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[University of Texas Tower - Massacre Site]
The Peacekeepers
Hand held shots following United Nations Inspectors led by villagers to mass graves outside village, walking between two rows of thatched roofed huts, arriving at site, where simple wooden crosses mark where many people have been buried after 2003 massacre, many children have followed, inspectors ask questions about what has happened, shots of them walking back to village.
Bosnia Massacre
Fmr UN peacekeeper recalls Srebrenica massacre
Muslim Massacre; 2/25/1994
Clinton denounces massacre
Olga and Sasha, two Ukrainian sisters in Paris and Kiev recount a year of war
Radio France: filmed programmes
at 100 mt.
The place of the "Monument crypt-ossuary fallen massacre of Marzabotto". Effective PP of faces of inhabitants of Marzabotto. The procession goes through the streets of Marzabotto. The walkers meet the people of Marzabotto and hug each other
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Witness tells of murders in front of Union Railway Station during the Kansas City Massacre
Brian Jonestown Massacre
Here It Comes
Persons mourning for those allegedly massacred by the Russians in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.
Corpses of mostly Polish victims unearthed in mass graves near Vinnitsa, Ukraine. (Part of the Katyn Massacre by the Soviet Union). Possessions of dead people on a table. Mass graves. Persons mourning for those massacred by the Russians. Men fill soil on graves, with spades. Location: Vinnitsa Ukraine Soviet Union. Date: 1944.
Philippines Massacre Court
Judges arrive to give ruling on 2009 massacre
Walk and vigil to commemorate the 14 victims who died as a result of the massacre at the Ecole Polytechnique of the University of Montreal Walkers arrive at St. Joseph''s Oratory Walkers and candles inside the Oratory Keywords: DEMONSTRATION,MURDER - ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE - 1989,MONTREAL (CITY)
Military tribunal for those accused in the 1944 massacre of the 642 villagers of Oradour-sur-Glane
Brian Jonestown Massacre
Hide And Seek
Prohibition, Al Capone and bootleggers, Chicago, 1928
Destruction of barrels with alcohol - dealing in alcohol - Al Capone - still of Bugs Moran - stills of the St. Valentine Day's Massacre - mobsters arrested - View over Chicago - still of Eliot Ness - Bootleggers under arrest
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Massacre Anniv.; 12/7/00
Massacre Anniversary
Family members of Polish victims arrive to identify remains exhumed at Katyn Forest mass grave (WW2)
Farmers in the cornfields of a small Ukrainian town. A pit of the 1940 Katyn massacre mass grave found in World War II. Katyn Commission officials arrive to investigate the Katyn massacre. The Greek Orthodox Bishop of Kos inspects the remains of Katyn massacre victims. Exhumed Katyn massacre victims on the ground. Family members of Katyn massacre victims arrive to identify victims onsite. A body is pulled out from the pit. Women searching for the remains of their loved ones. Religious Christian artifacts and personal effects belonging to Katyn massacre victims found on the mass grave. Location: Soviet Union. Date: 1943.
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In Memoriam - France Mourns 642 Mass ???