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Terror Grips Palestine
1945: the children of chaos
France 5
NEWSFEED FEB 24 - 25, 1999, AVALANCHE RESCUE AUSTRIA, CLINTON, UN, ISRAEL, KOSOVO, ETC...; AUSTRIA/VAR: AVALANCHE/RESCUE rescue helicopters, local snow town w/ people roadblocks, VAR of an avalanche; RUSSIA: CHINA Yeltsin w/chinese official, political meeting, russian military ceremony; USA: CLINTON/BROADDRICK woman on farm, old clinton footage, woman in interview, clintons at the white house; JERUSALEM/ISRAEL: SAMUEL STAYS UN United Naitons council chambers, young man in court, talking heads, jewish press conference; AUSTRALIA: BAYWATCH no baywatch signs, town meeting for protest, scenes at beach w/ surfers & the show baywatch; UK: DIESEL/CHALAYAN fashion show on ice w/ various models in white, audience shots, models skate on runway in winter clothes; VAR: DEMOS/LAWYERS demonstrators on street throwing rocks & fighting cops, crowds chanting, press follows family around; VAR: NATO/KLA military officers moving large equipment & tanks at docks, officers on ship, kla troops, officials; AUSTRIA: RESCUE rescue helicopters & ground vehicles, survivors being evac'd, rescue dogs, snow plow on the road; UN/LIBYA: GADAFFI flags outside of the UN, Kofi Annan, diplomat has military welcome, diplomat talks w/ Gadaffi; GAZA: CANADIAN men arriving in convoy, meeting w/ Yassir Arafat, man & Arafat in press conference, convoy leaving; GERMANY: SUMMIT summit house, politicians arriving, politicians in summit, taking pictures together, in press conference; YUGOSLAVIA: KOSOVO CRISIS military police, troop trucks, snow covered tanks, troops w/ guns, refugees, rebels, villages ;AUSTRIA: AVALANCHE helicopter, people evacuating town, snow plow, homes covered in snow, cars lined on freeway; SWITZERLAND: SKI people skiing, ski resorts, talking heads, EST of mountain ranges; NIGERIA: ELECTION people in line to vote, placing ballots box, nigerian politicians, jimmy carter, old political footage, Colin Powerll visiting; AUSTRIA: MOURNING VAR of nice small town, church full of mourners, coffins, VAR INT of the church; YUGOSLAVIA VAR: CHIRAC/KOSOVO military officials in meeting, EST shot of city, military troops, tanks & equipment ;
International Austria
0:00:01 - 0:03:40>>>Aerial PAN's around Vienna International Center (UN City) built for United Nations in 1979. President Kennedy and Kruschev shaking hands. KURt Waldheim. Anwar Sadat. CU many international newspapers on newstand. Group of international representatives sitting around a circular table in the International center. Motorcade at night led by police on motorcycles. Night view EXT Center. Commentator with model of the center. Various cu's of sections of the center. INT views and delegates. Delgates listening to translations. POV tourist bus. Tourist guide to group. Austrian diplomat, Kurt Waldheim seated at desk reading papers ( was UN Secretary General 10 years). CU UN army jeep, CU various Austrian soldier looking through binoculars, in Congo, Cyprus and as UN observers in MiddleEast) 0:03:40 - 0:05:32>>>High angle down to Pope John Paul II visits Austria. ZO from CU of huge crowd assembled in Hoffberg Palace Square waiting for Pope. Pope John Paul II climbing stairs to stage. MED Pope with arms raised, greeting people. WS huge crowd applauding. MED Pope speaking into microphones (speaking in Austrian?) with subtitled English translation of his words intercut with cheering crowds in square. 0:05:32 - 0:05:45>>>Austria is a land through which many refugees pass or decide to stay and live. views of the March River, part of Austrian's eastern border. Cu field and ZO to shots of river with slowly moving water. BW historic film of Hungarian refugees riding in trucks entering Austria after WWII. 1968 Czechoslovakians refugees, identity papers being stamped, families on trucks. COLOR Jewish refugees from Soviet Union go through Austria on way to Israel. Views of families sitting in park with baggage, in housing by Austrian Red Cross. Children playing in bunk beds. COLOR Vietnamese and Cambodian refugees in housing in Austrian suburbs. Seen playing, attending vegetable garden. Good shots of children working in garden. Good CU young girl's face. Refugees entering a screening camp at the Austrian border. View of border crossing gate opening. PAN of bunk beds in long room where immigrants sleep during processing. Shot of young boy standing in middle of room with bunk beds behind him as camera travels from cu on him and along the perimeter of the room showing long line of beds. Polish immigrants in class learning English. EXT Polish immigrant center , bulletin board, advisors helping. Interior Polish church in Vienna and congregants. Good dolly shots of church pews filled with people, various med. Shots of churchgoers. 0:08:55 - 0:10:05>>>Lufthansa, Air France jets landing viewed from side as they touch down. Good shot of plane overhead coming in for landing CU pilot in cockpit on phone with control tower, INT control tower at Vienna airport, radar scope. Welcome sign (Willkomen in Wien or Welcome to You). People in airport, with luggage. CU to ZO - Tourist bus on high bridge over valley emphasizing Austrian excellent roads. Good shots, various aerials and ground shots of highways crisscrossing the countryside and mountainous areas. POV's from car driving on highway 0:10:05 - 00:13:02>>>POV driving through tunnel. POV from Austrian railroad to beautiful shots of snow covered countryside. Montage of shots of Vienna. Flower gardens, tourists in Vienna. Aerial over Vienna.,Pan down St. Stephen's Cathedral from spire to plaza below to see people dancing at Vienna Folk Festival. Various shots of Greek folk dancers in street, CU feet step dancing, traditional costume. Malaysian band and dancers in park children watching. MED shot Malaysian musicians. Group of women dancers run through park trees in colorful dress and meet up with men holding parasols. Austrians in traditional costume dancing in pairs and singing in park. Various shots. WS of parade through streets of Vienna. Band marching with people carrying flags of other countries. Bands in traditional dress. Lines of people assembled to watch parade. Dancers in traditional costume dancing in the street along parade route. 0:13:00 - 00:14:37 >>>INT Vienna subway station train entering and coming to stop. EXT Parliament Building seen from moving car. View of Imperial Palace with sun shining over top - camera stands in middle and spins around the columns and museum statues. POV from horse and buggy ride through streets and see old buildings. Shots of museums, statues and other buildings seen. Various international restaurant signs. INT traditional Viennese restaurante. 0:14:37>>>Vienna nightlife: EXT neon sign of Austrian gambling casino, CU roulette wheel as it spins, CU people's hands throwing chips to place bets. Montage of various EXT and INTS bars and discos. People drinking, couples talking 0:15:06 - 0:15:44>>>Shopping in Austria. Showing Austria's impact on products around the world. Shoppers, various stores, Schullin and Bretterbauer window signs. Model wearing white ermine fur jacket. 0:15:44>>>CU's Craftsmen etching glass. Needlepoint artist and hands CU hands needle pointing. Woman assembling high powered binoculars. ECU of crafting and assembling hunting guns. Inside factory see camera lenses being manufactured and assembled. Ski salesman. 0:16:40>>>Austrian Industry: Coil of steel suspended by a crane is being moved and loaded onto barge. Good shots inside steel mill with shots of hearth furnaces. Inside factory filling bags of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate for Lebanon. Assembling railroad wheel carriage. CU plastic sack Austrian Governmental Aid for Lebanon Calcium Ammonium Nitrate 50 kgs. 0:17:22>>>Good ws of Sydney Opera House in Australia from across the water, zoom in.. INTS of Opera House with its famous organ and stage. 0:17:53>>>Aerial over Caracas, Venezuela. Good views of Porto Abas - one of world's largest ore processing plant designed and built by Austrian engineers. Men working in the plant. Views of mixing, long lines of pipes, trucks loading ore 0:18:34>>>PAN Thailand technical college and students walking, Good tracking shot through building with many students working on metal turning lathes set up throughout the building. CU various students filing metal in vises. 0:19:19>>>Good CUs of Austrian railroad track laying machine at work - various angles - under the track laying equipment, in front of, next to, on top of and POV from conductors cabin. MED Black man turning handle on mechanism which controls the hydraulic arm of the track laying machine. Machine moving along the track. Train moving along completed railroad tracks. ,Austrian airport bus drives onto tarmac as it transports passengers from terminal to aircraft at Los Angeles airport. Cu bus driver. Side view of bus with Los Angeles Airport written on its side, ,POV from inside, underneath, and in front of rough terrain vehicle (Fitzgower?) along very bumpy road. Austrian snow removal equipment on snowy highways. 0:20:50>>>ZO from CU of Empire State Building in NYC to WS. MED shot Metropolitan Opera House and pan around complex. ECUs of lighting fixtures in Opera House backstage, on stage and in lobby - all from Austria. PAN up from floor to ceiling of lighting in Kremlin also from Austria. 0:21:26>>>In Indonesia an Austrian feeding trough for cattle being tended by workers. WS of cows being fed inside and outside - food distributed in troughs. 0:21:45>>>In Durango, Mexico - truck in forest from Technological Institute. View of trees being felled near Durango. Forklifting of trees into lumber mill, sawmills stripping of sheaths of wood, classroom training for workers, CU workers. 0:22:21>>>Pan across dry desert scene to one lush with green growth due to Austrian irrigation techniques. Views of large pipes in desert and other various equipment and water spraying crops. 0:22:57>>>Austrian Dixie band on a river boat on the Danube. Comical singer street musicians. Austrian Rock and roll band on stage. Austrian translation of Broadway show. CU painting of Mozart zoom out to antique piano, paintings of Beethoven, Schubert, Hayden, statue violinist, full orchestra playing at New Years concert, CU recording equipment (older reel to reel videotape) pan down room filled with equipment in recording studio, CU's orchestra conductor from below looking up, CU woman violinist. People dancing the waltz. Good shot from below the waltzers seeing them in silhouette and the dome of the building above, CU pouring champagne into glass, WS people dressed in black tie and gowns dancing waltz 0:26:15>>>EXT of United Nations building in Austria, INT WS of UN meeting and move across the room showing various representatives from different countries with headphones listening, EXT of UN building.
SS PRISON GUARD (8-4-1993)
After end of WWII former Jewish POWs in Displaced Persons Camp in Admont, Austria, run by UN Relief and Rehabilitation Administration
Daily life of Jewish refugees at a UNRRA camp for displaced persons in Austria after World War 2
Jewish refugees at a United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) camp for displaced persons in Admont, Austria. Residents walk out of the camp with shovels in hand and hoe crops. Men and women together hoe crops. Refugee women do laundry in the backyard of their quarters at the camp. Four men walk on a road then stand and talk to each other. Views of snow-capped mountains in the background. Location: Admont Austria. Date: September 19, 1946.
00:00:00:00 - RE RACK AT TOP (0:00)/
1990s NEWS
10/7/97 NEWSFEED, EARTHQUAKE, MIR, QUEEN ELIZABETH, PEACE TALKS, TENT CITY AFTER EARTHQUAKE; DX lab, space station MIR, photos projected on screen of MIR, bank of the paparazzi lined up press conference, good; Italy, earthquake aftershock, aftermath rubble, cracks in street and in famous buildings and churches, soupline homeless; Italy, tent city line of blue tents after the earthquake; Pakistan, Queen Elizabeth II visits, state occasion, Prince Philip, queen thanks for comfort in death of Princess Diana; Peace Talks/Hamas, want Sheik be released, delegates mediate with Israelis, US envoy Dennis Ross, Arafat; West Bank, car going down road, children moving chairs, mobile cinema project, cu projectors, threads projector; France, Papon trial, line of french police trial of WWII nazi war criminal he is 87 years old, Palais de justice, security check; Ukraine, train crash, loaded bus and train collide, aftermath, bodies thrown out of bus, tag and id bodies, RxR crossing; Bonn, Germany, Zedillo visit, honor guard plays and salutes, cu of hand shaking; France, Papon trial opens, protestors with jewish sympathy signs, interior court bldg, judges are seated in French court; Netherlands, war crimes plea, United Nations international tribunal bldg., UN flag, judges, UN court; Peace Talks, various, NX arrival cars at neutral checkpoint on border, guard tower, US envoy Dennis Ross w/Arafat, Hussein; S.Lebanon/N. Israel, attack/shelling, troops, shelling, injured, wounded soldier medevaced (evacuated); Pakistan, Queen Elizabeth II's, visit color troops, Queen addresses parliament assembly in Pakistan, Prince Philip; Thailand, Phuket, missing sailors, Kawasaki, beached, rusted out ship, drifted 6 mos, interior of ship; UK, Bill Gates visit, cu Bill Gates, Tony Blair met with delegates, school children, cu Bill Gates, helicopter arrives Cambridge; China, Beijing, Air Expo, interior of convention ;Austria, Barbie Exhibition, Elvis in Barbie's car, Audrey Hepburn, various Barbie dolls; Israel, Petah Tikva, extradition of teen 'killer', guards escort into court in shackles, paparazzi, want to return US/Maryland; Cuba, Communist congress, street traffic, barber cuts hair, streets, peds, Fidel Castro enters people clap, assembly of people; Merrill/Lynch business, crowds on street NYC, fast food, coffee bar int., Mcdonalds int., cu burgers, drive thru fast food; Merrill/Lynch business, assembly line workers, Greenspan talks to congress, stock market floor activity; Iran, bus searched for contraband and or drugs, speed boat trafficker, police lay out drugs ;Terrorist List, various, attack aftermath Jerusalem, posters and protestors, explosions, things blowing up ;Italy, Seismic expert, woman at computer sees earthquake damage, damage to churches and historical buildings, firemen inside church ;Italy, assisi, seismic read out for damage to world famous church, scaffolding on the outside of church ;New Zealand, stranded whales, rescuers try to float whales back out to sea 41 pilot whales,big crew of volunteers, line of beached whales; Italy, political assembly, very hand gesturing individual gives talk at outdoor rally; No. Iraq, Turkish incursion, nx bombs, PKK, turkish soldiers fight and fire guns into mountains, dead bodies of soldiers; South Africa, fires, brush fires aerials, very smokey, aerials of game running in preserves, velt on fire; Italy, Milan, Versace, Gianni Versace dedicated show, models, Donatella Versace, Naomi Campbell, Karl Lagerfeld, Boy George; Mexico, hurricane, flood waters, damaged buildings, aftermath of hurricanes, bodies by side road, cars washed in from sea
Spoliation, the incredible restitution of a painting
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
Relief provided to Austrian refugees at a relief center in Amsterdam, Netherlands after the annexation of Austria by Germany.
Austrian refugees arrive at a center run by a relief committee in Amsterdam, Netherlands after the annexation of Austria by Germany prior to World War II. The refugees enter the Amsterdam Headquarters. Refugees eating at a table. Refugees showing Austrian passports to a porter. A refugee shows a Jewish passport with a 'J' on it. Secretary of the Committee, Miss Pereira, examines the passports. The refugees enter the relief headquarters. Location: Amsterdam Netherlands. Date: December 1938.
00:00:00:00 Wiesenthal Center Director Gerald Margolis reads statement re elex of Kurt Waldheim to Austrian presidency--We're appalled; Austria is arrogant and insensitive; we urge world lea ...
DN-LB-155 Beta SP
[Post-WWII - UNRRA Displaced Persons Camp Activities]
History of Nazi Germany Part 1,2,3
01:59:42:25>>>B/W 1937 ZOOM IN from book on table, entitled The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany by William L. Shirer. Germany, 1937. VS Nazi youth blowing long horns, with swastika flags attached, over mountains and in stadium (Triumph of the Will ?) Nazi parade, pageant almost, through city streets. Excellent shots of Nazi soldiers, or knights, on horseback in medieval (jousting) costume, some goose-stepping. VS nighttime parades by torch light, Hitler salutes. Excellent shot of thousands of torch bearers marching into stadium in formation to create swastika. Title card and credits roll. 02:02:33:23>>>B/W 1940s 1970s Part 1 - The Rise to Power WS entrance to Dachau concentration camp, lined by poplar trees (1970's ?). VS memorial camp - numbered stones mark where barracks used to be, security posts, guard towers, barbed wire fences, children and adults tour the camp. CU stone marker, Execution Range with Blood Ditch. Sign hanging on railings, KREMATORIUM. PAN INT crematorium ovens. Excellent shots of massive crowds cheering Hitler, good CUs - police control masses with good humor - Hitler waves from convertible, and balcony. INT, CU Hitler speaking from podium, good. 02:05:28:12>>>B/W 1900s - 1940s VS Hitler's hometown of Braunau, on the Danube, Austria. MS of inn where Hitler was born. MS and CU entrance to Benediction monastery in Lambach where Hitler attended school. Picturesque shot of Linz on Danube river. VS Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, INT and EXT, good. ZOOM IN hostel where Hitler lived, Vienna. VS mass demonstrations in Vienna, pre-WWI. 02:09:18:09>>>B/W 1910s - 1920s MS Glockenspiel and mechanical clock, brief PAN Munich skyline. Parade through Munich, men carry large pretzel with ribbons attached. Excellent montage of party spirit in Munich (circa 1920s), beer drinking, musicians, beer hall, beer maids, dancing and singing. Montage of German industry, good - smoke stacks, ship building, zeppelin, airplane takes off. 02:10:25:07 BW 1910s VS Kaiser Wilhelm II reviewing troops, good. 02:11:30:01>>>B/W 1910s Excellent life in the trenches, WWI. Topless soldier washes himself, guard walks through trench during snow. PAN and VS bombed and rain-soaked landscape with soldier making his way through trench, dead bodies in mud and pools of water (good example of carnage of war / environmental desolation / destruction). 02:12:05:22>>>B/W 1918 1918, Erich Ludendorff and Paul von Hindenburg pose (they look very similar), good. Both military leaders walk towards CAM. VS defeated German soldiers return from WWI, walking along country roads, across fields and bridges, helping wounded comrades - good. 02:13:02:00>>>B/W 1900s - 1940s Weimar Republic leaders, Friedrich Ebert and Philipp Scheidemann, good. VS Versailles and signing of Treaty. 02:13:55:28>>>B/W 1920s Post-WWI, British search German civilians at checkpoint in Rhineland, British-occupied territory. VS poverty in industrial town - woman and children scavenge through mound of earth. VS bread lines, soup lines, soup kitchen - German depression. VS civil and political unrest on streets. 02:18:11:17>>>B/W 1930s 1930s - Hitler, dressed in suit, leans out of window, looking a march below. Hitler stands with crowd in street. PAN Ludwig Bridge, Munich. CAM retraces route to famous beerhall putsch through desolate Munich - through Isator and Isar gates, past City Hall. HA of Munich Infantry School in snow. MS armed guards on duty by road block with barbed wire, during Hitler's trial. CU Ludendorf greeted as he gets of out car on his way to trail. PAN, EXT Landsberg prison, Munich, where Hitler served nine months of five-year term. Pages from Mein Kampf transposed over moving images of German soldiers, non-German peasants, Hitler speech, corpse. 02:22:40:17>>>B/W 1900s - 1940s Good life in Germany montage - busy streets, traffic, cafes, stores, workers eating lunch, men fishing. Rhineland no longer occupied - Germans march through streets. 02:23:37:02>>>B/W 1900s - 1940s VS German President, Paul Von Hindenburg, in countryside with children, being presented with flowers by girl who makes curtsy, CU with trees in BG, good. 02:23:57:22>>>B/W 1900s - 1940s MS Hitler's chalet at Berchtesgaden. 02:25:53:28>>>B/W 1900s - 1940s EXT Nazi Party HQ, Munich. INT, Max Amann, publisher of Volkischer Beobachter, works at desk. VS workers in office, distribution of newspaper, men in uniform at table, working - very busy. MS men reading newspaper on wall. Train full of young Nazi members arrives for rally at Nuremberg - VS happy Nazis, Hitler Youth, making their way to rally, raising arms in salute, smiling and waving. Band plays on sidewalk as Nazi Party members march through streets, little boy waves baton. Women offer soldiers water from pail. Hitler performs banner ritual by joining beer hall putsch banners with off new Nazi banners (he looks demonic in this footage), excellent. 02:28:19:27>>>B/W 1929 Montage of depression in Germany, 1929. Unemployed men stand on line, gate closes on German factory, jobless and homeless people on street, begging, PAN handling, searching through garbage. Symbolic shot of man, in silhouette, standing still as large gates close before him. VS communist protest marches, banners, good. Excellent shots of communist speakers at huge rallies. Excellent shots of Nazi parade through crowded streets - marchers kick at, and push hecklers. Violence erupts along sidelines, punching and brawling. VS street violence, riots, unrest between Nazis and communists. 02:30:36:00>>>B/W 1930 German president, Paul von Hindenburg walking along street with can - joined by three girls who kiss him on his cheek. LA EXT shot of parliament building, Dem Deutschen Volke. 1930, Nazis salute as they enter building after winning one sixth of German vote - Goering enters, Goebbels smiles as he gets out of car and enters. Excellent shot of von Hindenburg making announcement that he will run for president again. VS Hitler's presidential election campaign - campaign workers hand out leaflets, collect contributions, CU supporter wears Hitler badge on lapel. Hitler campaigns, speaks at rally, to industrialists in Dusseldorf. Social Democratic cartoon satires Hitler's deal with capitalists. 02:34:08:00>>>B/W 1932 February, 1932. VS Hitler's propaganda campaign - truck drives through streets hurling literature at pedestrians. Tracking shot along city street with stark Hitler posters. Hindenburg election truck drives on city street. Chancellor Bruning makes speech and his supporters cheer. VS Hitler's campaign tour - good aerials shots of unidentified German city. Hitler walks amongst the masses, waving, saluting, shaking hands, at huge rally. CU Hitler in profile as he makes speech. VS election day - people go to vote - campaign workers wear placards like sandwich boards, excellent. INT Hindenburg voting. Clean up after election, CU sweeping posters from street. Hindenburg receives crowd's applause upon victory. VS Hitler post-election defeat. Good CU Hitler with Goering, Rohm - all wearing suits. 02:39:33:19>>>B/W 1933 VS nighttime celebration, fire works, for Hitler's new position as Chancellor, 1933. WA shot of torch-bearing throng. Swastika symbol lit up. Nazis march through streets in celebration. VS spotlight on Hitler who waves from window as Nazis march with torches below. 02:40:58:08>>>B/W 1900s - 1940s Excellent montage of Third Reich - Nazi members march through city street, Brown Shirts carry Swastika flag and chant from truck, argue with civilians, chant slogans with civilians on street. VS huge bonfire - burning of books ? 02:41:53:29 BW 1930s 1940s Excellent shots of couple roller-skating with Swastika flags around perimeter of outdoor rink. Folk dancing. CU Goering laughing heartily, surrounded by Nazi officers and sitting with woman (wife ?) Goering raises beer mug and drinks as crowd about his salute. 02:42:27:19>>>B/W 1930s 1940s Excellent goose-steeping Nazi troops, marching through city. Nighttime Nazi rally, Nuremberg, Hitler salutes, Hess stands next to him. 02:43:12:27>>>B/W 1933 PART TWO: THE ROAD TO WAR 1933, VS Nazi party parade in rain with spectators, good. INT Chancellor Adolf Hitler with members of cabinet, some seated, some standing behind leaders. Goering sits next to Hitler. Hitler stands beside Hindenburg in parliament, shouts, and those present respond and salute. Hindenburg shakes Hitler's hand, good. VS German communist party street demonstration, march, with banners, flags. VS large showy Nazi storm trooper funeral after clash with communist - Hitler and top ranking Nazis attend. MS Goebbels and Goering marching in funeral cortege. Feb 27, 1933, VS Reichstag in flames - aftermath of Reichstag fire - Hitler stands amid ruins. VS INT special session of parliament where Hitler is granted special powers - Hitler speaks from podium, good. VS SA police blocking street, patrolling park area, giving directions. Army brass band on horseback parades through city street. Various WA shots of SA drilling, CU men, good. VS Ernst Rohm, leader of the SA, excellent. VS Hindenburg's funeral, Hitler in attendance, good. CU coffin with soldier's helmet and swords on top. VS army swearing oath of allegiance to new leader, Hitler, excellent shots, CUs and pans. Army choir sings, Hitler and Goering watch from window. 02:51:53:08>>>B/W 1934 1934, excellent material of Hitler speaking to mass gathering of Germans, shows off his oratory style very effectively, and crowds response. Nazi banners and flags hang from building over street. Sign on building's facade, Ein Fuhrer. Hitler digs with shovel. MS train speeding along track, Teue dem Fuhrer written across one car. Hitler snips ribbon to open autobahn. Hitler talks to man, puts his hands on his shoulders. Dirigible with swastika printed on it. 02:54:42:26>>>B/W 1930s 1940s Women file past Goebbels, who smiles at them. Brief shot of Hess nodding at woman filing past him. Goering touches woman's, or child's face, brief. Hitler puts money into collection can ? VS Nazi Christmas party - children are offered toys. Excellent shot of Goebbels blowing into harmonica and then offering it to boy. Goering laughs out loud surrounded by children and Santa Claus. German industry montage - excellent. 02:55:32:05>>>B/W 1930s 1940s Wow! Hitler being driven though stadium in Volkswagen Beetle prototype. 02:55:51:04>>>B/W 1930s 1940s Excellent shots of Nazi Utopian plans for model city. INT museum, PAN nude sculptures of ideal man. Hitler and entourage tour museum, look at art work. 02:56:54:11>>>B/W 1930s 1940s Truck-load of Brown Shirts drive through city street with young men cycling alongside of them. They chant and carry swastika flag. CU sign with skull and cross bones, ACHTUNG JUDEN. Anti-Semitism. Brief shot of people pasting paper signs on wall. 00:59:52:28>>>B/W 1930s 1940s MSP-6 ACHTUNG JUDEN sign. VS Germans paste anti-Semitic posters on wall, surrounded by children who watch. Brown shirts picket outside of Jewish establishment. Anti- Semitic signs in Jewish shop window. Star of David painted on store window, people gathered outside, gawking. Group of brown shirts and other young men chant. 01:00:08:16>>>B/W 1930s 1940s CU uniformed Nazis and university students throw books, written by Jews, or other threatening authors, on bonfires. Nazi officers sit and sing as fire burns. 01:00:54:18>>>B/W 1930s 1940s PAN mountain range, Berchtesgaden. Eva Braun picking flowers in field, good. Braun is playfully thrown into water by male friends. Hitler with Braun and others in large drawing room. 01:02:27:06>>>B/W 1930s 1940s CU boys in band playing drums, brief. Montage of Hitler Youth, from very young boys drilling and wrestling to CU of adolescents standing to attention, good. VS Nuremberg rally from Triumph of the Will. 01:03:45:28>>>B/W 1930s 1940s Foreign diplomats visit Hitler, includes Vatican, or Roman Catholic representative. VS Hitler welcomes International visitors and politicians at the Reich's new chancellery in Berlin - EXT and INT shots, good. Hitler reviews military display and drill - artillery guns, air power, tanks and infantry. Ambassador von Ribbentrop, sitting on couch, reads statement to subdue British worries about German militarization. ZOOM IN map of Europe, highlighting countries Hitler is interested in. 01:05:48:02>>>B/W 1936 Invasion of Rhineland, March 7, 1936. German troops march across bridge, advance through town in horse- drawn wagons, on horseback, watched by civilians, good. HA PAN Vienna. Austrians welcome Nazi emissary, crowds lining street, cheer. MS Hans Frank, standing with other men, speaking with conviction. VS street violence and unrest in Austria. MS Austrian chancellor, Kurt von Schuschnigg. German soldier stands guard at Berchtesgaden, swastika flag hangs over balcony. Schuschnigg defies Hitler, but later resigns - MS Schuschnigg independence campaign posters on van, workers hurl literature from moving truck, CU poster Ein Freies Osterreich? Ja! VS Hitler claims Austria, March 12, 1938 - Hitler stands and salutes and waves from convertible. Children are brought to him from sidelines, offering flowers. Hitler smiles, surrounded by children, handing him flowers. 01:08:56:04>>>B/W 1938 INT propaganda ministry, Berlin. CU sign, Vorfuhrung Eintritt verboten - WOCHENSCHAU VS refugees leaving Czechoslovakia (VO says they're faked). German troop mobilization at border. Passenger train streaks across German countryside. British Prime Minister Chamberlain walks with Hitler at Berchtesgaden for talks. VS truck load of arms delivered to Nazis in Sudetenland. Chamberlain is greeted by Hitler for second meeting. PAN packed stadium for huge Nazi rally - banner reads Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer! WS Hitler speaking at podium. VS newspaper headlines, England. British, French and Czech troops mobilize. CU Chamberlain making statement at airport before final meeting with Hitler. Says, When I was a little boy I used to repeat, if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. That's what I'm doing. Appeasement. INT Hitler, Mussolini, Goering, and other Nazis chat and laugh. Chamberlain arrives for Munich conference. Premier Daladier of France climbs stairs to conference, shakes hands with Hitler who stands next to Mussolini. PAN of room, Hitler sits on couch while Goering, Mussolini, Chamberlain and others mill about. VS signing of Munich pact, September 30, 1938. Hitler leaves meeting, and building. Tanks roll along Czech city street - Germany occupies Czechoslovakia as people look on. 01:15:23:04>>>B/W 1939 Spring, 1939. Hitler makes speech in response to FDR telegram - when he reads out list of countries FDR mentions re. invasions the audience applauds and cheers, good. Tanks ready for transport - Germany mobilizes for invasion of Poland. 01:16:47:10>>>B/W 1939 CU women in audience watching Nazi feature film. Excellent excerpt of drama - brutish man rips woman's blouse apart (rape subtext) to reveal swastika on chain hanging around her neck. Polish brute rips the necklace from her and woman is stoned. INT Hitler and Goering converse in room with very high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows - both men walk across room with their hands clasped behind their backs. Ribbentrop waves before boarding airplane to Moscow, nighttime (non- aggression pact between Russia and Germany). VS invasion of Poland, September 1, 1939. Montage of invasion attack - tanks roll, air raids, bombs explode, large artillery guns fired, Polish people running through bombed streets. Aerial shot over city in smoke. Russian and German military meet, in field, to establish buffer zone in occupied Czechoslovakia. VS large groups of Czech men under arrest, lined up in street. VS Jewish men, wearing large stars, cleaning street, clearing rubble. 01:19:52:05>>>B/W 1900s - 1940s Brief, German trio sing on stage. Aerial Siegfried line. EXT German soldiers set up speakers, balloons. 01:20:21:12>>>B/W 1930s - 1940s Karikatur German animation, cartoon, mocking England and Winston Churchill - depicts England as wounded lion. MCU Hitler and military leaders strategize over map on table. German paratroopers jump from airplanes, good. Montage of destruction during invasions of Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, and Luxembourg - VS buildings in flames, Luftwaffe bomb and strafe, Panzer tanks and infantry advance, bombs explode, cavalry gallop through city with muddy street - one horse and rider fall, building, engulfed in flames, collapses. VS infantry, under fire, running through city street. Goering and Hitler stroll and talk. Nazi Stuka dive-bombers bombard British evacuation fleet - VS damaged vessels and men being rescued and climbing aboard ships. 01:22:56:06>>>B/W 1940 Excellent montage of German invasion of France - German soldiers advance through towns, French POWs march through city streets and along country road. German soldiers march in Paris, Eiffel Tower in BG, excellent. French citizens watch invading army. German soldiers raise swastika flag. June 21, 1940 - signing of French surrender at Compeigne. Hitler and other Nazi leaders stand outside, laughing and being very jolly. Nazi and French leaders climb aboard railroad car and sign surrender agreement. VS Hitler touring Paris, through desolate streets, POV motorcade. Hitler stands on balcony and looks at Eiffel Tower. Panzer tanks move across fields. German planes take off in formation - VS flying. British look out at Cliffs of Dover. VS British RAF - pilots and crews run and board airplanes. Airplanes take off - aircraft in flight. VS wreckage of Nazi airplanes - British farmers turn over piece of aircraft in field. Nighttime Nazi rally - Hitler is driven through huge crowds, saluting. VS soldiers marching through snow. this section ends at 01:29:07:00 01:29:13:00>>>B/W 1940s : PART THREE ,Rocket in flight. VS German army retreating - infantry, jeeps, trucks, good. VS German soldiers destroying infrastructure as they retreat - using flame throwers, blowing up and ripping up railroad tracks, CU hand turns switch on detonator, building explodes. Winter, 1944-45, Germans build defensive barricades with burnt out trolley car. VS lines of people clearing debris from bombed building, passing bricks along line of women and men. 00:58:11:24>>>B/W 1940s NOTE TIME CODE CHANGE Repeat of clean up and people passing bricks along line. Excerpts from Nazi feature film Kolberg. Recreations of scenes of Prussia's victory over Napoleon - good battle scenes. VS formation of civilian army - Volks Sturm. VS women and men in training, firing grenade launchers. Brief aerial of bombed remains of Berlin. Subdued and tired-looking Hitler shakes hands, and talks with military leaders in conference room. March, 1945, Allied troops advance through bombed German city after crossing the Rhine. VS street fighting, sniper fire, as Allies advance through cities, good. VS German soldiers surrender - one soldier holds white fabric in his hand as he runs across field towards Allied soldier who then searches him. VS German POWs, walking along country road, sitting on ground, being searched. 01:01:21:22>>>B/W 1900s - 1940s VS Berliners watching ice-skating show at rink with no roof, good. Hitler reviews new soldier recruits, shakes their hands, and squeezes one boy's ear. Excellent artillery fire montage - rockets fired during day and at night, medium-sized artillery guns fired, tanks fire, explosions. Russian army reaches Berlin, tank firing in street, soldiers running through bombed out building, over rubble, street fighting. Civilian woman runs through battle - Berlin in ruins, in flames. Russian soldiers run up steps of destroyed Chancellery - VS EXT and INT extensive bomb damage. PAN total devastation of Berlin. 01:04:12:19>>>B/W 1900s - 1940s Eisenhower (?) visits concentration camp, brief. VS German civilians forced to witness corpses at camp. VS bodies lying on ground, in open coffins. Holocaust. German women cry, put handkerchiefs to their faces. 01:05:05:03>>>B/W 1900s - 1940s Nuremberg war crimes trial - prosecute, Robert H. Jackson, makes opening statement. VS courtroom. Nazi defendants, including Goering and Hess, stand in dock and plead not guilty. PAN Nazi defendants in dock, some wearing earphones, dark glasses. 01:06:33:00>>>B/W 1970s VS INT and EXT Dachau concentration camp (1970s ?) PAN children's drawings from camp.
Nazi Loot Painting
DN-LB-389 Beta SP
S Louvre-Lens in Poland
Active - 100Yr - Old
Nazi official Arthur Seyss-Inquart addresses a crowd in Austria.
German occupation or Anschluss of Austria prior to World War II. German aircraft in flight overhead. Exterior of buildings. Jewish people rush to board a train. People gather and cheer. Officials stand in the balcony of a building. People stand holding banners and flags. Nazi official Arthur Seyss-Inquart addresses a crowd as German politician Heinrich Luitpold Himmler looks on. Officials in a motorcade. Soldiers aboard a military vehicle. People cheer. Location: Austria. Date: March 1938.
00:00:00:00 Representatives for the Simon Wiesenthal Committee meet Austrian consul general to protest Kurt Waldheim's inaug; they walk hall; CU consul general's door; MS consul general. ...
1990s NEWS
RETURN TO INTERVIEW: Robert Lipsyte: In talking about New York as a great subject for literature. Do you think Bonfire of the Vanities got it right? Alfred Kazin: It got it right, but mixed in with an awful lot of scorn and hatred for the poor populace. Tom Wolfe is a is a southern Confederate. And I think of that book as the Confederacy's one victory especially in New York. You know, Wolfe comes from Richmond, and he has a good solid wasp background. The book is very charming, very brilliantly done, but it's journalism, because he's dealing with types all the time, and then it hasn't escaped me that the one who comes out of the end, as the one innocent victim of everybody else is of course, this miserable wasp, who was originally shown as an adulterer and all sorts of types of crap. But nevertheless, he's perceived as being slightly more innocent than the others you know. it's a wicked book in both sense the of the word wicked. Robert Lipsyte: The problem, of course, is that that is the picture of New York that is being offered now to the country and the world. Alfred Hazan: Exactly. Robert Lipsyte: And it's not your picture of New York, Alfred Kazin: certainly not, certainly not. there were things in it because it made me laugh, but also it made me very mad. Sample the picture has, you know, it's as if Jonathan Swift, instead of writing Gulliver's Travels had written had written about the blacks and the Jews in the Bronx. That scene in which the Jewish judge is holding on to the back of the doors of black Maria, and the black friends inside, they are cursing each other and the violence, racial epithets. That's New York, according to Mr. Wolf. I don't think it is the real story of New York. There is there is still more feeling between people between the different types. But of course, New York is like Austria Hungary before the First World War, you know, with Koch, of course, as the Emperor Franz Yosef, God help us. You know, it does have this fantastic lineup of nations, of languages, of tribes. I have had experiences in New York with people. Do you know that I've been driven by taxi by an Eskimo from Alaska, by Hassad wearing the full regalia, for example, and who scared all the other taxi drivers whenever they looked at him. In fact, one while we were waiting for red light was so frightened, he went right through the red light. And in one way or another, you know, there is that incredible.. What bothers me about New York is that not only do I not know what language is being spoken in the subway, I don't know which language it is you see and that bothers me. I should like to think that, you know, it's something I might possibly get some more knowledge of, but it's out there. Robert Lipsyte: Do you think that, do you feel it's slipping out of your grasp? Alfred Kazin: definitely. I mean, I mean, I put it very simply. It's the kind of thing which only very tough, very cynical people like Tom Wolfe can really do justice to it. And it's no accident, that Wolfe's book sold tremendously you see. I mean, the fact is that New York does not, I mean who wrote about New York with love. It was O'Henry. It was even F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. It was Nathaniel West. It was um well, Saul Bellow. It was Bernard Malamud. It was Richard Wright, even, it was most of all it was Ralph Ellison. But these people you see were writing about New York as a human thing, where people like Wolfe write about it as a sociological problem. And then of course, they talk about themselves as Balzac, you see, and they want everybody to be like themselves. Well, that's just nonsense. Alfred Kazin: What I miss about New York, frankly, more than anything else, is the lack of fraternity between the different tribes or different countries, different languages, that's something I'm not used to. In the old days, where I grew up, it was a matter of course, you know, the Italians and the Greeks, and the Russians, outside my Jewish neighborhood, we were all very much aware of each other, because we had all come over at the same time, so to speak, or rather, our parents or grandparents had, and we all recognized ourselves as children of the poor. And there was no, nothing demeaning about that at all on the contrary. Robert Lipsyte: let me let me read another line of yours that that really struck me. "The city arouses us with energy, by which it exhausts us". "here's almost something sexual in that, and also a sense of completion and defeat. Ultimately, the city uses us often." Alfred Kazin: It's perfectly true. INew York is, of course, after Paris, the sexiest city in the world, sex is always in the air. But in Paris, it means a love affair. Here, it means that one night stands as far as I'm concerned. It's something brutal and hurried about the whole thing here. But the energy is fantastic. During the war in England, I used to be told by Englishman who lived in New York, that they needed less sleep than anywhere else. And I said, and you get less sleep, they don't you? And they said we certainly do. New York is a capital of insomnia. But one way or another, that energy flows through the streets, you realize it, every time I come back, I realize I'm galvanized everybody has as luckily people walk, for example, down 42nd Street, pushing others out of the way. Even though the schedule like everybody's schedule is a very important thing. We all know that. There's a kind of desperation and getting to the thing as such, you know, this morning, the subway example, I watched a woman being pushed out by another woman by another woman, who said, very simply get out of my way. And that might say, could be the slogan for a great deal of New York living these days. Get out of my way out of my way. Robert Lipsyte 24:43 Would you read something for me? It's on page 219. Something else? Alfred Kazin: Well, thank you for knowing my books. Oh, well, you know, the page number. In New York retain so much of the world's tragedies is endless displacements and tragedies, yet no one walking in streets with attention. You can miss some very deep grooves of the human experience as the century of lay gaze on Shin rumbles to within. So it's exciting to be a writer here, as it is fruitful for an artist photographer to keep his eyes open. The subject never lets you off. There is so much humanity packed up in the streets so much friction, so much idiocy. So much learning artistry, appetite for living. So much crime with so much love making so much eating and drinking on the street. That is not altogether in human to shut our ears to the screams we hear in the night. Too much we say it as much of the time or too much" Robert Lipsyte: Thank you so very much. That's the Eleventh hour. I'm Robert Lipsyte.