1937 Nothing Scared trailer
Nothing Sacred trailer 1937 - w/ Carole Lombard, Fredric March, Charles Winninger, Walter Connelly, Frank Fay Troy Brown, Sig Ruman, Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom m/c Lombard and Marsh in large bedroom - Lombard tries to punch Marsh in face while he holds her she misses him and he grabs her and keeps her from falling - c/u Lombard sits at dinner table in beautiful stylish dress w/ fabric that drapes over her hair - flower fabric corsage at collar - c/u Marsh seated at table looks sad - wears tuxedo aerial of New York City - monoplane or prop plane over Manhattan skyline (hazy shot) ground shot of pigeons fly up and away in city square - up angle Manhattan building & partial skyline male construction worker reads newspaper while he sits high on steel girder w/ view of Manhattan below sailboat sails by on Hudson River with city skyline in bg - skyscrapers including Empire State building visible in distance h/a down to Lombard presented an award surrounded by men dressed in suits, tuxedos and two men wear top hats l/s people in b/g throw streamers in celebration c/u Lombard seated at table sips champagne, some spills as she takes her glass - wears blue sleeveless dress c/u Marsh as he peeks from behind large flower arrangement and speaks about someone as he points his finger c/u Winninger sings - wears a towel around his head and sings song c/u Connelly seated at desk, looks very mad, yells as one eye closed shut c/u Fay as announcer, introduces Lady Godiva - c/u female w/ sparkling blond wig seated on white horse c/u Ruman seated in chair, speaks - c/u Brown, African American man dressed in ornate robe and turban w/ jewels, w/ white long beard and white mustache - c/u Rosenbloom speaks on telephone up angle to sign for Selznick studios - reads Selznick International Pictures Incorporation m/l establish Selznick Studios white colonial house w/s stage scene from David Copperfield movie - w/ large globe turning - and other characters (possibly 1935 version, scene from 1937 movie A Star is Born - high angle down night shot of boxing ring with boxers and audience scene from Nothing Sacred w/ c/u Lombard and Marsh kiss four times - c/u Lombard and Marsh look wet, soaked or drenched - they argue
Zany boxing match in which one fully dressed man is repeatedly knocked down by another boxer, but keeps bouncing back up.
Manuel Bompard
Radio France: filmed programmes
Interview with Ameed Al Masri pt 1
Interview with Ameed Al Masri about the Israeli Palestinian situation,INTERVIEWER:,Can you state your name, spell your name, your date of birth and where you're from?,AMEED AL MASRI:,00:17:17>>>,My name is Ameed al Masri A-M double E-D A-L dash M-A-S-R-I born in Nabas Palestine the year of 9, November 16th 1985.,INTERVIEWER:,You said you're a Palestine moderate I'd like to know why do you disagree with the extremists?,AMEED AL MASRI:,00:40:06>>>,Basically we have two distinct point of views and each point of view here is going in a different direction. So in order to reach a compromise or a resolution for the situation that we have here we have to intersect these point of view and see what's common what's uncommon. And that's to be able to, to provide a solution. ,INTERVIEWER:,You mentioned two extreme points of view could you describe those points of view?,AMEED AL MASRI:,01:24:17>>>,Well here we have two different scenarios. For extremists from the Israeli side or the Palestinian side we have a scenario in which um there's no acceptance for the existence for the state of Israel that's for some Palestinians. I would say there is they're a monitory in this situation. We have ah an extreme point of view on the Israeli side on the other hand and there's no tolerance for the existence of rest of the Palestinians on the territories of 1967. So there's um there's a scenario that implies that all of the Palestinians on the West Bank should be transferred to other countries, neighbor countries Arab countries. And um basically that's not what we're looking for here because I believe that it's not the kind of resolution that both sides are looking for and virtually it's not possible. That the history prove that it's not possible the future will prove that as well. ,INTERVIEWER:,Is there anything in particular that the extremists are doing or saying that you disagree with in reaching a solution?,AMEED AL MASRI:,02:49:26>>>,Ah the kind of proposals or the kind of perspectives that we hear now um are not by any means gonna help or are not helpful at all because what, what we just stated what I've just stated the kind of perspectives that we have are really radical, are really extremists in all perspectives because you can't have ah one side resolution. ,AMEED AL MASRI:,03:24:00>>>,Just to rest in peace and not to matter what the other side is gonna go through in order to rem, to ah to obtain this peace that you want. So basically um the kind of perspectives that we're stating here are not even common are not ah are not common on the Palestinian table or the Israeli table right now, nowadays.,INTERVIEWER:,Have you experienced any kinds of extremism while growing up on Nablas?,AMEED AL MASRI:,04:03:08>>>,Yes I um I have, I had times when I ah can we stop for a second?,INTERVIEWER:,Just start over when you're ready.,AMEED AL MASRI:,04:13:28>>>,I think we should probably um place you know this question in particular like after we you kwon we go like deeper into the discussion later.,INTERVIEWER:,Ok sure all right. Which people from both sides of the situation do you see as the ones who can really solve this conflict?,AMEED AL MASRI:,04:47:25>>>,People who can possibly solve the, the conflict that we have nowadays are could be, they could be in there's no specific criteria for, for a certain group of people to supply these solutions. I mean even the faces that we have now if there's good intention for ah good proposal for a peace process then we might have this despite the fact that the faces that we see now on TV are, are probably hated by both sides. Probably um probably un, unexpected to provide a solution but as long as there's the will and the intention to provide a solution anybody could do it. ,AMEED AL MASRI:,05:40:15>>>,I mean on the Palestinian side we have Yassar Arafat. He's the resemblance of the conflict for Palestinians, the resemblance for the struggle. And basically I don't think that anybody else could possibly handled the kind of the kind of um the kind of sophisticated situation that we have here I mean he was able to maintain ah relatively, a relatively peaceful atmosphere. I'm not saying totally peaceful but if it wasn't for Yassar Arafat I believe it would have been a totally, entirely different situation because you have a lot of parties, you have a lot of mentalities in the Palestinian history and this guy was able to um to keep everything at, at a certain level where there's no extreme terror. Where there's no extreme ah. Ok basically he was, he was able to deal with the flocculative mood of the Palestinians.,AMEED AL MASRI:,06:53:19>>>,He was able to deal with the times of hope, times of misery. So for them he's a, he's a, he's really significant figure that, that is irreplaceable for the meantime. On the other hand for Israel Ariel Sharon for some people is a hero. For Palestinians he might not be acceptable as a figure of peace such as, such as Yassar Arafat is Yassar Arafat's reputation is kind of um is kind of doubted because of all that's happening nowadays. I think that those who look at Yassar Arafat as a figure of peace when they don't look at him at the same, don't look, don't look at him the same way.,INTERVIEWER:,Do you think that the average individual would have a chance at helping reach a solution?,AMEED AL MASRI:,07:48:29>>>,Well basically what we need here is a background not just a certain figure like ah some kind of some kind of ah a knight on a white horse that would come and like resolve everything. What we need here is not one person. We have we got to have a whole group of people who are interested and put all of their effort to um to obtain the revival of the peace process. Or to kick in something new and try to reach a resolution.,INTERVIEWER:,Could you suggest what kinds of efforts that that group of people might make?,AMEED AL MASRI:,08:33:22>>>,The kind of efforts that these people could have, these people could implement might be um might be to try to, to go in all directions. Go for the European community, to go for the for the American community and in particular the Israeli community and try to see what's what's there that's blocking the way. What's there that that forms this obstacle in order to reach it. In order to um to reach a resolution. We need open minded people. We need people who are aware of what's going on. People who are well spoken. People who are willing and interested in peace not for themselves but for 3 million Palestinians and Palestinians in, in the West Bank and 5 million Israelis in, in Israel.,INTERVIEWER:,How do you feel personally when you hear about extremism or see the results of any extremism or extremist point of view? How does that affect you personally?,AMEED AL MASRI:,09:50:24>>>,Well when it comes to extremism, extremism I think that what others me the most is to see that despite, despite the fact that people who um who are tend to be acknowledged as extremists are a minority despite the fact that they are minorities it bothers to see that this is like the bad seed in a community that's trying to reach peace. I mean um what we're looking here for is a common, one solid one voice that is appealing for peace from both sides. So um to have such kind of people such kind of mentalities on both sides it's not gonna help by any means. Probably even if they have an impact on um on decision making, on um on the political field even if they don't we have to kind of we have to um we have to appeal to everybody. We have to um we have to accomplish what everybody is looking for what everybody, what everybody's looking for. We have to, to reach something that, that is really comfortable for all of, for all parties, for all the groups and for the both sides in general.,INTERVIEWER:,What would you recommend doing you know from the point of view of yourself and the young people today I'm talking about what do people see as a as a way to get passed the extremism for the moderates to stand up and be heard and their voices to be heard above the extremists?,AMEED AL MASRI:,11:52:10>>>,Well in this case in this case of ah of decision making or function we have to look at the situation as this it's like a white blanket that has red glitterish very obvious spots on this sheet. And we just keep going on blindly to feel or like to look for this to look for the source of problem. I mean the problem is really obvious. The, the incentives that, that um that keep this conflict going on and on are really apparent for everybody. They are apparent for both sides but the only lack we have here is a lack of intention for peace.,AMEED AL MASRI:,12:35:00>>>,So for both sides in order to be able to reach what we want to reach there has to be um there has to be understanding and acknowledge of what both sides need. For Palestinians if there's something to satisfy their basic needs, their human rights, their, their basic rights of living if there's no checking points, if they can live in a state of their own, if they have fair amount of territories to live on, if they have right of return for Palestinians abroad probably not in total percentage like to have, like just to stay like to maintain the right of return for Palestinians aboard it's gonna be relieving for those who are actual living abroad now because not everybody will actually come back because this happened 50 years ago.,AMEED AL MASRI:,13:30:29>>>,They probably estab, they probably established a live already. They probably um their attached to where they live at. So it's not possible like to have all of the Palestinians aboard transferring back to Palestine. This is not a possibility. There are certain sensitive issues for Palestinians such Jerusalem the city of Jerusalem. I think the best restoration for this case is to um to pronounce that Jerusalem is, is the basic right for both sides. It could be ah operated internationally by the U.N. forces.,AMEED AL MASRI:,14:11:01>>>,There's a lot of there's a whole set of ah solutions here. I mean it can be resolved but we what we need here is an acknowledge from both sides to like to sit on the table and put this that and this to take each point in particular and see what could be done to make each case logical. To make each, each case um acceptable for um for the Palestinian side and for the Israeli side.,AMEED AL MASRI:,14:48:17>>>,(pause) for Israelis I believe that security is a key issue and security can be achieved by reliving the people who are insecurity. I mean nowadays we hear about the barrier that is being built and it is thought of as a resolution for the, for security, a resolution for the terrorists acts in um in Israeli but in think that in order to, in order to um to provide a solution in order to look for a solution you have to, you have to, to solve it from ah from the seeds you have to look for the seeds that make this plant of ah of viciousness, rage you have to look for the seeds and try to not let them grow.,AMEED AL MASRI:,15:40:20>>>,What we can what you can do here is look at the motivations, the incentives for these people that make them reach this point to commit suicide and and um blow up a bus in Jerusalem or blow up a restaurant in Heifa. So basically if you can have a look at the background that they come from. Have a, have a look at probably the, the mentality that they had before, before um committing this action you can see that most of these people are really simple people who have got nothing to live in the first place. And have got less than nothing to live for beyond because you have cases in which um in which families were torn apart.,AMEED AL MASRI:,16:37:13>>>,A father was killed or a brother was killed. It all, it all provides it all provides ah a sense of retaliation and revenge for these, for these youth to to do something like that. A, a turn down a house um. A house bombed down or um a family that lost members or a friend who lost a friend it all provides motivation for these people to do such actions. So in order to, to um to resolve this, to resolve this situation you have to um have to stop what's making these people do what they do.,INTERVIEWER:,Can I ask you now if you experienced any kinds of extremism growing up?,AMEED AL MASRI:,17:46:08>>>,A kind of extremism that I encountered. I believe it's not a, I believe um I believe in my, in my case it wasn't it wasn't a kind of extremism it was a kind of ah it was a kind of anarchy it was a kind of ah it was a kind of stupidity. I was heading from my ah my city Nablus to my school in Ramala the Friends Boys school. And um as we all know there's checking points across the road across the routes from all cities in from ah routes that connect villages and cities together there's checking points.,AMEED AL MASRI:,18:29:12>>>,And at one checking point from 15 minutes away from Ramala checking point of the city of, of the village of Tiba. And there I was stopped in a taxicab. I believe I was 16 back then I believe I was about to turn 16 back then. And um so basically the solider was asking for um was asking for documentation for, for ID from all of the passengers. And um I was the only person in the cab who didn't have a piece of ID because I wasn't um holding any piece of ID. Since I'm not in the legal age I don't have um. ,AMEED AL MASRI:,19:18:23>>>,So basically I didn't have the ID. And um he asked for birth certificate, which I didn't have as well. So what happened is they asked me to step out of the car and stand behind the jeep. The same solider comes to me and he asks me if I and he says so you don't have id. And I say unfortunately I don't. He's like why don't you hold an id. I'm like because I'm not even 16 yet. And he goes like well what about the birth certificate why don't hold it. I'm like why would you hold a birth certificate if um you're just going like on a trip like this. So he um he basically punches me in the face. ,AMEED AL MASRI:,20:02:28>>>,And the guy was like as half short as I am. His machine gun that he was holding was probably as as tall as he is. It as really an ironic situation because I can't do nothing, I can't do anything. And um still I felt really frustrated inside because that didn't make sense to me. It was so unfair and it was illegitimate. But on the other hand I don't I totally neglected what happened and I went back to Ramala and attended my classes and went back to Nablas in the same day. ,AMEED AL MASRI:,20:45:02>>>,I didn't look at it as something significant. I was like if we have to if we're going to stop these kind of, these kind of um if we're going to stop things like that we have, we have to look we have to look um we have to concentrate on, on something that is more significant. We have to look for what causes all of this to happen on a daily basis. Um so facially I was just thinking I was just thinking to myself that if we were going if we're going to stop this what does it take, what does it take to um to relive everybody. What does it take to um, what does it take to take both sides and um make this vanish.,INTERVIEWER:,For 15 that's a very mature attitude actually. I wanted to ask you how did you going back to this incident how did you end getting back getting obviously you got back in the cab and you went on to school. How was it he let you go he just let you go after hitting you in the face?,AMEED AL MASRI:,22:26:05>>>,It's part of the story you missed part of the story. ,INTERVIEWER:,That's ok you can tell the resist of it now. You can anything you want to add you can add now.,AMEED AL MASRI:,22:37:19>>>,So basically what happened is I was standing there I got punched in the face and I was looking at the guy I was like ta, ta, ta. I had too much to say. I had a fist that I could hit with him but I knew that I did this this would be the day that I die. So basically I just stood there and he saw that attitude in my eyes. I didn't say nothing and he just saw this this confrontation in my face. And he's like fine. He grabs into the jeep. Into the jeep there was 2 soldiers one behind the driving wheel and the other one sitting next to him. I end up being beaten up obviously by the 3 of them. And eventually one guy who ah one one other solider standing up just came to them and just basically pulled me out of their hands.,AMEED AL MASRI:,23:31:17>>>,And um that's basically what happened. I went back to the cab and I proceeded my way to school. Pretend that nothing happened because I knew that this is not something to look at. This is not something to, this is not something to concentrate on. What we need to do is we need to get all this to an end. We need to, we need to um create we need to finish to break this cycle of um of action and reaction, of violence and violence again. ,AMEED AL MASRI:,24:10:27>>>,I believe at that point my head was open minded to all that, to all that was around me. And I was like one day this should finish and somebody has to do something about it.,INTERVIEWER:,Do you think what do you think was in the mind of that solider that came up to see those other soldiers beating you up that he decided he told them to let you go? Do you think he feels he might have felt similarly to the way you do?,AMEED AL MASRI:,24:44:05>>>,I believe that there's no pure evil and there's no pure good. The soldiers at that checking point were basically ah 18, 19 years old .you know they're like the youth. And um probably the kind of um the kind of attitude that they show reflects a kind of brainwash that they have. The probably came to believe in Palestinians in a different way. Motivated by other parties I don't know how I don't know why I just think that they've got the wrong perspective. They ah they came to think in a stereotypic way that they're all terrorists, they're all people who ah who um basically devote their lives for the misery of Israel or for Israeli citizens.,AMEED AL MASRI:,25:49:05>>>,And both I mean in both cases civilians are really suffering from all that's going on. And um just the fact, just the action of that guy that he stepped to the jeep and he pulled me out of there. I looked at his face and he smiled he's like it's ok just go ahead and don't turn back to this checking point on your way back to Nabus. That's when I thought that ok there's good there's bad. The good has to be more exposed and the bad has to vanish. Starting from this small incident and going up to ah going to ah to total to total change in political perspectives for both sides.,INTERVIEWER:,What you tell a young Palestinian person you mentioned there are people who have nothing to live for and that you know they are drawn to becoming suicide bombers. If you met someone who was inclined to doing this what advice would give them?,AMEED AL MASRI:,27:16:05>>>,There's other means to fight the kind of, the kind of um substitution that I would suggest for them if he was a friend ,INTERVIEWER:,I just want to for a second remember to say what you're talking about yeah.,AMEED AL MASRI:,27:36:02>>>,If I had a friend or um probably, probably somebody that I know was inclined to um to committee um a suicidal operation he was going to do it I would try my best to um clear up his mind. Suggest my point of view that there's other means to fight. There's other means of, of appealing. There's other means of trying to extract the attention. There's other means of there's life is good to live. So basically I would try to convince him I would try to persuade him that there's still something to live for. There's a future if not for you for your son. If not for your son then it could be for your brother.,AMEED AL MASRI:,28:38:00>>>,I would suggest that that it's worth to think about it the other way, to look at it from a different angle and to see that ok I'm being un, I'm being understood but I'm being, I'm being tortured on a daily basis but still if I have to go for something better to come then I'm larger than life. I have the will to do what others couldn't do. And basically that would put him in a state of mind of understanding.,INTERVIEWER:,Do you think that the current leadership is able to make peace and find a solution? Or do you think it's up to the average people? And I'd like you to speak in perspective of the young people today.,AMEED AL MASRI:,29:38:14>>>,I believe that the young blood eventually has to function on both sides. We have to um we've got to have new faces to come to ah to come to the field and try, try to do something because what we have here is a lack of reputation. The kind of people that, that happen to be decision makers on both sides are loosing not only reputation but credibility for, for the international community for um for the other side and for their for their people as well. I mean a perfect solution would be insertion would be the insertion of new elements and um new elements new blood, new people who have the will who have the intention to make something happen.,AMEED AL MASRI:,30:47:09>>>,And nothing at all can outdone a strong will to do something because basically if we have such people who appeal to themselves, who appeal to appeal to the crowds in the streets. Who are trying to ah to propose and agenda for a better life. For a prosperous life to be for, for a peaceful atmosphere. For, for an end for all that's happening I believe that they'd be widely accepted. They'd be widely acknowledged and recognized by all parties in the world. By their peopel as, by their people themselves. And um we need to be a little bit realistic here in context of um decision-making. The faces that we see now are kind of. The decision makers on both sides nowadays have come to be um have come to be stable, have come to be irreplaceable because of ah ,AMEED AL MASRI:,32:21:00>>>,Ok. A substitution for a figure like Yassar Arafat or Ariel Sharon I don't believe that, I believe that any of these people any, anyone could. I believe that it's not a matter of figures the resolve that we have what we have. I mean ah if we can create this tendency, this will for peace I believe Yassar Arafat can do it. I believe Ariel Sharon can do it but what we need here is a total new white page. We need to turn the page on a lot of things and start over. And by starting over I believe that we need a lot of things to do. We have a lot of commitments to fulfill for both sides. ,AMEED AL MASRI:,33:22:15>>>,We have um we have a full agenda basically if we want to start. It's not an easy process but it's achievable. It is possible for both sides to come and sit on the table again and look for peace. And it doesn't matter um who signs the paper or who um who just has. I believe that it's a matter of um ,INTERVIEWER:,Will, will?,AMEED AL MASRI:,34:08:25>>>,I mean even Yassar Arafat if he was exposed to a kind of solution with um different points such as what happened in camp David in the year of 2000. I believe that it there's to be a resolution then this resolution has to, has to make logic for 3 million poeple for, for all of the Palestinians in the West Bank abroad. If this solution appeals to all of them then Yassar Arafat or any member or any kid from any street can just finish this. I mean what it takes for a resolution is a legitimate a legitimate proposal. A legitimate um whole resolution for what's going on. ,INTERVIEWER:,What do you see as limiting factors in reaching a resolution the the if you could, if you could define the limiting factor or factors in reaching a solution.,AMEED AL MASRI:,35:24:24>>>,Ok. Obstacles that lie in the way of achieving peace in the Middle East I believe um are not certain people. I believe it's a matter of interest there of personal interests. I mean each side fears the other. There's no trust. There's no credibility whatsoever. And um that's what makes each side look at the other as the obstacle to obtaining something. So basically fat, the organization of fata Hamas um they somehow represent the strong will of different Palestinians. I'm not gonna say the majority of Palestinians but it is not possible by any means to be construct literally the organization of Hamas or fata to ah in order to achieve peace because the way we look at it is ok we do this. Even if we do this what is the guarantee that this will, that this will achieve us something that this will get us something new?,AMEED AL MASRI:,36:44:22>>>,That this will resolve everything? I mean the concept of a disarmed state a Palestinian state is not possible by any means for Palestinians because there is no state whatsoever that is disarmed. Every state has its force as every state has its right to protect itself.,AMEED AL MASRI:,37:08:28>>>,And um probably the means of, the means of fighting or the means of expressing the rage and anger where illegitimate, where vicious for Israelis for civilians because in all cases killing civilians is bad. I mean ah a suicidal operation in tell Aviv or or an F16 bomb in a crowded street in Yasa at the end of the day it's both killing. And and the situation it's not helping at all. So basically if if we're looking for a solution here we should like neglect um we should um we should just concentrate we should neglect. We should lay aside anything else but the will to provide peace for the nations.,AMEED AL MASRI:,38:18:12>>>,It's really simple. I mean we're not if we're if we're going to look at both sides and see what's um what's forming an obstacle for peace it's never gonna end it's never going to end. I mean both sides have negative sides both sides have positive sides as well. I mean there's positive aspects for Palestinians there's positive aspects for Israelis and on the other hand there's um there's a lot of actions from the Israeli side or the Palestinian side unacceptable for both people. So instead of wasting time instead of wasting another 50 years of conflict instead, instead of letting this bloodshed continue I believe that this should give us the will to lay everything aside and like sit on the table devotedly to have the devotion for the young people for the young generation that is yet to be and provide something it's not impossible. It is possible by all means.,AMEED AL MASRI:,39:28:16>>>,I mean if we take the life of every single Palestinian or every single civilian from the Israeli side as well who was killed as a bystander or who was killed in a bus there's a whole story behind this life I mean it's not just the person. I mean what we came to do these is to look at these people as numbers. We like totally underestimating. We're undermining the people by counting them as numbers. 20 was 20 were killed, 13 were killed there. This was injured, that was casual that was a casualty. We need to like sit here when 20 people are killed each of them have a family each of them have friends each of a story. Each of them have potentials for a better life for. So basically it's really a misery I mean this in particular should provide a mode, enough motivation and enough incentive for both sides to sit and say ok we we're gonna overlook anything else and we're going to propose a kind of resolution that appeals for both sides for every and single Israelian and for every and single Palestinians. If that's not possible then let it be 99% for both sides just to reach a resolution.,AMEED AL MASRI:,40:46:09>>>,If there's an antifata in 1987 and there's another antifata in the year of 2000 we don't want another antifata in the year 2010 for example. We need to put an end for this. We need to just settle.,INTERVIEWER:,Very well said. We need to reload film.
Fat guy chops wood, one log keeps getting away 01:30:30:00 - Man with rifle chases fat guy in tuxedo through garden (goes in on entrance, comes out of another) 01:30:52:00 - Fat guy tries to take a drink from uncooperative water hose 01:31:15:00: Man rides horse drawn cart down Los Angeles street, car hits cart slicing it in half, man now riding half-cart. Cart slams into pole and man jumps onto horse (great stunt); made is thrown from bucking horse, neck gets tied into harness and horse pulls man running behind it. Man frees himself from harness, sits in street and shakes the cobwebs from his head. 01:32:15:00 Man in open racer comes along side fast moving train; crosses in front of it (beating it by a split second) comes up the other side of the train, grabs a hand hold and transfers to train (great stunt), but not before his feet get stuck on edge of racer. Man stretched between racer and train, driver of racer jumps out of racer! Worried girl gives concerned as she peers from train door. 01:33:17:00 - Tough guy approaches harried office worker and threatens to punch him. Man at desk puts up hands to defend himself. "Ring for Janitor" bell rings. Tough guy stops throwing punches, winded. Office worker fans tough guy with paper. 01:33:27:00 - Scared man back away from door, grabs curtain, skeleton appears behind him, skeleton's hand drapes over man's shoulder, petrified man tries to get away from skeleton's hand, keeps reaching for door. 01:34:10:00 - Man runs out of building and hits pillar, runs back. Man with rifle chases fat guy. Fat guy starts swinging man with rifle around and around and flings him away. Man lands on cart which careens into fat guy, fat guy speeds down street on out of control cart. Fat guy's coat billows out and carries him away like a parachute as car passes over a cliff, fat guy lands on cow and cow races off with fat guy on its back. Bucking cow stops short and fat guy goes flying into stream (wild ride). To view this clip, please visit www.filmarchivesonline.com/onlineindex.shtml and click on SLAPSTICK MANIA II
THIS DIGIBETA VERSION HAS BEEN MADE FROM THE PRINT - VERSION ON TAPE *PM0972* WILL PROBABLY BE BETTER QUALITY AS TAKEN FROM THE NEGATIVE. <br/> <br/>"Eve's on the track of the punch-ball record - Miss Ida Kathrena holds the world's record for ladies by keeping one on the move for 12 hours." C/U of punch ball taking a pounding. C/U of the woman giving it a beating. L/S of Ida inside a special boxing booth built, no doubt, in the Pathe studio. Great slow motion footage of Ida first elbowing then punching the punch-ball. <br/> <br/>"Tea-time didn't stop her - " She is served with tea on a tray and carries on punching. She sips from her cup of tea, then has a biscuit. "Nor Lady Nicotine - " She lights and smokes a cigarette whilst punching the ball. She looks very nonchalant! "Punch-Ball exercise keeps you slim", says Miss Kathrena, "and you needn't stop even to powder your nose." We see Ida powdering her nose and combing her hair whilst punching the ball. Excellent! <br/> <br/>Was an item in Eve's Film Review issue number 606. <br/> <br/>26th October 2010: This clip was featured on BBC Radio 4 by Vanessa Collingridge on the program 'Making History'
DN-1017 1 inch
Babe Didrikson Keeps Self Fit By Training
Girls display punching skills at Crystal Beach
1950s TV SHOW
CORSICA LIBERA: Press conference to denounce a repressive policy
Heavyweight boxing champion Primo Carnera trains for bout with Tommy Loughran
Babe Didrikson (Zaharias) keeps in shape through boxing and treadmill work with a personal trainer to keep herself in shape as America's top female athlete.
AFP-41BM 16mm VTM-41BM Beta SP
"Eve's on the track of the punch-ball record - Miss Ida Kathrena holds the world's record for ladies by keeping one on the move for 12 hours." C/U of punch ball taking a pounding. C/U of the woman giving it a beating. L/S of Ida inside a special boxing booth built, no doubt, in the Pathe studio. Great slow motion footage of Ida first elbowing then punching the punch-ball. <br/> <br/>"Tea-time didn't stop her - " She is served with tea on a tray and carries on punching. She sips from her cup of tea, then has a biscuit. "Nor Lady Nicotine - " She lights and smokes a cigarette whilst punching the ball. She looks very nonchalant! "Punch-Ball exercise keeps you slim", says Miss Kathrena, "and you needn't stop even to powder your nose." We see Ida powdering her nose and combing her hair whilst punching the ball. Excellent! <br/> <br/>Was an item in Eve's Film Review issue number 606.
Traffic on street, red light changes to green Black woman with afro drives station wagon, little black boy in passenger seat Sign: SPEED LIMIT 35 MILES Speedometer at 35 Sign on street: EXIT ONLY CU 'STOP' sign CU sign: RIDING OF BICYCLES FORBIDDEN CU sign: TOW AWAY TEMPORARY NO STOPPING Cop directs traffic CU female crossing guard directs traffic with 'STOP' sign Female crossing guard holds traffic back with 'STOP' sign, kids cross street Still montage Kids play volleyball, football, mystery game in school yard Boys play baseball CU boy hits baseball Boys watch ball go overhead CU hand takes softball from pocket CU sign: TENNIS COURT RULES Sign on door reads 'PRIVATE PROPERTY KEEP OUT' Sign on fence reads 'THIS GATE MUST BE LOCKED WHEN WATER IS IN THE POOL' CU Boy Scout reads Boy Scout handbook Woman punches time card Session of Congress CU sign: DOGS NOT ALLOWED IN PARK EXCEPT ON LEASH 6 FEET Black boy, girl play Frisbee, it lands in tree, they look for it Puppy lies on ground Boy holds puppy, girl pets it, they play with pup in playground, it trots away Kids walk on sidewalk, pup follows Boy pets dog in large box, girl enters, they feed it, talk CU hand pets sleepy pup Boy hugs pup Art card: STOP THE PROJECTOR Little white boy dribbles basketball in school yard, shoots basket, bigger white boy bothers him, takes ball, they 'fight,' white male principal breaks it up, all talk Principal talks with boy in office
The 20H of Darius Rochebin: [issue of November 26, 2022]
Comedian Bert Lahr clowns around with boxer Tony Canzoneri in Pompton Lakes, NJ
AFP-19DC 16mm