VW-1204 3 4in. VW-1209 3 4in. VW-1211 3 4in. VW-1213 3 4in.
++US Wildfires 2
Helicopter fights flames in northern California
Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. <br/> <br/>Jerry Green - property dealer - opens a sanctuary for stray dogs. <br/> <br/>Various shots of strays in the police dog pound. A policeman unlocks the gate and picks up a sandy mongrel cringing in the corner. The mongrel pup is taken by the policeman to a man in a white coat standing beside a brown van from Jerry's sanctuary. C/U of the policeman. The man places the dog in the van and drive off. C/Us of the driver and the dog in the back. <br/> <br/>The van drives through gates. C/U on sign - 'Jerry Green Trust Foundation - Site of Dog Sanctuary'. The mongrel is placed on a table and given a check up. C/U of the sad-looking mongrel pup. <br/> <br/>M/S of dogs in enclosures. Two kennel maids scooping food into metal bowls. Various shots of the dogs eating. C/U of Jerry Green. More general shots of dogs in the enclosures. <br/> <br/>M/S of the mongrel pup being set down in front of a bowl of food. The kennel maid picks up a handful of food to encourage the timid dog to eat. <br/> <br/>Cuts exist - please see separate record.
Jerry Brown Debating with Bill Clinton
California Governor Jerry Brown accuses Bill Clinton of funneling money into his wife's law firm during a democratic presidential debate in Chicago, Illnois. News anchor Bill Bonds mediates the debate. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
1952 Jerry Brown with Mother Bernice
Premium Rate Footage - Jerry Brown with Mother Bernice - in Family backyard - after mother's recent trip to Hawaii - Pat Brown home movies
Jerry Brown- Primarys; 3/18/92
Bertrand Belin
P-38 aircraft of the U.S. 55th Fighter Group at Nuthampstead Airfield, England
U.S. 55th Fighter Group P-38 planes at Nuthampstead Airfield (Station 131) in England. Mechanics prepare P-38 planes prior to the 55th Fighter Group's first combat mission on 15th October 1943. Some of the mechanics work on the .50 Browning machine guns mounted in the nose of the plane. One of them checks fuel lines and the interior of the plane. 38th Fighter Squadron pilots gather in front of their Commander, prior to the mission. Pilots include the Group's first P-38 "Ace," Gerald Brown, and fellow 38th pilots, Jerry Leinweber and Jo Myers. Visual and Audio of 55th Fighter Group Commander, Lt. Colonel, Frank James (Group CO), briefing pilots and emphasizing their bomber escort mission. He tells them not to break off to pursue individual German aircraft. The crews disperse to their respective aircraft for take off. View of LCol. Jack Jenkins' P-38H "Texas Ranger" readies for take-off with assistance from his crew chief Sgt. Donald Maloney Location: Nuthampstead England United Kingdom. Date: October 15, 1943.
U.S. recruits being classified for assignments and being informed about the progress of World War II and why they fight.
New U.S. army recruits seated at benches in the classification center, taking notes, as an instructor at a blackboard tells them how to fill out their classification questionnaires, during World War 2. View of machines processing the questionnaires. Hollerith 88 column punch cards being sorted by machine. Newspaper article about the Air Force efforts to improve classification and assignments of new airmen. A recruit being counseled. An Airmen in barracks, filling out a post card form to complain about his assignment. Servicemen working with sewing machines and at long cobbler's benches repairing shoes. U.S. soldiers in pith helmets, laying communications cable from a truck. A soldier recording information about a shipment of supplies. Soldiers filling 5-gallon "jerry cans" with fuel from a hose. Others serving at a communications center in woods. A soldier fastening a cable to a tank. Soldier standing on a truck. Large group of soldiers gathered to listen to a lecture about explosives. Army draftsmen at their work tables. Soldiers using information and training materials.(Narrator states these materials are often ignored.) An army newsmap for Monday, August 31, 1942 posted on an Army office wall. A sergeant points to July, 1943, on a current calendar next to it, illustrating that the newsmap is long out-of-date. View of another newsmap and narrator notes they are produced weekly. An officer speaking to an auditorium of soldiers. A soldier arranging his personal gear. Infantry on field maneuvers, firing rifles as they advance across a field. Soldiers firing a Browning water-cooled machine gun; a mortar; and a 105mm M101A1 howitzer. The sergeant using a newsmap to brief his staff about the progress of the war. Opening frames of a War Department Film Bulletin, and soldiers in a theater, watching the film. Opening frames of the film,"Why We Fight," that goes on to show animated map of the German advance across Europe in World War 2. Scenes of German forces on the move, towing artillery, riding on tanks, and entering towns as they invade countries of Europe. Women and children running in streets under bombardment, and civilians fleeing from their homes during aerial bombing. A Bombed out city and civilian corpses lying on the ground. Women in Poland, identifying their dead and grieving over them. German Heinkel He 111 aircraft dropping bombs. Norwegians evacuating the city in trucks, and other vehicles and on foot, during the German invasion. A squadron of German Messerschmitt Bf-109 aircraft in flight. German Ju-87, Stuka dive bombers diving on targets. Civilians rushing to a bomb shelter, and others boarding a truck to evacuate. More He-111 bombers dropping bombs. A Ju-52 trimotor transport (type used to transport German paratroopers). Buildings ablaze in a town. Large formations of German aircraft of various types flying overhead. Building destroyed and burning from bombing. Ju-87s flying close past the camera. Location: United States USA. Date: 1943.
PA-1049 1 inch
Dental Health: How and Why
U.S. Democratic Primary Election
The candidates for the U.S. Democratic Primary election are displayed under the states they won in the election. Photos of Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton and Massachusetts Senator Paul Tsongas appear underneath Georgia election statistics. A photo of Paul Tsongas appears under Maryland and Utah election statistics. A photo of California Governor Jerry Brown appears under Colorado election statistics. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
Unused / unissued material - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown. <br/> <br/>American newsreel item, title reads: "Yanks Win Series!" <br/> <br/>Ebbetts Field, New York City, United States of America / USA <br/> <br/>LS High shot of stadium. MS Pan across crowds. MS. and CU Various shots of the World's Series Baseball final in progress, with the New York Yankees v Brooklyn's Dodgers. CU Spectators. (3 shots). MS Joe di Maggio batting. MS Gil Hodges batting. MS. Switching on battery of arc lamps. Various shots of the final moments of the game and spectators running onto the pitch. MS and CU New York Yankees team grouped around their manager, Casey Stengel. <br/> <br/>Note: "Date received" on original paperwork reads: 05/10/1949. American commentary. Other players of both teams mentioned in the commentary include: Jerry Coleman, Bobby Brown, Gene Woodling, Harv Rackley, Jack Banta, Vic Raschi, Napes, Duke Snyder, Gene Hermanski and Joe Page.
1:15 pm on Saturday: [broadcast of November 17, 2018]
A2 / France 2
PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE - Jerry Brown at Democratic Convention in New York - Brown press conference - pan from throng of reporters to Jerry Brown at microphones then back to press - press reporters and cameramen
Tropical Storm Jerry; 8/27/1995
Major flooding from storm. Cars, vans, businesses, woods under water. Brown rushing water.NICE
++US Deported Veteran
Ex-Marine Deported to Mexico Returns to US
Jerry Brown