Turin after the miracle, 1962 (16mm negative, 2K/Sound scan)
Location: Turin, Italy Creator: Ennio Lorenzini, Vittorio Nevano Document shot at the same time as “A City to Save”. The contradictions of a large industrial city that has been at the forefront of the Italian economic miracle: wealth and misery, the unresolved problems of citizenship. 01. RIV workers, on strike against dismissals, are stationed on the sidewalks in front of the plant manned by the Carabineri; inq mural poster “Strike to defend the workplace”; inq, from behind , a demonstrator who speaks on the megaphone”; some workers enter the factory in a hurry 02. City traffic 03. Overview of Fiat cars (500 and 600) parked in the squares of Mirafiori; inq of a car transporter loaded with 500 04. Camera car on Mirafiori and the Lancia plant 05. Aerial shots of Mirafiori and the surrounding factories 06. Workers come out of the factory gates 07. Workers get on a bus 08. Various inq of barracks used as housing for immigrant families; detail of a closed door with the inscription “9th pavilion”; women and children playing; hanging clothes 09. Inq of concrete bunkers 10. Inq of a children's drawing, depicting a house among the trees painted on the walls of the bunker village 11. Interiors and exteriors of abandoned pavilions and buildings created for the Centennial exhibition 12. Car camera on abandoned pavilions 13. Inq of an obelisk, inside former exhibition halls, where the years from the unification of Italy onwards are reported
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Rescue boats, Lampedusa
Rescue boats moored in a harbour at Lampedusa island, Italy. Lampedusa is closer to Africa than it is to the rest of Italy, and it has become a popular target for illegal immigration from Africa to Europe. Many of these migrant boats are poorly maintained and over-crowded, and capsizings and sinkings are becoming more common.
Interview with Alan Dershowitz pt 1
Interview with Alan Dershowitz discussing the Palestinian Israeli situation, Zionism, refugees.,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,01:41:20>>>,Well anybody who favors the one state solution INAUDIBLE it's such a leadist solution. Two percent of Palestinians and zero percent of Israelis favor truly favor a bi national secular state modeled on Lebanon and Yugoslavia. ,INTERVIEWER:,Could you just for the record spell your name?,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,01:02:28>>>,Alan Dershowitz D-E-R-S-H-O-W-I-T-Z professor at Harvard law school.,INTERVIEWER:,What would you say are two or three worst misconceptions that most commonly INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,02:26:13>>>,I think the single greatest misconception is that Israel has long opposed the two state or the two homeland solution and that the Arab states and the Palestinians have been deprived of statehood by Israel based on a two state solution. And that's a totally phony argument. Ah the Palestinians could have had a state within the Belford declaration in 1917 based on the Appeal Commission and report in 1937 the UN ah division partition in 1947 they could have had their state anytime between 47 and 67 when they were under occupation by Jordan and Egypt and they could have had a state virtually at any point since 1967 if they had been prepared to give up violence and recognize Israel. ,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,03:35:15>>>,If one looks at the history of Palestine no country had statehood since Israel was a state in the first century of the common era. Um what the Belford declaration did was try fairly to allocate the land that it captured that the English had captured from the Turkish Empire imperialist regime. And there was substantial Jewish population substantial Christian population substantial Muslim population, substantial Greek population, substantial populations of all kinds and the decision at that point was to divide the land essentially into 3 units. One completely Jew free Arab state called trans Jordan where no Jew would be allowed almost to set foot certainly not to be a citizen. ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,04:28:05>>>,And then another homeland for the significant Jewish population just under a hundred thousand at that point and then another homeland for the significant Muslim Arab population. That would have been a perfectly fair solution in 1917 and 1937 and 1948 and ah in ah ever since.,INTERVIEWER:,What would you say INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,05:06:06>>>,The truth is that the statement of people without a land or land without a people comes from W---- who was an Englishman. Ah a few extremists the Zionist stood that position until they came to Palestine and they saw an extraordinarily under populated, under cultivated land with large land masses and ah a very scattered population and Mark Twain wrote about that ah toward the end of the 19th century many, many INAUDIBLE have confirmed it. Um particularly the area that became ultimately Israel under the UN partition was mostly non Arab land which the ah the um refuges from the pogroms of Eastern Europe cultivated and settled and established the fact that there was a Jewish community there. Um the Jews who came to Palestine in the first élan the second elia were much like the Jews who came to America. We had the first elia the second elia too into America. My parents came in 1889 and they might just as well gone to Palestine at that point. They were escaping oppression in Europe they came as refugees and they did in Israel what they did in America they bought land um in Israel INAUDIBLE real estate speculators and um and absentee landlords and they built themselves a community. ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,06:32:02>>>,When it came time for self determination based on Wilson's principles after the first World War the Jews had as much right to self determination in Palestine as ah any other group.,INTERVIEWER: ,INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,06:54:03>>>,Zionism has a lot of facets of the theory of Zionism never really appealed to the majority of popularity of Jews INAUDIBLE didn't manage to attract all that many people with his theory of Zionism but as the appeal commissioner recognized in 1937 Zionism was essentially INAUDIBLE ah to begin with um it started political Zionism with Hertzel's assessment of the INAUDIBLE case and he's analysis of the future of European Jewry which turned out to be absolutely correct. He predicted if not the holocaust certainly major pogroms and the inability of Europe to accept significant Jewish communities. And so the Jews of Europe had to leave. One place they went was Palestine they went to other places as well Canada, the United States, Australia. Um once Israel um became ah potential country in a country Zionism took on a very different orientation. Became a place where Jews could have a homeland normalized life as the majority now a minority developed their own culture in civilization not necessarily yearning of persecution and discrimination second class status. ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,08:10:10>>>,So Zionism has had a lot of elements. The one thing Zionism is not is an obligation. Very few Zionist claim that every Jew has an obligation to go to Israel. Zionism is an option it's a realistic option and it's not so different than many other countries. One of the great myths is that Israel's law of return establishes that it's a racist country. Many, many countries have laws of return including the Palestinian authorities including Jordan um including a current Russia Germany after the Second World War ah china. Many counties ah have, make efforts to try to bring people in from different parts of the world and establish a homeland based on ethnicity, based on religion, based on a range of catachrestic. The unusual thing about Israel is it's a Jewish but it's a secular Jewish state. ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,09:06:18>>>,Um it reminds me a little bit about what's going on in Europe today um should Europe declare itself to be a Christian continent. Ah the reality of course dictates that it's not it's a post Christian society very few go to church in, in Europe today and in Italy today. But it sees its heritage in Christianity well Israel sees its heritage in Judaism though about the same percentage of Jews go to synagogue in Israel as Christians go to church in Europe. Both Europe and Israel are extremely secular places for the most part which contain religious elements within Israel. ,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,09:57:08>>>,You know in the world we have an option you can live as a minority in state there is a majority that is different than you or you can live as a majority. Almost everybody in the world has that option ah until 1948 the only group that didn't have that option was the Jews. I mean now Tibetans don't have that option either and Kurds don't have that option. And ah ah a few other groups don't have that option. Every Arab has the option of either living as a minority in Israel or as a member of majority community in what will be a Palestinian state before long or in um the 50 or so other Muslim or Arab states. Um ah a recent poll in an Arab city in Israel asked whether or not the residents would rather be part of a Palestinian state in which they'd be a majority or remain part of Israel. And 80 something percent ah voted they they would rather stay part of Israel as a minority. ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,10:59:05>>>,I love being a minority in America it never phases me that ah there are more Christians and soon more Muslims in America than, than Jews. Jews have long learned how to live as minorities in other people's countries. And as long as you're a good citizen and are prepared to support your country criticize it at the same time ah you can live a very good life as a minority person. And that's true of Arabs and Israelis. Many Arabs and Israelis live a far better life than Arabs in any other part of the world. ,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,11:35:13>>>,They'll probably be an Arab prime minister of Israel about the same time they'll be a Jewish prime Jewish prime minister and a Jewish president of the United States and a Jewish prime minister of England. Being prime minister is not necessary the ah key criteria for whether or not you're a full member of the community and I feel a full member of the united states and I don't think we'll see an American president who's Jewish in my lifetime. Oh you can be a Jewish prime minister of England if you become a Christian. Um and I think the, the way measuring equality is to look at the life of Arabs who live in Israel and compare it to the life of Arabs who live in Jordan who live in Egypt and who live in the Palestinian authority.,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,12:24:00>>>,By every standard healthcare, income ah longevity, infant mortality um the life of the Arab in Israel is considerably better than the life of the Arab in any other surrounding state. Now maybe the life of an Arab as a member of the royal family in Saudi Arabia is slightly better but on the backs of the other Saudi Arabian citizens who are clearly not in as good a situation.,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,13:14:16>>>,The legal status of an Arab Muslim um Christian Arab in Israel if far, far better than the status than for example a Jew in um most um in all Arab or Muslim countries. In fact the status of Christians Christian Arabs is much better in Israel than for example it is in Egypt where the INAUDIBLE are discriminated against mercilessly. And where Christian Arab can practice his or her own religion openly. The legal status of Arabs in Israel is near perfect not perfect they don't serve in the army not many of them want to serve in the army and as a result of that they were denied certain benefits. I think Israel can do better in creating an equality. The supreme court's moving in a long way in that direction. A couple years ago they rendered a very important divisions involving whether or not an Arab can be denied an opportunity by land and live in a Jewish community and they said yes ah equality requires that. Um in theory an Arab can run for prime minister of Israel he's not gonna get elected but neither are many Jews likely to get elected if they represented a different perspectives. ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,14:32:14>>>,Um um I don't think we're gonna see a INAUDIBLE elected as prime minister in a, in a near term. Who one elects as prime minister it's not necessarily the best criteria of real equality INAUDIBLE,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,15:06:07>>>,Well in my book The Case for Israel I quote extensively from INAUDIBLE including some Palestinian INAUDIBLE who put the lie complete displacement theory. There are a number of Palestinian or Arab workers who were displaced between 1880 and 1948 are in the low single thousands and far, far less the number of Arabs who were displaced by the building of the Aswan Dam by the displacement of the marsh Arabs by hundreds of ah events in Arab history which have required a movement and most of them were well compensated. We're talking about a very small number of people who were displaced. Mostly what happened was the Jews brought land at exorbitant prices from absentee landlords and real estate speculators which they were perfectly entitled to do.,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,16:13:16>>>,Well the Belford declaration um recognized the right of Jews to have a homeland in Palestine and that was not just a statement by British foreign minister it was accepted by the United States it was accepted by France it was made part of the mandate by the League of Nations as Winston Churchill said it was binding international law. And um Christians had the right to own land in Palestine just like my grandparents had the right to own land in Brooklyn which they did they didn't but they had the right to own land in Brooklyn. And, and um if ah they had come to America before there was any state or any political situation and all the Jews had moved to Brooklyn had been a majority in Brooklyn if they wanted to declare Brooklyn to be a separate homeland or separate state there would have been nothing preventing that from happening. There's a big difference the Jews came to America came to an existing political entity. Whereas the Jews who came into Palestine moved into an area that once the Turks lost control over it, once their empire crumbled, once their distance rule from Constantinople ended there was no political established reality. ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,17:28:16>>>,INAUDIBLE as to allocate the land. And the fairest way of doing it under INAUDIBLE self determination was the Jews who were a majority in their apart of Palestine get to have a homeland in that part of Palestine in which they are a majority. Palestinians or Arabs have a right to either stay or leave and others who are a majority in their area get to establish their state. There was no unit Palestine politically never has been. Certainly not in any of the lifetimes of any Israelis or Palestinians living today.,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,18:26:23>>>,Well the Palestinians were very very lucky they got any land after the second World War Winston Churchill wanted to give them nothing. After all the Palestinian leadership had supported Adolph Hitler had supported the nazis, had become part of the holocaust. Um the, the official leader of the Palestinians the grand INAUDIBLE of Jerusalem was an ally of ah Hitler INAUDIBLE has made it very clear he's one of the leading Palestinian voices that ah the INAUDIBLE was the official spokesman of the Palestinian people. Extremely popular among the Palestinians. The Palestinians picked the wrong horse as they did in the First World War as they did in the Second World War, as they did in the Gulf war, as they've done in virtually every war. Normally you're not rewarded for siding with Nazis by getting the offer of a state. In 1937 the Palestinians were offered state or homeland which would have been way way larger than what was offered to the Jews. The Jews were offered non contiguous sliver of land on the Mediterranean coast and then a little bit of land into the northern gallow. The Palestinians were offered entire INAUDIBLE the entire West Bank the entire Gaza and they turned it down. ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,19:41:13>>>,And then participated actively in the holocaust. And let there be no doubt about that. The Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people were complicit in the holocaust. They their leadership were war criminals they were indicted at Nuremberg. Many of the Palestinian leading families supported Hitler and even after that they got a state which was in terms of INAUDIBLE exactly equal to probably a little larger than the state that ah Israel got. The reason it seems that Israel got more land is that, that INAUDIBLE was adamant on getting INAUDIBLE and the INAUDIBLE was thought to be worthless desert but he had a dream of being able to develop it into livable and arable land. If you either discount the negative completely or you don't count it acre for acre you just count it arable acre for arable acre then the land division by the United Nations was roughly comparable to the population divisions.,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,20:47:04>>>,The key point is that the Jews were significant majority in the area allocated to them and they had the right of self determination in that land. If there had been a referendum in that area as to who should control it they'd be no doubt that Israel would have been established as a Jewish state in that area. The Palestinians hadn't been attacked in 1947. The Arab states hadn't attacked in 1948 Israel would still be a relatively small state. Israel did obtain some land ah what there was is a division three ways of the Palestinian state. The vast majority of the land grabbed in the 1947, 1948 war was grabbed by the state of Jordan and the state of Egypt. And they weren't there to help the Palestinians there were there to get as much land as they could for themselves.,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,21:54:23>>>,Well the Palestinian community is in historical denial. The current prime minister of the Palestinian authority wrote a book denying the holocaust. INAUDIBLE Arafat said that there was never a temple in Jerusalem. Ah he had all kind of historical denials you know what people say doesn't change history. Obviously Jews were the last established state in Palestine. Ah there's been a continued Jewish presence in Palestine since the Jewish bible. Hevron was never absent ah a Jewish community for any significant period of time except as a result of the INAUDIBLE and ethnic cleaning by the gran INAUDIBLE in 1929 again in 1936 there's been a continuous Jewish population in Jerusalem where Jews have been a majority since census has occurred. Certainly for the last 200 or so years. Ah Jews have been a very significant presence in INAUDIBLE many other places Tel Aviv is of course a Jewish established city founded in 1909 on the hills that were in empty dunes basically. So the Jewish presence in Israel matters. The reason why Israel was selected ah as the place where so many refugees in Europe when was they went to join their, their safardic (sp?) Cousins who lived there so many so many years. The history of Jews in Palestine is certainly equivalent to the history of, of Arabs in Palestine. And there's always been a Jewish people and the Palestine people became a people really as the result of Israel being there when the appeal commission made its recommendation. Palestine representatives came in and said Palestine we never heard of it it's a Zionist concept. There's no such country as Palestine. We're Syrian we want to be ruled by a distant pasha in Damascus.,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,23:50:05>>>,The same thing happened in 1917 the biggest opposition to the Belford declaration is how can that be a Palestine homeland there can't be any such thing. We're not a separate unit we're part of Syria. Palestinian nationalism comes well after Jewish nationalism. Um my view is that both must be recognized and must be recognized ah by the establishment of two states um provided both states are wiling to live in peace with the other. Israel has been wiling to live in peace with a Palestinian state ah since it first established the first yeshiva in the early 1880's. If you look at the statements of the earliest Israeli Zionist and even pre Zionist they all indicted a willingness to share the land live together with with their Arab and Muslim neighbors.,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,24:57:08>>>,Well the data clearly show that for example when INAUDIBLE was built a small initial Jewish community ah large numbers of Arabs from um eastern Palestine and from across the border in what was then ah part of Palestine then became trans Jordan moved west or western Jordan. They were attracted by INAUDIBLE opportunities provided by Jewish settlers, ah hospitalization ah Jewish healthcare Jewish agriculture, Jewish ah water supplies all attracted many Arabs from one side of Palestine to another side of Palestine. Also from Syria from Egypt and ah from other parts of the Arab world. And so it's so complex to simply it the way Palestine propaganda simplify it by creating the myth of a well established Palestine community ah and the Jews just waltzed in and took it away from them. It's simply falsehood and everybody knows it. Palestinians know it. Ah king Hussein ah the late king Hussein said so. Ah many others have said so. In my book The Case for Israel I quote extensively from Palestinian sources and Arab sources who recognize that there was no Palestinian political entity at the time that Jewish immigration started from the refugee populations of Eastern Europe.,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,26:47:16>>>,1947 and 48 produced two refugee crisis's um one ah several hundred thousand the numbers are not so clear somewhere between 5 and 800 thousand probably. Um Arabs left what became Israel and moved to the west bank to Jordan and to other places and a larger number of Jews about 850 thousand from Arab countries sphardic (sp?) Jews and Iraqi um left their countries. They were forced out of places like Iraq they were forced out of Yemen they were forced out of Libya they were forced out of many many other countries. Most but not all of them came to Israel. There was in effect a transfer of populations. Ah even Palestinian spokesman like Savre Jaharis has recognized that that's a strong argument for recognizing the status quo with an effective population exchange. ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,27:50:11>>>,Um the difference is that the Palestinians use their refugees as political pawns and kept them in camps and treated them as objects and ah wouldn't integrate them into their relatively homogeneous linguistically and religious population whereas the Jews made enormous INAUDIBLE effort to integrate these safartic Jews into Israel proper where they now constitute a majority. Um so the refugee problem is very complex. Some of the refugees were clearly forced out by Israeli military and there was um certainly that was acknowledged um in the memoirs of people like Isaac Rabin. Um many others were told to leave by their leaders. Ah um what happened INAUDIBLE for example after there was a killing of civilians Palestinians leaders deliberately created a false story that there was rapes and as a result of the false story of rapes at INAUDIBLE yasin many many Arabs left fearing that their women would be raped. One of the leading Palestinian commentators, I quoted extensively in my book, acknowledges that it was a terrible mistake and that lie that was deliberately told by Palestinians created a panic and many, many um Palestinians left as a result of that. It's much too complex to try to reconstruct how every single Arab left. The critical point is that the United Nations ah became complicit in a terrible misuse of human beings.,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,29:30:14>>>,Um first they created a refugee agency designed not to solve the problem but to keep it going and foment it. Second they define refugee uniquely and no other refugee in the world has been defined this way that is an Arab from Israel is a Palestinian refugee. If he lived in the village he left for two years ah and even if he just went 5 miles across the border. So take the following situation and by the way this is a common situation a Palestinian worker lived in Tocar and then was attracted to Lida to work there .for 2 years he went to Lida while his family stayed in Tocar.,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,30:13:01>>>,Then came the 1948 war and he left Lida and came back to Tocar and joined his family. He is counted as a refugee. And according to what Palestinian propagandist are now saying he, his children, his grandchildren and his great grandchildren that's probably now 500 from the single one person ah they're all entitled as a matter of right to go back to a country that none of them except the great great grandfather even set foot in. and the great great grandfather may have lived there for 2 years as a visiting laborer having been born and brought up in a Palestinian town on the West Bank. That is simply the weakest refugee claim in the history of refuges and yet it is the one that has gotten the most support and the most attention in the world community. 10 million refugees were settled after the second world war. Only this refugee situation remains unresolved because it is not a refugee problem it is a political problem an attempt to de legitimate Israel.,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,31:25:29>>>,Um even the current prime minister of Israel who says we recognize Israelis right to exist cannot say the words as a Jewish state. He insist on maintaining the myth that Israel has the right to exist but only if 400 if 4 million Palestinians are allowed to return and turn it into yet another Muslim state. By the way ah the Palestinian authority recently in their constitution has indicted that if there is a Palestinian state it will be a Muslim state. There will be an official state religion Islam. And so this notion of secular Palestine ah really wanting to be a secular and bi national state has been proved absolutely false by the actions of the Palestinian authority creating established religions something Israel doesn't have. There's no established religion in Israel people don't realize that. It's a Jewish state but without an established religion. That is Christianity is the same status religiously, Islam is the same status religiously as Jews. The mistake that Israel makes, which I'm very critical, is that within Judaism orthodoxy is established as the acceptable Jewish religion. That's problem that Jews have among themselves but ah Judaism is not established vis a via Islam or vis a via Christianity.,INTERVIEWER:,You said the prime minister of Israel instead of the prime minister of Palestine. The other thing is could you give us a precise definition of the two refugee status that we could use as nuggets? ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,33:15:22>>>,The current prime minister of the Palestine authority Abu Mazen has been willing to say that he recognizes the right of Israel to exist. But even after enormous pressure by the United States he won't add the words as a Jewish state. That is clearly a code designed to tell his people that although he doesn't believe in necessarily using force to make Israel into yet another Palestinian state he's prepared to use the population bomb, he's prepared to try to use the demographic weapon to try to return 4 million descendants of refuges to Israel in an effort to make it into yet another Palestinian state. ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,33:55:21>>>,Get incredible thing about the definition of refugee and it's the only definition of refugee in the world is that you are a Palestinian refugee from Israel if you lived in what is now Israel for 2 years 24 months even if you just there to work and your entire life was spent in a Palestinian village on the West Bank if you went for 2 years 5 miles away and then voluntarily left because you wanted to join your family you are officially a Palestinian refugee. And your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren according to this theory have a right to quote return to a land in which they never stepped foot.,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,34:48:11>>>,There are two refugee agencies 1 for the rest of the world and one for the Palestinians. To be a refugee in anywhere else in the world you have to have left as a result of political persecution, you have to have lived in the area you left for a considerable period of time, you have to not be able to be integrated in your new area. And none of these things apply to Palestinian refugees many of whom lived for only 2 years in what is now Israel became refugees by moving 5 miles across the border and had moved to an area where they speak the same language, have the same religion and belong to the same families and yet they're regarded as refugees. ,INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE what about the Arab countries why would they want INAUDIBLE?,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,35:37:16>>>,Abu Mazen has said that ah Palestinian people have been used as tools by the rest of the Arab world and it's refusal to deal with the refugee problem. Many, many moderate Arab voices understand that the refugee problem is a ploy. If ever there is compensation as was ordered at camp David or suggested at camp David 30 billion dollar package to compensate the Palestinian refugees who left Israel there must in fairness and justness be a comparable package to compensate the Jews who were forced to leave Libya and Iraq and many other countries in the Arab world Egypt and yet nobody has really put that on the table although there are now some lawsuits I understand that are being planned by some safardic Jews both in America and in Israel who were thrown out and had to leave all their property behind. ,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,36:39:01>>>,I mean the world has never even offered compensation for the most part to Polish Jews who, who were given no choice but sent to the extermination camps and their few relatives who survived had to escape with nothing. Many of those people owned property factories and nobody's offered compensation there and yet the Israeli government and the united states has offered a 30 billion dollar compensation package which Cosman Obaric the president of Egypt has said this is the only way of dealing with the refugee crisis. You cannot allow 4 million people who have the weakest claim of refugee status suddenly to flood Israel and to demographically turn it into yet another Palestinian state. The end result would be there will be 3 Palestinian states. Israel, the Palestinian authority and Jordan which has 2/3 majority of Palestinian population but colonially imposed INAUDIBLE.,INTERVIEWER:,What else can you tell us about those INAUDIBLE?,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,37:45:18>>>, Well I think one has to look at the facts of ah and the circumstances of how Jews were kicked out of many of the Arab countries at about the time of the 1947, 48 war. Um the representative I think from Egypt to the United Nations predicted that if the United Nations partitioned Israel and recognized Israel as a state they would need pogroms against Jews in all of the Arab countries. That wasn't a prediction that was a conspiracy. That was a statement that there was a preexisting plan and remember that at the same time Iraq made it a crime to be a Zionist. Egypt ah massive arrests. Ah Libya pogroms even in some of the smaller countries ah Yemen and other places there were state sponsored pogroms against the Jews they were thrown out and their property was kept.,ALAN DERSHOWITZ,38:39:21>>>,And many of the Jewish institutions in Iraq for example were turned over to the Palestinians and Palestinian schools ah ah synagogues were turned into mosques. Ah ah synagogues were turned into mosques.
Italy Immigration
Italy tightens eligibility for migrant protection
Documentary about Italian-Americans with b&w archival footage intercut with color interviews - sound - c/u front of cathedral - woman in lace scarf talks to priest - people kiss - men in deli with salami - little Italy streets - Coit Tower - archival immigration - docks in Italy - stills of immigrant families - North Beach - San Francisco, California - emigrants - culture
In Queens, New York it's a celebration with a Columbus day parade.
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Freighter Carrying Immigrants Docks in Italy
A freighter, carrying over a thousand illegal Kurdish refugees from Irag, is escorted to a port in Italy. PLEASE NOTE VIDEO & AUDIO OF NEWS ANCHORS & REPORTERS IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR LICENSING.
Dominique Reynié
Radio France: filmed programmes
20,000 Italians leave Naples on ships bound for Libya to colonize Italy's newest lands. Il Duce himself sees the migrants off.
NEWSFEED: 7/15-17/06 WAR IN LEBANON, PEOPLE BEING EVACUATED FROM BEIRUT, THE G8 SUMMIT, HEAT WAVE, DISTANT WILDFIRE ;ITALY EVACUEES ARRIVE FROM CYPRUS people wait behind barricade, high security, greeting family members, airport lobby; POPE BENEDICT XVI CONCERN OVER MIDDLE EAST speaking to crowd. G8 SUMMIT AFTERNOON meeting at round table ;Indian prime minister deplanes, Koffi Annan deplaning. ISRAELI DEFENSE MIN. PERETZ press conf ;LEBANON EVACUEES ARRIVE CYPRUS large prop plane on tarmac, airport bldg, corridor. EGYPTIAN SAILORS IN HOSPITAL ;CROSSING SYRIA/LEBANON BORDER people approaching checkpoint on foot, boarding bus, Int bus station ;NORTH KOREA REJECTS US RESOLUTION soldiers marching, Kim Jong-Il, missile launch, missiles on display, peds; PALESTINIANS REAX TO HAIFA protest march, kids waving v-signs, men in cafe watching tv, man smoking hookah ;7/18/1969 KENNEDY CAR OFF BRIDGE Ted Kennedy address, country road, funeral. 7/18/1986 TITANIC PICTURES U/W shipwreck ;TX IMMIGRATION BILLBOARDS hysterical anti-immigrant billboards. AR LT. GOVERNOR state capital under renovation ;NEW ORLEANS POLICE CHOPPERS police helicopter hovering, landing, being put in hangar. LA BULLETPROOF VESTS police put on vests; MN WILDFIRES distant smoke rising from forest, rental canoes on shore of lake. MIDDLE EAST U.S. CITIZENS EVACUATED ;People coming off helicopter. FL POPCORN MICKEY SCULPTURE chef reveals 'a 450 lb block of popcorn and fiberglass resin 'yum yum; Cardboard boxes in warehouse. FL ROSA PARKS TRANSIT BLDG men unveil plaque; HEAT SUBWAY STUCK Aerial passengers getting off commuter train stuck on rails, at this point it isn't a subway ;CO POWER OUTAGES Body Worlds exhibit, people chatting outside museum. TX DOGS RESCUED Aerial sheriffs at puppy mill; TX CHILD DEATH police holding crying girl, police activity at small apt bldg. STEM CELL SENATE DEBATE ;OH HOT WEATHER or 'HOT WEX' if your in the news biz, construction workers. MIDDLE EAST STATE DEPT ON EVACUATIONS ;IL CHICAGO PROTESTS Israeli flag, activists unwrapping printed signs, anti-Israel protesters; MIDDLE EAST man running away from smoke, evacuees boarding chinook helicopter, bldg hit by missile, ambulance ;Damaged bldg, smoke rising from bldg, soldiers, protest, tanks. IL DEMONSTRATIONS anti-Israel and Israel supporters ;DUCK LACROSSE HEARING. DC CAPITOL HEAT WAVE man mowing lawn, subway escalator, oil change garage ;UT MISSING GIRL house cordoned off, crime scene. ISRAEL TANKS ON BORDER. SCHWARZENEGGER TOURS WILDFIRES from helicopter ;
Italy Migrants 3
Italy's integration minister calls for EU management of immigrants after sinking tragedy
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Spain: a new home
A2 / France 2
AFP-149M 16mm; VC-149M 3 4in.; VTM-149M Beta SP; NET-116 DigiBeta (at 01:00:00:00); Beta SP
b&w newsreel - New York City - ethnic neighborhoods - Little Italy - Europe - street scenes - 1930s cars - storefronts, streets and signs - meat market sign - macaroni products sign - bakery sign - olive oil sign - Greek sign - street vendors stalls - people at stalls - vendor with bananas - Italian bookstore - immigration - immigrants - cities - the Depression - inner city - Italian food
FR3 / France 3