Hollywood Boulevard. Sign for map to stars’ homes 38:32 – 39:29 - COLOR, 1970s, EXT of theater with signs for Chaplin, and other vintage films. ‘Betty Boop’ character sign reading ‘Open’ on street. EXT. ‘Walter Allen Studio Plant Rentals’ 39:26 – 40:34 - COLOR, 1930s, EXT of large Los Angeles hotel, various angles. ZI shot from street sign reading “Seacrest Landing, Private, Keep Out”. Shot of people sitting and swimming in large hotel swimming pool 40:35 – 40:58 - B/W, 1930s Still of the Mocambo nightclub in West Hollywood. Early still of Griffith Observatory. Night shot, 1940s, CU traffic signal with Hollywood Blvd, and Vine Street. Signal changes from stop to go 40:58 – 41:03 - COLOR, Sign reading “Clark Gable, Manhattan, Melodrama” 41:07 – 44:25 - COLOR, Movie studio lot made up to look like early 1900s town, snow on ground. Horse and carriages, old cars go down street. ZI to Nickelodeon theatre. Shot of man outside Nickelodeon theater talking people walking by. EXT, night shot of Nickelodeon theater with car 1920s parked outside. CU exterior sign reading ‘Matinee Today’, ZI to man on street trying to get people into theater. CU sign reading ‘Prizes for the Lucky’, EXT night shot of theater. INT of theater, actors wearing period 1910s / 1920 clothing. Audiences applause during movie. Lights come on and crowd looks towards projectionist with anger. Various tracking shots of interior of cinema with people watching films. CU shot of film projector from front angle with light flickering. EXT of Nickelodeon theater at night with neon sign illuminated 44:27 – 45:19 – 1920s, B/W, Slate reading ‘Gentlemen, will please refrain from Smoking, Spitting, or using Profane Language During Performance’ and various other informative and advertising slates before films starts 45:19 - 46:22 - B/W, 1900s, Stills of Melrose Station, WS of small orchard, stills of development and construction 46:23 – 47:35 - COLOR, 1950s, Two men walk into studio lot and walk around while films are being shot, various actors walking around in costume 47:36 – 47:42 - COLOR, Interior shots of audience watching a film 1910s, 1920s period dress 47:53 – 48:33 - B/W, 1920s, Dog standing on tree stump with sheep in the background on a hill. Dog then jumps off high cliff into water below and swims away. Ad for ‘Krausemeyer’s 5 cent beer and free lunch’. Slate reading ‘Francis X Bushman’ then several shots of man on a ship in a suit 48:34 – 56:29 - B/W, 1920s, ‘A Busted Johnny’ film by Mack Sennett.
A pipe bomb has exploded near the Paramount Studios in Hollywood. Police are searching the area for a possible second device. Residents have been evacuated from two nearby apartment buildings since the blast, and it appears no one was injured. Police Officer Jason Lee says there was minor damage to a car.
People and vehicles in front of Century Theater during the shooting of 'This Is The Army' in Hollywood, California.
The shooting of the movie 'This Is The Army' in Hollywood, California. Century Theater and a sign- "Yip! Yip!Yaphank!, Cast of 300 Soldiers". A street scene in front of a theater. People and vehicles on the road. The theater with the camera in the foreground. (World War II period). Location: Hollywood Los Angeles California USA. Date: April 1943.
AFP-136BW 16mm; NET-210 Beta SP (at 01:39:30:00); DigiBeta
General Views of Hollywood, Los Angeles 1990s
views of the famous Hollywood sign on hillside in Hollywood California. People looking at hand and footprints of movie stars in forecourt of Graumanäó»s Chinese Theatre. Hollywood Walk of Fame, shows star of Snow White. Entrance and matinee of El Capitan Theatre Hollywood California. Entrance and matinee of Orpheum Theatre and the State Theatre in Los Angeles California, KRKO radio tower, Los Angeles street scenes, interior scenes of historical Hollywood theatre, aerial views of Los Angeles, Capital Records building, Wilshire Blvd with Hollywood sign in far distance, entrance to Warner Bros Studios.
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Street scenes near Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Streets in Los Angeles, California circa 1950
Street level view near the southeast corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Los Angeles, California. View facing north on Vine Street. A car towing a three-wheel motorcycle turns east onto Hollywood Blvd. Late 1940s and early 1950s automobiles driving on the street. Camera pans westward and other buildings are seen looking north on Vine, including the El Capitan Theatre at 1735 North Vine Street (now the Avalon Hollywood nightclub), the Ontra Cafeteria at 1719 North Vine Street (now the Redbury Hotel at 1717 North Vine), the Melody Lane cafe at the northwest corner of Hollywood and Vine, and the Harris and Frank store on Hollywood Boulevard. Brief view of a streetcar or trolley going west on Hollywood Boulevard. Street level camera view then shifts to the southeast corner of Ivar Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard, looking west on Hollywood Blvd. Theater marquee of the Admiral Theatre (later the Vine Theatre) is seen across the street at 6321 Hollywood Boulevard. Beyond it, looking west, is the Security Pacific Bank building at 6381 Hollywood Boulevard, and beyond that are the Warners Radio Towers for station KFWB atop the Warner Bros Theatre. Pedestrians walking on sidewalks, and cars and trucks on the street. Scene shifts to various elevated views of Los Angeles with a heavy smog layer settled over the city. Location: Los Angeles California USA. Date: 1950.
An educational film from the 1940s about the state of California. 1940s, California, rocky coastline, Pacific Coast, desert, car driving past snow covered embankment along woods, sign pointing to view of Mount Whitney, Mount Whitney, Badwater sign, Death Valley National Park, Badwater Basin, man throwing stones into Badwater Basin, palm tree lined road, El Camino Real sign and bell, Spanish Missions, Coloma, James W Marshall State Historical Monument, gold discovered here by James W. Marshall sign, elderly gold miner panning for gold in stream, gold mining machine, Sacramento, street scene, California State Capitol Building, San Diego, buildings, street scene, port, naval base, San Diego Zoo, animals in pens ,bear, elephant, giraffe, California-Mexico border, cars driving through border crossing, San Francisco, beach near Golden Gate Bridge, cityscape, buildings, cable cars, port, Nob Hill, San Francisco?Oakland Bay Bridge, Berkeley, UC Berkeley, University of California Berkeley, campus buildings, Sather Tower / Campanile, Los Angeles, cityscape, residential houses, UCLA, University of California Los Angeles, campus buildings, USC, University of Southern California, campus buildings, students on campus, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Trojan football game, Pasadena, Tournament of Roses parade, marching band, flower decorated floats, blossoming trees in field, Central Valley, men stacking crates of fruit, fruit trees, citrus fruit, man loading crates of citrus fruit onto truck, citrus crates traveling on conveyor belt in factory, Imperial Valley, All American Canal, agricultural fields, agricultural workers working with produce, cattle being herded, cow, mining, petroleum, oil reserves, hydroelectric power plant, smokestacks, shipyard, steel manufacturing, chemical plant, tire factory, airplane factory, entertainment industry, film studios, Hollywood, Warner Brothers First National Pictures Studio Building, Paramount Pictures Studio Building, Walt Disney Productions Studio Building, RKO radio tower on top of globe, 20th Century Fox sign, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Studios sign, slow motion skier in flight and traveling down snow covered slope, Northern California, Redwood Highway, Redwood trees, car driving through Wawona Tree tunnel, Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Falls, Palm Springs, people lounging next to outdoor swimming pool, person diving off diving board into swimming pool, bear climbing out of water, El Camino Real, Spanish Missions, Fray Junipero Serra, Sacramento, California State Capitol Building, Los Angeles, Long Beach, cityscape, San Francisco, cityscape and San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, man throwing stones into Badwater Basin, Mount Whitney, oil refinery, agricultural industry, factories, factory workers, Hollywood, film studios, 20th Century Fox sign, Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios, field of brightly colored flowers, trains, American and California flags flying on flagpole
00:00:00:00 WS Hollywood Blvd :08/ CU Hollywood (Blvd) street sign :25/ CU Vine (Street) sign :20/ CU Edward R Murrow star :06/ WS Hollywood sign :21/ WS Hollywood Hills homes, sign in background ...
1930s Movie street scene/Weyland Hayward movie star pose 2 girls
AFP-147CD 16mm
Hollywood Street Scenes: Sex Shops, Prostitutes; 03/30/82
ASST. shots of the redlight district of Hollywood including sex shops, prostitutes, porn etc.; EXT. of Pussycat Theatre; Movie poster for Garters and Lace; XXX movie marquee "Garters & Lace, Blonds Have More Fun"; Asst. peopole walk down sidewalks of Hollywood; Crowd of men read magazines at magazine stand; POV Pan of magazine rack filled with smut/porn; Hookers/ prostitutes walk Sunset Blvd sidewalk by day; EXT Le Sex Shoppe, adult book store/ video store; EXT The Cave Theatre; Insane woman wanders sidewalk; Tripple X theaters; EXT Sin-O-Rama
Los Angeles, 1949
A short film, highlighting the many aspects of Los Angeles. Landmark Buildings include; City Hall, County Hall Of Justice and County Jail, Federal Building, Los Angeles County General Hospital, Public Library, The Old Plaza Church, NBC Studio, CBS Studio and Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Locations: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Alvaro Street, Wilshire Blvd, Hollywood and Vine, Pershing Square, The Hollywood Bowl, UCLA, USC Campus, Farmer's Market, Hollywood Park, a Movie Set (actress Shirley Temple and actor Robert Young), Santa Anita Park, Hollywood Park, Hoover Dam and Muscle Beach. Aerial Views: Sound Stages and Studio Movie Lots, San Fernando Valley, Oil Derricks, Los Angeles Harbor, Griffith Observatory, Freeways, Orange Groves and City Of Los Angeles. As Well As Scenes: Electrical transmission towers, parks & playgrounds, streetcar, Horse Racing, Polo, Bowling On The Green, Swimming, Swimming Pool, Competitive Diving, Pacific Ocean Beach, Sunbathing, Beach Volleyball, Golf courses and Tennis.
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Hollywood movie studio buildings in the late 1930s
Hills around Hollywood, without the famous sign. Paramount Pictures Corporation front gate in Hollywood. Beverly Hills scenes.
Pedestrians on street. Aerial view of houses. Hills above Hollywood, without the sign (presumably being replaced 1949-50). A sign reads 'Paramount Pictures'. People stand in front of its gate. Two women walk along sidewalk in Beverly Hills. Views of some homes in Beverly Hills. Location: Hollywood Los Angeles California USA. Date: 1950.
DN-B-178 Beta SP
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