ISSUE_NO = 1573 NO_OF_ITEMS = 5 ITEM_NO = 3 DESCRIPTION : Our pictures show girls in a bed race from Eastleigh - in Hants, to Andover - in Beds, of course! CARD_FILE = 77730 CARD_TITLE : SILLY SEASON Bed Race SHOT_LIST : MS bed race. MS girl on bed being pushed. ES bed being pushed up hill. Pan bed going downhill. MS other bed being pushed up hill. MS bed being pushed through village. MS girl jumps from bed and enters ladies toilets. MS girl asks for penny from chap. MS girl into toilet. CV chap. MS girl leaves and jumps onto bed pan. MS bed being pushed. EV girl making-up. MS chap lying on ground. Same nurse attends to his feet. Same having face wiped. KEYWORDS : Great Britain; Comic Items; Buildings, Landmarks and Monuments; Medicine and Health MATERIAL : TWTD Tape 8 DATE_SUBD = 07/22/1959
La drave
MLS of log cabin, brush in foreground, spruce trees in background. Shot of man coming out, looking at weather and setting off. CSs of entrance of cabin, of man coming out. MS and CU of man sitting down, honing his axe. Shot of two cooks rounding corner of building in lumber camp, carrying leg of beef and disappearing into cook-house. Several shots from various angles and distances, of man jumping from river bank onto log jam and jabbing at logs with his pike pole. MS of man lighting dynamite fuse. Shot of several men breaking ice around jam with their poles. LASs of men breaking ice. Shot of dry creek bed as it is flooded. PAN of unrushing water, logs. Various shots of men working on catwalks, including several CUs of men. LS of two men walking to sluice gate in torrential rain. MCS of men opening gate as rain beats down unmercifully.
00:00:00:00 PB from drawing of Snyder on wall to Snyder lying very still in bed; pan around room -- CU bible on table, see cat jump onto bed, CU poster on wall, more overhead of Snyder, pan photos ...
Students involved in various activities after school dismissal in Old Dobbin, Columbia, Maryland, United States,1916.
Students outside a one room school house in Old Dobbin, Columbia, Maryland on a snowy day. A small open-bed truck pulls up and school children climb into the back. Children keep trying to climb in even as the truck pulls away. Some children throw snow balls in a snow ball fight. A horse-drawn sleigh pulls up to the school to carry more children after the school day is over. Students run and board the sleigh. Children play in the school yard. Some sled while others climb a tree and jump-off the branches as the branches bend down toward the ground. Location: Columbia Maryland USA. Date: 1916.
1930s My Man Godfrey
b&w - sound - different scenes from My Man Godfrey - comedy with William Powell and Carole Lombard - faint - fainting - carry over shoulder - shower with clothes - acts crazy - jumps on bed
Chimpanzees performing at zoo in St Louis
LS of car going up a ramp and jumping over an old flat bed truck
LS of car going up a ramp and jumping over an old flat bed truck; LS of car going over a ramp and jumping over seven cars, then the car spins out and crashes; tracking shot of a man standing on the bumper and hanging off the back of a car, he lets go and rolls behind the car; The End title card
AFP-57E 16mm; NET-173 DigiBeta (at 01:30:30:00); Beta SP
Mary Bignal runs up to long jump and lands in sand pit. CU Mary walking past camera. She is seen running the women's hurdle race in a large stadium. Race repeated in slow motion showing her winning. CA's stadium crowd cheering. On a podium next to Russian athletes she receives Trophy and flowers. Three newspaper write-ups. Mary drives into the Guiness works on her scooter. She stands behind a post office counter with another girl. she is seen behind the P.O. grill serving two customers. CU clock on wall at 5pm. dissolve to CU stop watch. Mary jumps hurdles in an empty stadium. Her coach John Le Mesurier joins her with stop watch. She jumps the long jump and then the high jump in slow motion. <br/>At White City she is seen crossing the winning line and then jumping the long jump. CU as she puts on her running shoes. LS as Mary jumps hurdles at British Games. Stadium crowd reaction. CU Mary and two women athletes. <br/>Mary seen competing in long jump in Warsaw. Newspaper clipping "Mary tops Olympic Long Jump". LS Mary competing in hurdles at White City. She is seen coaching school girls the high jump. At home she is dress making surrounded by her trophies. Laying on her bed see reads her fan mail. Mary is seen training and shot putting . At White City she wins the long jump and given a trophy. At an indoor competition she wins the long jump record. Mary is seen long jumping in Moscow and then winning the hurdles in UK. Good close up shots of her.
[The serval, animal of all traffic]
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
Flat Bed Ice Slide
During a tow stop a trooper on patrol films a car sliding nearly 100 yards from the opposite direction and slamming into the flat bed wrecker.
Frankfurt, West Germany (Federal Republic of Germany). <br/> <br/>CU. A dog playing with two bears, which are on leads in Frankfurt zoo. MS. The dog and the two bears being conveyed through the streets on a horse drawn dray. <br/> <br/>Two bears, dog and a monkey (on man's shoulder) travelling towards hospital. Several shots of the bears entering room with a man in bed, they jump on bed. Item abruptly ends. <br/> <br/>Note - German voiceover.
FOR STORY INFO SEE NA-15TU\n\n --SUPERS--\nTuesday\nCelina, OH\n\nJanet McGinnis\nResident\n\n --SOT--\n"Like in the distance a train coming and I jumped out of bed, put my shoes on, ran to the hall ...
Drought: the Grosne at its lowest
Centre Est
Silent Comedy
Part 3 of 3 - b&w silent film - comedy with Ben Turpin - large movie set - lion enters over transom - lions jump over bar - man jumps over bar and has fight with lions - lion grabs man by seat of pants - man in blackface goes after lion with rifle - lion sneaks into bed - men throw covers over him - black man gets in bed with lion - feathers fly out of bed - black man with angel wings flies up from bed - cops on motorcycles - lions chase and grab people - lion chases two men on oasis in desert - humor
Cats #5
Kittens wrestle with each other. Quick shot of adult cat sleeping on woman legs. Kittens continue to wrestle with each other as well as play with toys and jump in and out of a basket and their bed.
AFP-19AK 16mm; NET-103 DigiBeta (at 01:25:40:00); Beta SP
Daily activities of an automobile worker's family at their house in Detroit, Michigan.
A film about workers in automobile factories in Detroit, Michigan. A 1950s father sits in a living room chair. He is reading a paper as boys in the family run in and jump on him. The boys take the paper. He gets up and takes the boys towards a bed room. The father puts a small boy in a crib and tucks him in. He kisses the boy and walks out as the light goes out. The little boy in the crib fakes sleep and opens eyes. The boy jumps around the crib. The father puts the small boy in the crib and switches off a light. He walks back to the boy jumping in the crib. He tucks the boy in and walks out. The mother in the family is seen reading a newspaper. A girl reads sitting on a floor. Other girl sits by a radio turning the dial. The husband walks in and approaches his wife. Location: Detroit Michigan USA. Date: 1950.
Reportages nº 109
Entente cordiale (warm harmony): shot of student reading booklet, cut to cover of book as boy throws it on table "Trois-Pistoles, French summer school". CUs of locomotive wheels as train pulls into station, cut to exchange students stepping down on platform, being greeted. Shot of two of the boys being shown the room they will share for duration of course. Shot of large welcome sign. Various HASs, level shots of students arriving at school, registering, taking part in classes. Shot of students standing in garden, chatting, comparing notes. Shot of boy seated in lounge chair on lawn writing home in French. Shot of students assembled on porch of Ouellet's restaurant. Shots of students jumping off pier, swimming in Saint Lawrence River, others sitting on rocks and chatting. Shot of two boys finishing tennis match and walking home. Shot of meal, many students sitting around table. Shot of visit to bakery, to sawmill. Shot of three girls going shopping. Shot of girl in her room, walking to balcony, talking to boy. Cut to the two on park bench comparing notes. Sequence on students learning French in class, teacher at desk, at blackboard. Sequence on barn dance, CUs of fiddler, piano player, dancers and parade of costumed young people. Shot of boy in bed writing home in French. Sequence on outing, people sitting on rocks, singing.
ISSUE_NO = 2252A NO_OF_ITEMS = 7 COMMENTATOR = Leonard Martin ITEM_NO = 6 DESCRIPTION : Started many years ago when heavy wagers were put on horse, midnight steeplechasing was all the rage, across hill and over dale, across road and ditch. Today it's done in floodlit arenas, rather tame in comparison. CARD_FILE = 98345 CARD_TITLE : MIDNIGHT STEEPLECHASING SHOT_LIST : 2 steeplechase jockeys getting into bed in middle of arena at midnight: GV pan 3 double beds with jockeys in them: SV 2 jockeys sitting up in bed: SCU 2 more ready to jump out of bed: SV at the ready: CU pan 2 jockeys jump out of bed and run to horses: SV jockeys mounting: SV jockeys and horses over jumps: CU over another jump: SV pan over another jump they dismount and run back to their beds: SV pan 2 more jockeys running to their beds. INDEX : Animals, Buildings, Entertainment, Equestrian Sport, Miscellaneous - furniture MATERIAL : Issue DATE_SUBD = 00/00/0000
Tourists watch as vapor rises up from lava of the Kilauea volcano, Hawaii.
Heated lava from the Kilauea volcano, Hawaii. Roads are made over the cooled lava. A car goes along a road on the lava bed. Tourists jump across a crack in the lava about two feet wide. Vapors rise from the molten lava in the background. Tourists sitting on a rock watch the vapors. They look over the edge into the crater. View of lava and sheer sides of the crater. The molten rock glows in the dark at night. Kilauea is the largest active volcano in the world. View of the crater. Location: Hawaii USA. Date: 1924.