Out: 02:00:52 B-Roll: Richard Jenkins gets interviewed, a quick shot of Cathy Griffiths, back to Richard Jenkins getting interviewed, and he walks away. A02. HRN-3031 In: 02:00:52 Out: 02:00:59 Sound Bite: Kathy Griffiths – Comedienne/Actress Yes I’m wearing Carolina Herra. A03. HRN-3031 In: 02:01:00 Out: 02:01:20 Sound Bite: Kathy Griffiths – Comedienne/Actress Well I think I’m in a ridiculous category, “The Deadliest Catch” “60 Minutes” and “This American Life”, and clearly “My Life on the D-List” is much more important show that changes peoples lives, in a way that “60 Minutes”, could only dream of, in fact a lot of the 60 Minutes producers call me for advice, I’ve never said that publicly before. A04. HRN-3031 In: 02:01:22 Out: 02:01:32 Sound Bite: Kathy Griffiths – Comedienne/Actress Well I produce a show that I’m in, so I have to be patient with myself, I’ve fired my self several times, but I always come back crawling back to me A05. HRN-3031 In: 02:01:33 Out: 02:01:44 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Sound Bite: Kathy Griffiths – Comedienne/Actress A06. HRN-3031 In: 02:03:29 Out: 02:03:38 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Blonde in Black Dress A07. HRN-3031 In: 02:03:39 Out: 02:03:46 Sound Bite: Girl in Gold Dress I’m wearing Max Azaria A08. HRN-3031 In: 02:03:46 Out: 02:04:10 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Girl in Gold Dress A09. HRN-3031 In: 02:04:30 Out: 02:05:21 B-Roll: The Danny Boyle – Director “Slumdog Millionaire” stand for photos with Producer and Cast member. A10. HRN-3031 In: 02:05:28 Out: 02:06:30 B-Roll: Taraji P. Hensen arrives and stands for photos, Greg Kinnear arrives and walks away, back to Taraji. A11. HRN-3031 In: 02:07:29 Out: 02:07:45 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Blonde girl in green dress. A12. HRN-3031 In: 02:07:46 Out: 02:08:37 B-Roll: Debra Messing stands with Zeljiko Ivanek A13. HRN-3031 In: 02:08:48 Out: 02:09:02 B-Roll: Danny Boyle gets interviewed by Fox A14. HRN-3031 In: 02:09:07 Out: 02:10:10 Sound Bite: Danny Boyle – Director – Slumdog Millionaire (Guy with glasses) Christian Colson – Producer – Slumdog Millionaire Danny: I’ve left them somewhere, it’s just unbelievable, I trying to locate where they are. Christian: He left them on the plane. Danny: I left them on the plane, um, it’s just extraordinary , we just had the premiere in Mumbai, and we heard about the Oscar nominations there at that time, they went mad, I mean it’s such an extraordinary moment for them, because you know Hollywood and Bollywood are these two beasts looking at each other across quite a long distance, but actually with a lot in common as well you know, with popular cinema and about getting audiences out, and of course the nominations for us are an extraordinary way in which we can extend the role of our film and get more people to see it, it’s incredible platform that they but us on you know, and in India as well cause they are fascinated by the Oscars, you know they would desperately would love to win an Oscar for India , you know and A.R. Rahman, the composer has got 3 nominations and that is front page news there, you know, Rah, Rah, Rah, man. Christian: Yeah the sound guy as well, yeah its massive news over there. A15. HRN-3031 In: 02:10:15 Out: 02:10:35 Sound Bite: Danny Boyle – Director – Slumdog Millionaire (Guy with glasses) Christian Colson – Producer – Slumdog Millionaire Christian: I’m going to use the same quote there was a very good old English producer, called Steven Evans, who said, “the more a producer tries to explain what it is they do the more pathetic he sounds”, it’s advice I’ve always heeded. A16. HRN-3031 In: 02:10:40 Out: 02:11:32 B-Roll: Al Gore arrives and stands for photos, zoom into Debra Messing getting interviewed. A17. HRN-3031 In: 02:11:38 Out: 02:11:45 Sound Bite: Maria Conchita Alonzo – Actress I’m wearing Diane Von Furstenberg. A18. HRN-3031 In: 02:12:26 Out: 02:12:39 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Maria Conchita Alonzo A19. HRN-3031 In: 02:12:50 Out: 02:13:00 Sound Bite: Taraji P. Henson – Actress Angel Sanchez, Cartier, and let make sure I get this right, Lambert and Truett’s. isn’t that pretty. A20. HRN-3031 In: 02:13:00 Out: 02:13:22 Sound Bite: Taraji P. Henson – Actress It was crazy; I was screaming running around in circles, I is it true? Is it true? I still call my publicist and my manager, I’m like there not going to do a recount are they really did call my name right, (she laughs) A21. HRN-3031 In: 02:13:44 Out: 02:14:04 Sound Bite: Taraji P. Henson – Actress You have to have the gift of gab, because you have to talk people into giving them your money, giving you there money, so the gift of gab, to get that money for your project. A22. HRN-3031 In: 02:14:09 out: 02:14:16 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Taraji P. Henson – Actress A23. HRN-3031 In: 02:14:16 Out: 02:14:34 B-Roll: Debra Messing talking on carpet and laughs. A24. HRN-3031 In: 02:14:36 Out: 02:14:45 Sound Bite: Dana Delany – Actress It’s my own personal Prada and Neil Lane jewelry. A25. HRN-3031 In: 02:15:10 Out: 02:15:31 Sound Bite: Dana Delany – Actress Um, well on “Desperate Housewives” we have producer named George Perkins who I would say is probably one of the best I’ve every worked with, and he always remains calm, and he’s honest, you have to be really honest with people, because if you ask for this day off, he’ll say “Yes” or “No” and this is why I can’t, and just be direct. A26. HRN-3031 In: 02:15:33 Out: 02:15:45 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Dana Delany – Actress A27. HRN-3031 In: 02:16:53 Out: 02:17:10 Sound Bite: Mark Baker – Producer – Damages Todd A. Kessler – Producer – Damages Daniel Zelman – Producer – Damages Mark: Sense of humor. Todd: The ability to not sleep. Daniel: The ability to lie. A28. HRN-3031 In: 02:17:26 Out: 02:17:35 Sound Bite: Debra Messing – Actress with Zeljko Ivanek Bill Blass. A29. HRN-3031 In: 02:18:15 Out: 02:18:48 Sound Bite: Debra Messing – Actress Zeljko Ivanek – Actor Zeljko: I don’t know if there’s anything funny about it, because I know our guys on Damages, what it take to put on that show and produce it, direct it and edit it, I’m in awe. Debra: Endurance Zeljko: Endurance, it’s not funny, but endurance first and foremost, because we show up for a few hours in the day and that’s it, and go home, and they are doing it the rest of the day, it’s just hard to fathom how they manage it. Debra: It’s not a funny job, so it’s hard to come up with a funny example. A30. HRN-3031 In: 02:19:07 Out: 02:19:15 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Debra Messing A31. HRN-3031 In: 02:19:47 Out: 02:20:30 B-Roll: Ron Howard, Brian Grazer talk to TV crews, Frank Langella, talks to TV crews. A32. HRN-3031***Round up In: 02:20:35 Out: 02:20:52 Sound Bite: Frances Fisher – Actress I’m wearing, stop I forgot, I was thinking about Michelle Obama, somebody asked be about Michelle Obama. A33. HRN-3031 In: 02:20:47 Out: 02:20:54 Sound Bite: Frances Fisher – Actress I’m wearing Betsy Johnson. A34. HRN-3031 In: 02:21:22 Out: 02:21:39 Sound Bite: Frances Fisher – Actress Having never been a producer, I’m not really sure, but I know the good ones, the good ones make you feel really, really confident and they give you a lot of space to do your own work. A35. HRN-3031 In: 02:21:57 Out: 02:22:16 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Frances Fisher – Actress A36. HRN-3031 In: 02:22:15 Out: 02: B-Roll: Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Frank Langella work the press line, Brad Grey gets TV interview, back to Frank, Brian and Ron. A37. HRN-3031 In: 02:24:12 Out: 02:24:36 Sound Bite: Frank Langella – Actor Well, look, there isn’t a cliché in all the world that hasn’t been spoken, you’re always surprised at things like this, whither it’s a Tony, or an Oscar or a Golden Globe, what ever it is, it’s always a surprise, it’s always temporary the most solid thing is work that is thing you can depend on. A38. HRN-3031 In: 02:24:35 Out: 02:24:56 Sound Bite: Frank Langella – Actor I don’t, I don’t differentiated no more, I used to when I was younger, I used to like one more than the other, now I really like acting in all the media, it’s really, it’s really wonderful, each one offers me some different challenge. A39. HRN-3031 In: 02:25:00 Out: 02:25:20 Sound Bite: Frank Langella – Actor Oh, you have to be nuts, I think, you have to be crazy, because you have to rise money, you have to start on a blank page, you have to deal with unions, and worst of all you have to deal with actors, I wouldn’t want to do that. A40. HRN-3031 In: 02:25:53 Out: 02:29:06 B-Roll: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones arrive and stand for photos, CU on C. Zeta Jones. Shot press photographer grabbing a shot. A41. HRN-3031 In: 02:29:20 Out: 02:30:02 Sound Bite: Brian Grazer – Producer – Frost/Nixon Ron Howard – Director – Frost/Nixon Brian: Well we’re thrilled to be nominated, I think I got up at 5:22 I know digital clock to see, you know there great films, we’re different, there all different from one another, it’s a really, really, hard movie to make, it’s turning ideas into something cinematic, that’s due to this guy here. Ron: I was driving along, trying to get into New York, I was struck in traffic, listening to it on the radio, so I was all alone, and getting this news, it’s sort of like a movie moment, I was beating on the steering wheel, cheering out the window, it just made me feel fantastic. A42. HRN-3031 In: 02:30:02 Out: 02:30:39 Sound Bite: Brian Grazer – Producer – Frost/Nixon Ron Howard – Director – Frost/Nixon Ron: Here’s the thing that was so amazing to me and every day I was working with him, I kind of had to remind myself about this, there’s nothing of Richard Nixon in Frank Langella, there’s nothing of himself that he could draw on, and he created this character, I just got back from Washington D.C. for the inauguration and so many journalists and politicos taking me aside and saying it is uncanny what Frank Langella did in creating Richard Nixon, we’ve never seen anything with that kind of depth and dimension and that authenticity and it’s all artistry. A43. HRN-3031 In: 02:31:10 Out: 02:31:25 Sound Bite: Brian Grazer – Producer – Frost/Nixon Ron Howard – Director – Frost/Nixon Brian: Um, listen, don’t try to prognosticate any ideas, being a trend or, don’t try to outsmart the culture. Ron: I would agree and then its tenacity and a thing that Brian you to say said, 30 years ago is, it only takes one yes. A44. HRN-3031 In: 02:32:42 Out: 02:33:35 Sound Bite: Charles Roven – Producer I think one of things that a really good producer should have is a tremendous, a lot of lateral thinking ability, because you are dealing with so many desperate different elements when your putting together a film and so many different personalities and your trying to blend this thing which is part artistic and part commercial, even dealing with the small movies are a lot of money, so the big movies are a vast amount of money, so you have to an ability to think laterally and I think that a very important quality to have and also to be very resilient, there is a tremendous amount of adversity and rejection, and so you have to a lot of faith in what your doing. A45. HRN-3031 In: 02:34:30 Out: 02:35:10 B-Roll: Michael Douglas and C. Zeta Jones get interviewed by TV crew A46. HRN-3031 In: 02:35:19 Out: 02:35:27 B-Roll: Kirk Douglas and Mrs. Douglas arrive and stand for photos. A47. HRN-3031****Sniped In: 02:35:31 Out: 02:36:02 Sound Bite: Michael Douglas – with Catherine Zeta Jones Oh, I mean, obviously coming out of the shoot “Cuckoo’s Nest”, kind of set the tone for everything “China Syndrome” means a whole lot to me in terms of it has an issue of the disarmament issue, nuclear disarmament as a result of that, “Romancing the Stone” was really a hoot, but I like a couple of the crazy whack ones, one that wasn’t seen as much was “One Night at McCool’s” which is a little later on which is a lot of fun. A48. HRN-3031 In: 02:36:18 Out: 02:36:50 Sound Bite: Michael Douglas – with Catherine Zeta Jones Taking care of the details, you know that’s the best, taking care of the details, there is a great book actually that David O. Selznick wrote that’s called “Memo” which kind of explains it keeping up with all the details. OC: What is one of the misconceptions about producers? Michael: There just involved with the money, that there always just involved with the money, but they make a lot of creative decisions and really have to have a vision normally to see it all through. A49. HRN-3031 In: 02:37:07 Out: 02:37:45 B-Roll: Kirk Douglas walks through, Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman follow, Danny gets interviewed by TV crew. A50. HRN-3031 In: 02:38:00 Out: 02:38:15 Sound Bite: Danny DeVito – Actor/Director/Producer I think you have to put your finger on everything, you know, but you shouldn’t smother it, you know, that kind of thing, be there support and you got to love it. A51. HRN-3031 In: 02:38:24 Out: 02:38:34 B-Roll: Michael Sheen walks by with wife. A52. HRN-3031 In: 02:38:34 Out: 02:40:59 B-Roll: Marquee Signage of the Palladium, “PGA Awards” zoom in and out. Pan to the street, pan back to wide shot of the Palladium, Zoom in to top of neon sign “Palladium”, the Sunset Strip pan over to the Palladium, wide shot.
News Clip: Danny Devito
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
TAPE_NUMBER: EF00/1295 IN_TIME: 10:29:08 // 13:23:17 // 19:23:36 LENGTH: 04:44 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: English/Nat XFA Choosing old-fashioned glamour over privacy, actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have gotten married in an extravagant wedding in New York City. Saturday evening's ceremony took place at The Plaza hotel on Central Park. Several hundred onlookers had gathered to watch limousines arrive with celebrities including Martha Stewart, Art Garfunkel, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, Christopher Reeve, and Barbara Walters. Douglas and Zeta-Jones reportedly spent two (m) million dollars for the gala black-tie affair inside the ballroom of the French Renaissance-style hotel. Their guest list was a Who's Who of the celebrity world, including Sean Connery, Sharon Stone, Jack Nicholson, Steven Spielberg and Anthony Hopkins among the 350 expected to attend. The couple got engaged on New Year's Eve in Aspen, Colorado. She gave birth to their son, Dylan Michael Douglas, in August. The wedding is Douglas' second and Zeta-Jones' first. SOUNDBITE: (English) "The age difference? Oh it's fine as long as they care about one another." SUPERCAPTION: Fan of Douglas-Zeta Jones SOUNDBITE: (English) "I am a fan of Catherine Zeta Jones because she is from the UK and she's done absolutely marvellously well and she's very down to earth and she hasn't changed and she deserves all of this and the age difference means nothing." SUPERCAPTION: Fan of Douglas-Zeta Jones SOUNDBITE (English) "I had a wonderful time, I had lobster to eat. I waited a long time for the next course but I got so hungry I couldn't believe it, there was a lot of dancing, a lot of fun tonight." SUPER CAPTION: Amy Irving, Actress SOUNDBITE (English) "Gladys... Gladys Knight sang. Perfectly beautiful wedding, gorgeous wedding." SUPER CAPTION: Barbara Walters SOUNDBITE (English) "It was beautiful. She looked astonishing." SUPER CAPTION: (English) James Woods, Actor SHOTLIST: New York, USA - November 18,19, 2000 1. Wide of photographers/media 2. Wide shot of the exterior of The Plaza hotel 3. SOUNDBITE: (English) Fan of Douglas-Zeta Jones 4. SOUNDBITE: (English) Fan of Douglas-Zeta Jones 4. Wide shot, white limousine arriving 6. Long shot, Kenny G. (musician) arriving 7. Long shot, Art Garfunkel (musician, Simon & Garfunkel) 8. Long shot, Martha Stewart (American personality) 9. Long shot, Danny DeVito (actor/producer/director) and wife Rhea Perlman (actress) 10. Long shot, Kofi Annan (secretary general of the United Nations) 11. Long shot, Amy Irving (actress) 12. Long shot, Mick Hucknall (musician, Simply Red) 13. Long shot, Nick Ashford (musician, Ashford & Simpson) 14. Long shot, James Woods (actor) 15. Long shot, Goldie Hawn (actress) 16. Long shot, Oliver Stone (director) 17. Wide shot, exterior of The Russian Tea Room, New York 18. Medium shot of Kirk Douglas, Michael's father 19. Wide shot, exterior of The Russian Tea Room, New York 20. Guests leaving, Russell Crowe crossing street 21. SOUNDBITE (English) Amy Irving, actress 22. Barbara Walters 23. SOUNDBITE (English) Barbara Walters 24. James Woods exiting 25. SOUNDBITE (English) James Woods "It was beautiful. She looked astonishing." 26. Unidentified guests leaving. 27. Oliver Stone 28. Wide of venue ?
FILE Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito receives lifetime achievement award in Spain
US Globes Bartender Stories
Longtime Golden Globes bartender recounts serving Connery, Hanks and more
Entertainment Europe: Paramount at 90 - Legendary studio celebrates 90 years at Holywood's heart
TAPE: EF02/0598 IN_TIME: 14:05:44 DURATION: 6:16 SOURCES: APTN/Paramount Pictures RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video/clips without clearance DATELINE: Los Angeles. July 14, 2002 SHOTLIST Los Angeles, California USA 14th July 2002 1. Paramount Pictures 90th Anniversary Clip Reel (please credit Paramount Pictures) 2. Charlton Heston posing for photographers 3. Pan from James Coburn to Sylvester Stallone 4. Gloria Stewart waving to press 5. Mickey Rooney speaking to press 6. Leslie Nielsen on carpet 7. SOUNDBITE (English) Gloria Stewart: "People were serious about making movies then, but it was not the big project that it is today. It was not that much involved. In fact, there were a lot of fun and games on the set. We used to do a lot of practical jokes. They don't do that anymore. It costs too much." 8. James Coburn on red carpet 9. Sylvester Stallone on red carpet 10.Paramount Pictures 90th Anniversary Clip Reel 11. SOUNDBITE (English) James Coburn: "Things that are about something. Relationships among people and so on - I'm tired of seeing them build a set and then blow it up. A lot of that's junk anyway - I mean you see it all the time." 12. Whoopi Goldberg running down red carpet 12. Sidney Poitier on red carpet 13. Cutaway cameraman 14. SOUNDBITE (English) Sidney Poitier: "The era of my life is the era that is probably most interesting because the technology has matured to such a place where we're seeing miracles on the screen and it's all made up stuff and I think the quality of the work of the actors and the producers and writers has changed over the years and what we have today is film as it has never been!" 15.Paramount Pictures 90th Anniversary Clip Reel (please credit Paramount Pictures) 16. SOUNDBITE (English) Samuel L Jackson: "My favourite era of the movies? I guess it's this one because I'm in them! I have the opportunity to work and entertain people and do the things I do and have a great time while I'm doing them - so this is a great time for me. I've always enjoyed going to the movies - movies have always been a great refuge for me and hopefully the things that I'm doing now are great refuges for audiences that are coming in out of the heat, coming out the cold in the winter to sit and watch something that's entertaining and hopefully informative and hopefully thought-provoking." 20. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones walking along carpet 21. Ernest Borgnine on red carpet 22. Set-up shot Brendan Fraser and wife 23. Wide shot of scene on carpet 24. SOT (English) Brendan Fraser: "Paramount films like 'Chinatown' if it was made today - I don't know if it would have the same charm as it would now what with the advent of digital technology but I embrace the technology. I think it's fantastic. Film's going in so many new directions now.but think it's important just to get back to acting and it seems like Paramount films has always been consistent - they've always relied heavily on good material." 25. Matthew Perry on red carpet 26. Sharon Stone on red carpet 27. Pan of red carpet 28. Laura Linney on red carpet 29. Patrick Swayze on red carpet 30. Press cutaway 31 Ashley Judd and Samuel L Jackson on red carpet 32. Danny DeVito 33. Jim Carrey running down red carpet 34. Paramount Pictures 90th Anniversary Clip Reel (please credit Paramount Pictures) PARAMOUNT PEAKS AT 90 The only major film studio still located in the heart of Hollywood is celebrating 90 years in the business. The anniversary of the legendary Paramount Pictures drew stars who are breaking box office records today and celebrities who made Hollywood what it is today. From Gloria Stewart and Charlton Heston, to Jim Carrey and Sharon Stone - dozens of movie stars crowded a blue carpet. Celebrity photographer Annie Liebowitz took a group picture of the stars of today and yesteryear to mark the occasion. The photograph will appear in Vanity Fair later this year. In its early years Paramount Studios made pictures in a rented horse barn just a few blocks from its current location on Gower Street in Hollywood. The barn is now a museum devoted to the golden years of motion picture making - while the current studio sometimes houses up to 5-thousand people all devoted to one things - making movies. While most people might not be able to peg a picture to a studio - the list of films that came from behind the famous arches reads like a history trip down movie lane. From classic silents such as 'The Sheik' with Rudolph Valentino to 'Love Story' to 'The Godfather'- Paramount has made its mark as a mover and shaker in Tinsel Town. Other films that were committed to celluloid on and off the lot were 'Pyscho', 'Rear Window' and 'Vertigo' with Alfred Hitchcock. Christmas favourite 'It's a Wonderful Life,' sci-fi classic 'King Kong' and the much loved 'Citizen Kane' all found life at Paramount Pictures. The studio didn't always top the bill as one of the powerhouses in Tinseltown, though. Movies in general were suffering from an identity crisis as the golden age of the 50s moved into the politically volatile age of the 1960s. The studio was floundering and was months if not weeks from closing its doors. It ranked 9th out of nine studios. Then it made 'Love Story.' This was a movie about real people - in direct contrast to the grandiose musicals, epic dramas and high society comedies that had made producers rich and now - in this new era - suddenly poor. 'Love Story' replenished the studio's coffers and they were back on the high road - and pushing the envelope in a way Hollywood had never seen before. Soon they were putting out films like 'The Godfather', 'Chinatown', 'Saturday Night Fever' and 'Fatal Attraction.' Not to mention the 'Star Trek' series, 'Beverly Hills Cop', 'Mission Impossible' and 'Forrest Gump'. Now they're more than back on track - 90 years in the bank and there's little doubt they're here to stay.