UN, U.S. and British governments provide aid to the victims of an earthquake in El Marj, Libya.
Aerial views of post-earthquake El Marj, Libya. Victims search the wreckage for their possessions, following the earthquake. United Nations, British and U.S. government assistance includes airlifted tents to shelter the homeless. A U.S. airmen is seen assisting injured earthquake victims. Libyan Prime Minister, Muhammad Osman Said, is seen visiting the victims. Victims pose for a picture in front of tents. Location: El Marj Libya. Date: February 28, 1963.
2021 Urban Homeless Tent
2021 Urban Homeless Tent & Los Angeles traffic late afternoon
Homeless People On Street
Homeless Poverty stricken street person keeps warm in a sleeping bag under a bridge in winter. Homeless in winter weather. Small tent, makeshift shelter against freezing temperatures for the homeless. Down and out derelicts living on the streets.
US CA Virus Homeless Camps
San Francisco okays homeless tent camps amid virus
Full title reads: "Thousands Homeless After Great Fire". <br/> <br/>Panama, Central America. <br/> <br/>VS night shots of fire raging through a third of the wooden houses of the city of Colon in Panama. <br/> <br/>Spectacular shots of vast blaze at night. Firemen work to put out flames. <br/> <br/>GV of the devastated city the morning after the fire. <br/> <br/>Shots of tent village for refugees made homeless by the fire.
1965. Shows aid provided and delivered by U.S. Military personnel to people of San Salvador. Field kitchen set-up to feed the homeless and tent cities erected for shelter. U.S. aid to people when natural disasters strike.
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Disasters; Earthquake
New Zealand earthquake; Napier ruined -- dead, injured, damage; pan of totally ruined buildings; car goes over crack in bridge; split roads, cars fallen in; more ruined buildings; homeless in tent city; more ruins
Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: the risk of a humanitarian crisis
A2 / France 2
Extreme cold: two gyms open for the homeless
Loire Bretagne
Full title reads: "Earthquake In Peru". <br/> <br/>Peru. <br/> <br/>VS of ruined and damaged houses and of rescue workers digging amongst debris after severe earthquake in Peru. <br/> <br/>GVs. of homeless people congregating at area where tents and makeshift huts are assembled to house them. <br/> <br/>(Dublin Reel)
Medical facility provided to wounded, soldiers remove rubble and homeless people on ground due to earthquake in Volos, Greece.
Damage due to earthquake in Volos, Thessaly, Greece. Roof falling apart during an earthquake. Two women walk past a destroyed church. Damaged buildings and homes. A bulldozer in front of a damaged building. Greek civilians and soldiers remove the dead bodies from the rubble. Soldiers carry a wounded on a stretcher. Medical facility provided to people in tents. Evacuees are led to evacuation site. Some women are holding small children. Men and women setting up tents at the evacuation site. Location: Volos Greece. Date: April 25, 1955.
2021 Urban Homeless Tent
Pan to urban homeless tent - Los Angeles street traffic
Tent City - Homeless
Police Officers arrest squatters living at an urban tent city. Street people thrown out of make shift homes by police squad. Angry citizens confront police as they are evicted from property.
Italy Quake Tents
Makeshift tent city houses quake victims
American Red Cross; WWI
WWI troops are fed by Red Cross Volunteers (nice chow line); troope eat in mess; Red Cross ambulances on battlefield of France; cigarettes given out to troops; Red Cross nurses care to WWI injured troops in English hospital; lots of men in wheelchairs; Men race on cruches; have tug-of-war with nurses NICE; Red Cross volunteers have food group displays (Sign: 'War Bread'); Nurses fold clothes, sew garments; WWI troops return, Red cross nurses cheer returning soldiers; Red Cross women unveil memorial to lost nurses - stature seen; floods on great plains; homes underwater, home floats away, homeless fed, tent city;
2021 Urban Homeless Tent
Urban homeless tent - Los Angeles 6th Street traffic late afternoon
10:12:18:02,Shanty town. Pan (nice), Doctor (in his 50's) examines two kids by a pond. Tongue depressor and light, Kids run away, Doctor with bag walks through shanty town, Fire and smoke in shanty town, CU Baby in mothers arms, Doctor brings homeless family home with him, Kindly Doctor smokes pipe, Kids play in exam room, ride gurney, knock down old lady, CU mad old lady, Two old women talk over tea, Old woman on phone, Granny reads to kids by the fire, MS Older couple sitting by the fire, Two kids in pajamas listen at banister, Granny admires herself in mirror, CU Deed, Two kids drop letter down grate, Nurse and man in lab, Man and nurse talk while cleaning beakers, Doctor visits shanty town in the rain, Faces of impoverished persons, Man plays pin ball. CU pinball game. (Nice) quick cut reactions, Montage, Men on phone, Man on phone while getting massage, CU Old phone being hung up, Doctor lights, smokes pipe in easy chair, Poor people in shanty town moved out, Pan of city street, morning, Car almost hits men on street, Citizens confront homeless, Mob confronts homeless to move. Cops get pushy, Homeless take up bats and stones, Doctor looking through microscope, CU Slide of virus, Homeless stand their ground, cops approach. Toe to toe confrontation (Nice), Doctor announces quarantine, moves crowd back, Doctor prepares to scrub up, Sign: QUARANTINED AREA KEEP OUT. pan to bonfire, Doctor takes young boy's temperature, Doctor and father stand over sick girl, Distressed mother wipes brow, CU baby with finger in it's mouth, Sick woman faints into Mari's arms, Headline: EPIDEMIC SPREADING, Hospital tent erected, Epidemic montage. Doctor treats patients superimposed over medical chart, Two women washing cloths. Washtubs, Men watch action from window, Montage, doctor fights epidemic superimposed over medical chart, Headline: CRISIS LOOMS, Headlines: EPIDEMIC CHECKED. COUNCIL VOTES HOUSING PROJECT, Headline: EPIDEMIC SPREADING, Headline: EPIDEMIC CHICKED, Doctor takes thermometer from boys mouth. All is well, Doctor surveys patients in hospital tent
CA Homeless
Police and social-service workers on Thursday began clearing away one of the nation's largest homeless encampments, a cluster of flimsy tents and plywood shelters that once housed more than 200 people in the heart of wealthy Silicon Valley. (Dec. 4)