People find bargains on home sales in Louisiana
Saturday Sunday Monday, 1968
Location: Milan, Italy Creator: Ansano Giannarelli The documentary deals with the condition of working women in Italian society in the sixties, through the emblematic story of three women filmed during three different days: a Saturday, a Sunday, on a Monday, in Milan. Factory work, trade union activity, work at home: this is how the days pass for women who work, without breaks, without stops, without a time of their own; while Sunday spends in the recovery of things not made at home, of the accumulated and postponed needs. In recent years, only twenty out of a hundred women work in productive activities: paid less, they are exploited and often fired. Precisely among working women, especially among the youngest, the awareness of their rights and the awareness of the struggle to be waged to change society, economic relations, the mentality of men, the conservative habits and traditions that weigh on all women. 01. Milan, 1968. Milanese streets in the morning at the crack of dawn 02. Women are going to work 03. Women Enter Factories 04. Inside a textile factory: women at work 05. A meeting of women: they talk about the harmfulness of work, show hands deformed by arthritis 06. Shops in the city center, near Piazza San Babila 07. At the entrance of Café Savini, ladies wearing fur coats pass by; other women get into taxis, others look at the windows of a large jewelry store 08. The exit from the factories in the evening, in the dark 09. Groceries in the supermarket 10. A woman is busy doing housework in the kitchen 11. An engaged couple observes a window where wedding dresses are displayed 12. A working family at home, gathered in the dining room in front of the TV 13. A woman mends in the kitchen 14. Women tidying up the house 15. A woman does her laundry 16. A working family at the table; eating, we discuss the problems of the members: where to put young children while their parents work; the cost of living; wage increases; if the internal commission it works 17. Women wash dishes, others iron 18. A little girl does her homework 19. A couple of middle-aged workers, sitting at the table, tell of their tiredness 20. The alarm rings at six in the morning 21. The MDP follows a worker who goes to work. Enter Sit-Siemens 22. Inside the factory. Workers work on the assembly line of telephone exchange panels 23. Workers leave Sit-Siemens. Interviews with workers about their work 24. The working-class family, whose MDP and the microphone followed the discussion while the members ate, goes to a demonstration for the freedom of Vietnam 25. The event parades through the streets of Milan at night 26. Protesters with torches symbolically burn a US flag under the headquarters of the United States consulate
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Exiled Marcos' Honolulu Party
Exiled Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos entertain fellow Filipinos at their modest residence in Honolulu. Marcos accuses the Aquino government of corruption "When do we expect the communists to take over, this weak government of Madame Cory Aquino?" Imelda receives gifts of shoes and dresses.
DN-B-301 Beta SP
Giant Machine Builds Concrete House in A Day
Glasgow, Scotland <br/> <br/>LS & MS Couple walk up to front door, knock and walk in. VS In living room of the house the couples greet each other and the visitors hand over a lump of coal, a tradition of the "First Footers" VS The host prepares drinks. CU Each member of the couples toast each other. CU Candles being lit. VS The hosts bid their friends goodbye. VS Dancers on the floor in the Glasgow Ballroom. VS Elevated view dancers performing "Auld Lang Syne" and the balloons rain down. Also they dance the "Hokey Kokey" (wrong speed) (dance).
People visit the display of modern houses and kitchens at 'Madison House' in Newark, New Jersey.
Display of a model of 'Madison House' in Newark, New Jersey. People look at the design and interiors of a living room. Two old women and a couple observe houses worth $12,500. People observe dinette kept for display from outside a glass window. An official of the U.S. military is amongst the visitors. A modern kitchen design available with the houses. A man inspects the kitchen. Location: Newark New Jersey USA. Date: March 1946.
Outback Doctor and Picnic
Bobby and Anna play with Bobby?s pet joey outside in red cage, Bobby climbs on cage and falls, Anna calls for help,Bobby?s mother is sewing inside the home. Bobby?s mother comes out of house, her and Anna tend to Bobby, Inside, Bobby gets tucked in by father while mother calls doctor on transceiver, Exterior shot of doctor?s building, Inside shot of communication center, calls doctor for Bobby instead because the signal is weak in the outback, Backshot of plane flying, Split screen between family living room, communication center and plane passengers (which includes doctor), Repeat, Communication center office, Plane backshot, Split screen again, Backshot of plane, veers downward, Doctor gets out of plane, and into jeep, Doctor tends to Bobby on living room couch, Two families are in front of crowd outside, Bobby in a sling and stands in a tree, WS, crowd observes horses racing in obstacle course, Alternates with frontal shot of two families and the crowd, Backshot of potato sack race racing away from camera, and hopping back around toward camera, Large crowd standing on and around stage zooms out to couples dancing, Wideshot of crowd and dancing couples, Medium shot of Stephen, Anna and Bobby smiling in crowd, Return to wideshot, couples stop dancing and everyone claps, Crowd surrounds a bonfire,Medium shot, family holds hands with crowd and sings, Bonfire again
Couple use tablet with AR while decorating
Decorating Apartment: Couple Use Digital Tablet with AR
Remember to be in love
Radio France: filmed programmes
United States of America (USA). <br/> <br/>Several shots of the new blocks of houses on an open site at San Francisco. LS. Various shots of workers constructing houses. More shots of the houses being built, some are the individual American small town type houses, some small buildings, all for sale. <br/> <br/>LS. Elevated view of New York's Stuyvesant town being built by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. LS. A typical street scene in New York, with traffic and skyscrapers. Angle shot of a skyscraper, taken from the ground and looking up. Various shots of the houses being built at building site. CU. A young couple sitting, reading newspaper. CU. Back view of couple looking at paper - houses for sale. Several shots of the houses for sale. Several shots of a young couple in their house, they are sitting in front of a fireplace in their new living room, they hug. <br/> <br/>Note - date found in the old file 27/02/1947.
A Japanese couple drinks tea during a Japanese tea ceremony in a Japanese home.
Psychology and living habits of Japanese people. Precision and planning details in Japanese houses. A Japanese couple in their home. The man is dressed in western dress and his wife is dressed in traditional kimono. They sit on the mats to drink tea. The Japanese woman serves tea with precision. The tea ceremony is elaborate. The woman enters the room and slides the door. Location: Japan. Date: 1942.
Belles of the South Seas
B/W- 1950c Belles of the South Seas TFA 26B 16mm 01:11:04 - 01:20:37, Belles of the South Seas - Various Tahiti harbour, couple walks on road, she with umbrella, native women walk with white dresses and hats. - New Zealand, native Maori men wearing only short skirts walk by, various native women dressed in native clothes at hot spring pool, woman and boy meet and press noses, man chiseling wood, various wood statues. - Fiji, various village and huts, men play crude instruments as girls dance. - Samoan Islands, Pago Pago, Pan governor's mansion where Robert :\Louis Stevenson lived, his tomb, man climbs tall palm tree with hands and feet, drops coconuts, CU mans tattooed back and legs, woman shows grass skirt, man weaves basket from fronds. Various many women sitting on ground wave hands with fronds, sing and move knees in unison. - Papua and Kalabahi, LS houses on stilts in water, young boys on outrigger dugout, MS primitive houses, young women wearing only skirts carry loads, woman swings a baby in hanging net, young ones on women's backs, CU tattoos on women's backs, CUs young bare breasted women. Various, man wearing large ornate feathered head dress, man with ornament thru his nose, CUs native men and women with bushy hairdos, many natives side by side dance, CU legs and feet, bangles on legs, LS sun setting palm tree in silhouette.
BG MATERIAL FOR A CS ON THE BAKKEN, CO HOUSING, COMPLEX IN DENMARK. 04:00:26 Intv/w a middle aged couple who reside in Bakken about the benefits of communal living. CI: HUMANKIND: DENMARK.
Couple using tablet with AR software in apartment
Empty Apartment: Couple Use Digital Tablet with AR Software
COUPLES DANCE IN ROAD HOUSE TO LIVE BAND, COUPLE IN Dance floor dances lindy, swing dance
Ukrainian counter-offensive: How the Russians are preparing
A2 / France 2
Former ruler of Austria Emperor Charles I in exile in Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal
House Explosion (01/22/1996)
Officials say Ann and Tom Ford were sitting in their living room when they heard a bang...seconds later their television exploded. But luckily their neighbor Paul Condri --who has a heart condition -- came to the rescue. ((sot)) Tonight the Ford's are being treated for burns at Mercy Hospital.
PA-1667 1 inch; PA-0700 Digibeta
Road to Better Living, The
Polish Elderly Targeted in Crime Spree
Quebec police patrol an isolated town near Montreal, where elderly residents of Polish descent fear for their lives. Their homes have been set on fire, vandalized, and shot at. An 84-year-old man was found murdered in his home. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
DN-LB-054 Beta SP
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