TAPE_NUMBER: EN9924/a IN_TIME: 11:16:54 LENGTH: 03:00 SOURCES: APTN/VNR/BUENA VISTA RESTRICTIONS: No resale film/video clips *** music/performacne rights must be cleared FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: xfa New York, 16th June 1999 PHIL COLLINS GOES APE FOR "TARZAN" After a year out of the public eye, PHIL COLLINS jumped back onto the publicity bandwagon this week with the launch of the latest Disney animated feature, TARZAN in which he composed the soundtrack, including the title track "Strangers Like Me". He appeared at the World Premiere of the film in Los Angeles and the premiere in New York. Yesterday he was back in LA again to unveil his star on the Holywood Walk of Fame. Phil Collins says he was "pitifully unprepared" for the honour. About 500 fans turned out for the unveiling yesterday -- including one fan with a Phil Collins tattoo. Collins was accompanied by his two daughters, his ex-wife and his fiancee. He says when his children's children ask what granddad did, they can show them his star. By making his first foray into the world of Disney animation, Collins follows in the footsteps of Elton John, who along with lyricist Tim Rice scored an Oscar for his acclaimed music for "The Lion King". Collins worked closely with the actors singing his songs, including GLENN CLOSE, who plays the matriarch of the gorilla family that adopts Tarzan. "Tarzan" is an adventure that traces the story of a human baby who is orphaned in the African jungle and lovingly raised by a family of apes. Tarzan's peaceful and sheltered world is turned upside down by the arrival of a human expedition and the revelation that he is one of them. As he struggles to decide which "family" he belongs with, his dilemma is further complicated by his feelings for a beautiful young woman named Jane and the discovery that a trusted member of his new human "family" is plotting to harm the apes. With an inspired cast of vocal talents and new technological breakthroughs that bring added depth and dimension to the jungle settings, Disney's animated version of "Tarzan" captures the fantasy, excitement, and imagination of this literary favourite as never before. Collins, whose previous songs for films include "Against All Odds" and "A Groovy Kind of Love" (from "Buster"), says he enjoyed the challenge of making the music fit the pictures. Working on Tarzan also gave him a chance to build on his experience of African music gleaned from his last solo album "Dance Into the Light". A former child actor, Phil Collins is generally regarded to be the world's premier singing drummer. After serving his apprenticeship and then becoming the face of GENESIS after PETER GABRIEL's departure from the band in 1975, he established himself as a solo artist in his own right with the release of the self-confessional FACE VALUE in 1981. The album immediately confirmed him as a songwriter of note, outside of his existence as vocalist/drummer with Genesis. The record focused on Collins' distinctive voice, something that had previously been underrated and under-used. The album became a worldwide success. In the UK it became a number 1, and spent over five years in the charts. Following its extraordinary success and media interest, Collins went to great lengths to insist that he would not be leaving Genesis, and went on to make a further five albums with them. Collins' next solo work, HELLO, I MUST BE GOING , was similarly successful although the angst had disappeared now that Collins was happily ensconced in relationship with his future wife. He continued with a gruelling schedule of work, which he managed to complete with enthusiasm and King Midas-like success. He became a highly successful record producer and session drummer, working with such artists as JOHN MARTYN, ROBERT PLANT, ADAM AND THE ANTS, FRIDA, ERIC CLAPTON, BRAND X and HOWARD JONES. Additionally, his specially commissioned film soundtrack song for AGAINST ALL ODDS reached the top of the US charts and narrowly missed the top spot in the UK. A few weeks later he appeared on television giving a confident performance as an actor in one episode of MIAMI VICE, resulting in a glut of film scripts being sent to him. Collins made history on 13 July 1985 by appearing at the Live Aid concert twice, both at Wembley, and, following a dash to catch Concorde, in Philadelphia. Incredibly he found further energy a few hours later to play drums with JIMMY PAGE AND ROBERT PLANT and ERIC CLAPTON. His fourth solo album, BUT SERIOUSLY, was released in 1989 and immediately topped the charts, spawning further hit singles. BOTH SIDES in 1993 was a return to the stark emotion of Face Value. Collins, although he stated in interviews that he was a happily married man, opened old relationship wounds with powerful lyrics. He was rewarded by the album debuting at number 1 in the UK chart and finding similar success in the USA and most countries in the world. There seemd little else left to achieve for the teenager who played the Artful Dodger in Oliver onstage in 1964. However, his untarnished image suffered a major setback when it was revealed that he had left his wife for a much younger woman. Collins relocated to Switzerland leaving his wife alone together with the almost unanimous support of the UK public and press, and allowing the lyrical intensity of Both Sides to be viewed in a different light. 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