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World-Wide Events - Calgary, Alberta - King George & Queen Elizabeth
Churchill at the First Quebec Conference, the Tehran Conference and the Casablanca Conference, 1943
Footage of Churchill at the First Quebec Conference, the Tehran Conference and the Casablanca Conference, 1943, with other world leaders such as Stalin, Roosevelt and Mackenzie King.
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Canadian News - ASN
Composite neg of part of NFB1930-FG-343-01; Chief of New Zealand Air Staff, Lord Riverdale, Mackenzie King and JV Fairbairn, Australian mininster for Air standing and posing. Shots of Mackenzie King speaking to camera (sound). Mackenzie King Speech; and 160 ft of sound track;
James R. Cromwell, newly appointed Minister to Canada, is greeted by Prime Minister MacKenzie King as he takes over his new duties. Mrs Cromwell, former Doris Duke, is the world's richest woman
William Lyon Mackenzie King campaigns in Ottawa
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ISSUE_NO = 406A NO_OF_ITEMS = 14 ITEM_NO = 9 DESCRIPTION : Mr. Mackenzie King. CARD_FILE = 5242 CARD_TITLE : Mr. Mackenzie King. SHOT_LIST : CU of Mackenzie King. Other shots with personalities. In U.S. SOUND : Commentator KEYWORDS : Personalities - Politicians; United States of America; Canada; William Lyon Mackenzie King MATERIAL : Neg 632 Incomplete Dupe Negative 06472 16mm Comb Dupe Negative 09422 LENGTH_SHOT = 18 DATE_SUBD = 00/00/0000
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A2 / France 2
Canadian troops reviewed by Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, in England, during World War 2.
Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King reviews troops of Canada, in England, during World War II. Prime Minister Mackenzie King speaks to the soldiers. Canadian soldiers prepare to fight against the Germans. Number of Canadian tanks advance on dirt parade ground, passing in review. Location: United Kingdom. Date: 1945.
News Review of Canada's Troops During WW2, 1943
Canadian Troops In England, Prefabricated Houses, Night And Day Bombing Inside Germany, Allied Troops Occupy Cassino Italy, Allied 5th And 8th Armies Meet In Italy. Canadaäó»s military reviewed. Mackenzie King reviews Canadian troops in England. Columns of tanks pass in review. New types of homes for post war Allied Countries. Shows the manufacture and assembly of prefabricated houses. Night and day bombing deep inside Germany. Allied bombers leave England to strike inside Germany. Shows bombers flying through anti-aircraft flak. Shows explosions as bombs find targets at night. Allied troops occupy Cassino, Italy. Shows Cassino refugees. Shows destruction of the Abbey of Monte Cassino. General de Gaulle and General Clark meet. Shows the meeting of the Allied 5th and 8th Armies meet in Italy.
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ISSUE_NO = 413 NO_OF_ITEMS = 15 ITEM_NO = 6 DESCRIPTION : Mackenzie King - The Canadian Premier arrives. CARD_FILE = 5340 CARD_TITLE : Mackenzie King SHOT_LIST : 'Empress of Australia' coming into dock. Close shot of Mr. Mackenzie King. Shot also with Mayor of Southampton. SOUND : Commentator Great Britain MATERIAL : Comb Dupe Negative 06490 Neg filed at 31667/4162 See CARD 31667 LENGTH_SHOT = 22 DATE_SUBD = 05/01/1937
Newfoundland Joins Canada
CU of former Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King.
Oil research in the Arctic
Canada signs United Nations charter
Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie King arrives and being greeted by an officer in Nuremberg, Germany.
Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie King arrives in Nuremberg, Germany. Troops stand at attention. Prime Minster MacKenzie King arrives by a plane and being greeted by an unidentified Army major. Mr. King walks with an officer. Contingent of German Army troops and American band on hand to greet the Prime Minister. King and officer stand and pose. Location: Nuremberg Germany. Date: August 21, 1946.
President Roosevelt takes Canada's Prime Minister Mackenzie King, on an auto tour of the Foundation.
[Canada's Military Might Reviewed, 1943] VS of Canadian Prime Minister Mackenzie King reviewing the Canadian Army. LSs flags flying, troops marching. MLS flag. LSs tanks on review.
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OUR WORLD - 1944 #16
U.S. President Roosevelt, British PM Churchill and Canadian PM Mackenzie King during the Quebec Conference in Quebec, Canada.
Dignitaries and officials during the Quebec Conference in Quebec, Canada. U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt with wife Eleanor Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill with wife Clementine Churchill and Prime Minister of Canada William Lyon Mackenzie King seated in a row during the Quebec Conference. Several officers and correspondents watching the dignitaries. President Roosevelt talking with Prime Minister Churchill. The dignitaries and officials at a social gathering after the conference. Mackenzie King and U.S. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt shaking hands with the officials. Prime Minister Churchill gets into a car parked outside a building. A crowd gathered outside the building watch the Prime Minister seated in the car with another dignitary. The car leaves with the dignitaries. Location: Quebec Canada. Date: October 9, 1944.
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