Various shots of the side of Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk 913
Various shots of the side of Coast Guard Cutter Mohawk 913 while it approaches harbor. Several pleasure boats are also seen in the shot.
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HD Footage of Entertainer Sophie Tucker Becoming Member Of The Mohawk Tribe, Canada
HD Footage. Entertainer Sophie Tucker Becomes Member Of The Mohawk Tribe, Canada. Entertainer Sophie Tucker, called the last of the Red Hot Mamas
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Ocean liner disasters of the mid-1930s, including SS Mohawk, SS Morro Castle, SS Havana
Item title reads - Americans with the R.C.A.F. (Royal Canadian Air Force). <br/> <br/>Ontario, Canada. <br/> <br/>Various shots as American Eagles with the Royal Canadian Air Force line up for their pay. Visiting American officials inspect them. C/U's of their badges. M/S of White Dahl, an American soldier of fortune who fought in Spain, chatting to the airmen. They get into their planes and take off. Air to air shots of Mohawks in flight.
Ward liner "Mohawk" victims honored off the coast of Sea Girt, New Jersey, where the Mohawk was rammed and sunk.
A memorial wreath is cast on the water where the Ward liner cruise ship Mohawk (Clyder liner) was rammed and sunk by the Norwegian freighter Talisman on January 24, 1935. Sailors aboard ship. United States flag on the vessel. Birds in flight. Life boat crews executing careful drills near the site of disaster. A child aboard. Location: Sea Girt New Jersey USA. Date: February 6, 1935.
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Mohawk Trail
Mohawk Trail. A television program about the Mohawk Trail through northern Massachusetts and New York in the 1960s.. 1960s, Mohawk Trail, New England, Connecticut River, Massachusetts, countryside, French King Bridge, Gill, Erving, Poet's Seat Tower, Greenfield, Deerfield Valley, Town of Greenfield, Mohawk Trail sign, Deerfield River, Mohawk Indian Bridge, father and son looking for Native American artifacts on riverbank, stone head from tomahawk, man pointing to possible Mohawk Trail starting point, paths in woods, cars driving on road, Historic Deerfield, Old Town Hall, Frary House, Asa Stebbins House, Hall Tavern, Wilson House, Memorial Hall, Indian House, tomahawk in hole on door, Hertel de Rouville portrait and seal, names of villagers killed in raid, Old Deerfield Cemetery, Liberty Pole, North Heath Road and Bissell Covered Bridge signs, Bissell Covered Bridge, Shelburne Falls, Bridge of Flowers, Mohawk Park, Wishing Well, Hail to the Sunrise Statue, trail, boys fishing, Adams, McKinley Square, Mount Greylock Veterans War Memorial Tower, people looking at view from top of Memorial Tower, view from top of Memorial Tower, Pontoosuc Lake, sailboats, people paddling in canoes, people swimming with dog in lake, cars driving on road, Williamstown, Main Street with First Congregational Church, Williams College, Haystack Monument, Rensselaer, New York, Fort Crailo, well, Shuckburgh Yankee Doodle sign, living room of Manor House, loophole, Catharina Van Brugh Van Rensselaer portrait, Schenectady, Union College, John Howard Payne Home Sweet Home plaque, Jackson's Gardens, Howe Caverns, man putting Howe Caverns bumper sticker on car, stream, skyscraper, car POV driving on highway, Cooperstown, tulips, Otsego County Jail, National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Woodland Museum double decker bus, dioramas, James Fenimore Cooper statue, Fenimore House Museum, exhibits, bronze busts of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Dolley Madison, folk art portrait paintings, Farmers' Museum, buildings, blacksmith hammering horseshoe, man hooking up oxen to cart, woman making gingerbread old fashioned way and baking over dutch oven, Mohawk River, countryside, Jordanville, Holy Trinity Monastery, lilac bushes, priests, farmer riding tractor, Oriskany Battlefield State Historic Site, American flag on flagpole, Oriskany Battlefield Monument, museum exhibits, Rome, Delta Dam, Delta Lake, Mohawk River, St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, The Beeches, Roman Wolf Statue, people dining, antipasto buffet, menu being unrolled, Oneida Lake, man fishing in lake, Oswego, man's hand using pointer to point to Mohawk Trail on map, Fort Ontario, Curator Wallace Workmaster leaning against cannon and discussing Fort Ontario, women and children walking under archway, people walking on fort, British flag, French Colonial flag and historic United States flag being raised on flagpoles, soldiers in historic uniforms
1960s Documentary 'The American Indian: After the White Man Came'
Depicts Native American life today from a celebration parade to native dances, at a rodeo, in the classroom and learning a trade. Shows Mohawk steel workers erecting steel beams on a high-rise construction project. Still photo of Jim Thrope and a 5-second video clip of Sonny Sixkiller of football fame. Shows a logging and timber operation, oil wells pumping, herd of cattle, rodeo, ski slope, a water sports lake. Shows poor housing and living in poverty due to high unemployment among many Indian tribes. Various scenes illustrating alcoholism and high suicide rate among Indians.
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Aftermath of collision of SS Mohawk and SS Talisman off New Jersey coast
American soldiers play cards aboard troop ship during World War II
American soldiers wearing steel helmets, play cards on deck of a troop ship underway in waters off Casablanca during World War 2. One removes his helmet to reveal a Mohawk haircut. Location: Casablanca Morocco . Date: 1942.
Mohawk Group Portrait
Item title reads - Assembling U.S. aircraft. <br/> <br/>Location of events unknown - somewhere in Britain. <br/> <br/>Various shots of American bombers being unpacked and assembled in hangars, one is wheeled out. M/S's of a Flying Fortress, Douglas Boston, Glen-Martin Baltimore, Vaught-Sikorsky (Sikorski), Stinson 0-49, Pitcairn Autogyro, Fairchild 41 and Curtiss Mohawk.
[Mohawk Indians no longer want whites]
A2 / France 2
COLOR MOS Early 1980s punks in New York City - slam dancing in night club, hanging out on the streets, many shots of punk hairstyles and punk fashions including Mohawk haircuts and safety pins through the ear
Full title reads: "US Train Wreck". <br/> <br/>New York State, United States of America (USA). <br/> <br/>VS of rescue workers searching amidst the wreckage of a New York central express locomotive after it crashed on a curve beside the Mohawk River - shot during a slight snow blizzard. Nearly 30 people lots their lives. <br/> <br/>MS Victims of the disaster being treated in hospital. Shots of walking wounded outside hospital. <br/> <br/>(Dublin reel)
Crewmen check a U.S. Army OV-1 Mohawk attack aircraft on an airfield in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.
U.S. Army aircraft in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. A U.S. Army OV-1 Mohawk attack aircraft on an airfield. A ground man standing beside the aircraft. A pilot in the cockpit of the aircraft. The aircraft taxis on the airfield and takes off. Two other OV-1 Mohawks taxi and take off from the airfield. Several aircraft on the airfield. An OV-1 Mohawk taking off from the runway. Crewmen check the aircraft. 'Super Snoop II' written on the aircraft. The men check the engines of the aircraft. Location: Vietnam. Date: February 4, 1969.
Surviving crew members from collision between SS Mohawk and SS Talisman