Sirens in Baghdad; 12/17/98
IRAQ: Night shot of Iraq awaiting U.S. bombing (Lit up Mosque in foreground)
Mosul, the story of a strike
France 24
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Nighttime views of bombs exploding in Iraq skyline. A soldier aims his rifle.
JMO-1 Beta SP
Various U.S. weaponry firing on Iraqi enemy targets during Operation Desert Storm
U.S. Army helicopters in flight over Iraq during Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf War. Camera views at night of targets being destroyed by "smart bombs" and rockets. Targets include buildings and tanks. U.S. tanks move on the desert. Destroyed Iraqi tanks in desert. Smoke from the destroyed tanks. U.S. Army infantry soldiers running near a U.S. tank. Battery of rockets rotating atop a U.S. Army launcher. Images of tanks and artillery firing on targets. Location: Iraq. Date: 1991.
1990s NEWS
U.S. Marines with 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines assigned to the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response-Central Command, reinforce the Baghdad Embassy Compound after protests break out.
Iraq Aftermath
Late night car bomb kills at least 11
The 90's, episode 401: TAKING CHANCES
01:36 Bungee Jump by Patrick Creadon and Randy Jaffe. Patrick Creadon prepares to bungee jump from a crane. he has a camera taped to his hand to capture the moment in all its glory. It's not that dangerous, is it? Pat asks. You're gonna be just fine, replies the jumping aid? And he is, despite a slight drunk feeling. 07:16 Lilly Barry by Skip Blumberg. Lilly Barry, a blind woman, talks about the perils of negotiating New York's streets. She says the best way a sighted person can help her is to just ask me if I need assistance. 08:56 Lane Sarasohn by Nancy Cain. Lane Sarasohn, a lottery player, picks the following numbers: years he has lived in home, his daughter's age, his son's age, years married, wife's age and his age. He partakes in this ritual as insurance against a lifetime of self incrimination. Nancy asks, Is it taking a chance to buy it or not to buy it? It'd be courting disaster not to buy it, he replies. 10:03 Visa Lottery by Nancy Cain, Eddie Becker, Miguel Kohan and Fabian Wagmister. A look at the chaos surrounding the visa lottery. Attorney Vera A. Weisz helps describe how the lottery works. A post office box in Arlington, Virginia, handles the millions of applications, which they accept for one week. Of the 19 million applications received, 40,000 will get a permanent visa, 16,000 of these must be of Irish descent... Applicants discuss their strategies. Sending in 400 applications is not uncommon. Eddie Becker encounters an Argentinean camera crew. They say The 90's is one of their favorite channels. Eddie suggests that they submit a tape. They happened to have shot tape of the riot that ensued at the post office the previous night, which is shown here. The masses surge toward the mail bins, their future determined by the bin they get their application in? A screen roll indicates that both the Senate and the House are working on an improved process. Meanwhile, the US Post Office grossed $5.51 million from this year's lottery. 17:47 We Play For Tips by Esti Galili Marpet. On the streets in New Orleans, Doreen's Jazz Band belts out the classic Down in New Orleans. 18:46 72 Stories Up by Nancy Cain and Hector Garcia. A window washer cleans pollution's residue off a Los Angeles skyscraper. On the smog, he says, It's kind of unsightly, but it's also home. 29:05 Tovey Halleck by Skip Blumberg. In New York: Skip Blumberg burns some tape on his way to see Tovey Halleck, an artist. I guess every time I go out shooting I'm taking a chance. Who knows what I'm going to find? ponders Skip. Tovey takes Skip to his studio, an outdoor sculpture/shed, where he forges iron into art. Skip asks him if he was taking a chance by his career choice. I think some people aren't cut out for it. Some people have to learn in a hands-on way, he replies. From the outside looking in, some people would say you're taking a chance, says Skip. 34:22 Fire Dance by Judith Binder. In Bali, Indonesia, natives chant around a fire. 35:25 More from Lane Sarasohn. Lane Sarasohn, the lottery player, says, I saw a guy on a PBS documentary who said, 'Look, this is America. You can win the lottery and tomorrow be a millionaire.' That's not the American Dream. The American Dream is a house, a car, two kids and a dog. Now the American Dream is never having to worry about money again. 41:46 Pat Arbor by Tom Weinberg and Patrick Creadon. Pat Arbor, a soybean trader at the Chicago Board of Trade, says, The risks we underwrite are different than the risks of a bingo parlor or Las Vegas. You don't have to turn a card, you don't have to roll a dice. The farmer, however, does have to plant the grain, because we have to eat. As soon as the farmer plants the grain a risk is created. All we do at the Chicago Board is underwrite that risk. We do not create that risk, the risk is already created. 42:37 From the Horses Mouth by Jay April. A trip to the race track yields a collection of gamblers talking about the topic they know best. What's the biggest chance you ever took in life? asks Jay. The man responds, Getting married. 49:42 John Schuchardt by Andrew Jones. John Schuchardt, a former captain of the US Marine Corps, recounts his story of speaking up against the Gulf War while President Bush attended church in Kennebunkport, Maine. We understand the church to be the place where urgent moral concerns belong and ought to be addressed... I stood up and said, I have a concern... We must think of the 18 million people of Iraq... We must think of what it is to be bombed by 2000 planes a day'... Someone shouted for me to sit down and the congregation rose up to sing 'God Bless America' to drown out my voice. I continued, 'I will speak for those who are suffering. Before we sing the Lord's Prayer I have a word' and it was for that statement that I was assaulted by the chief of police. I was expelled from the church. I lifted my voice and spoke, 'I am the voice of the voiceless. Stop the bombing. Stop the massacre' I was charged with disorderly conduct. They used the law as a weapon. They felt their purpose was to prohibit anyone from talking in front of the Commander-in-Chief. Footage of Schuchardt being dragged away is also included.
Gulf War, operation Desert Storm, Saddam Hussein, President Bush Sr, Conflict in Iraq 1990-91
Kuwait City seen from the sea - Saddam Hussein in uniform , with a group of Iraqi officers, Large Japanese tanker at sea - smoke rise from Kuwait City - Iraqi tank at speed, Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait City, cheering - Saddam Hussein with Iraqi officers, President Bush speech on the Gulf War - President George Bush shakes hands with US officer, US carrier - aircraft takes off - bomber in flight - carrier at sea - light bomber lands on carrier, UN Security Council in session - Saddam Hussein strolling with Iraqi officers - cheering soldiers, Saddam Hussein with ant-aircraft gun - President Bush visit the troops in Kuwait/Iraq, night bombing of Bagdad - target seen through bombsight of US aircraft - explosions, President George Bush announces USA's intend, i.e. to eject all Iraqi forces from Kuwait, General Norman Schwartzkopf in airfield - self-propelled artillery cross desert towards Kuwait, Conventional artillery fire - large rocket launchers - naval barrage - tanks and trucks advancing, Casualty on stretcher - destroyed vehicles - oil-wells burning - tanks parked near burning oil-wells, Large column of smoke in distance indicate Kuwait City - helicopter flies past - people greet the troops, US tanks move towards Kuwait City - tanks and APCs enter Kuwait city, President Bush speaks about 'Desert Storm' as the war is over
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Reporters: [show of 27 May 2017]
France 24
Iraq Violence
At least five dead in late night bombing in Shiite area of capital
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News footage of the beginning of the Iraq War on March 21, 2003 shows an explosion lighting up the night. Cut to three years later in March 2006 when daily car bombings, shootings and violence are now the norm.
1990s NEWS
VTM-148V 1 inch; Beta SP
Iraq 11:30 A.M.; 12/17/98
IRAQ: Night footage of Iraq awaiting U.S. bombing (shot of the lit up Mosque from building roof); Quick cuts of debris and rubble from bombing; Bill Clinton sitting in easy chairs with military advisors, speaks to pres; LS of Iraq city at night with small bomb flash in distance; B-52 bomber lands at airfield during day; F-? jet takes of of aircraft carrier at night; House Of Representitives in action passing resolution in Iraq; Dennis Hastert (Speaker of the House); Newt Gingrich a asst members speak in HOR; Bombed and flooded Iraq streets at night;
Operation Desert Shield Compilation
Various shots, helicopters flying across just above the ground, fighter plane, AWAC, tank crossing sand with American flag flying, bombs exploding in desert, American soldiers running across sand, soldiers shooting automatic rifles, LS of missile being fired at night and in black sky, WS explosion beyond horizon, artistic shot of sun in clouds. Montage - aircraft being launched from carrier deck day and night, at dusk a MS of tank in sand and a helicopter flying over, shot from inside over the helicopter gunner looking out, shot down to pilot under plane canopy, airman cleaning the canopy, soldiers loading and firing a cannon, shots of aircraft landing on carrier. Soldiers crouched behind a concrete block wall, CU soldier on hand held radio, CU soldiers firing 50 caliber machine gun, CU American flag flying, CU pilot of plane signaling with hands up and then salute and turn to camera and then plane is launched from carrier, various shots of crew launching activities, POV from plane as it does flying rolls, various close shots of tanks, missiles and cannons being fired. Shots of air carrier activity, nighttime activity, lighted stream from airplane jet, dim shots of nighttime launches showing water spays to minimize fire hazard, light from aircraft jets at night, light from cannon muzzle blast at night, explosions in distance at night, a B55, shot of warplane and POV behind pilot as he scans around, soldiers at dawn against sky background and helicopter moving across, soldiers standing in sand at half light and helicopter landing stirring up a cloud of dirt, POVs of helicopters flying low toward the camera. helicopter gun camera video of Blackhawk and Cobra's firing Hellfire missiles - Various shots of pilots computer aiming screen (target screen), helicopter flying, firing missiles, pilots screens showing bombs exploding, POVs of bombers launched showing jets alit, a Humvee, CU of a launch crewman, shot of helicopters lined side by side on the deck, shot of soldiers around a home made sign on wall “101st -- Hi Mom - Send Beer- and many other messages”, home made sign “S-1 – 1st BN – 101st AVN – EXPECT NO MERCY – and a large motif drawing centered”. Various shots of helicopters on the ground, helicopters flying, CU pilot, POVs from air of battleships and an oil refinery, shot of air crew waving to camera, CU pilot of air tanker and it fueling fighter planes, helicopters flying low at camera, MS of prop plane engines, CU of camel’s head as it looks to the camera. Various shots, cannon muzzle firing, side view of line of tanks, CU of a hot soldier in t-shirt, head scarf and rifle slung on shoulder, CU of 50 caliber ammunition, 3 soldiers picking up long missile off cart, various shots of army trucks and personnel carriers, soldiers in camouflage suits walking, one drinking water from a bottle, soldiers pushing a large helicopter, combat airport scenes, tanks lined up, and various scenes of soldiers, tanks and aircraft in a variety of actions. Good action shots. Shot of fighter plane in sky, POVs from cockpit as plane flies low over desert as the horizon tilts as plane turns right and left, some 90 degree banks and rolls, POVs of helmeted pilot bouncing around in cockpit, POVs from rear as plane flies. Various shots, POV from inside one helicopter to another while flying, 2 soldiers in camouflage walking, CU soldier wiping sweat from head with his sleeve, soldiers walking in heat, CU sitting in circle showing hand with cigarette, standing in a group, CU under a camouflage net, CU against a tank, sign “Hard Luck Café – Kuwait City – Under new management.”, side view of line of tanks, CU soldier reading letter and one sleeping, silhouette of soldier against the sand, soldier relaxing on a cot on the sand, soldier holding a t-shirt “Desert Shield 90”, shots of soldiers relaxing and writing letters, home made sign post pole with many wood direction slats, artistic shot of sun in the clouds over the desert, CU of soldier with covered head, POV over GI with slung rifle watching aircraft fly by, shot down over tents, other shots of soldiers sleeping, looking at pictures from home, artistic LS of soldier walking at dusk, CU of American flag from back so stars are at right top, POV over airman out the open back of plane, artistic shot of soldier silhouetted in LS out over desert at sunset with low sun in sky, shot of battleship cannons firing, army cannons firing, army trucks in desert, shadow of flying helicopter on the desert sand, quick CU’s of soldiers, shot down at mass of soldiers, artistic shot of helicopter flying across setting sun, Christmas tree Artistic shot of silhouetted mountain, rosy clouds and blue sky, soldiers sleeping in whatever shade, clouds moving across the moon, soldiers carrying wounded on stretcher, CU of soldier showing picture that he has in his helmet, Silhouette of soldier with rifle, CU sleeping, Women soldiers wave to camera, artistic shot across desert to clouds on the far horizon and blue sky, many quick CU’s of soldiers, soldiers carrying packs go to Huey helicopter, CU of paper “We Miss You Daddy”, soldier in desert reading letter, soldier silhouetted in desert. CU of soldier saying, “Let’s rock and roll and get the job done now”. Various shots of cannons firing from land, from battleships from tanks, missile firing, soldiers firing rifles, missiles from different launch sites, shots of different military aircraft, soldiers shooting from helicopter, rolling over on ground and shooting rifles in combat, many varied shots of combat flying and shooting, high speed shots of aircraft and tanks, explosions, high flames, line of helicopters taking off together, silhouette B55 taking off, Iraqi’s surrendering to soldiers, sign “Welcome to Iraq”, POWs sitting on the ground with hands on heads, POWs in a line, Iraqi’s waving flags to camera with shots of some dead Iraqi soldiers and destroyed vehicle, sign hanging from bridge “Blood for Freedom !(in red) – Welcome Allies Forces”, soldiers burying bodies in shallow graves, CU of soldier holding a picture of Saddam Hussein to the camera. POV over gun out window of helicopter flying, POVs from helicopter of Highway of Death down a highway in desert littered with vehicles as far as the eye can see, various CU’s of the wrecks, soldiers carrying captured rifles, shot of covered dead body and CU of a photograph of an Iraqi, shots of bodies in destroyed vehicles and on ground and destroyed armament, shots of oil tanks on fire, CU of Hussein statue and Iraqis burning Iraq money at night, more explosions, Saddam atrocities exposed with soldier showing Iraqi torture chamber and torture equipment, gruesome pictures of many torture victims, torture tools, CU of injuries to back of a recent victim, Iraqis burying a body, shots of an Iraqi graveyard and activity, an Iraqi film showing a firing squad execution, shots of bodies in a morgue, many Iraqi prisoners sitting on the ground, Iraqi men crying, sitting on a tank and waving, prisoner being taken and other prisoners being guarded, shot of women and children in the desert (refugees), in trucks, shots of American soldiers throwing food to the refugees. A shot of a truck stopping and a soldier jumps out and throws a food package to a child. Shots of large groups of refugees walking, CU of some faces, arms waving from bus, many other refugee shots and a CU of a man hugging a woman with the words “Friendship” on his sleeve. Various shots of oil well fires, from the air, from the ground, CUs and LSs of the flames and smoke, equipment to put out fires, a sign on one “Boots & Coots Tushhog”, equipment and men in action putting out the fires and capping the wells, many CU’s of some of the tasks, last shot of man turning wheel to close valve to stop oil gushing from pipe. Many various short shots of activity on aircraft carrier- jets taking off and landing, CU’s of pilots and action shots of launch crew. Shots of helicopters, CU down onto a Huey’s rotating blade hub. POVs of planes flying over, pilot’s eye view as he does rolls, over his helmet as he bounces and looks around, up to the underside of over flying plane showing jet intakes, gas tank pods under wings and missiles and screens of missiles hitting targets. shots down onto an Iraqi road in the desert with thousands of destroyed and abandoned vehicles, down onto a flatbed truck carrying missiles, Great montage of aircraft carrier and planes - quick shots of planes launched from carrier and planes landing, deck crew in action, CU’s of pilots as planes are launched, CU of sign “Beware of Jet Blast, Propellers and Rotors”. Many CU’s from different angles of launch and landings, shot up at fighter plane doing a roll, POV to plane at side flying in formation. Shot of men throwing live hand grenades out over a tank, a uniformed woman show the small crater made, shot of various types of grenades as she points out percussion and fragmentation, shows how to pull pin and throw, counts to three and bang, while in the background oil wells on fire. Shot of man and woman throwing grenades and the explosions can be seen.
2003 Iraq War Air Raid Footage
Night vision footage of a fighter jet flying over Iraq as the US executes an air raid during the ongoing 2003 Iraq war. Target footage from several air raids display bombs going off at different locations throughout Iraq. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
NEWSFEED 4/4/03, NIGHT VIS IRAQ WAR W/ABU DHABI TV BUG, WAR IN IRAQ PRESS CONFERENCE, BOMB MAPS, SMART BOMBS, ARMY INFORMATION OFFICER ; NX EXT night vision Abu Dhabi Tv bug Iraq at night fires flicker, anti-aircraft artillery ; NX EXT night vision anti-aircraft fire Abu Dhabi bug on screen, Mostly inactive Night Vision Iraq ; NX EXT Night Vision Bug visible car and headlights move through city, P-R night vision camera, Abu Dhabi news ; INT War in Iraq press conference, Army official spaks at podium, graphics outline bomb targets, live bombing camera, Map of Iraq ; INT Var graphics buildings blown up, still Iraqi weapons cache, Footage of Iraqi water relief, white journalist asks question; INT Army official answers questions, sitll of Iraqi contraband, Journalist with question, Army official with answer ;INT Army official laughs answers question, white journalist with notebook asks question var, Woman from AP asks question; INT Army official likes the AP girl, he answers her question very carefully, white journalist asks question ;INT Journalist continues with question, WS journalist FG Army official answers questions, Arab/Indian Journalist asks questions ; INT journalist takes picture, Army information officer, Deep voiced journalist in James caghney body, Army officer T/H ;INT woman English journalist asks question, Army official answers question, cue loss of vertical hold, andwe're clear ;