PRESSER FROM KOTV ON TULSA OK SHOOTING PRESSER RS 5226 INGEST IS SCHEDULED TO RECORD NNS LIVE ADVISORY - SHOOTING SPREE-OK POLICE NEWSER - KOTV/CBS Residents of Tulsa's predominantly black north side say they're afraid a shooter is still roaming their neighbors looking for victims after five people were shot and three killed early Friday. Barber Charles Jones said Saturday the community has had its share of troubles, but it has never seen a random killing spree like this. Resident Renaldo Works said he is keeping his 15-year-old son inside at night until a suspect is caught. Investigators think the early Friday morning shootings are linked because they happened around the same time within a three-mile span and all five victims were out walking when they were shot. Police are searching for a white man driving a white pickup, which was spotted in the area of three of the shootings. NNS is bringing this in LIVE. Partners can call for routing. (NOTICE)*PLEASE NOTE: THIS SIGNAL MAY BE INTERRUPTIBLE DATELINE: TULSA, OK SOURCE: KOTV/CBS TIME: 16:00 ET COORDS: GAL 16 10G EMBARGO: KTUL, KOKI
[Short tray: Donald Trump attends Division I men’s wrestling championship]
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FTG FOR COVERAGE ON EXTREME WEATHER / SEVERE WEATHER SKIES IN CHICKISHA, OKLAHOMA The next 48 hours hold the potential for large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. All modes of severe weather are possible. Severe weather is a normal occurrence during the spring and fall seasons in Oklahoma. Tornadoes are a common feature along with large hail and damaging winds. This weekend's set up, however, is a pattern to follow closely and carefully. Some storms may form later in the day Friday along the Interstate 35 area bringing overnight showers and storms to far northeastern Oklahoma into northwestern Arkansas. The biggest threat is expected to arrive Saturday evening, according Crone. ***PLEASE NOTE - DUAL ON SCREEN CREDIT "KWTV/ KOTV" AND DOUBLE MARKET EMBARGO - OK CITY AND TULSA*** LIVE COVERAGE ***INTERRUPTIBLE*** SOURCE: KWTV/ KOTV - OK CITY & TULSA COORDS: GALAXY 16/ 10 G TIMES: 1545-1930EDT EMBARGO: KOCO, KOKH, KTUL, KOKI
EXT BROLL ROBERT BATES TURNS HIMSELF IN TO AUTHORITIES TULSA, OK - 1000EDT - The Tulsa County reserve deputy who shot and killed a man - instead of using his taser - is expected to turn himself at the Tulsa County Jail. Robert Bates was charged with second-degree manslaughter Monday in a story that's making national news. Bates is expected to turn himself here at the Tulsa County Jail at 9 a.m., according to his attorney Clark Brewster. Bates was charged with second-degree manslaughter after the 73-year-old reserve deputy shot and killed Eric Harris with his gun, instead of using a taser. ***PLEASE NOTE - DUAL ON SCREEN CREDIT - KWTV/ KOTV - AND DOUBLE MARKET EMBARGO - OKLAHOMA CITY & TULSA LIVE COVERAGE ***INTERRUPTIBLE*** SOURCE: KWTV/ KOTV - (CBS) OK CITY & TULSA COORDS: FIBER TIMES: 0945-1100EDT EMBARGO: KOCO, KOKH, KTUL, KOKI TULSA TASER MISTAKE: Kreisel. Tulsa Reserve Deputy Charged With Second-Degree Manslaughter Police video shows killing of black Oklahoma suspect TULSA, Okla. (AP) -- A man can be heard apologizing and admitting to shooting a person in a video that documents the killing of a black suspect by a white reserve sheriff's deputy. Police have said that 73-year-old Tulsa County reserve deputy Robert Bates thought he was holding a stun gun, not his handgun, when he fired at 44-year-old Eric Harris in the April 2 incident. The video, shot by deputies with sunglass cameras and released Friday at the request of the victim's family, shows a deputy chase and tackle Harris, whom they said tried to sell an illegal gun to an undercover officer. A deputy is heard telling Harris, "I need you to roll on your stomach." A woman can be heard saying, "Stop fighting." As the deputy subdues Harris on the ground, a gunshot rings out and a man says: "Oh, I shot him. I'm sorry." Harris screams: "He shot me. Oh, my God," and a deputy replies: "You f---ing ran. Shut the f--- up." When Harris says he's losing his breath, a deputy replies, "F--- your breath." Harris was treated by medics at the scene and died in a Tulsa hospital. Tulsa County sheriff's officials said Bates believed he was holding a Taser and intended only to incapacitate Harris when the fatal shot was fired. The family said in a statement that it was "saddened, shocked, confused and disturbed."
FTG FOR GINGER ZEE CS VO PKG ON EXTREME DROUGHT Clip: RS 5105 DROUGHT FARMERS Interviews and broll with farmers affected by nationwide drought SOT John Kiefner, a corn and soy bean farmer in Manhattan, Illinois. SOT Jan Huber, pig farmer in Creston, Illinois Clip: PATHFIRE DROUGHT MO OK IA Dope sheets: wsDroughtGreenTurfMO LOCATION/STORY: 16:9/ St Joseph, MO: Despite the record crop, softball fields are kept very green due to a natural irrigation system. William Seay reports with an ABC News sigout. KQTV ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: NONE FORMAT: PKG SUPERS: ST JOSEPH. MISSOURI WIILLIAM SEAY | REPORTING JEFF ATKINS | SUPERINTENDENT OF PARKS VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KQTV - ABC / ST JOSEPH LENGTH: 1:18 OUT CUE: for ABC News, William Seay, St Joseph, Missouri SCRIPT: GRASSY FIELDS EVERYWHERE ARE STARTING TO LOOK A LITTLE LIKE THIS GOLDEN, BROWN, OR YELLOW BLADES STRUGGLING TO STAY ALIVE IN THE DROUGHT AND HEAT. "Even last year I don't think as many lawns were as brown as they are this year. I think people are going to lose a lot of grass." "But the grass on the softball fields in St. Joseph is doing just fine. It's nice and green. And the irrigation system is green as well." ((NATS)) THE SPRINKLERS ON THIS SOFTBALL FIELD ARE THE KEY TO KEEPING THE SOD VIBRANT "It's absolutely crucial. If you don't put water on it, it's not going to survive. It'll be like playing on asphalt." BUT THE ST. JOSEPH PARKS DEPT. DOESN'T HAVE A HUGE WATER BILL THE WATER COMES FROM A NATURAL AQUIFER, SUPPLIED BY THE MISSOURI RIVER, EIGHTY FEET BELOW THE SURFACE. "We could run our four-inch pump twenty four hours a day from here until forever. As long as that Missouri River is flowing, we'll have water for our ball fields." YOU CAN SEE THE DIFFERENCE - THEY CAN'T IRRIGATE THE COMMON AREAS, AND GROWING NEW GRASS HAS BEEN NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE. BUT PLAYING SURFACES ARE VIBRANT, ALMOST LIKE THERE'S NO DROUGHT AT ALL "Without our irrigation system, it wouldn't have survived. Under normal conditions we'd have to irrigate it to keep it wet, to keep it healthy and thriving with the ball that's played on them." BUT IT'S EVEN MORE CRUCIAL NOW, WITH VERY LITTLE HELP FROM MOTHER NATURE. FOR ABC NEWS, WILLIAM SEAY, THE PARKS DEPARTMENT SAYS IT COULD TAKE UNTIL NEXT YEAR FOR THE COMMON AREAS TO BE COVERED IN GRASS. **************************************************************************** wsDroughtParksOK LOCATION/STORY: Tulsa, OK: How is water rationing affecting businesses that depend on it (KOTV-CBS) Embargo to KTUL ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: Embargo to KTUL FORMAT: VOSOT SUPERS: Tulsa, TX Brian Carroll, Tulsa Drillers Public Relations Dewey Bartlett, Tulsa Mayor VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KOTV-CBS LENGTH: 1:41 SCRIPT INFO: The Tulsa Drillers' home at ONEOK Field needs a lot of water each week to stay alive. Brian Carroll, Tulsa Drillers Public Relations "Water is very important. Obviously as you look behind me, we've got a beautiful green playing surface, so we have to have water to keep it going." Most of the heavy watering is done overnight, starting at midnight. During homestands, the grounds crew is limited on when they can water because of the quick turnaround between games. Brian Carroll, Tulsa Drillers Public Relations "It's a hybrid Bermuda grass, so it doesn't require as much water as say your average lawn or a rye grass or a fescue lawn." Parks with expensive landscaping, like Woodward Park, are trying to balance water usage while not letting the plants die. The city-owned Page Belcher golf course uses treated water for outdoor watering. The city is now evaluating the cost of switching to well or pond water instead. That will happen eventually, but not before summer is over. Dewey Bartlett, Tulsa Mayor " We will be making those changes as we go along, but if we do have to enter into a mandatory rationing stage, we'll have very specific statements regarding that." In the meantime, the maintenance crew waters overnight and tends to the greens early so they beat the heat. Back at ONEOK Field, the staff is being respectful of the city's wishes. Brian Carroll, Tulsa Drillers Public Relations "We are aware of the water situation and we water as a necessity and don't overdo it and hopefully we'll get some rain and we're not talking about this in a week." And hoping for a 7th inning stretch from this extreme drought. TAG We also spoke with the University of Tulsa. Bob Shipley with T-U tells us they are monitoring the usage and already taking some precautions, but they can't totally stop outdoor watering when it comes to landscaping and athletic practice fields. **************************************************************************** WsCropInsurancePkg LOCATION/STORY: Sioux City, IA/Farmers Cutting Their Crops & Collecting Insurance ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: None FORMAT: AARON ADELSON PKG (WIDESCREEN FORMAT) SUPERS: --Chuck Kellen, Mark Crop Insurance Agent VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KCAU LENGTH: 1:38 SUGGESTED INTRO SCRIPT NAT WITH ALL THIS DEAD CORN... NAT A LOT OF FAMERS ARE CUTTING THEIR CROPS AT LEAST A MONTH EARLY, AND TAKING THE LOSSES, WHICH HAS INSURANCE AGENTS VERY BUSY NAT CHUCK KELLEN WITH MARK CROP INSURANCE HAS BEEN AN INSURANCE AGENT FOR 27 YEARS... AND HE SAYS THIS YEAR... HE EXPECTS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS CLIENTS TO FILE CLAIMS. "In 1988, the same thing might have been true, pretty close to that number, but the gravity of the amount of loss is by far superior than 1988. They're just not even in the same class. It's the Katrina of crop insurance, I call it. It's a natural disaster, the likes that we've never seen." WITH SO MANY CLAIMS, INSURANCE COMPANIES COULD PAY OUT BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, "There's been concerns out there, is there enough money to pay this from a government standpoint? Crop insurance is backed by the government, yes, but the reinsurance companies that are out there also reinsure. They insure what they've insured for the farmers. They've placed insurance on the insurance they've given farmers." WITH SO MUCH AT STAKE, KELLEN HAS ADVICE FOR FARMERS. "They have to contact their agent, because there are differences out there. They're audits out there. It's important they do things within the realm of the policy, otherwise some of the coverage could be negated." TAG SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE TOM VILSACK ESTIMATES 85 PERCENT OF FARMERS HAVE CROP INSURANCE THIS YEAR, COMPARED TO JUST 25 PERCENT IN 1988. I'M AARON ADELSON, CHANNEL 9 EYEWITNESS NEWS TIME/INITIAL: 13:52:28 cag
FTG FOR ALEX PEREZ CS VO PKG ON BLIZZARD 5109 PEREZ INDIANA SNOW FEED 15:02:34 man with snow blower various shots 3:01 man walks by in snow. Various pedestrians in the snow 3:33 man plows sidewalk 3:53 more snow blower 5:00 good shot of people walking in blowing snow*** 6:03 man and son shoveling Alex interviews David Mathis and 8 year old son 7:09 I went to bed about 3:30 and got up about 9:30 and there was just like 6, 7 inches outside. I went man. (Laughs) 7:34 AP when you see snow come down this quickly.. 7:52 it's crazy a lot of businesses closed. 8:54 when you see Mother Nature work this quickly what's going through you mind when you see if fall this quickly 8:50 little boy 8:57AP: You saw no snow and within a couple of hours what did you see? DM Basically whiteout conditions. You look out the window you couldn't hardly even see outside. It was crazy you Couldn't even see the cars out front. It's pretty amazing..** 9:16 real heavy and wet.. 9:31 set up three shot 10:21 little boy slips on his sidewalk 11:13 snow covered cars parked in street 11:59 Stand up How quickly .within a couple of hours several inches of snow everywhere 12:23 take 2 NG 12:38 Take 3 NG 13:12 take 4 NG 13:30 How quickly..take 5 ** 13:52 sledders 14:17 go down hill 14:40 snow covered streets woman walking down the middle 15:50 nice pull out Winter wonderland 15:59 tires spinning.. pickup truck stuck 16:40 interview Tanya Collins AP You guys have been trying to get out. 16: Yes, We tried to get out of the parking spot over here in front of my apartment and we're spinning in circles!(laughs) 17:20 It's cold and you run out of all your gas and it's frustrating, it's very frustrating. 17:34 it fell pretty quick, by noon it was layered Other woman: by 6 o'clock it started snowing Tanya I was sleeping, I was sleeping at that time and I got up and it was covered. . 17:50 it looked nice when I went to bed Other woman : totally different Tanya, yeah totally different 18:11 Alex and Rick push truck out of drift 18:40 cu AP pushing car 19:01 car honks backs out of parking area 19:18 another stuck car by road. 20:53 woman gets out of car and gets shovel out of trunk 21:17 high shot of highway 23:55 looking into camera for team coverage gfx 24:46 another team coverage shot INDIANA STATUS: LOCATION/STORY: 4:3/ Indianapolis, IN: Daylight snow shot. WXIN - Fox / embargo WRTV ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: ***Embargo WRTV FORMAT: NS VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: (SILENT in parts, mandatory cut out ofreporter track) WS snow falling near roadway. SUPERS: Indianapolis, Indiana VIDEO PROVIDED BY: WXIN - Fox LENGTH: 1:59 NNS INFORMATION: The National Weather Service has extended a blizzard warning to include Indianapolis, which could see nearly a foot of snow. Meteorologist John Kwiatkowski says the weather service is predicting up to 11-point-5 inches of snow to fall in the Indianapolis area by Wednesday evening (12/26). Mayor Greg Ballard ordered all but essential city services such as police and firefighters to shut down for the day. The weather service says the storm could be the biggest to hit Indianapolis in four years. NNS-Snow-IN:Early-AM-Sno NNS-Snow-IN:Early AM Snow Shot Wednesday, December 26, 2012 Slug: Snow-IN Title: Early AM Snow Shot Dateline: Indianapolis, IN Source: WXIN Network: FOX Embargo: WISH, WLFI, WRTV Producer: ELevy Restriction: Duration: 00:02:30.00 Created On: 12/26/12 07:14:13 Topic: Weather Region: Midwest Format: SILENT .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. INFORMATION: ......CHECK FOR UPDATES...... The National Weather Service has extended a blizzard warning to include Indianapolis, which could see nearly a foot of snow. Meteorologist John Kwiatkowski says the weather service is predicting up to 11.5 inches of snow to fall in the Indianapolis area by Wednesday evening (12/26). Mayor Greg Ballard ordered all but essential city services such as police and firefighters to shut down for the day. The weather service says the storm could be the biggest to hit Indianapolis in four years. SUPERS: Indianapolis, IN VIDEO INFO: WS snow falling near roadway. 12/26/2012 07:22:09 MX12-26-2012 12:23UTC / (NN.ny-nn.06a.am-nyny-drcp02) / OHIO STATUS: FINAL LOCATION/STORY: Cleveland, OH: Blizzard Warning in effect for Cleveland area , people stocking up (WEWS) ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: NONE FORMAT: 16 X 9 NSB SUPERS: Cleveland, OH VIDEO PROVIDED BY: WEWS LENGTH: 1:13 SCRIPT: VO BRIAN PATTERSON SAYS HE'S NEVER PLANNED AHEAD FOR A STORM... NAT SOT "I'm ready to go. I don't have to worry about it tomorrow." PATTERSON BOUGHT THREE BAGS OF ROCK SALT AT THIS DISCOUNT DRUG MART ON E. 200TH - ONE OF THE FEW STORES OPEN ON CHRISTMAS. VO JAN JONES STOPPED BY TO STOCK UP ON MILK AND SNACKS. "I've decided to get what we need and go home." VO THE POWER OF 5 PREDICTS UP A FOOT OF SNOW IS EXPECTED TO BLANKET THE CLEVELAND AREA TOMORROW. FORECASTS OF BLIZZARD-LIKE CONDITIONS AND 35 MILE AN HOUR WIND GUSTS ARE MAKING THIS STORE POPULAR PIT STOP TODAY. SOT "It's busy. Everybody's buying last-minute things and lots of snow brushes, rock salt, food." WHICH HAS LEFT THESE STORE SHELVES NEARLY BARE AND CLERK MARIA KLUN WORKING OVER-TIME. BUT SHE DOESN'T MIND. SOT "Everybody here's in a good mood, lots of parties and having fun." ANTWAN MOORE CAN'T HIDE HIS EXCITEMENT - AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO THE HOLIDAY. SOT "Snow is green!" VO MOORE PLOWS SNOW, AND THIS UPCOMING STORM COULD BE A MAJOR MONEY MAKER FOR HIM. SOT "We got milk, pop, cereal for breakfast." VO BUT PLENTY OF OTHERS, LIKE SHANNON TRENT, WILL BE SPENDING MONEY TO BE PREPARED. TRENT SAYS HE'S BUYING ENOUGH FOOD TO LAST AT LEAST A COUPLE OF DAYS. SOT "We still have a few things at home we can salvage, so we're good to go." VO AND STAYING HOME FOR THE FIRST MAJOR SNOWFALL OF THE SEASON. CLEVELAND - A BLIZZARD WARNING is in effect from 7am Wednesday morning thru Thursday 7am for Cuyahoga (Including Greater Cleveland), Lorain, Erie, Huron , Ottawa, Sandusky, Seneca, Lake and the lakeshore communities of Ashtabula County. A Blizzard Warning means heavy snow will combine with frequent wind gusts to 35 mph or higher for 3 hours or more. This will create visibilities near zero at times during the height of the storm Wednesday afternoon and evening. Travel should be avoided across the warning area if at all possible . Some roads will be impassible due to drifting snow Wednesday afternoon and evening. TIME/INITIAL: 21:50:21 BS MISSOURI STATUS:FINAL LOCATION/STORY:Springfield, MO: Residents prepare for impending Christmas storm (KSPR-ABC) ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: NONE FORMAT: 16x9 VOSOT SUPERS: Springfield, MO VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KSPR-Springfield, MO LENGTH: 1:29 SCRIPT: MANY PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO BEAT THE STORM BY STOCKING UP ON THINGS THEY MIGHT NEED WHEN SNOW STARTS TO FALL. A LOCAL HARDWARE STORE SAYS THERE'S BEEN STEADY TRAFFIC ALL DAY. OUTCUE: "for your car and house." TEXAS STATUS: Final LOCATION/STORY: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX: Frustrated passengers at DFW Airport (WFAA) ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: None FORMAT: VOSOT VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: Frustrated passengers at DFW Airport (SOT) "I've made more personal phone calls than I know what to do with. I've spent my last quarter, to be honest with you. It's beyond reproach. I have no words to tell you to how sorry I am. This is way, way above our heads, by people who obviously - in my humble opinion - don't have a clue what they're doing." SUPERS: Dallas-Ft Worth, TX VIDEO PROVIDED BY: WFAA LENGTH: 1:46 SCRIPT INFO: (From WFAA's website) American Airlines and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport blamed the Christmas Day snow and ice storm for stranding thousands of holiday passengers. Airlines at D/FW are reporting numerous cancellations on Wednesday and they advise passengers to check their flight status before coming to the airport at this link, and give themselves extra time to drive to the airport with potentially icy road conditions. American said de-icing of its departing aircraft began in the middle of the afternoon Tuesday. That process backed up flights and led to dozens of planes stuck at gates or on the tarmac. The airport is prepared for more de- icing Wednesday, if necessary. American Airlines said approximately 432 departures were canceled on Tuesday , most of them in the evening hours out of D/FW. About 1,000 passengers stayed in the D/FW terminals on Tuesday night, with airport personnel providing cots, blankets, toiletry kits and other comforts, according to airport spokesman David Magana. A passenger on American Flight 1501 to Las Vegas spoke to WFAA by phone as she was sitting on her plane. The woman, who did not wish to be identified, had been on board almost five hours, but the jet never left the gate. While we were on the phone, the clearly-exasperated pilot addressed his passengers: "I've made more personal phone calls than I know what to do with. I've spent my last quarter, to be honest with you. It's beyond reproach. I have no words to tell you to how sorry I am. This is way, way above our heads, by people who obviously - in my humble opinion - don't have a clue what they're doing." Other passengers shared stories of bring stuck waiting to deplane for an estimated three hours. Government regulations say a carrier can be fined if passengers are not allowed to deplane after a three-hour wait. Flight 1501 never left the gate on its trip to Las Vegas. The flight was canceled. "You know, I work hard, and this was my whole year saved up," the frustrated passenger told News 8. She and her boyfriend scrambled through the airport to another terminal hoping to catch a later flight. But at last check, they were hoping to make a Wednesday flight instead. D/FW Airport said it was working to accommodate passengers who were facing an unexpected overnight stay at the sprawling transportation hub. "Yesterday's rapid snowfall, ice and winds required us to implement a de- icing program and severely hampered our ability to safely service aircraft as we normally would," said American Airlines media relations spokesperson Kent Powell, in a statement. "Our hindered ability to de-ice and approach aircraft with ground equipment, jetways, and ramp stairs created serious delays -- for aircraft inbound and outbound. Operating safely was our focus. " STATUS: FINAL LOCATION/STORY: Dallas, TX: A consistent snow pounded the region but failed to stick to the ground (WFAA) ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: NO NNS FORMAT: 16x9 VO VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: SUPERS: Dallas, TX VIDEO PROVIDED BY: WFAA LENGTH: 2:00 SCRIPT: Texas was given what many had hoped for-- a white Christmas. Dallas has experienced a consistent downpour of snow and while it hasn't stuck to the ground, many took to the streets to admire and play with what they could. TIME/INITIAL: MA 22:00 STATUS: FINAL LOCATION/STORY: Denton, TX: A white Christmas was expected today (KDFW) ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: WFAA FORMAT: 16x9 VO SILENT VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: MS of woman taking photos, snow falling MS of group taking photos, snow falling. WS of guys walking down street, pullout to show WS of traffic and pan of downtown area MS of traffic light, snow falling MS of man walking down the street, snow falling MS of movie theatre marquee, snow falling WS of group of guys walking, playing in the snow (various) SUPERS: Denton, TX VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KDFW LENGTH: 02:43 SUGGESTED INTRO: SCRIPT: It is going to be a white Christmas in North Texas. Meteorologists say more than an inch of snow could be on the ground Tuesday (12/25) in Denton, Texas 42 miles north of Dallas. The snowfall isn't expected to last long -- but what does fall is expected to stick. In addition to the snow -- North Texans can expect plummeting temperatures too. Temperatures are going to be in the mid to upper 20s. Clear skies but continued cold is in the forecast for Wednesday (12/26) . TIME/INITIAL: MA 17:21 STATUS: FINAL LOCATION/STORY: Amarillo, TX: Snow blanketed region (KFDA-CBS) Embargo: KVII ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: Embargo: KVII FORMAT: 16x9 VO SUPERS: Amarillo, TX VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KFDA (CBS) LENGTH: 1:04 SCRIPT: Beginning at 6:00 Christmas morning, snow began falling across the Texas panhandle, including Amarillo. Between 4 and 6 inches of wind blown snow fell across the area. Driving conditions were slowed by low visibility at times, creating blizard-like conditions. There were multiple accidents because of the weather, but we're told none of them were serious. TIME/INITIAL: lw/ma17:49:28 STATUS: LOCATION/STORY: Collin Co., TX: White Christmas in Texas (KTVT-CBS) Embargo: WFAA ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: Embargo: WFAA FORMAT: 16x9 VO SUPERS: Collin County, TX VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KTVT (CBS) LENGTH: :34 SCRIPT: Snow finally fell in the DFW area around mid-afternoon Christmas day. The day started with rain, but finally the snow came, blanketting the area in white. It might not have been much, but the youngsters enjoyed it. While the kids loved it - the drivers...not so much. All of this is expected to be gone by Wednesday, but overnight temperatures in the 20's will insure the snow stick.. for a while. TIME/INITIAL: lw/ma17:53:04 STATUS: Final LOCATION/STORY: Lubbock, TX: Snow blankets the roads and cars (KLBK-CBS) Embargo to KAMC ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: Embargo to KAMC FORMAT: VO VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: SUPERS: Lubbock, TX VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KLBK-CBS LENGTH: 1:02 SCRIPT INFO: Lubbock woke up to a white Christmas as more than an inch of snow fell overnight. There were several accidents on city streetsbut no serious injuries were reported. It may be around for a the next 24 hours as the area will stay below freezing until Wednesday afternoon. OKLAHOMA STATUS: FINAL LOCATION/STORY: Sieden, OK: Snow created created dangerous roads for drivers (KOCO) ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: NO NNS FORMAT: 16x9 VO SUPERS: Seiden, OK VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KOCO LENGTH: :25 SUGGESTED INTRO: Snow created icy roads for drivers in certain parts of Oklahoma. SCRIPT: Check wires for latest. TIME/INITIAL: MA 16:53 STATUS: Final LOCATION/STORY: Oklahoma City, OK: 21 car pile up due to bad weather (KOCO) ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: None FORMAT: VO VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: MS of 21 car pileup SUPERS: Oklahoma City, OK VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KOCO LENGTH: 2:42 SCRIPT INFO: Westbound Interstate 40 near Interstate 35 has been reopened on Tuesday morning after a 21-vehicle wreck, according to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. Nobody was hurt critically, authorities said. The roadway was reopened by about 8:15 a.m. STATUS: FINAL LOCATION/STORY: Nichols Hills, OK: Snow created dangerous driving conditions (KOCO) ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: NO NNS FORMAT: 16x9 VO SUPERS: Nichols Hills, OK VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KOCO LENGTH: :25 SCRIPT: Check wires for updates. TIME/INITIAL: MA 16:59 STATUS: FINAL LOCATION/STORY: Custer City, OK: Snow created icy conditions for drivers on the road (KOCO) ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: NO NNS FORMAT: 16x9 VO SUPERS: Custer City, OK VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KOCO LENGTH: :25 SCRIPT: Check wires for updates. TIME/INITIAL: MA 16:59 STATUS: FINAL LOCATION/STORY: Tulsa, OK: Areas south of Tulsa are experiencing harsh weather (KOTV) ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: NO KOCO FORMAT: 16x9 VO SUPERS: Tulsa, OK VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KOTV LENGTH: 1:02 SCRIPT: Although it may be clear AROUND Tulsa, folks fuRther south are having a lot of trouble this afternoon. Snowfall along the I-40 corridor and south left roads slick and hazardous, across much of Oklahoma Tuesday. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation said slick and hazardous conditions remain in several counties. Crews have reported slick spots, mainly at bridges and overpasses, in the Tulsa area, including Rogers, Mayes, Osage and Pawnee counties. ODOT said crews reported slick spots on Interstate 40 near Shawnee. Highways in southeastern Oklahoma are experiencing heavy snow and slick spots, especially on roads in the mountains. In Oklahoma City, the roads are mainly clear, but ODOT said drivers should still use caution. The National Guard tells News On 6, a total of 40 soldiers were activated ahead of the storm and told to be ready to assist people stranded on Oklahoma roads. Units in Broken Arrow, Chandler and Okmulgee were called to duty. The Broken Arrow and Chandler units have since been released and the Okmulgee unit remains on stand-by. Major Geoff Legler said they have 16 soldiers with eight Humvees on stand-by , should the Oklahoma Highway Patrol need their assistance. The National Guard has plans to call up units in McAlester and Durant, should conditions there worsen. ODOT said crews will continue to work to treat and clear the roads as the precipitation and freezing conditions are expected to continue. They said drivers are strongly encouraged to avoid travel Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning, if possible. TIME/INITIAL: STATUS: FINAL LOCATION/STORY: Okmulgee County, OK: Strong winds and cold conditions swept the region (KTUL) ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: NONE FORMAT: 16x9 NSB SUPERS: CHRIS COMBS | DRIVER PAUL TACKETT | DRIVER VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KTUL LENGTH: 2:00 SUGGESTED INTRO: SCRIPT: NATS (SNOW) A white Christmas arrived in parts of Okmulgee County and Henryetta. With it came strong winds and very cold conditions. NATS (CARS) [TAKE SOT] It's just really bad I dont' advise going south. NATS (SNOW) (Yvonne) A white knuckle drive for Paul Tackett. [TAKE SOT] PAUL TACKETT | DRIVER They was slick, I don't care to go back through it. (Yvonne) Fueling up on the Muskogee Turnpike, other drivers are removing chunks of snow from their cars and making the most of it. What was a light moment for some was serious for other drivers. [TAKE SOT] <> I seen oh at right about a dozen wrecks one was overturned they had an ambulance there several people off in a ditch. (Yvonne) Another driver left the Tenkiller area headed to Broken Arrow. [TAKE SOT] CHRIS COMBS | DRIVER <>And coming out of the lake some of the higher elevations there was alot of ice and snow pretty trecherous for a while.. (Yvonne) Hoping to make the drive a bit more manageable...several snow plows in use by state workers to clear the roads. NATS (SNOWPLOW) TIME/INITIAL: MA 22:27 ARKANSAS STATUS: Final LOCATION/STORY: wsSnowAR2 ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: Embargo: KATV, KTHV FORMAT: nsb VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: WS street light. WS road. MS broken tree. Various shots of downed trees. WS broken power line. MS more broken power line. WS street sign. WS road. SOT Tally: "My mom and dad live in El Paso and I was planning on going to El Paso, but I think I'll be staying home now." WS car. WS more cars. MS frozen Christmas lights. MS light. WS sand piles. MS more sand piles. MS frozen leaf. SOT Garrett: "Our electricity went out at our house so we're trying to get our generator started so we came here to get gas for the generator." WS person walking. SOT Tally: "My friend is out of electricity and out of heat so I came to get a propane exchange but then the lights went out before I could get checked out ." WS snow on the ground. WS more snow on the ground. SOT Garrett: "My boss will probably expect me to in to work, but I doubt that I will because I'm not driving my car in this crap." WS road. WS more road. SOT Pritchett: "I knew it was going to be pretty bad, but I have the 4-wheel drive." WS snow on the ground. SUPERS: Little Rock, AR Kim Tally Driver Karen Garrett Driver Monica Pritchett Driver VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KLRT-FOX LENGTH: SUGGESTED INTRO: Reax to Winter Storm SCRIPT: It may have been a white Christmas (12/25) in Little Rock, Arkansas, but drivers in the area say it felt less like a winter wonderland and more like a day to stay inside. The slippery roads and power outages created hazardous driving conditions throughout the city. Lights at interchanges were out all over Little Rock due to trees downing power lines. On one street, a huge tree was uprooted-- taking down the lines and blocking the whole road, making sure drivers can't get through. Many people were nervous about the snowfall totals-- wondering how they'll stay warm overnight and get to work in the morning Wednesday (12/26). VERBATIM: TIME/INITIAL: STATUS: Final LOCATION/STORY: Fort Smith, AR: Snowy, icy roads make for a dangerous commute (KHBS) ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: NNS FORMAT: 16x9; VO VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: various of cars on icy/snowy roads going around accident (you can see emergency vehicle) SUPERS: Fort Smith, AR VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KHBS LENGTH: :44 STORY INFO: **CHECK WIRES FOR LATEST PLEASE** TIME/INITIAL: 20:55:12 JZ STATUS: Final LOCATION/STORY: Fort Smith, AR: Snow plows prepare for heavy snowfall (KHBS) ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: NNS FORMAT: 16x9;VO VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: various of snow plows gearing up for heavy snow SUPERS: Fort Smith, AR VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KHBS LENGTH: 1:11 STORY INFO: **CHECK WIRES FOR LATEST PLEASE** TIME/INITIAL: 17:13:06 JZ N/STORY: Final ADVISORIES/RESTRICTIONS/EMBARGOES: NNS FORMAT: 16x9; VO VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: various of snow falling, vehicles on road SUPERS: Fort Smith, AR VIDEO PROVIDED BY: KHBS LENGTH: 1:01 STORY INFO: **CHECK WIRES FOR LATEST PLEASE** TIME/INITIAL: 16:46:50 JZ
Super Tuesday
AVS2012 -014 Super Tuesday - March 6, 2012 01:00:27 LOCATION/STORY: Tulsa, OK: Republican Presidential hopeful visits local area ; gets heckled by crowd member. (KTUL-ABC) VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: --Rick Santorum during speech gets interrupted by heckler who is escorted out of building by law enforcement (Crowd cheers) LENGTH: 25s 01:01:20 LOCATION/STORY: Memphis, TN: Rick Santorum holds a meet and greet at Corky's VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: Various shots of Santorum greeting supporters outside and inside the restaurant. MS of Santorum eating his meal. SOT - Santorum: "This narrative that Governor Romney is a guy that can beat Barack Obama...The only reason Governor Romney is winning early in these Early states is because he's outspending his opponent s four, five, six, seven, eight ,nine to one. That's not going to be the case in the general election. He's not going to have that huge money superiority. And at some point he has to have a vision and a campaign that's connecting with people. We are and we believe we'll continue to do so." LENGTH: 1:47 01:04:16 LOCATION/STORY: Memphis, TN: Rick Santorum eats BBQ and makes some comments (ABC) VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: Restaurant interior shots - Santorum BBQ - Eating barbecue, licking fingers Exterior shot of Santorum talking to press and giving a response regarding Aipac "Moving forward, I would ask that we all remember the weightiness of these issues, the stakes involved for Israel, for America, and for the world. Already, there is too much loose talk of war. Over the last few weeks, such talk has only benefited the Iranian government, by driving up the price of oil, which they depend on to fund their nuclear program. " (He laughs) "Thats pretty funny. President Obama -- a little basic economics of supply and demand would probably help a lot. The fact that we are not doing anything to open up supply lines across this country, and we have supplies from areas of the world, as you mentioned, areas of the world that are under a lot of tensions. That causes prices to go up. When you have areas of the world that, like Iran and others, that are causing -- excuse me -- that are causing speculative price to go up. and you don't have a compensatory increase in production in stable areas of the world, you're going to see oil prices continue to go up." "Loose talk of Republicans? The best thing that can happen in the world markets is an Iran without a nuclear weapon, and a new Iranian regime, neither of which he is doing very much about to make happen." Santorum Newt Q: You said it's hard with two conservatives in the race, do you think that explains why you are slipping in the polls here in Tennessee? A: "I think were doing fine but look, very time you get into these races, as we've seen, governor Romeny goes out there and you know outspends you four or five of six to one and you know it's gonna take a toll and that's what's happening in pretty much all of the states and you know that's why you keep looking at, this is a game of survivor, and we're doing as well as anybody in all of these races. We're either first or second in most of the states out there and I thinks that's gonna be a good Super Tuesday for us. Again, this race for us to ultimately win this race is gonna have to narrow down to two and I think that will happen eventually." Santorum Endorsemnts "you know what, do be honest with you, I don't really call a lot of folks and ask for endorsements. you know, that's not the kind of campaign we're running. we're running the insurgent campaign, he's runnig the insider campaign. it's sort of funny you know when he has all the establishment Republicans, hundreds and hundred of lobbyist basically running and managing his campaign, and of course you're going to get endorsements from ppl across the map that are with the establishment candidate. That's pretty much what's happening. We're running a very different campaign and we feel comfortanle, as some folks inside said, you know, one guys says, 'You got the campaign with normal folks working for you.' And thats what we do. We have just average,, avergae citizens out there, stepping up, volunteering, and making this happen, you know, on a fraction of the cost of what gov romney is doing. And im actually continued to be encouraged by the fact that we're doing as well as we are, and when this race narrows down, we'll come out on top." LENGTH: 3:39 01:08:20 LOCATION/STORY: Voters turned away VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: WS of line of voters waiting to get inside room - door room closed . NATS people chanting "Revote" (camera pans). WS line. MS man speaking. MS door closing. WS line. MWS number on paper. WS voters. MWS paper. WS line (camera zooms out). Kennewick, WA 01:09:29 LOCATION/STORY: Vancouver, WA: Caucus location packed with voters LENGTH: 2:58 01:12:44 LOCATION/STORY: Seattle, WA: Caucus Goers, Speech Bite VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: PARTIAL SPEECH BY ORGANIZER - Room filled with voters - voters at table filling out voting forms LENGTH: 2: 53 01:16:10 LOCATION/STORY: Seattle, WA: Ron Paul visits a Seattle Caucus site VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: (NOTE: VIDEO QUALITY AS IS FROM SOURCE) CU of Paul arriving at the site. CU of Paul shaking hands with folks. CU of Paul posing for picture. Cu of Paul talking to a man. CU of Paul posing with man and small child holding a sign. CU of Paul posing with man. CU of Paul posing with a woman. CU of Paul talking with a woman. MS of Paul at podium with NATS of applause. SOT-Paul: "You cannot solve the problem of the economy if you don't deal With the of course over spending, over taxation, over regulation, but above allyou have to have a sound currency. This is why I believe we should follow theconstitution, have only gold and silver as legal tender and not have a federalreserve system and not depend on paper money."SOT-Paul: "We don't have the privacy that was supposed to be guaranteed bythe constitution. There's a 4th amendment and it's being abused. Right nowgovernment protects its secrecy and the people's privacy has been eroded. So my goal is to get to open government and make sure you have your privacy and you have a right to your privacy in your internet, your emails, your financial records or whatever is necessary, that's what the fourth amendment tells us. " MS of Paul ending speech and walking off the stage 01:18:40 LOCATION/STORY: Marietta, GA: Early morning voting in Super Tuesday - 03/06/2012 VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: Interior of polling station. People at ballot boxes. People in line. CU voting stickers. CU voter. Registration table. Voter SOT-Hudson: "One candidate hasn't emerged that has caught everyone's attention or that has caught everyone's heart or imagination but there's really nothing we can do about that. We have the people who are willing to do this job coming forward and you know, we can't force an ideal candidate to emerge." LENGTH: 1:05 01:20:15 LOCATION/STORY: Great Falls, VA: Early morning voting on Super VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: Exterior of poll station. Interior of station. Man goes to ballot box. Exterior of building. LENGTH: 00:26 01:21:10 LOCATION /STORY: Santorum speaks before AIPAC - 3/6/2012 THIS IS PREVENTING THE MOST RADICAL REGIME IN THE WORLD FROM HAVING A WEAPON THAT COULD FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THE SECURITY POSTER NOT JUST OF THE MIDDLE EAST, BUT AS WE'VE SEEN WITH PLANNED ATTACKS HERE IN THE UNITED STATES, A NUCLEAR IRAN WITH A NUCLEAR SHIELD TO PROJECT TERROR AROUND THE WORLD IS A NIGHTMARE FOR ALL FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE IN THE WORLD (CROWD APPLAUSE) UNDER A SANTORUM ADMINISTRATION, WE WOULD FIND NO GAP BETWEEN ISRAEL AND THE UNITED STATES BECAUSE OUR INTERESTS ARE UNITED IN STOPPING THE WORLD FROM HAVING A RADICAL TERRORIST ORGANIZATION WHICH HAPPENS TO BE GOVERNING THE STATE OF IRAN FROM HAVING A WEAPON THAT WOULD DESTROY THE OPPORTUNITY FOR PEACE AND PROSPERITY FOR THE WORLD (CROWD APPLAUSE) LENGTH: 1:20 01:22:41 LOCATION/STORY: Zanesville, OH: Mitt Romney stumps in Ohio on the eve of Super Tuesday (ABC)ROMNEY SOTS: SOT: Ann Romney on the long campaign:Zanesville I just like saying that. Zanesville, that's just great. What agreat town. We're excited. Ohio has a got a big decision to make tomorrowand if you do the right thing we're going to put a lot of wind in this guy's sail, and maybe take one step closer to defeating Barack Obama.It's not easy by the way. I haven't been home since January 10th. I've been in the same suitcase, women can sympathize with me on this one . But we're committed to this and we love this country and we love all thatthe country has given to us, our freedom our liberty our opportunities. "We have been all over the state, from A to Z... from Akron to Zanesville.""If you do your job tomorrow we're going to win this thing."And touched on his Olympic experience and his sons making fun of him forfinally making the sports section:My life has not always followed the path I might have imagined. The idea ofgoing off and running the Olympics, you know I got the chance to run theOlympics in 2002. And there was some irony in that, because I'm not theworld's best athlete. My sons point that out regularly. When they saw thestory that I'd taken the Olympic job -- they knew it was coming -- but when they saw it in the paper they said this, they said Dad we saw the paperthis morning, we want you to know there is not a circumstance we couldconceive of that would put you on the front page of the sports section. 01:31:11 LOCATION/STORY: Bonneville County, ID - 5000 people came to vote - Shots of people in theatre huge crowds. LENGTH: 1:05 01:32:44 LOCATION/STORY: Jefferson County, ID: Voters b roll People voting. Cu of ballots going inside box; ballots are counted LENGTH: 1:05 01:34:21 LOCATION/STORY: Boston, MA: Mitt Romney thanks supporters for Super Tuesday victories (ABC) VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: MWS of crowd cheering as Romney takes podium, push in. SOT- Romney "What a great night. There are three states now under our belt--and counting. We're gonna get more before this night is over. We're on our way! (cheers)" (EDIT) SOT- Romney "Tonight we're doing some counting. We're counting up the delegates for the convention and it looks good, and we're counting down the days to November and it looks even better. (cheers) We're gonna take your vote,a huge vote tonight in Mass, and take that victory all the way to the White House. (cheers)" (EDIT) SOT- Romney "To the millions of Americans who look around and see only jobs that they cannot get, and bills that they can't pay, I have a message: You have not failed. You have a President who's failed you, and that's gonna change." (EDIT) SOT- Romney "I stand ready to lead our party, and I stand ready to lead our nation to prosperity. (cheers)" (EDIT) SOT- Romney "Tonight, we've taken one more step towards restoring the Promise of tomorrow. Tomorrow, we wake up and we start again. And the next day, we' do the same. And so we'll go, day by day, step by step, door by door, heart to heart. There'll be good days, there'll be bad days. Always long hours, never enough time to get everything done. But on November 6th, we're gonna stand united. Not only having won an election, but having saved a future."(EDIT) SOT- Romney "Let's go forward together and restore the promise of America together. Let's fight for the America we love. Thank you. And God bless this great land! God bless the United States of America! Thanks you guys!" Pull out to MWS as crowd cheers. LENGTH: 2:16 01:37:21 LOCATION/STORY: Steubenville, OH: Rick Santorum on victories and President Obama (C-SPAN)VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST:SOT Santorum: "This was a big night tonight...lots of states...we're goingto win a few...we're going to lose a few...but as it looks right now...we'regoing to get at least a few gold medals...and a whole passel of silvermetals...(CHEERS)"EDITSOT Santorum: "We have won in the West...the Midwest and the South...and we' re ready to win across this country...(CHEERS)"EDITSOT Santorum: "We built a great country from the bottom up...and we needpeople...to go up against president Obama and his vision of a top downgovernment control...of not just healthcare...but of energy and ofmanufacturing...and of financial services...and who knows what else isnext...but this is a president who believes that he is simply better able to do this than you are...that he will be fairer that you are with your fellow man. Ladies and gentlemen...this is an election about fundamental liberty." EDIT SOT Santorum: "We need as person running against president Obama who is righ on the issues and truthful with the American public...(CHEERS)" EDITSOT Santorum: "This race provides a great opportunity for a great contrast...big things have to happen in this country to bring us back from the brink of insolvency...big things have to happen...so we can secure our freedom." EDIT SOT Santorum: "Tonight it's clear...it's clear...we've won races all over This country...against the odds...when they thought...ok...he's finallyfinished...we keep coming back...(CHEERS). We are in this thing...we are inthis thing...not because I so badly want to be the most powerful man in this country...it's because I want so badly to return the power to you in this country...(CHEERS). Thank you Steubenville...God bless you and God bless America." LENGTH: 2:38 01:41:24 LOCATION/STORY: Atlanta, GA: Newt Gingrich is sweeping to a projected victory in the state of Georgia (NNS) Embargo Non NNS Stations VIDEO INFO: SOT-Newt Gingrich : "I said at the very peak of, you know, the Santorum Surge and all this stuff, if I can't carry my home state where people know me, Iwill have no credibility. And I knew the basic Wall Street technique, whichwas to come in and spend lots of ne... - how many of you noticed thenegative ads? ("yeah" from the crowd) How many of you have noticed the Reagan negative ad that is a total lie, okay? I mean, that's.. that's what we're up against. Edit SOT-Newt Gingrich : "So, with your help, and the power of large solutionsand big ideas, and clear communications in the debates, by December, according to Gallop I was frontrunner by 15 points, and according to Rasmussen I was the frontrunner by 21 points. Because you believed in the power of ideas, you believed that people can make a difference, that in fact Wall Street money can be beaten by Main Street work (cheers and applause)."EditSOT-Newt Gingrich: "And so we basically put people power up against moneypower. And as you saw the very first race they called tonight, about 15seconds after the polls closed (cheers).. and so, I'm here first of all tosay thank you to each and every one of you, because you are the reason wesurvived every effort of the establishment to stop us (cheers and applause)."EditSOT-Newt Gingrich: "And let me be very clear, I believe that I am the onecandidate who has the ability to debate Barack Obama decisively this fall(long cheers and applause)." Edit SOT-Newt Gingrich: "The fact is, I'd love to debate this president because when you read these speeches, they're so deliciously incoherent (laughter), they.. they are the perfect case study of liberalism run amok ("yeah" from thecrowd). The president says, Republicans have three strategies; strategynumber one is "Drilling"; strategy number two is "Drilling"; strategy number three is "Drilling", ("yeah" from the crowd) - and I want to say to him, Mr. President, this is one of the rare occasions when I can say, you are right! (cheers and applause)." LENGTH:02:41 01:47:10 LOCATION/STORY: Oklahoma City, OK: New voting law implemented & look at voter turnout VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: CU of ballot sliding inside machine, MS people picking up their ballots, CU of ballot counting machine SOT: David Johnson/Voter: "I do think it's a good idea at least people know that they are citizens. I think that's the point." :09 LENGTH: :44 01:48:25 NNS- Super Tuesday- Nashville - TN: Voters At Polls Tuesday, March 06, 2012 VIDEO INFO: MWS: polling center staff helping voters. Tight shot: woman voting. Tight shot: of voting material. MS: man voting. Tight shot: voting center entrance MWS: people inside the voting center. Tight shot: man voting. Tight shot: voting sign. MWS: voting center staff. 01:49:41 LOCATION/STORY: Tulsa, OK: Voters turn out to the polls for Super Tuesday (KTUL) VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: Various shots of voters at the polls LENGTH: 00:50 01:50:50 LOCATION/STORY Knoxville, TN: Voters headed to the polls to cast their vote. VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: vote here sign Voters signing in at table voters in booth 01:53:45 LOCATION/STORY: Belmont, MA: GOP Presidential Hopeful Mitt Romney Casts his ballot (POOL FROM NECN) 16x9 VIDEO SHOWS/SHOTLIST: VO Mitt Romney walking into polling location, Ann joins him. VO Mitt and Ann Romney voting. VO Mitt and Ann Romney walking out of polling location. LENGTH: 3:05 end of reel 01:55:00