Kids in school hallways. Kids in juvenile prison. Teen boy walks the streets. Stills of YMCA activities. Swimming, basketball. Teen boy walking down street. Crowded city street. Kids riding mini bikes. Old guys sit around talking about the trouble with youth. People talk about kids, Mini Bike Program. Capitol building. Women make motorcycle helmets. Shots of gas stations. Workers in shoe factory. Kids unpack mini bikes from boxes. Town meeting about kids. Kids on streets. Kids surfing (Hawaii). Director shows kids how to ride mini bikes. Kids on mini bikes. Cops help in bike program. Kids in classroom. Kids repair mini bikes in ship. Kids at campfire. Kids with adults in youth program. Van tows mini bikes. Boy holds caterpillar. Kids at boat camp, canoeing. Kids surfing. Shot of the Barrio in Los Angeles. Graffiti. Gangs of kids in parking lot. Kids ride mini bikes in parking lot. Montage of big city. Crowds on city street. Teen boys enter ball field. Boys play football. Teen boys sit around talking on ball field. Kids on mini bikes, cross country.
Unused / unissued material - no paperwork - dates unclear or unknown. <br/> <br/>American voiceover. <br/> <br/>Title "Warning Kidnappers" (T/C obscures company name) <br/> <br/>Los Angeles, California, United States of America. <br/> <br/>Two rough looking men walk into the room, they are described as the Ghetto / Gettle Kidnappers. CU pan of Jimmy Kirk, Larry Kerigan (sp?) and Roy Williams. The men are fingerprinted. CU of 'the gang's girls' - Joan Burke and Loretta Woody. <br/> <br/>Shots of Gettle family. CU Mr Gettle talking to the camera about his kidnapping. <br/> <br/>Tucson, Arizona. <br/> <br/>People gathered outside house. CU of Six year old June Robles who was kidnapped and held in a hole. She is held by her parents. Family shots. CU June's legs to show the scars caused by the chains that bound her. Shots of sand pit in which she was held for 19 days. Her parents inspect the hole. Men examine the corrugated iron box in which she was buried. The voiceover suggests that the kidnappers should face death for what they have done. CU June Robles. <br/> <br/>N.B. All spellings are suspect due to lack of paperwork.
US CA MS13 Raid (CR)
MS-13 Gang Targeted in Sweep Across Los Angeles
DN-B-293 Beta SP
Police Dump Guns in Sea as New Gang Cleanup Drive is On
Los Angeles Gang members getting arrested
Compton, California - Crime in the streets >>>Police in riot gear in Compton, California >>>Police going through neighborhood searching people >>>Line of young black men with hands on head being searched >>>Police in riot gear walking down Compton neighborhood street >>>Police on PA trying to clear the neighborhood >>>Body covered with sheet >>>CU bullet hole in car door >>>Man getting arrested on beach, leaned up against hood of car >>>Night - black man lying on ground after fight
Pairs of American and British workers on exchange visits meet workers at American cities across the country
Logo of United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers Union Local 407 in New Jersey is shown. Narrator says it it one of the places a group of 4 English and 4 American Working men were to see on their exchange visit to America. View of their luggage The group is seen examining a map of the United States as they plan to make their visits in pairs to save time. They decide that each British worker would visit the hometown of an American counterpart. One pair leaves to visit Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The pick up their luggage. Another pair are going to Detroit, Michigan. They pick up their luggage. The third pair is going to St. Louis, Illinois. They pick up their luggage. The final pair are going to Los Angeles, California. They pick up the last remaining pieces of luggage. One pair of workers is seen entering the Chrysler plant in Detroit. The American was welcomed home to America from his trip to England. View inside the plant of an African American woman working beside an older man, where they were making tank and marine engines. The visitors examine the gang drill presses containing multiple drills operated by a single operator. They stop to say hello to the American's daughter who also works at the plant, checking to assure parts met tolerances. It was noted that she was paid the same as any man doing the job. The pair of visitors are met at the American's home by some company union workers. They sit together on the step outside the house and get acquainted. An infant inside the house looks out the window at them. Scene shifts to Los Angeles where another English-American visiting pair is seated outdoors and the wife of the American brings out some bottles of beer for them to all share. Change of scene shows the pair visiting the offices of the Screen Actors Guild in Hollywood, where they meet celebrities Edward Arnold, George Murphy, Dick Powell, Alan Hale, Jane Wyman, Helen Hayes and Lena Horne. Edward Arnold, President of the Guild's Board, speaks with the pair, alone explaining how every actor in Hollywood belongs to the Guild which is affiliated with the America Federation of Labor (AFL). Arnold shows the pair his union card. Closeup of the card. Location: Detroit Michigan USA. Date: 1944.
1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles
A2 / France 2
Dead end kids have their day as city officials in Los Angeles, California. As police officers and firemen, they're on call for city emergencies.
Comedians vs Leading Men in charity baseball game at Wrigley Field for Mount Sinai Hospital on 7/17/1937
Los Angeles police are seeking a second suspect after shots were fired at two LAPD officers late Sunday as they patrolled an area of the city known for crime and gang activity. (Dec. 29)
03:01:11:00,Ambulance speeds on city street (Los Angeles), Ambulance driver and goofy sidekick race in ambulance, Ambulance pulls up to hospital. Wild ride down city streets, Attendants take body out of ambulance, enter hospital, Attendants wheel body in hospital, Nurse Mary uncovers body, reveals fur coats, Cop washes hands at sink, Ambulance driver flirts with nurse, proposes, Cop washes hands, Couple kiss, Cop goes back and washes hands again, Cop does goofy take, Cop congratulates couple, kisses bride, Woman with daughter comes into hospital, Cop comforts daughter about hurt hand ("stop your cryin'"), Girl in hospital, calls for doctor, Doctor looks at splinter in girl's hand (doctor humors girl), Doctor pulls splinter out, treats girl, Nurse Mary comes out in fancy dress. Ties tie of beau, Couple go out, cop and family wave, Fancy Busby Burkley floor show in nightclub, Couple at table, talk about the future, Man meets with club boss Rocco in office, Hand opens peephole in door, thug outside, Thug comes in with urgent message for Rocco, Peephole in door opens to reveal cop, Man lets cop in, Smiling man in perfectly straight manners says "well, this is a pleasant surprise" (ala talk show host, GREAT), Cop in office questions to Rocco. Takes a look around, Wants into locked closet ("open up and save yourself a lot of trouble"), Cop pulls gun, orders Rocco to open door, Rocco offers cigar, shoots cop with gun in cigar box, Cop shoots Rocco, Thugs call doctor for wounded Rocco in office, Thug comes to table of happy couple, needs doctor, Doctor examines Rocco on couch in office, Doctor patches up Rocco on couch, Doctor questions Rocco about wounds, Thug gives doctor choice between roll of bills and gun ("we only insist on one thing, keep your mouth shut"), Rocco offers doctor proposition to work for him. They shake, Doctor returns to date at nightclub table, Nervous doctor at table with date ("let's get out of here"), Doctor hails waiter for check, Waiter brings check. Doctor pays, Doctor helps date with her coat, they leave, Doctor and date return to hospital (office). End of date, Date insists on cleaning blood from jacket, Date cleans blood off jacket sleeve, Date finds roll of bills in doctor's jacket, Date gives jacket back to doctor, Doctor kisses date goodnight, leaves. She has puzzled look, <REEL 2>, Doctor talks to police chief. Chief smokes cigar, Doctor and police chief in office, plot to catch Rocco, Chief tells doctor not to tell anyone, Chief in office, takes call. Gives orders on phone, Doctor in suit paces at nurse's desk. Tells her he's leaving, Nurse questions doctor about date last night ("you're not telling me the truth"), Nurse returns ring to doctor. Breaks engagement, Doctor treats Rocco in office, Doctor pours drinks for him and Rocco in office, Doctor and Rocco toast in office ("hello doctor, what's cookin', I'm in the pink"), Gangster talks to doctor about racket, Young girl at piano, sings and plays, Mary in kitchen baking, smiles at music, Dog on chair, reacts to music, Girl goes in to help nurse baking in kitchen, Girl gets food from refrigerator, dog pokes in refrigerator, Girl drops plate in skillet on stove, starts fire, Mary puts out fire, Dog jumps out kitchen window, Girl closes refrigerator, goes out to play, Girl runs out, joins girls playing on walk, Dog with hurt leg, Girl holds dog with hurt leg, Girl shows girls her dog, Girls fight over who killed her daddy, Mean girls egg on fighting girls, Girl chases girl into woods, Mary calls girl to house, Girl tells Mary what happened, Car pulls up. Girl runs to greet doctor, Doctor picks up girl, Girl brings doctor up to house, Doctor greets Mary. They talk, she wants him to leave, Girl tells doctor about fight she had, Girl asks doctor if he killed her daddy, Doctor drives off in car, Girl mopes on couch. Dog barks at her, does tricks, Girl comes to supper, sits. Dog sits at table, Girl doesn't want her dinner, Mary talks to depressed girl, Mary takes castor oil from cabinet, Depressed girl talks to dog, Mary tries to force castor oil on girl, she complains, Dog runs under couch, Girl says prayers before bed. Dog too (nice), Mary tucks girl into bed, Girl goes to bed, dog gets into bed with her, Doctor Tom in office talks to police chief. Chief lectures him, Doctor Tom writes at desk. Messenger waits, Tom gives note to messenger, Chief talks to doctor Tom in office, Mother and Mary look over sick girl in bed, Mother answers door. Messenger gives her note, she signs, Mother brings note to Mary, Mary opens, letter, finds ring, Girl in bed wants Doctor Tom, Mother and Mary quarrel over calling Doctor Tom, Mary makes call to Doctor Tom, Rocco and thugs in office, answers phone, Doctor Tom grabs phone from thug ("I'll be there right away"), Rocco and thugs won't let Tom leave, Tom slugs it out with thugs, gets away, Thugs talk in office, suspect Doctor Tom is a rat, Doctor Tom arrives at house, examines girl in bed, Dog hides under couch, Doctor Tom uses his charming bedside manner on little girl in bed, Doctor Tom sings song for girl in bed, Doctor Tom and Mary over sleeping girl in bed, Mother sits in chair, Doctor proposes to Mary, Mother peeks in on happy couple, Couple kiss, Doctor Tom answers door, thugs come in, Mary sees Tom with thugs, Rocco nurses wounded thug, Thug reports to Rocco that Tom's an informer, Doctor Tom arrives to treat wounded thug on couch, Rocco questions Doctor Tom about informer, Thug looks up number, makes call for ambulance, Ambulance speeds on road, drives up to house, Gangster Rocco peers out window for ambulance, Ambulance attendants arrive, Rocco holds gun in coat on attendants, Rocco yanks goofy attendant into room, Thugs put wounded thug onto stretcher, Gangsters ride in back of ambulance, Ambulance attendants break down door, call police on phone, Goofy attendant reports stolen ambulance, Sergeant at desk ("what do you mean they stole your ambulance"), Police dispatcher at radio. Cops get call in car. Roll out, View from front of speeding car, Police motorcycles roll out of station, Cops chase ambulance (night), Gangsters in car in chase ("the cops", "give it all she's got"), Gangsters speed in car ("take the short cut"), Gangster car turns into alley, Headline: DOCTOR CRASHES AMBULANCE, CAPTURES GANG, Mary and little girl visit wounded doctor in hospital, Mary kisses doctor in hospital bed, Little girl takes dog out of room, Little girl puts "Do Not Disturb" sign on doorknob, Doorknob hangs with "Do Not Disturb" sign
Flight To California
1950 Color Sync 16mm - Flight To California 62A A tour of Los Angeles, San Francisco and other California sites in the early 1950s - drinking cokes on beach, fisherman, Trans World Airlines, TWA L1049A Super Constellation, N6904 (Star of the Ganges)Ambassador flight 93, boarding stairs, stewardess, hostess, interior of plane, newlyweds, outdoor speaker, propeller engines start, businessman, autograph seekers, mealtime, inflight meal, Grand Canyon aerial, plane in flight, Los Angeles aerial, highway cloverleaf, Los Angeles International Airport, LAX, plane taxis, passengers deplaning, suburban home in Beverly Hills, swimming pool, movie camera, riding in convertible, maps of movie stars home sign, houses in Beverly Hills, Pickfair, Santa Monica beach, volleyball game, telescope, bathing beauty, Paramount Pictures gate, MGM Studio, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Productions, RKO Radio Pictures, Al Jolson imitator being filmed, Hollywood Boulevard, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, footprints in sidewalk, Balboa, California, Laguna Beach, San Diego, Tijuana Mexico, Mexican food stand, tourist picture on donkey, home movie projector, showing movies at home, Palm Springs, swimming pool, resort, Palm Desert Circus Week parade, Tournament of Roses parade Pasadena, floats, Catalina Island, Avalon, Toucan, penguins, speedboats, mission at San Juan Capistrano, Lake Arrowhead, water skiing, golf, golf tournament, sailboat, yacht, hydroplane races, Hollywwod Park race track, Santa Anita, Parker Aircraft, outdoor speaker, suitcases out of convertible trunk, saying goodbye, plane takes off, waving goodbye, plane takes off, plane in air, Monterey, Carmel, giant redwoods, Half Dome, Yosemite, waterfall, snow skiing, ski lift, San Francisco aerial, Golden Gate bridge, ferry, Oakland Bay bridge, buss on bridge, Market Street ferry building, cable car, Mark Hopkins Hotel, Top of the Mark view, Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf, fishing boats, Castagno restaurant, lobsters, seafood, airplane taking off, tennis match, beach, sunbather, desert, plane in flight Notes: The TWA L1049A Super Constellation in the video was N6904 (Star of the Ganges) delivered on 8/27/52 and sold on 8/7/64. According to a 11/57 OAG, flight 93 operated from Chicago Midway to LAX. By Fall 1957, TWA flew the route with a 1049G (Super G.) It left Chicago at 11:30 am and arrived in Los Angeles at 4:26 pm.
AFP-19CQ 16mm; NET-91 Beta SP (at 01:35:39:00); DigiBeta
Dennis Hopper Colors Interview
In Venice, California, Dennis Hopper talks about union vs. non-union productions and his experience directing the film Colors which sparked a protest by members of the Guardian Angels group (and founder Curtis Sliwa) who did not like how the film portrayed gangs. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
USA: Young mothers from disadvantaged neighbourhoods encouraged to complete their school curriculum
France 24