A meteor racing through a dark sky.
Girls display back to school fashions while stargazing and exploring mysteries of the universe at Hayden Planetarium in New York City
1970s: Boys speak and gesture
1970s: Boys speak and gesture. Exhibit on meteorites in North Carolina.
Bridgeman Images Details
R.A.F. Fylingdales, Yorkshire.<br/><br/>On a remote moor, the R.A.F. house their Ballistic Missile Early Warning System - monitors listen to the sound of stars, track satellites and meteorites and most importantly watch out for hostile missile attacks. <br/><br/>Point of view shot from the front of a car driving into a remote R.A.F. base. L/S of enormous concrete "weird radar domes". Point of view shot as the car drives through an automatically operated garage door, an officer comes out and stops the car, the driver, C.O., Group Captain Wright shows the officer his identity badge. Point of view of the car going down a tunnel - very James Bond! <br/><br/>Low angled L/S of a giant radar scanner inside one of the domes. Various C/Us of the hexagonal panels that make up the protective dome. M/S of a man unlocking a heavy door for Captain W. C/U of the man's hand turning a wheel to open the lock, Captain W. enters the radar scanning housing, the door is locked behind him. Captain W. comes up a spiral staircase and talks to a man in civilian clothing. Low angle shot of Captain W. and the man up looking at the scanner before entering its base. <br/><br/>M/S of two men inside the scanner control room. C/U of switches being flicked on the control panel. C/U of dials. C/U of Captain W. and an American officer, Colonel Hunt. Various shots of a man threading up a reel to reel tape in a computer. Various shots of a young woman typing. C/U of printout paper coming out of a computer. <br/><br/>Aerial shot of one white and one camouflaged Vulcan fighter planes. Aerial shot of the bottom of the white Vulcan as it flies over the camera.<br/><br/>Cuts exist - please see separate record.
News Clip: Meteorites
B-roll video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
US UK Meteorite Auction
Christie's to auction large lunar sphere
PA-3482 Beta SP
Rhapsody of Steel
WSs, PANs of Upheaval Dome, Utah's meteorite crater in Canyonlands National Park.
Real meteorite discovered and excavated in Dallas, Texas, where it had been found 4 feet underground.
A real meteorite found buried 4 feet under ground. It is a solid iron meteor that fell from space. Man kneels and examines the meteorite that has been excavated. Location: Dallas Texas USA. Date: 1920.
Close up of a helicopter rotor. Aerial of rocks and snow in Antarctica. Low angle shot of a helicopter. Close up of various meteorites in a lab. Snow-covered Antarctic landscape. Helicopter lands on rocks, scientists climb out searching for Meteorites. Scientists gather around a meteorite. Pan of snow covered mountains in Antarctica. Scientist photograph site of meteorite discovery. A meteorite in the snow. Scientists make notes on a clipboard, together scientists lug a meteorite back to the helicopter. Helicopter rotors start spinning. Aerial of Antarctica. In a lab at the Johnson Space Center?s Lunar Receiving Laboratory scientists study a meteorite. Close up of a scientist looking into a microscope. A female scientist reaches into a chamber with protective gloves and cuts a meteorite into pieces. A portion of a cut meteorite is weighed. University of Maryland?s Laboratory of Chemical Evolution Director, Dr. Cyril Ponnamperuma. Talks about searching for molecules ?related to life? in meteorites. A scientist takes a mortar and pestle out of a sterilizer. A scientist conducts tests on a meteorite sample. Dr. Ponnamperuma: ?All those events that lead to life may be common in the Universe.? Scientists in Antarctica prepare a meteorite for transport.
Cretaceous extinction asteroid impact
Animation of the asteroid striking the Earth that led to the Cretaceous-Palaeogene mass extinction event some 66 million years ago. The asteroid hit what is now the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The impact and its results caused the extinction of around three-quarters of the species on Earth, including the non-avian dinosaurs.
1963 The Day Of The Triffids
The Day Of The Triffids - 1963 trailer - science fiction - c/s of plants or flowers - large vine grabs and kills scientist in laboratory - meteorite storm in sky over London and Big Ben - devlish carnivorous plants short shot of airplane air to air above clouds - interior of airplane - people panic - large vines creep towards child in woods - colorful explosions in sky - traffic at a standstill at the Arc de Triumphe in Paris
8 p.m.: [February 17, 2023 broadcast]
A2 / France 2
See also "Gargarin to the Stars - version 1" for Russian commentary and some different footage. <br/> <br/>Soundtrack is currently missing for Reel 3. <br/> <br/>Continued - Reel 3. (Reel 1 is on *PM1349*; reel 2 is on *PM1287*.) C/U of two Russian words painted on the side of the spaceship Vostok (sp?) Various shots of the ship being assembled. Interior of the cabin - various shots. C/Us of control panels. (Procedures are described by the narrator.) Food supply, C/U of various tubes of foodstuff. M/S of scientist checking dials. Montage of shots of sunsets. C/U of Gagarin sleeping. Aerial shot of mountains, then aerial shots of a Russian village. (Lyrical voiceover about how man will always search for ways of breaking free from the earth.) Montage of landscape shots, agriculture, camels in the desert, apple blossom etc. Montage of animation material showing planets, stars, meteorites, an explosion. <br/> <br/>("Men will face those hazards, bold men, men of courage and fortitude" states the narrator over) shots of Gagarin being prepared for more testing. He is wired up to a machine. He smiles. M/S of Gagarin sitting down in a blue space suit. He is handed a wallet which he opens, looks at then places in his pocket (photographs of his family perhaps?) M/S of Gagarin in orange space suit. He is being made ready for the flight. C/U of bootlaces being tied. He walks off and boards the bus which will take him to the launching site in Siberia. Interior of the bus. He is embraced by a colleague who shakes his hands and kisses him. Gagarin wags his finger at him reproachfully. High angle shot of the bus, Gagarin shakes hands with friends, colleagues and officials. He walks towards the spaceship. ("No-one can vouch that this will not be his last journey.) <br/> <br/>Gagarin is transported up the side of the space rocket. M/S of Gagarin climbing into the capsule. Shot of him inside the capsule. C/Us of gauges and equipment. Gagarin performs pre takeoff tests. <br/> <br/>Shot of a Russian city clocktower. Various shots of city streets. C/U of a clockface. Interior of the command centre. Space ship takes off. Various shots of the space ship in the air. C/U of radar tracking system, control centre, animated planet. C/U of a radio announcer making a speech. Reaction shots of Russian people. A woman wipes the tears from her eyes. <br/> <br/>Animated sequence of spaceship circling the earth. Montage sequence showing transmitted images of Gagarin in space and workers at the control centre. Gagarin affirms that he is feeling fine and everything is under control. Spaceship travels around to the dark side. Gagarin opens his helmet and has some breakfast. (Gagarin speaks of what he can see from the spaceship.) Helicopter flies over African swamplands. This is where Gagarin will land. Descent. Image of Gagarin inside the spacecraft. (Radio announcer states that Gagarin has landed.) Cheering Russian crowds. Marching Russians. One man holds up a drawing he has done of Gagarin. <br/> <br/>C/U of smiling Gagarin. A Doctor takes his pulse. C/U of Gagarin speaking on the phone to Kruschev. Gagarin walks through cheering crowds. He is embraced by fellow Russians. On board an aircraft Gagarin relaxes. Switchboard operators put calls through, ("the whole world was clamouring for details.") A hero's welcome for Gagarin in Red Square. Various shots of Gagarin being feted, accompanied by Kruschev he meets and greets various dignitaries from many countries of the world. In the Kremlin he is awarded the order of Lenin and the Gold Star of a Hero of the Soviet Union. Firework display over Red Square. Rockets taking off. (Crescendo in majestic music). <br/>Note: originally 6 reels, this film has been spliced together to form 3 reels. Some sections of this film are colour faded.
Astronauts place devices and collect samples on lunar surface during Apollo 11 mission launched from Florida
NASA astronauts on lunar surface during Apollo 11 first moon landing mission, launched from Complex 39 at the John F. Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island in Florida, United States. Astronaut Commander Neil Armstrong and Lunar Module Pilot Edwin Aldrin, Jr (Buzz Aldrin) walk with a monitor on surface of the moon. Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package placed on the surface to deliver information about meteorite impacts and lunar movements. Laser ranging retro reflector placed on the surface of moon. Boot prints on the surface. The United States flag. The lunar module (LM) Eagle ascends from the surface of moon. View of the earth from lunar horizon. Location: Florida United States USA. Date: July 21, 1969.
EBC-67 Beta SP
US UK Meteorite Auction
Christie's to auction large lunar sphere
News Clip: Meteorite
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story. This story aired at 10 P.M.
Computer-generated image of the earth circling the sun and crossing the drifting debris of a comet.
Aerial view of Henbury Crater, Northern Territories, Australia
Aerial view of Henbury Crater, Henbury Meteorites Conservation Reserve, Ghan, Northern Territories, Australia.
Overnight Meteors; 3/6/91
Man talking about meteors; highway patrolman talking about meteors; still of stars in outer space; astronomer talking about meteors; meteorites in museum; still of meteor streaking through the sky