News Clip: E.R.A. Network
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
Back with host, Lynn Sherr, she talks about how to find a good lawyer for a sexual discrimination case by going through certain organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Organization for Women, the Women's Legal Defense Fund, and many others.
National Organization for Women
National Organization for Women : Christian Defense coalition press conference eith Jatrice Gaiter president and CEO of Planned parenthood.
Anti-Nazi propaganda
Nazi propaganda to justify euthanasia. Portraits of mentally handicapped people 02:15:22 The courtyard of a mental hospital with people walking around, watched by nurses who exchange food. 02:16:19 As a contrast: Young and healthy women playing ball / a bunch of ugly rats. // 02:21:48 Nazi propaganda with sound: Hitler youth girls busy, doing different kind of handworks. After work it can be played" : Girls are sledging in the snow. // 02:22:19 Mothers leave the city with their children to be safe from British-American air raids (1942/43) This is all very well organized by the Nazi party. Parents can rely on the best childcare in homes of the NSV (National social service). Also in these winter months the NSV has organized an extended "Kinderlandverschickung" (KLV = Kids brought to the safer country side in WW2.) - 2:22.54 "This is a train transport of Berlin children at Anhalter train station just before leaving for Silesia. Other transports go to other parts in the east and south of the Reich. Mom and dad can rely on the best care of their kids. That's a big relief for all social classes. England protects only the children of the wealthy ones. Germany however knows no difference between rich and poor.""
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documentary on contraceptives - birth control symposium - Betty Friedan speaks - author of The Feminine Mystique - founder of NOW (National Organization for Women) - talks about modern women's movement - progress in last 20 years -biological clock - feminism - women's rights - women's liberation - women's lib
PDA-LB-018 Beta SP 16mm
Various Subjects
News footage- crowd stands outside abortion clinic in protest/ Protesters being carried away by police (one is a priest)/ Pro life demonstrators/ Large crowds "march for life"/ Bullet holes in truck belonging to abortion clinic doctor who was gunned down/ EMT's rushing person to ambulance after explosion in abortion clinic/ NOW rally (national organization for women)/ Abortion protest gets violent
Albania: Land of refuge for Afghans in exile
France 24
A fashion show organized during National Academy Convention in Palo Alto, California.
National Academy Convention held in Palo Alto, California. View of a swimming pool. Chairs arranged in a row near the swimming pool. A fashion show organized. A man calls the names of the women participating in the show. Several conventioneers sit on chairs. The women come forward. They walk on a platform and on a bridge over the pool. People clap for the participants. Location: Palo Alto California USA. Date: 1951.
00:00:00:00 B-ROLL of Conference held in D.C. bythe National Organization of Women. (0:00)/
Interview with NOW Activist Jacqueline Ceballos
Excerpt from an interview with feminist activist Jacqueline Ceballos, president of the NYC chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW). She reflects on the success of the previous years Womens Strike for Equality protest march and what the movement wants to achieve for the future of the women's liberation movement.
National Organization for Women
National Organization for Women : Christian Defense coalition press conference eith Jatrice Gaiter president and CEO of Planned parenthood.
African American woman, Eileen Hernandez, Founder and Former President of the National Organization for Women, talking with unseen unknown interviewer about how the women's movement has not disappeared, it has spread out. The revolution has expanded into every woman's life - she talks about the many women's organizations that are looking at the conditions in women's lives. The movement has "infiltrated the entire fabric of American life" in a very positive way.
Knepper Statement on Sexist Comments
At a press conference, Bob Knepper of the Houston Astros states that sexists comments he made regarding women umpires and the National Organization of Women (NOW) were insensitive and careless. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
DN-ZLB-062 Beta SP
News Clip: Women's rights
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
Amélie Oudéa-Castéra
Radio France: filmed programmes
'Road To Interdependence' History Of U.S. Foreign Relations Documentary (part 3/10)
Compilation of major World events and Politics as WWII ends and the Cold War between Democracy and Communism as Communists annex a large swath of Europe, NATO is formed in response, war by proxy erupts in China, Korea, Vietnam and Africa, the death of Joseph Stalin, the Space Race begins with Sputnik, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the death of President John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War, the Fall of Saigon, war in the Middle East and the OPEC oil embargo 00:06:05;13 Sign reads Russian Zone. Russian Dictator JosephStalin institutes a blockade of West Berlin blocking railway, road, and canal access to the sectors of Berlin under Western control. Scenes of the Berlin airlift as planes deliver thousands of tons of food and fuel to West Berlin forcing Stalin to lift the blockade. The Berlin Blockade was one of the first international crises of the Cold War lasting from June 24, 1948 until May 12,1949. 00:06:38;10 1949 the North Atlantic Treaty Organization NATO is formed. General Dwight D. Eisenhower returns to Europe as Supreme Commander of NATO Forces and began re-building the West military strength. By 1952 the Marshall Plan resulted in increasing the industrial and agricultural capacity of Western Europe that exceeded pre-war levels. Scenes of steel production, women working in a factory, shoppers in a super market and a farmer plowing a field with a tractor. 00:07:28;02 Scenes of violence in Asia. In China, civil war follows in the wake of WWII. In 1949 Mao Zedong Mao Tse-tung launches an all-out assault on the forces of Chan Kai-shek. CU image of Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong Mao Tse-tung. CU of Chan Kai-shek. The Kuomintang KMT government and 1.3 million supporters of Chan Kai-shek abandon the China mainland for the Island of Taiwan Formosa. Image of the U.S. Capitol Building. Image of Secretary of State George Marshall and Dean Acheson. Congress blames Truman, Marshall, and Acheson for the lost of China. News that the Russians now have the Atomic Bomb leads to a series of spy cases. CU of Senator Joseph McCarthy as he states One Communist on the faculty of one university is one Communist too many, one Communist among the American advisors at Yalta is one Communist too many, and even if there were only one Communist in the State Department, that would be one Communist too many. 00:08:53;05 Start of Korean War June 25, 1950. North Korean Army crosses the 38th parallel in an invasion of South Korea. United Nation UN Forces fighting in Korea. General Douglas MacArthur seated in a jeep. Tank passes sign that reads You Are Now Crossing 38th Parallel. U.S. paratroopers jumping from a plane. Shows Chinese Troops entering the battle in Korea. Signing of Korean Armistice Agreement on July 27, 1953. Brief images of the Indochina War, French forces fight the communist Viet Minh. After the defeat of the French, Secretary John Foster Dulles organizes the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization SEATO. United States aid for developing countries.
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Anti-Castro Cuban refugees picket in Florida protesting the United Nation money being spent for politics in Cuba.
Anti-Castro Cuban refugees picket the meeting of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization at the University of Florida. The pickets claim the United Nation money spent for politics in Cuba. Men and women hold banners written with 'Cuba hungry because of Castro', 'Cuba Food Hungry', 'Castro sold country to Communists'. Location: Florida United States USA. Date: September 19, 1967.
Washington Monument through trees. Associated Press teletype machines in pressroom. Motorcycle cops in formation for parade. Marching band parade. Crowd cheers band. Clown in parade. Floats for various states. Clowns. Marine band. Debutantes wave from floats. Bands on floats. WACS in parade. Military bands. Crowd watches parade. Crowed streets of Washington. Marine inspects soldier's rifle at Arlington. Jefferson Memorial. Scenic wooded drive. Capitol building. Wide view of Capitol building. The Mall. Washington Monument reflected in the reflection pool. Capitol building. Signs in front of various government department buildings (NASA/DEFENSE) Man walks up steps of Supreme Court building. Sign: Executive Building. Students get off of tour bus. Women walk along mall. Guide tells about Washington Monument to student crowd. Pan up Washington Monument. Mount Vernon house. Tour guide on boat gives tour. Passing tour boat on stream. Guide in car. Money being printed, stacked, cut. Woman inspects stacks of bills. Machine counts bills. Tour guide gives tour of FBI headquarters. FBI files. Woman goes through files. Man shoots machine gun. Guide lectures to tour group in mosque. Bus driver with microphone gives tour of gardens. Shots of gardens. National Gallery. Woman listens to recorded guided tour. Paintings in national gallery. Sculpture. Woman in gallery listens to recorded tour. Boy listens to recorded tour. Elephant display in Museum of Natural History. Various displays. Iwo Jima monument. Statue of raising flag at Okinawa. Military parades. Speedboats soar by. Cherry blossoms. Beauty pageant. Eternal torch for John F. Kennedy. Fountain in front of Capitol. Pan down from dome. Wide shot of Capitol. Crowded line goes into White House. Guide talks to tourist. Various rooms of the White House. Guide with group at Supreme Court building. Crowds climb steps of Library of Congress. Shot of Guttenberg Bible. Gettysburg address. Fancy interior of Library of Congress. Woman reads Braille book. Man looks in card catalog. Woman at desk answers phone. Woman at typewriter. Tourists take pictures. Man operates earth mover. Construction site. People get off plane. Sign for Chamber of Commerce. Sign for Teamsters. Crowds on streets. Men look over radar tower. Signs for various companies (IBM, RCA, Union Carbide, etc). Signs for various organizations (American Legion, CIO, AMA, all for lobbying). People in restaurant. Church. Watergate Hotel. Mosque. National cathedral House office building. Washington Monument. Statue of Lincoln. Arlington National Cemetery. Tourists look at Declaration of Independence. Soldiers at grave of the Unknown Soldier. American flag waves over Washington.
documentary on contraceptives - birth control symposium - Betty Friedan speaks - author of The Feminine Mystique - founder of NOW (National Organization for Women) - talks about modern women's movement - progress in last 20 years -biological clock - feminism - women's rights - women's liberation - women's lib