Marijuana With Sonny Bono (1968)
1968 anti-marijuana PSA educational film narrated by Sonny Bono. Examines the facts on the use of marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and their effect on certain individuals. Scenes of drug group therapy sessions, police making arrest, smoking pot, drinking alcohol, bad drug trips, drug addiction, drug addicts. A group of teenagers are arrested at an after-school marijuana party and angrily express their views on using pot as they are led to patrol cars. Their remarks are compared to those made by another group of teenagers who do not use narcotics or other drugs.
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Item title reads - Loco weed. N.Y. police raid marijuana fields. <br/> <br/>America (USA). (LNER) <br/> <br/>M/S of police narcotic squad picking the marijuana from the fields. M/S of a marijuana plant. Various shots as they pick the plants. M/S as a truck drives up to a big pile. M/S's as they unload it. Various shots of it on fire.
Cannabis legalization: France lacks vision
Radio France: filmed programmes
Brazil Marijuana March
Brazil Marijuana March
Medicinal Marijuana
Medicinal uses for marijuana. MCU of a pot plant. Pot smokers pass a pipe between them. Stoned, getting high, joint. A marijuana user rolls a joint. CU of a red heater on a marijuana cigarette.
Demonstrations of Marijuana detection dogs detecting Marijuana from a bed stand and U.S. Mail in San Diego, California.
On the fight against drug dealing of illegal drug Marijuana in San Diego, California. Marijuana detection dogs in cages. A board reads 'Marijuana Dogs, Detection team Camp Pendleton, California'. An officer seated at a desk speaks over a phone. Demonstration of a dog detecting Marijuana in a room. The officer places Marijuana inside one of the bed stands. Officers line up as a senior officer arrives with a dog. The dog sniffs around and finds the place where Marijuana was hidden. 'United States Mail' written on sacks. The detection dog sniffs the sacks for the presence of Marijuana. An officer empties one of the sacks and finds marijuana in a small case. Location: San Diego California USA. Date: 1975.
Reefer Madness 1937 Drug Movie
Reefer Madness - b&w drug feature film from the thirties - campy - marijuana - weed - police in field of marijuana - drug bust - dope rolled into cigarettes - drug smuggling - Opium - Morphine - Heroin - narcotics - joint - various smuggling devices - marijuana shoveled into furnace - drugs destroyed - movie - marihuana - pot - ganja - hash
Cannabis seeds germinating, timelapse
Timelapse footage of two cannabis seeds (Cannabis sativa) germinating and growing in a rhizobox. Growth was filmed over ten days.
United States Mexico: at the foot of the wall
A2 / France 2
Cannabis seeds germinating, timelapse
Timelapse footage of two cannabis seeds (Cannabis sativa) germinating and growing in a rhizobox. Growth was filmed over ten days. Clip K012/5004 is the same without the text.
CUSTOMS SCHOOL (TRAINING OF CUSTOMS OFFICERS - CUSTOMS HOUSE) - (beware - other Colour Pics share this title)
East London. <br/> <br/>M/S of a class room in the Waterguard Training Centre of H.M. Customs and Excise. Around a large table eight "newly joined assistant preventive officers" sit taking notes. In front of them is their uniformed instructor. He is using a stick to point at a blackboard on a easel. On the black board the word 'smuggling' is written in large letters, beneath this are several bullet points. Behind the instructor is a large model of a ship in a glass cabinet. C/U of the instructor standing in front of the blackboard, on the desk in front of him are two models. He picks up one of the models and shows it to the class. C/U of the model. The model is a cross section of a ship's hold. By removing a panel inside the model the instructor can reveal a potential hiding place for contraband. The instructor moves the model to one side and picks up a hollowed block of wood that contains a secret compartment. The instructor shows the hidden compartment filled with watches and jewellery to the class. Panning shot to the next example of a concealed compartment. C/U of three young students crowded around one of the hollowed blocks of wood. They examine the block before returning it to the instructor. <br/> <br/>M/S of the instructor passing cameras around the group of students for inspection. The purpose of this exercise to assess the duty payable on goods entering the country. One student takes the camera, studies it and refers to a catalogue marked with the Queen's emblem and the word 'tariff'. C/U of another student taking a leather strapped watch for inspection. He looks at the watch before leafing through a catalogue. Panning shot along the table to a third student holding a pair of binoculars. The instructor is standing over him and also looks at the binoculars before walking off. <br/> <br/>M/S of the instructor holding a bottle of gin. He holds the bottle upside down and shakes it before passing it to one of his students who also shakes it. The instructor uses his stick to point to the bubbles at the top of the bottle. By shaking the bottle the students can determine whether the liquid inside is harmless water or smuggled spirits. <br/> <br/>M/S of the classroom. On the tables are petrol tanks - the students are inspecting them for hidden compartments. M/S of the instructor passing around various wooden pipes and cylinders to students standing on either side of him. C/U of a student examining a pipe before placing it on the table and picking up a man's brown leather shoe. C/U of the heel of the shoe. The heel opens to reveal a hidden compartment filled with white tablets - narcotics. M/S of the instructor holding up a long wooden marijuana pipe to demonstrate to the students how it would be used. The instructor places the pipe on the table and picks up a brown block of opium which he passes to the students to smell. According to the narrator "the distinctive smell of opium, particularly when damp, has been the downfall of many a dope runner". M/S of the instructor demonstrating where drugs could be hidden in a petrol tank. C/U of one of the students listening intently. M/S of the instructor holding a green petrol drum. He shows the inside of the drum to the students. He then takes a pile of photographs resting on the top of one of the tanks and distributes them. C/U of a photograph of a watch lined waistcoat. C/U of a black customs guard holding a book with a hollowed out compartment inside. <br/> <br/>M/S of the instructor standing in front of the black board. He dismisses his class. They all stand and exit.
1970 Psychedelic Girl
Teenage girl on drugs - hippies - counter culture - LSD - Acid - Psychedelic - Weed - Marijuana - Drug scare
Brazil Marijuana
Protesters demand legalisation of marijuana
Medical Marijuana March
Protestors march in favor of legalized marijuana. Medical marijuana. Demonstrators carry banners in support of the marijuana party. Crowd rallies for pot.
A hand holds marijuana cigarette ; views of newspaper articles critical of marijuana use
Text on slates warns about dangers of marijuana or "reefer" and says it is "now rivaling alcohol for popularity among thrill-seeking youth." Shows a marijuana cigarette in a ash tray, smoke comes out of the joint. Slate indicates that marijuana use can "inspire vicious crimes and leads to moral collapse." Newspaper headline is shown that reads "Youth confesses slaying of girl". Words circled in article mention "stranger gave him a 'doped' cigarette." Close-up view of a hand holding a joint. Cutting of "New York Times" newspaper article "Sales of marijuana fought by arrests." Some lines of the newspaper article are underlined including "...200 persons suspected of selling or using the narcotic weed, including several high school boys and girls." Location: New York City USA. Date: 1939.
Jamaica, 1964
Documentary about the island country in the sixties 23:00 Rastafari movement/Rastafarianism meeting with ritual Marijuana smoking 25:54 - Eddy Thomas (c. 1932 – 2014) Jamaican dancer, choreographer and dance instructor. In 1962, Thomas and Rex Nettleford co-founded the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica (NDTC).
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2016 Toronto
Cannabis Shop Storefront - Queen Street - Toronto, Canada - marijuana dispensary - pot - reefer - marihuana - dope - weed - pot - ganja - hash
[Brief plateau: record entry of cannabis in Spain]
FR3 / France 3
Shots of large amount of marijuana plants growing indoors under flourescent bulbs. Includes a close-up of the leaves.
News Clip: Drug bust
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.