3:00:38:08-3:05:07:17>>>COLOR SYNC Contemproary interview with Ronnie Spector backstage at concert. SHe discusses: 1) Radio stations she listens to - oldies, and recent music. 2) Favorite song: I Can Hear Music - covered by the Beach Boys. 3) Rock & roll came out of small black clubs. 4) Soul music helped deliver a good message to many people - which helped change the world. Music is relaxing. 5) She is very excited about Super Night and the performers there. 6) The end of her career - regrets about not being able to perform live. Some background noise, music.
Pres. Harry Truman continues his speech at the 1952 Democratic National Convention in Chicago
GIs come home to a rosy future. Detroit Times headlines: NAZI RADIO ANNOUNCES WAR ENDS IN EUROPE; ALLIES RULE SW PACIFIC Young woman in dress, apron sits in chair, reads magazine, looks out window, is happily surprised, jumps up WWII army sergeant exits purple 'CHECKER CAB,' pays driver, limps toward house with cane, young woman runs out of house, hugs him CU they kiss, climb steps Teen boys eat lunch, talk in school cafeteria Teen girl in dress pays for food in school cafeteria Girl smiles Narrator tells us how one girl gets lots of dates by 'parking in cars with the boys at night,' and 'she dates all the boys' Girl walks over to table with tray, talks to group, boy hands her paper Narrator tells us she is 'not really popular' Boys make comments about girl, second girl says 'meow, meow.' Girl takes water from dispenser, puts glass on tray, second girl talks with her, invites her to table, she sits CU phone rings, female hand picks it up Teen girl talks on phone Teen boy talks on phone They discuss possible dates to movies, 'teen town,' skating party, wienie roast Offscreen narrator tells us this is way to make a date Dad wears suit, sits in easy chair, reads newspaper, teen girl descends stairs, lets teen boy in, he takes off ear muffs, she introduces him to dad, mom, boy comes off like world's biggest dork, talks with girl's mom Teen girl descends steps, smiles Mirror view of teen boy, girl putting on gloves, earmuffs Teen girl hands boy ice skates, shows key, they exit Fishing boat enters crowded harbor Steam locomotive moves through rail yard Switcher engine moves boxcars Diesel engine pulls train under bridge Table stacked with food products, including many of today's brands, plus a box of DREFT!!, woman's hands point to products, lift black cloth to block view, remove it and, presto, shot is now in B/W, then she changes it back to color CU packs of various brands of cigarettes CU hand puts something in creel (fishing basket) CU creel lies on side, several fish next to it Next to pond, man smokes cigarette, lights one for woman, on their way to their first cancer operation CU man lights woman's cigarette Ext. man in tuxedo lights cigarette for woman in gown (NIGHT) CU Joe drives Car stops at house, Joe walks into house with bundles Joe sits in easy chair, reads comics, laughs, picks up fireplace andiron, lifts over head, throws back out, yells in pain, argues with narrator Joe in line with men in costumes of several nations, they all merge into his body Time machine appears next to Joe, he pulls lever, watches cave woman on screen pounding rocks, then man with pipe hammering spike into a wheel (could pass for animated character watching TV) Man hammers spike, lifts anvil, strikes match on it, lights pipe CU flexed bicep, 1/2 and horse drawn on it Horses run on treadmill to turn wheels Joe runs machine with lever, machine stamps metal into wheels Joe speeds out of factory in suit, hat, he struts CU Joe gets mad at narrator CU cartoon versions of Constitution, Bill of Rights Man with top hat hands blueprint to man in suit, he hands it to Joe, who enters tiny 'MODEL SHOP,' works, exits with engine, looks proud Joe enthroned atop giant engine, man in suit gives him OK sign, he pulls lever, various futuristic products emerge on conveyor belt CU Joe tips crown Teen boy, teen girl walk to her door, look uneasy, he practically attacks her trying to get a kiss, she gets upset, runs into house, he walks away feeling stupid They approach door again, he says 'so long,' walks away CU girl looks sad They approach door again, talk, smile, say good night, boy walks away smiling, whistling Female master chef demonstrates techniques for making jelly in kitchen Woman in dress, apron cooks, talks to woman in dress Master female chef dumps contents of jar onto plate, result is runny jelly, teenage girls at table giggle, she lectures CU hands dump contents of jar onto plate, result is soft jelly falls over, hands cut it with knife CU hands dump contents of jar onto plate, result is perfect jelly, hand cuts it with knife Same dumping business, result is stiff jelly, more cutting Teen boys, girls pick up food, drinks at table, banner overhead ('SCAVENGER SALE') One boy, girl sit on crate, use second crate as table, bottles of Coca Cola, food on crate, they talk, girl drinks coke through straw, they talk about potential date possibilities: bicycle trips, weenie roasts, taffy pulls, miniature golf, square dances, baseball games, bowling, band concert Girl says 'baseball games and taffy pulls. I think they're swell.' Teens 'break open the ice cream' Family sings praises of electrical appliances CU teen girl's feet in bobby sox, saddle shoes tap in rhythm Portable radio Teen girl wears man's shirt, tail out, irons, bops to big-band music, turns radio off Teen girl irons, talks CU middle-aged woman talks 'Normal' teen boy, nerdy teen boy do Alphonse-Gaston act, enter front door Nerd says hello, hugs mom, introduces normal boy Alex Teen girl annoyed, nerd's voiceover ('you're the twin without the Toni.') Alex looks in bathroom mirror, shaves with electric razor, talks Nerdy boy looks out of shower, talks Mom pulls blanket out of washer, teen girl sorts laundry, they talk in CU Teen girl reads magazine on sofa, dad smokes pipe, Alex bores them to death with techno chatter Teen girls take towels from dryer, one hugs a towel, one mimics mom CU Alex wears suit, blabs some more to teen girl CU thrilled teen girl smiles ('golly, I'm so impressed!!') 'IKE' button bounces behind words 'EISENHOWER FOR PRESIDENT' Uncle Sam struts with baton, wears 'IKE' button (seen again) CU Eisenhower caricature Elephant wears Ike caricature, parades, beats bass drum with tail, wears 'IKE' banner on trunk (seen again) People of various walks of life march with IKE signs Donkeys represent Democratic candidates Farmer drives tractor with 'IKE' banner Parents push baby carriage flying 'IKE' balloon, their dog has 'IKE' banner on tail Tail beats 'IKE' bass drum Sign with Eisenhower caricature People with 'IKE' signs march past sign ('WHITE HOUSE') from day into night Silhouette of man riding donkey in background Jet plane flies 'IKE' banner over United States Capitol Building 'IKE' sun rises over Capitol Building CU girl blows on nails Girl stands, talks, points to appliances, takes clothes from Whirlpool washer, puts them into Whirlpool dryer, sits on high stool, talks Woman wears dress, pearls, fresh hairdo, talks on phone in kitchen, hangs up, talks to us about advantages of owning 'two fine Fords' Man in suit gets into '56 or '57 Ford in suburban driveway, drives past Ford station wagon Hollywood-style musical fantasy by General Motors. Art of night city skyline Woman with perfect makeup and hairdo 'sleeps' in Hollywood-type bed Masked man in top hat, tails waltzes into room, does worst imitation of Fred Astaire in recorded history, holds out tray to woman, she takes heart-shaped invitation from it CU in woman's hands heart-shaped invitation says 'SPECIAL INVITATION TO THE GENERAL MOTORS MOTORAMA' Woman in pajamas rolls out of bed, dances, pajamas suddenly turn to beautiful gown, she looks at camera through frame of large mirror, 'dances,' flies out window after heart invitation Invitation flies past art skyline Masked top hat man holds, points to invitation, 'INFORMATION' sign overhead Woman dances down hall toward masked man CU puzzled woman's face Woman takes invitation from pipe hanging from ceiling, puts it back on tray held by man Crowds jam large room to see 'concept' cars Masked man points out General Motors wonders to woman, she looks through opera glasses, dances to back of crowd, tries to see over tall people, top-hat man materializes, lifts her ballet style for better view People smile at cars, man holds woman aloft, she stares, 'CHEVROLET' sign overhead During following, woman sings about wanting each car Woman looks over crowd at 1950s Corvette Crowd looks at 1950s Pontiac, man dances on carrying woman CU Pontiac front end They dance in, look at 1950s Oldsmobile convertible Crowd looks at Oldsmobile convertible They dance to, look at Buick convertible, crowd looks also Woman thrilled in driver's seat of Buick convertible Man carries woman over to a Cadillac, crowd watches Woman steps out of back door of Cadillac, opens umbrella (I have no idea why), photographer snaps her photo, umbrella disappears, apron appears around her waist, she swoons in man's arms, he carries her off, puts her down in ultra-modern kitchen, spins, vanishes, she dances around kitchen, slips card in slot, picture of food appears on screen, she pushes button, mixer blades descend from cabinet into glass bowl, spin, she operates lazy-susan refrigerator, pushes button, cabinet rolls out with pan of cake dough, she puts it into oven with glass-dome top Woman skips behind upright, emerges in tennis outfit with racquet, dances, goes back, comes out in golf clothes, spins club, dances, goes back, comes out in swim suit, large hat, pantomimes oiling body, lies down on bench to 'sunbathe', goes back, emerges in gown, apron, exits Woman dances into kitchen, pushes button, oven dome opens, she removes cake with frosting, birthday candles, candles suddenly light Woman crosses fingers, closes eyes, blows out candles, smoke fills screen Smoke clears, reveals woman on stage Audience applauds Woman bows CU woman smiles Audience claps in unison (GREAT) Woman does goofy dance on 'futuristic' stage Woman throws sparkling stuff in air Fireworks against night sky Chauffeur opens door of Cadillac limo on rotating display stage, model exits in Dior outfit Model in Montesano outfit stands next to Buick Centurion on rotating display stage, holds dog, puts dog on car roof Model stands next to Oldsmobile Golden Rocket on rotating display stage, wears Pat Primo outfit Model in Emilio of Capri outfit stands next to Pontiac Club de Mer on rotating turntable, dances Model in Digby Morton outfit dances next to Chevy Impala on rotating display stage Audience looks up with open mouths Top-hat man says 'ssshhhh!' Audience says 'sssshhh!' Woman is astounded Man presents Firebird II car in cloud of smoke, opens door Woman floats from upper level of set to floor, dances to man at car, he puts white fur stole around her neck, ushers her into car Audience is wowed Gull wing doors close as man, woman sit in car, his mask vanishes, she is surprised Headlights slide out of fenders Car pulls away, kind of flies off Audience watches View of stagey 'road of tomorrow' from moving car. Color version of futurama with all kinds of models on roadway Mini cars zoom on roads in Disney-style model of future highways, looking like a forerunner of Hot Wheels as voiceover male, female sing corny song about our bright future Woman passenger astounded Tranquilizers as the antidote to reality. CU man apparently tries to sleep on rug Six model Greek columns, 'ATARAXIA' appears overhead Lab equipment on table, bubbling beaker, two tense grasping male arms (!!) stick up through holes in table, glass bottle hangs overhead CU beakers, flasks with unhappy Mr. Potato-Head-type features glued on Glass bottle of apparent rock candy, tube labeled 'ATARAXIC' Hands try to reach hanging bottle CU crystals fall from neck of bottle CU red liquid in beaker bubbles, smokes, turns blue CU hands relax Businessman relaxes, spins slowly in chair behind desk, poles for walls, arm with newspaper rises from desk top, man takes paper, opens it, it's 'THE DAILY TRIBUNE EXTRA HURRICANE ON THE WAY,' then he opens another paper, 'THE PARK TRIBUNE EXTRA HURRICANE OUT TO SEA,' he throws paper on floor, arm rises again with newspapers, man takes, opens, reads 'THE EVENING TIMES EXTRA BUSINESS DIP DUE' (apparently this guy IS the business dip!), next it's 'THE EVENING JOURNAL EXTRA INCOME AT NEW HIGH,' he throws newspaper away again Modern kitchen, 1958 style Woman in dress, apron, earrings, new hairdo, pulls down panel with burners on it CU hand holds mixer, puts it into bowl CU small chickens turn on General Electric rotisserie, hand closes lid CU overhead shot of toast rising slowly out of toaster CU hand opens tray in bottom of toaster, puts toast into tray, closes it CU hand pours tomato juice from plastic pitcher into glass CU electric can opener opens can CU hands take open can of Campbell's soup from electric can opener CU hand takes bowl of ice away from ice maker CU from rug level, vacuum cleaner cleans CU floor polisher polishes floor Off screen narrator says 'everyday conveniences...which we as Americans may enjoy' All dressed up with nowhere to go Large telescope in observatory, dome opens, reveals night sky (SKY IS SFX, AND TELESCOPE IS PROBABLY MINIATURE), SFX meteor streaks across sky next time we see this Off screen narrator says 'you are about to enter a beautiful, exciting, wonderful, new world, the world of 1960!' Crowd of people in tuxes, gowns, furs on sound stage, mini observatory, SFX sky, SFX city lights in background People watch SFX meteor streak across SFX night sky, land, suddenly turn into a 1960 Ford Galaxie (surprise!) Two more SFX meteors land, turn into a Thunderbird and a Ford Falcon Elegant (read 'snooty') people march over dutifully to check out the Fords CU right front fender with 'GALAXIE' name, dolly along right side of car to rear bumper with 1960 plate Dolly along left side of Thunderbird as people look, to rear bumper with 1960 plate Front end of Falcon with 'FORD' name above grill People look at Falcon Off screen chorus sings about the 'beautiful, wonderful, new world of Fords' (and who wouldn't?)
FSN-282 Beta SP
China: confined generation
France 24
Hyde Park, London, turned into a milk distribution center during World War I
Farmers drive wagons filled with milk cans, into Hyde Park, during World War 1. Volunteers help unload the milk cans and line them up along a walkway. Afterwards, they clean their hands in the park lake. A new slate speaks of need to conserve petrol. Men stand looking over stacks of petrol (gasoline) cans in another area of the park. Two trucks (lorries) drive between the stacks of cans. Scene reverts again to volunteers washing their hands in the lake, and to men moving cans of milk. Next, British soldiers in uniform, are seen helping to move milk cans. Scene changes to a long queue of men and women waiting for public transport. Double-decker buses move through the area. A glimpse of a railroad train station, is followed by another look at the men washing hands in the lake. A line of empty trucks leaves the park. A final view of stacked milk cans. Location: London England United Kingdom. Date: 1915.
President Bill Clinton - Affirmative Action Speech, 1995
Thank you very much. To the members of Congress who are here; members of the Cabinet and the administration, my fellow Americans: In recent weeks I have begun a conversation with the American people about our fate and our duty to prepare our nation not only to meet the new century, but to live and lead in a world transformed to a degree seldom seen in all of our history. Much of this change is good, but it is not all good, and all of us are affected by it. Therefore, we must reach beyond our fears and our divisions to a new time of great and common purpose. Our challenge is twofold: first, to restore the American dream of opportunity and the American value of responsibility; and second, to bring our country together amid all our diversity into a stronger community, so that we can find common ground and move forward as one. More than ever these two endeavors are inseparable. I am absolutely convinced we cannot restore economic opportunity or solve our social problems unless we find a way to bring the American people together. To bring our people together we must openly and honestly deal with the issues that divide us. Today I want to discuss one of those issues: affirmative action. It is, in a way, ironic that this issue should be divisive today, because affirmative action began 25 years ago by a Republican president with bipartisan support. It began simply as a means to an end of enduring national purpose -- equal opportunity for all Americans. So let us today trace the roots of affirmative action in our never-ending search for equal opportunity. Let us determine what it is and what it isn't. Let us see where it's worked and where it hasn't, and ask ourselves what we need to do now. Along the way, let us remember always that finding common ground as we move toward the 21st century depends fundamentally on our shared commitment to equal opportunity for all Americans. It is a moral imperative, a constitutional mandate, and a legal necessity. There could be no better place for this discussion than the National Archives, for within these walls are America's bedrocks of our common ground -- the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. No paper is as lasting as the words these documents contain. So we put them in these special cases to protect the parchment from the elements. No building is as solid as the principles these documents embody, but we sure tried to build one with these metal doors 11 inches thick to keep them safe, for these documents are America's only crown jewels. But the best place of all to hold these words and these principles is the one place in which they can never fade and never grow old -- in the stronger chambers of our hearts. Beyond all else, our country is a set of convictions: We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our whole history can be seen first as an effort to preserve these rights, and then as an effort to make them real in the lives of all our citizens. We know that from the beginning, there was a great gap between the plain meaning of our creed and the meaner reality of our daily lives. Back then, only white male property owners could vote. Black slaves were not even counted as whole people, and Native Americans were regarded as little more than an obstacle to our great national progress. No wonder Thomas Jefferson, reflecting on slavery, said he trembled to think God is just. On the 200th anniversary of our great Constitution, Justice Thurgood Marshall, the grandson of a slave, said, The government our founders devised was defective from the start
Bridgeman Images Details
Gilberto Gil, Brazilian guitarist and singer, performs songs (in English with some Portuguese). The music shows the influence of Latin American, Portuguese, jazz, and primitive "countryside" forms. Titles include: "Can't Find My Way", "I Want to Change the World", "Just Want to Talk to You", "I Came Home So Happy", "I'm Gonna Do my Best." 1971. Gilberto Gil, well-known Brazilian guitarist and singer, since 1958 in exile in America, performs songs (in English with some Portuguese). With: Gilberto Gil, guitarist-singer, solo. The music shows the influence of Latin American, Portuguese, jazz, and primitive "countryside" forms. Titles include: "Can't Find My Way", "I Want to Change the World", "Just Want to Talk to You", "I Came Home So Happy", "I'm Gonna Do my Best." . 28 mins. Produced and Directed by Merrill Brockway. Air Date: 11/14/71 Gilberto Gil, guitarist-singer.
00:00:00:15 here we are 4 days away from the pennsylvania election...don't let people tell you that we can't do that. I'm reminded every day, that I'm not a perfect man, and I haven't been a perfect c ...
1970s NEWS
Bill Moyers Does it say anything to you about the need to radically change the way things are? Do you think the assumptions on which we've lived in a capitalist society for so long have to be tackled and altered? Robert McNamara 51:41 I mean well, we're changing our assumptions I don't like the program allows time for us to go into it fully. But we are changing our assumptions. We're becoming much more sensitive to the rest of the world, we, it is true that that in this present, period of difficulty, economic difficulty in the US, we tend to be turning inward. But that's just a minor dip and a rising secular trend of turning outward, certainly in your lifetime, and surely in mine, this nation has become much more sensitive to problems elsewhere in the world, much more willing to try to join in meeting those problems. I think we've learned we can do it all by ourselves. And we shouldn't try. But we're understanding, then on our own narrow self interest, we should deal with these problems. Our children cannot live on an island of affluence in a sea of poverty, that's not a secure world, it's not going to be a prosperous world. For him, it's not going to be a happy world for them. We can only live if we take account of the problems of other nations. I think that philosophical, political, economic changes occur.
3:00:38:08-3:05:07:17>>>COLOR SYNC Contemproary interview with Ronnie Spector backstage at concert. SHe discusses:,1) Radio stations she listens to - oldies, and recent music.,2) Favorite song: I Can Hear Music - covered by the Beach Boys.,3) Rock & roll came out of small black clubs.,4) Soul music helped deliver a good message to many people - which helped change the world. Music is relaxing.,5) She is very excited about Super Night and the performers there.,6) The end of her career - regrets about not being able to perform live.,Some background noise, music.
Harry S. Truman defends United States actions in Korea
Manuel Bompard
Radio France: filmed programmes
Titles read: "MofI GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL". <br/> <br/>C/U of a poster on a wall reading "Learn To Cook - The ATS WAAF and WRNS Need You". A group of women look at the poster and discuss it, saying they want a change (from cooking), they can't cook anyway and they want to do something exciting. <br/> <br/>One woman turns towards camera and says in a rather plummy voice "Well, I think I'd like to be a cook". She explains to the others that without cooks you can't win a war and that an army marches on its stomach. <br/> <br/>Montage of shots shows soldiers marching along then breaking into a run. There are no cooks at the army kitchen and the men bang their cups and cutlery on the tables. Sailors walk along and wave their hats at some catering girls carrying baking trays. Airmen try to taste some food from a frying pan but a kitchen girl slaps their hands with an implement. <br/> <br/>Several shots of women at work in kitchens. In one shot the plummy woman turns round and points a spoon at us, saying "and there's room for you too!". Titles superimposed over plummy woman dishing out grub read "Cooks Are Wanted For The Forces - What About YOU?".
John Edwards 1/15/04: RS 117 from Mt. Pleasant, Iowa 17:43:53 step to podium thank you 17:44:11 i'm proud to have all the support...person i am proudest to have is elizabeth... 17:44:33 also governor thank you coming here from South Carolina. i want to introduce people who stood with me fom the beginning my 2 co-chairs from he state of iowa. 17:45:13 alright here we go 5 days. we have 5 days to change this country. you and i can do it together we can change the country. 17:45:37 the best fact is i'm now being attacked by everybody. 17:45:48 our great friend Rick Santorum went to NH to attack me. the other candidates are attacking me now. 17:46:04 my campaign has always been positive and uplifting. this is what i fought for in the us senate 17:46:29 people are sick of these negative politics. they are looking for a president that they can be proud of. we are going to change america together 17:46:49 you and I now have so uch work to do 17:47:03 you are the reson i am running for president of the united states 17:47:22 all the families struggling every day... we can have a new healthcare system 17:47:38 we can build one strong sytem. its better for everybody 17:47:49 we can get rid of the 2 tax for rich and for the working people we can change it together we can change it 17:48:13 we have 2 economies in America. 1 for families that dont have to worry about a thing and those that live pay check to pay check. we can strengthen these families. 17:48:40 35 millions of Americans are living in poverty. i know that you do a poll. its about time for a democratic president to talk about what is right and what is wrong. 17:49:10 and it is wrong in a country of wealth and prosperity for people to be working so many hours for minimum wage, children are going to bed hungry. i am saying no to kids going to bed hungry, no to Americans who are working for minimum wage and living in poverty. 17:50:04 all those laborers working for minimum wage...should make minimum wage higher....we can in fact lift them up 17:50:251 ...lobbyists and whatever is left is there for you...two governments... 17:50:39 millions need prescription drug coverage...driving seniors out of medicare. 17:51:02 we ought to be doing something about drug companies ads on television. 17:51:14 we tried to have drugs to be reimported from Canada. they wouldn't do it. 17:51:29 your democracy does not belong to crowd in Washington DC. we are going to restore the power to you 17:51:49 we still live in an america in many ways divided by race. i grew up with segregation. i saw african american kids....a teacher no longer wanted teach at his school because of integration. I played on a football team that was integrated. I feel a personal issue with civil rights in America. 17:52:32 ...standing up to enforce civil rights laws 17:52:56 we still have 2 images of the United States around the world. one image is a great shining light and then we have the image of created by Bush. ...America standing on its own.... we can change America's image around the world. 17:53:31 i believe you and i are going to do this together 17:53:40 cycnics didn't build America optimists, built America 17:53:51 this is also not a time to spout rhetoric i have a specific vision healthcare birthright for every child in America 17:54:13 we can cover our most vulnerable adults...bring down cost of healthcare 17:54:28 no child left behind 17:54:37 its more than just to stop what Bush is doing. i have my own vision... improve teacher pay across nation 17:55:00 all this pay goes to teachers that are willing to be in most affulent area. we should be expanding and strengthening early childhood programs 17:55:40 also afterschool should be provided to all of them 17:56:05 we can change what is going on in DC 17:56:13 prescription drug bill that passed- you and i together can do something about it. get these lobbyists 17:56:41 when i ran for senate i would never take money from these people 17:57:00 we can stop this revolving door these people are lobbying against the people they just worked with 17:57:23 we need to stop the war propaganda thats going on in iraq right now 17:57:38 ... we will ban these companies from making political contributions and for propaganda in iraq 17:58:11 when im your president we will examine iraq and make sure they are not taking your taxes 17:58:32 changing america in world..another candidate once said: "george bush does not play well with others". this is a great statement. 17:58:51 we have a huge issue with the spread of nuclear weapons in world. here is a place that America can show huge leadership (n korea)... put a sanction system in place. 17:59:26 nuclear material that is not secure. we can do something about that. 17:59:57 there is something much bigger in this country.. adults were saving money and were financially secure. now these same families are saving nothing. if anything goes wrong they go right off the cliff. 18:00:40 it is more likely that a parent will file for bankruptcy than divorce 18:00:56 bush shifting tax burden right over their backs
Governor Clinton / Earth Summit Rio / News Conference (1992)
Fast Images Library
ADVENTURE SPORTS REEL. IRONMAN TRIATHALON, TRUCK RACING, HORSE RACING, BICYCLE RACING (ON TRACK), RACECAR DRIVING, DOWNHILL SKIING, MOUNTAIN BIKING, SNOWBOARDING, WINDSURFING, KAYAK RACES, RODEO, HYDROFOIL, WRESTLING, BOAT RACING, BEACH VOLLEYBALL 01:00:00 Lots of swimmers in water, big race (looks like the Iron man Triathlon in Hawaii) Aerial of swimmers in water, boats, aerial of lots of bikes, swimmer gets out of water, people clapping, men get on bikes, biker eating banana, nice aerial biker, CU bikers, other men getting out of water, woman biker, biker among cars, two bikers racing, man gets off bike, runners, man throws water over his head, man passing another man running, biker passes another, man running puts his hands on top of head, man runs around cones, CU runner, WS men high-five while running, runner wets himself with sponge, aerial Hawaiian harbor, man crosses finish line, gets medal, leis, hugs, woman running, woman turns cones, nighttime woman finishes gets medal and is very excited, woman crawling on ground, exhausted can barely move, crosses finish line, collapses, they put a lei on her then pick her up. 01:03:40 (all stylized editing/slow speed), (demolition derby-type) referee waves green flag, trucks racing indoor arena, truck turns over, men flip it back right side up, trucks crash into each other on obstacle course type race, flip on their sides, truck flies over large bump in track, referee waves yellow flag, CU blond woman smiling in audience, more trucks flying over bumps, CU two brunettes laughing in audience, 80s crowd in audience, very poor white trash looking. 01:05:47, quick shot city at night, more stylized truck racing, trucks flying over many bumps in race, truck spins making fast turn, little boy in crowd, zoom down from top of arena to trucks, WS arena with crowd, pan of crowd cheering, trucks race toward camera, another pan of crowd, everything blurry. 01:08:00 jockeys and horses race toward camera in slow motion, side view, front view again, jockey on horse surrounded by people raises arm in victory, CU horses hooves race past camera, tulips outside building x fade to more racing, CU jockey in red during race, WS jockey in white far ahead of other horse, level shot four horses speeding towards camera, CU slow motion hooves race toward camera, WS horses racing with crowds, stands and steeple in background, horses just after leaving gate, another longer shot of hooves CU, stylized shot of horses turning corner on track with crowd in bg, shot of crowd pointing and looking, blurry slow shot of jockey in yellow on horse racing past camera, horses toward camera, WS right < of horses exiting gates and down first stretch, CU real time horses turning corner, nice side slow shot of horses starting exiting gates, and another side < of start, various other start shots/angles, CU rear of jockeys, WS race, CU crowd, horses crossing finish line, post says "Finish", jockeys after race, smiling, trotting on horses, horses decorated with flowers, another WS of larger race start. 01:11:10 v. slow motion horses out of gate, men leading horses before/after race, more of the same horse racing shots, shot of lone horse along racetrack with steeple at dusk, horse getting a bath, sign post "Secretariat Ave" (famous racehorse), horses in stable, horses being bathed, steam rising off horse (what is this supposed to say?), horse eating grass near chicken and birds, backlit horse with handler, horse eating alone in meadow at magic hour, CU horse chewing, jockey on horse in practice in empty stadium, CU horses exit gate, more of the same kinds of shots of race. 01:13:40 four men in identical outfits start bicycle race towards camera, side < of men one behind each other in race and positioning, turns into black and white of bicycle race and back to color, CU men racing, zo bicycle race, Cus bike racers, WS bike racers do a lap around track, lots of slow motion bike racing. 01:18:06 ECUs racecars, wheels, front, axles, quick stylized edits of racecars starting, turbo boots, nitros, crowd stands up, nice shot crowds heads turn left to right in unison, lights turn from yellow to green, people in crowd holding their hands over their ears (loud?), looks like racecar catches on fire but just nitro boost I think, racecar opens parachute to slow down, racecars fo by in blur, dust, shot from stands of racecars, (a ton of quick editing here, individual shots pretty much unusable), 01:19:50 racecar driving at night. 01:20:10 downhill skiing, extreme skiing over insane sheer cliffs, moguls, side shots, wide shots, skiers ski toward camera, zi to skier on rocky cliff, skier wearing number (must be a race or contest?), nice WS of whole mountain with pretty light in bg, zi to skier, skier tumbles, climbs back up to get his ski back and keeps going, several different skiers wiping out, you want skiing casualties, this is your tape, now just Cus of several different skiers skiing well, skier through dense trees, another WS of whole mountain with pretty light in bg. 01:22:50 off-road bike racing, mountain biking, CU legs getting on bike, man in yellow does high jump on bike as crowd watches, tilted screens, funny edits, bike racers on trails, biker tumbles, falls off bike into dirt, several shots of bikers racing past camera, bikers race on path toward camera, CU bike wheel, bikers doing tricks on rocks, wheelies, jumps, biker running down path with his bike, more bikers tumble, looks like sepia-toned biker in snow falls, many bikers on trail in race zoom past camera, man on bike does crazy jump toward camera. 01:25:25 snowboarding, guys do jumps (again a lot of quick editing), guy on snowboard doing downhill ski type race, CUS snowboarders jumping in air, doing insane spins, CU snowboard, several snowboarders down flagged course at once, snowboarder crashes into crowd (man with dogs) during race, some upside down camera work of snowboarders, side shots snowboarders, nice shot woman snowboarder glides toward camera and past. 01:27:50 Windsurfing. Hawaiian -looking guy on windsurfer in ocean flies toward camera and does shaka, CUs Caucasian man on windsurfer, camera attached to sail of windsurfer, several different windsurfers pass camera, windsurfers in waves, surf with sails, windsurfers do flips and tricks in air off waves, windsurfer wipes out. 01:30:05 Cus of racecar at pit stop, looks staged, indoor and night, changing tires quickly, car leaves to race, several cars on track, POV of sportscasters, more quick editing crowd, Cus racecars, WS race and arena, sign says Daytona, winning driver gets out of car, hugged by women, back to race with several American flags visible, car smashed in front, another car leaving pit stop, more race shots, men congratulating winning driver. 01:32:05, CU sign on rocks "Put In Area," kayakers getting in water, tent with sign "Start" and kayaker in river paddling past, side camera follows kayaker through small rapids, through pole obstacle course, men in two-person kayak battle rapids, crowd watching, WS one-man kayaker turning around, CU one-man kayaker, kayaker crosses Finish line, CUS female kayakers in rapids, CU male kayaker battling intensely with rapids, 01:34:31 more kayak racing, distorted shot of man in kayak down rapids, several different angles, Cus one and two person kayakers in race. 01:36:49 Rodeo, men roping bulls, bulls kicking, fighting, man enters ring on bucking bronco, men in cowboy hats and chaps trying to stay on horses, rodeo clowns, rodeo clowns trying to distract horse as rider is thrown through air, rodeo clown runs out of way as bull charges towards camera, bull bucking wildly, bull chasing rodeo clown in circles, clown jumps on fence to get away, CU handsome cowboy getting ready to ride, suiting up, bull released from pen and soon after cowboy thrown, CU horse released from gate with rider trying to stay on, 01:39:10 woman in black and pink spangles standing on horse as it rides by quickly, CU pretty woman in red spangled cowboy hat, quick editing Cus men riding horses, bucking broncos, ECU hand on rope, ECU cowboy yelling, quick editing men falling off horses/bulls, POV riding on a bull, ECU bull face, rodeo clown with big oil drum being rolled by bull. 01:41:30 graphic Budweiser World of Sports, rear shot of hydrofoil starting, WS of hydrofoil zooming past camera on lake in pretty magic light, red hydrofoil zooming toward camera, several hydrofoils in water at once, racing, CU hydrofoils, crowd, nice CU four people in crowd turn heads in unison, more quick editing, some black and water, weird-looking footage of hydrofoil race, black and white inverted, hydrofoils racing with lots of spray, CU from driver's seat of man driving hydrofoil. 01:43:55 Budweiser World of Sports graphic again, wrestling, looks like Olympics but probably not, group of men in crowd waving flags in Arabic (Saudi flags?), big wrestling arena, men wrestling in spandex, graphic again. 01:47:00 CU racecar driver in 80s sunglasses, very quick, dramatic editing of racecar driving, crowd, blondes in gold bikinis walk past camera, POV man driving, men hugging, pushing car to start. 01:49:10 truck towing large race boat with "Bud Dry" on the side, Cus boat being lowered into water, boat takes off, Cus people on beach, CU woman's butt in brightly colored bikini bottom, aerial of many boats in harbor, CU race boat zooming through water, race boat zooming along coast, weird graphics. 01:51:20 hundreds of men in bicycle race, men on bikes racing down mountain trail, crashing (same footage as previous mountain biking?), shots made into funky graphics. 01:54:23 Beach volleyball; CU volleyball sitting in sand, women in bikinis standing around, man serves volleyball, zo to whole match, various quick editing of men playing beach volleyball in competition, stands full and covered with advertisements (including Hooters banners), more volleyball in a weird color, men high five, more weird color, women in bikinis watching from stands, nice shot ball flying high through air, three-way split screen, crowd clapping. 01:57:00 Women's Beach Volleyball, Gabrielle Reese (?) playing, tough women in black spandex playing (more quick editing), women dive for shots, various split screens.
Celebrities and parade launch the Third Liberty Loan campaign in Washington DC.
Celebrities Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charles Chaplin, and Marie Dressler, ride in horse-drawn carriages, in a military parade to launch the Third Liberty Loan Drive, in Washington DC. U.S Army troops parade behind them. Policemen on bicycles, accompany them. Crowds of spectators line the sidewalks of Pennsylvania Avenue to watch. The U.S.Capitol can be seen in the far background. The parade turns left on 14th Street. Change of scene shows the four celebrities mobbed by fans, on the street. Fairbanks and Chaplin wave their hats. All shake hands with enthusiastic spectators. Next, Douglas Fairbanks is seen standing above the crowd exhorting them to buy Liberty Bonds. Closeup of Mary Pickford in the crowd.Marie Dressler is seen above the crowd adding her encouragement for Loberty Bond sales. (World War I; World War 1; WWI; WW1) Location: Washington DC USA. Date: April 6, 1918.