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Aerial shots of Las Vegas at night: The Stratosphere, Mandalay Bay, The Pyramid, MGM, Harrah's, Hilton, Stardust, The Mirage, New York New York- Statue of Liberty/ Empire State Building/ Manhattan Skyline, Excalibur, MGM Grand, Caesar's Palace, The Mirage, Driving in Las Vegas at night: Sign reads- Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada. Shots of: Sphynx (The Luxor), Excalibur, MGM, Statue of Liberty and New York New York, Neon signs on Vegas strip: Monte Carlo, McDonald's, Aladdin, Bellagio, Flamingo, The Radio City Rockettes, Caesars Palace, The Mirage with picture of Siegfried and Roy with Tiger, Casino Royale, Treasure Island, Frontier, Desert Inn, Stardust- Enter the Night, Circus Circus, Candlelight Wedding Chapel- Open 7 Days Til Midnight, Sahara, Westward Hotel, McDonald's, Stardust, Frontier, Caesars Palace- Circus Maximus The Magic of David Copperfield, Bellagio fountains, Statue of Liberty, sign: Las Vegas Blvd., Mandalay Bay, Aerial Shots Day of Hoover Dam Shots of 1998 World Cup- Park City Utah/ Ski Tournament: Slow Motion Skier through course, bottom of hill Skiers coming down, Slow Motion Skier hits flag, Slow Motion pan following Skier, Skier coming down mountain hits every flag hangs head in shame, Bobsled shots: Various shots of Bobsleds and Bobsledders preparing for launch.
SJT - CITIES OF LOVE UNITED STATES (cut + dressed: City loves)
A2 / France 2
AFP-45QH 16mm AFP-45QI 16mm
Wedding Chapel
Elvis Presley stories
01:41:18-01:44:22>>>Elvis In Memphis Courtroom 10/19/56 - Elvis in courtroom, walks through crowds, takes oath (looking chastened). Elvis and fan hugging - Elvis checks girl's hand for wedding band. More shots of Elvis in courtroom. Elvis leaves courtroom, talks to police on horseback, petting horse, signing autographs, gets into car, drives away (he drives the car). Col. Parker with sunglasses. 01:33:35-01:35:03>>>Love Me Tender movie premiere - 11/29/56 ,Silent. Location: New York City. PAN down Paramount Theater building - - Marquee all lit up (daytime) for Love Me Tender movie with huge picture of Elvis. Shots of fans behind barricades waving, cu fans - fans show Elvis banner. Girl proudly shows button I Love Elvis. Police keep fans behind barricades. People go into theater, Elvis sign outside theater. Crush of fans buying tickets, sign reads all seats 95 cents. People entering lobby, all ages. 01:09:28-01:11:31>>>Elvis Hits Las Vegas - 4/23/56 - Silent. New Frontier Theater marquee reads - Shecky Greene, extra added attraction Elvis Presley. Crowd lined up filing into the Venus Room. Elvis at mike, performing Heartbreak Hotel, playing guitar, shaking and gyrating. Elvis in dressing room joking around with Liberace and Liberace's brother George - sing Blue Suede Shoes. 01:05:20-01:07:25>>>Interview with Elvis - 9/22/58 Elvis in army uniform is interviewed before going to Germany to serve in the army. He says, Rock and roll has been around for many years, it used to be called rhythm and blues. As far back as I can remember it's been very big. Over the last five years it's gotten much bigger. I personally don't think it will ever die completely out because they're gonna have to get something mighty good to take its place. Reporter asks What about cleaning it up morally, taking the wiggle out of it?. Elvis answers, Well sir you take the wiggle out of it it's finished. Rock and roll music if you like it if you feel it you can't help but move to it, that's what happens to me, I can't help it, I can't stand still. I've tried it and I can't do it. Tells the press his favorite song is Padre by Tony Arden. 01:00:00-01:00:44>>>Presley Back Home to Resume Career as Teen Idol - 3/3/60 - Elvis arrives home after 18 months in Germany. Plane lands at McGuire Air Force Base in the snow, fans wait for plane . Elvis waves to fans. Crowds of reporters take pictures. CU of Elvis behind the microphone - in uniform - for press conference - he's asked if he will continue rock and roll - I will never abandon it as long as the people keep appreciating it, you know.......I'm gonna stay in show business.
Midi Atlantique
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SAN FRANCISCO/POV DRIVING 22:00:12 Golden Gate Bridge @ night (quick, can't really see the bridge) 22:00:17 Car POV into tunnel night 22:01:40 Car POV into San Francisco Tunnel Night 22:02:16 Car POV into Bay Bridge Tunnel Night 22:02:30 Car POV over Bay Bridge Night 22:02:55 Car POV City Street Night San Francisco 22:03:05 Car POV into MacArthur Tunnel Night 22:03:35 Car POV thru Golden Gate Bridge Toll Plaza night 22:03:53 Car POV into Tunnel night 22:04:41 Car POV city street night 22:05:29 Car POV freeway night 22:06:16 Golden Gate Bridge Day, could pass for magic hour (unreal beauty shot! NICE) 22:07:16 Golden Gate Bridge Day up< (from water) 22:07:55 Car POV thru MacArthur Tunnel day 22:08:10 Car POV over Golden Gate Bridge day 22:10:12 Car POV thru tunnel day 22:10:39 Golden Gate Bridge dusk 22:12:36 Car rear POV city street night San Fran 22:13:49 Golden Gate Bridge day 22:14:16 Golden Gate Bridge Dawn 22:16:40 Golden Gate Bridge day MISCELLANEOUS: 22:17:23 Shopping bag from shopping cart into car (groceries, grocery bag) 22:17:56 VS Cuckoo clock 22:19:15 CU Cuckoo bird 22:19:58 MS Cuckoo Clock 22:19:03 Dilapidated drive-in movie theater screen day 22:19:18 Girl walks past drive-in theater screen day (released) 22:19:54 Strange girl imitates airplane 22:20:13 Drive-by drive in movie theater screen day 22:20:34 Drive-by roadside restaurant: "Bob's Root Beer Roadside Attraction" 22:21:00 Car POV rural desert highway day 22:21:32 Tilt-up to fake missile and sign 22:22:20 Rural desert highway day (DESERTED) 22:23:35 "Extraterrestrial Highway" road sign 22:24:18 Pan to UFO sculpture roadside attraction 22:24:26 Pan to "Little Aleinn" (kitschy restaurant/ bar/motel) 22:24:39 UFO sculpture on ground, girl walks past (released) 22:24:54 Tilt-up to "Extraterrestrial highway" sign 22:25:21 Car passes extraterrestrial highway sign 22:25:33 "Cupid's Wedding Chapel" Drive-thru wedding chapel Las Vegas Boulevard 22:26:15 Telephoto cars on rural desert highway day 22:26:45 Road sign "Danger US Government Property Unexploded Ammunition No Trespassing Peligro" 22:27:32 Longhorn Grill Restaurant (not released) 22:29:44 Pan to radio telescope satellite dish 22:29:54 Space satellite dishes 22:30:20 Very large array of VLA radio telescope satellite dishes New Mexico desert day 22:31:00 Girl walks toward satellite dishes (released) 22:31:05 "National Radio Astronomy Observatory" sign 22:31:19 "State Property Do Not Disturb Under Penalty of Law" road sign 22:31:50 "National Radio Astronomy Observatory" sign 22:32:04 Satellite dishes point toward sky 22:32:38 Satellite dishes next to railroad track 22:33:11 Tilt-up to UFO museum storefront 22:33:31 "UFO Parking Only" sign 22:33:36 "Crash Down" Diner 22:33:54 UFO on building 22:34:13 "Roswell City Limits Elevation 3570" sign 22:34:45 Car POV drive by road sign "Roswell City Limits" 22:35:04 POV driving suburban neighborhood day tree lined street 22:36:04 Car POV drive by road sign "American Owned" Westward Motel (not released) 22:36:20 POV driving thru Texas small town, brick road, traffic lights 22:36:43 Drive by oil pumps/rigs 22:36:57 Car POV yellow stripe in center of highway CU 22:37:13 Drive by cheerleader sculpture roadside attraction and "Reid Bethel Tire Company" (not released) 22:37:28 Chubby cowboy does tai-chi next to lake (released) 22:39:21 Spider sculpture hangs in front of store 22L39:26 Car POV drive by Austin, Texas genie sculpture on roadside 22:39:50 Rooster sculpture, roadside attraction (not released) 22:40:01 Cat head sculpture on store roof 22:40:20 Drive by "Pho Restaurant" Vietnamese girl sculpture on roof (not released) 22:40:28 Drive-by "Fran's Hamburgers" diner, girl with hamburger sculpture (not released) 22:40:35 "Uncommon Objects" sign, rabbit sculpture (not released) 22:40:41 Guy and girl play with silly string around car (released) 22:41:44 "Route 66" motel neon sign night (not released) 22:43:12 POV driving night rural highway, yellow stripe on road 22:45:02 Little girl in petting zoo, feeds goats (released) 22:47:26 White goat looks at camera, licks rear leg, walks away 22:47:39 "Petting Zoo" sign 22:47:50 Drive by sign "Snake Farm" 22:48:09 2 guys fight in alley by dumpsters, one guy is much smaller than the other guy (released) 22:48:25 drive by muscular arm and weight barbell sculpture on building storefront (not released) 22:49:08 Tyrannosaurus Rex sculpture, miniature golf (not released) 22:49:56 Pan right to giant head and white rabbit sculptures, mini golf22:50:27 Pirate holding upright hand sculpture22:50:47 2 guys fight in alley by dumpster day (released) 22:54:01 smoke stacks billow smoke over trees, power plant 22:54:07 2 guys play chess on giant chessboard (released) 22:55:05 girls play chess on giant chessboard 22:55:50 road sign "Hurricane Evacuation Route" 22:56:20 drive by New Orleans buildings, French Quarter 22:56:51 Drive by church and square, horse and buggy in New Orleans French Quarter 22:57:02 drive by New Orleans street, French Quarter 22:58:00 POV driving New Orleans, Bourbon Street 22:59:17 road sign "Welcome We're Glad Georgia's on Your Mind", Georgia state line.
Cupid's Wedding Chapel ~ drive through wedding chapel on Las Vegas Boulevard.
PET-134 1 inch
DN-109 1 inch; Beta SP
Universal Newsreels
A5, Las Vegas POV driving, welcome to Vegas neon sign, Ceasars, Excalibur, MGM, New York, Strip, Alladin, Bellagio, McDonalds, Mirage, Treasure Island, Frontier, Stardust, Circus Circus, Wedding Chapel, Mandalay.
Wedding: they realize their dream
Tony Comiti
TikTok my rendering beautiful
Radio France: filmed programmes
6/3/97: Las Vegas DAY & NIGHT WEDDING CHAPELS, MATCHING SHOTS, DX/NX HOTEL & CASINOS: NEW YORK/NEW YORK, STRATOSPHERE, VARIOUS; DX ext. 'Mission Bells' wedding chapel, adobe type architecture, florist sign, var. angles of chapel, wedding package sign; DX push-in to wedding chapel sign, pan 'Elvis/Theme Weddings' sign; DX l/s'Cupid's Wedding Chapel' sign against blue sky, ext. tilt down wedding chapel estb. w/ palm trees; DX pan wedding chapel sign on roof, 'Graceland Wedding Chapel' sign, p-out to m/s chapel; DX cu sign 'Bon Jovi was married here' &' Lorenzo Lamas married here', wedding chapel sign, tilt down sign to chapel; DX m/s wedding chapel, p-out & in to sign, l/s 'Silver Bell wedding chapel' sign; DX 'little church of the west wedding chapel' sign, pan from sign to chapel, people taking pictures outside of chapel; NX ext. New York/New York hotel casino, various angles, 'Motown Cafe' neon sign, p-out statue of liberty & brooklyn bridge; NX tilt up from tug boat to statue of liberty outside of the hotel/casino, h/s ext. New York/New York entrance, cars approaching; NX statue of an angel, c/u 'New York/New York' neon sign, tilt up replica of empire state bldg.; NX sign 'NY/NY hotel & casino', replica of New York City landmarks, made into a hotel/casino; NX estb. NY/NY hotel/casino, cars passing in fg; NX chapel ext. w/ sign in fg, cu wedding chapel sign, matches shot on line #8, m/s wedding chapel ext. at night; NX wedding chapel ext., neon lights, cu wedding bells neon sign, 'chapel of the bells' neon sign, var., pan 'wedding' neon sign; NX l/s stratosphere hotel & casino, m/s 'stratosphere' sign; NX tilt up stratosphere tower, ext. stratosphere hotel/casino entrance w/ palm trees, tilt up stratosphere tower; NX cu 'stratosphere' sign, p-in & out to large globe w/stratosphere sign; NX l/s 'little chapel of the flowers' sign, ext. chapel, m/stratosphere tower; NX chapel ext., cu sign 'Chapel of Love', m/s stratosphere hotel & casino estb., neon lights; NX top of stratosphere tower, full moon, ext. 'little white chapel', 'drive-up wedding fee' heart shaped sign; NX l/s wedding chapel sign, sign: 'Joan Collins married here' & 'Michael Jordan married here', tilt down to chapel ext.; NX estb. wedding chapel, p-out drive-up wedding window; NX adobe type wedding chapel ext., matches shot on line #1, NX 'Graceland wedding chapel' sign matches shot on line #5; NX 'Silver Bell wedding chapel' sign matches shot on line #7, NX ext. chapel matches shot on line #7; NX wedding chapel sign in distance, NX ext. 'chapel by the courthouse', cu wedding chapel sign; DX ext. stratosphere entrance w/ palm trees, tilt up tower, shots match line #17, airplane pov looking down at hose dam
AFP-2BU 16mm VTM-2BU Beta SP
The Las Vegas Tapes Pt. 1 (1976)
Footage from low budget documentary show on Las Vegas taken between 1976-1978. This black and white production has a lot of great period imagery.
2000s NEWS
NEWSFEED: 7/20-25/05, HURRICANE EMILY, CONDI RICE, WAREHOUSE BURNS, CRASH DUMMIES, GOV. SCHWARZENEGGER, DAVID BECKHAM, FLOODS, BEETLES;DX EXT damage from Hurricane Emily, blown out bldgs, heavy winds and rain blow in Texas; DX EXT more damage from Emily, truck crashed into tree, lots of blown away structures; INT Justice Sandra Day O'Connor accepts award, talks to younger woman; INT Condoleezza Rices peaks about Sudan; DX EXT planes fly over air base, sign 'Oceana Jet Base', aerial over jet base;DX EXT more storm footage from Hurricane Emily, torn bldgs, rain on highway, man in storm, T/H old woman;DX EXT chopper carries, drops, small plane fuselage, plane smashes to the ground, people inspect crash site; DX EXT dummy in seat explodes, students search field for debris; DX EXT T/H woman discusses smoldering tire fire, white smoke comes from tire fire; DX EXT man w/dog searches through wilderness for missing woman; DX EXT Gov. Schwarzenegger exits fire engine, signs bill, makes speech; DX EXT sheriff's car in front of house, evidence in plastic bag, mailbox, INT Indian PM speaks to crowd; DX EXT bus convoy w/David Beckham arrives in China;DX EXT peds in business suits, navy men in white suits; DX INT T/H navy reserve troop, family welcomes home troops at hangar; INT former quarterback announces his venture into politics;INT Brad Pitt accepts award from Hollywood Foreign Press on behalf of Martin Scorsese; DX EXT people playing, surfing on beach, T/H man in glasses, woman on beach, men walking with surfboards, people sleeping; DX EXT var shots of wilderness, mountain; DX EXT thousands of beetles appear on beach, people hold flock of beetles in their hands; DX EXT truck burns fast, firefighter try to put fire out, black smoke; INT t/h old man discusses new baseball stadium;DX EXT aerial over busted houses; DX EXT aerial over huge mall during bomb scare, lots of cop cars in parking lot;DX EXT floods in Mexico, pick-up trick tries to drive through flood, destroyed homes, structures; DX EXT sign reads 109 degrees, peds walking in Las Vegas (no casinos), in pool,DX EXT group of men hold briefing in reaction to recent base closures, picketers holds signs by base, Navy plane; INT Navy men stand at attention, plane in flight, landing, more of the briefing, cars pass by base; DX INT workers at NYC power facility, huge grid on monitors;DX EXT couple weds in water park, go down slide; DX EXT Israeli officials exit bldg, hold briefing on terrorism; DX EXT huge floods in Mexico, horse neck deep in water, T/H Mexican man, traffic, car pov driving through flood, beaches; DX EXT Israelis bring food for soldiers, many Israelis march, kids holds signs; DX EXT hundreds at vigil for Brazilian man killed by police, many Brazilians hold flag, march, chant;INT var shots of Mexican first lady, she gives speech (in Spanish)
8 p.m.: [February 26, 2021 show]
A2 / France 2
PET-921 Beta SP
SOAP OPERA "Marriage elsewhere" (Venice)
A2 / France 2