Entertainment Macau Bungee - UPDATE Bungee jumpers break Guinness World Records from Macau Tower
NAME: CHN BUNGEE 20061218E TAPE: EF06/1229 IN_TIME: 10:45:26:04 DURATION: 00:03:30:16 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION / Macau Tower DATELINE: Macau - 17 Dec 2006 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST AP Television Macau December 17 2006 1. LS till down From tower to Edison Chen and friend 2. MS AJ Hackett making fist in two hands while Edison Chen passing 3. CS till up From landing ground to Macau tower observatory Macau Tower 4. MS AJ Hackett holding a camera while binding feet together 5. MS AJ Hackett sitting on the platform 6. VS AJ Hackett jumping off the tower and bouncing back 7. MS Edison Chen sitting for binding feed 8. MS Edison Chen moving to platform 9. VS Edison Chen talking to AJ Hackett 10. MS Edison Chen standing on the platform for jump 11. VS Edison Chen jumping off the tower and bouncing back AP Television Macau December 17 2006 12. VS Edison Chen jumping off the tower and bouncing back 13. LS Edison Chen descending to ground 14. MS pull out Organizer presenting certificate to AJ Hackett and Edison Chen 15. CS AJ Hackett and Edison Chen holding certificate for photo shooting 16. SOUND BITE, (English), AJ Hackett, Bungy Jump Expert, "It is the feeling that you can fall beside the building. So this is a different perspective like if we jump from the helicopter or we jump from big open spaces. Here when you are travelling beside the building and there's are lot of stuff going on. The sense of speed is enhanced greatly." 17. MS pull out AJ Hackett and Edison Chen drinking champagne 18. SOUNDBITE, (English), Edison Chen, Actor, "I think I was just standing there and looking down then I just said jumping and then hanging there." 19. CS pull out AJ Hackett and Edison Chen holding hands for photo shooting 20. LS AJ Hackett and Edison Chen holding shoulder for photo shooting 21. SOUNDBITE, (English), Edison Chen, Actor, "I was just thinking about some problems I was having lately. Trying to clear my head, trying to be clam. I was thinking my girl friend and my family too." 22. MS pull out AJ Hackett and Edison Chen holding glass and certificate for photo shooting then cheering STORYLINE: AJ Hackett, nicknamed the "father of bungee jumping", and the Hong Kong movie star Edison Chen, broke two Guinness World Records on Sunday when they jumped off the Macau Tower. Hackett, who already held the Guinness World Record for 'The Highest Bungee Jump from a Building', surpassed the old record by 19 metres (62 feet). Hackett leapt from a platform located 233 metres (764 feet) high and rebounded when he reached 34 metres (112 feet) above ground. The total length of the fall was about 199 metres (653 feet) and took around eight seconds. Hackett achieved the previous record in 1998 when he made a plunge of 180.1 metres (591 feet), from the Auckland Sky Tower in New Zealand. Although the weather was good, strong wind made the height of the record breaking jump shorter than expected. Hackett said jumping from a building is very different from jumping from a helicopter. "It's the furthest you can fall beside a building and so it's a different perspective. Like, if we jump from a helicopter we jump in big open spaces, and here when you're travelling down the side of a building, there's a lot of stuffs going on. The sense of speed is enhanced greatly," he said. The second jump was performed by Chen. His leap inaugurated the Macau Tower as 'The World's Highest Bungee Jump Facility'. It was the first time Chen had even done a bungee jump. Chen told AP Television what he was thinking about as he prepared to jump. "I was just thinking about some problems I was having lately. Trying to clear my head, trying to be calm and my girlfriend and my family too," Chen said. Hackett and Chen were both presented with certificates by the Guinness adjudicator, Katie White. The Macau Tower is a convention and entertainment centre which opened in 2001. It is currently the tenth tallest free-standing tower in the world. Chen's jump gave the tower its second world record; the first being when the SkyJump was enlisted as the 'World's Highest Commercial Decelerator Descent' on August 17, 2005. The Bungee Jumping facility will be opened to the public from Tuesday and the Shun Tak Group, who own the Macau Tower, said they expect it will become a new tourist attraction. Keyword-world records wacky
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Dubbed as “The seduction of destruction” the British car Jumping Championship is now in its 5th year. The Hollywood-style action took place at Angmering race track in West Sussex, England on Bank holiday Monday 25th May 2009. Spectators were treated to an increasingly rare glimpse of ‘gladiator’ style Motorsport in this increasingly sterile land where “Health & Safety” often prevails. The brave (or possibly mad) banger car drivers raced their cars over a ramp in an attempt to fly over a line of old wrecked cars and land safely on the opposite side. Needless to say, those that fall from the sky and crash into the line of old wrecks in spectacular fashion got the biggest round of applause in this movie style car jumping championship. Around 3,000 packed the race in blazing sunshine to watch the entertainment. In total 10 cars including a large blue van battled it out. One at a time, each of the Bangers started from a standing start and then hit the ramp with the aim of producing a jump as high and as long over the series of parked cars that would make any Hollywood stunt driver green with envy. The actual car jumpers are judged on elevation, distance and most importantly the applause of the crowd. In the end it was 33 - year old HGV driver Glen Beevis who took the title. The father of two was the only jumper who actually cleared the eight cars. Glen who has been racing bangers for 18 years was over the moon at the win although he did hurt his back on landing as he hit terra firma with a rather hard thud. Despite this, the glory and future bragging rights will no doubt soften the blow!
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