ABC Evening News for Monday, Oct 07, 1974 : Introduction Howard K. Smith (Washington, DC); Harry Reasoner (New York City) Grain Exports / Government Controls / USSR Grain Sale (Studio) Over weekend, government convinces 2 large grain firms to halt huge grain sale to USSR . Govt. concerned about grain availability for US. REPORTER: Howard K. Smith (DC) Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz outlines plan, calling for voluntary action from grain exporters. Exporters to ask government before exporting more than 50,000 tons of grain a day to any foreign country [BUTZ - urges exporters to cooperate or plan to become mandatory.] Exporters withhold comment before cameras. REPORTER: Roger Peterson (Studio) Farmers react to government intervention in grain sale to USSR . REPORTER: Harry Reasoner (Du Page Cnty., Illinois) [Grain farmer Leonard PAULING - believes government action hurts farmer badly.] Despite widespread belief, higher food prices don't make farmers rich. [PAULING - says farmer needs more money because everything he uses costs more.] [Chairperson Chicago Bd. of Trade Fred UHLMANN - believes farmers' returns are up, although grain price drops somewhat following government intervention.] Despite grain sale reduction, US to have no surplus grain; grain prices not expected to drop. REPORTER: Greg Dobbs (Studio) Grain sale intervention affects USSR -US relations REPORTER: Howard K. Smith (DC) Secretary of State Henry Kissinger almost apologetic to USSR for calling off grain sale. [KISSINGER - says United States may have misled USSR ; details given.] [BUTZ - takes some blame for near-mishap of grain sale.] Kissinger to use incident for United States benefit in talking with Arab cntrys.; grain shipments may be cut off. REPORTER: Ted Koppel Kissinger / Rockefeller Gift (Studio) Secretary of State Henry Kissinger reveals Nelson Rockefeller gave him $50,000 to be used in Nixon's `72 reelection campaign. Kissinger releases letter from Nixon's attys. Edward Morgan and Egil Krogh giving legal opinion with regard to gift. REPORTER: Howard K. Smith Colson / Reduced Sentence Request (Studio) Charles Colson, convicted Watergate defendant, asks United States district court in DC to reduce 1-3 year prison sentence in interest of even-handed justice. REPORTER: Howard K. Smith Ford / Nixon Pardon / House Subcommittee (Studio) President Ford to answer questions with regard to Nixon pardon before House subcommittee Thursday Mbrs. of committee agree to postpone hearing if jury selection in Watergate cover-up trial not completed by Wednesday REPORTER: Howard K. Smith (Commercial: Sunlife of Canada Insurance Company; 9 Lives Cat Food.) Ford / Economy Proposals (Studio) President Ford to deliver economy program to Congo tomorrow. Rptdly. Ford to call for 5% income tax surcharge for couples earning over $15,000 and for singles earning 1/2 that. Congress reacts. Senators Mike Mansfield and Hugh Scott comment. REPORTER: Howard K. Smith (White House) White House officials closely watch Capitol Hill reaction, although surcharge idea not confirmed. Spokesperson warns President wants proposals to be considered as package deal. REPORTER: Steve Bell (Studio) ABC to carry economy address live at 4 p.m. EDT. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner Stock Market Report (Studio) REPORTER: Harry Reasoner Gold / Economy (Studio) As of December 31, American citizens may buy gold in bullion form. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner (NYC) At Engelhard mineral plant in New Jersey gold being turned out in sizes attractive to average buyer. [Plant manager Bernard BERGER - says buyer must depend on reputable broker to make sure gold is pure and not counterfeit. Shows Engelhard gold bar.] Govt. can't print gold as paper money. [Floor trader Lowell MINSK - urges small buyer to stay out of gold market Gold sales to be pure speculation.] REPORTER: Gregory Jackson AMC / Price Incr. (Studio) AMC announces nearly $400 price increase on `75 model autos. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner US Steel / Prices (Studio) United States Steel Corporation chairperson Edgar Spear tells Congress committee steel industry can get by without more price increases only if costs held down in other sectors of economy REPORTER: Harry Reasoner (Commercial: Speidel Watch Bands; Arm and Hammer Oven Cleaner.) Kissinger / Middle East Trip / Egyptian Parade (Studio) Secretary of State Henry Kissinger leaves on Mid. E. trip tomorrow night; 1st stop to be Egypt. Egypt commemorates last October war with parade. REPORTER: Howard K. Smith (Cairo, Egypt) President Sadat rides through city to celebrate October war anniversary. Palestine Liberation Organization Yasir Arafat present for ceremonies. Egyptian paratroopers and rangers get warmest welcome. Missiles, tanks, portable bridges rumble by. Most Egyptians more concerned with inflation than military REPORTER: Peter Jennings E. Germany / 25th Anniversary (Studio) East Germany marks its 25th anniversary. REPORTER: Howard K. Smith (E. Berlin, Germany) 25th anniversary offers testament to permanence of divided Germany. Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev helps East Germany celebrate its birthday. REPORTER: Don Farmer US, USSR / Nuclear Testing (Studio) Secretary of State Henry Kissinger says United States attempts to broaden agreement with USSR with regard to underground nuclear testing. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner (Commercial: Wizard Air Freshener; Atlas Tires; Ace Hardware; American Hospital Association) Reserve Mining / Dumping (Studio) Govt. requests Supreme Court order to stop Reserve Mining Company from dumping solid wastes into Lake Superior. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner New York Stores / Indictments / Women's Fashions (Studio) Federal grand jury in New York indicts 3 major department stores on charges of conspiring to fix prices of women's fashions since late 1960's. Stores are Saks Fifth Ave., Bergdorf Goodman and Bonwit Teller. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner South Boston / School Busing / Integration (Studio) Demonstrations worsen as South Boston conts. protest against court-ordered busing. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner (Boston, Massachusetts) Traffic snarls. Lone black man seized by demonstrators and severely beaten after being dragged from car. Police arrest several people. Tension not cooled. REPORTER: Mike Kiebee (WCVG-TV) West Virginia / Textbooks (Studio) In Saint Albans, West Virginia, 16 people arrested after blocking school buses from leaving garage. Boycott renewed as protest heightens over use of certain textbooks in schools. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner (Commercial: US Steel; Alpo Dog Food.) Comment (Democracy) (Studio) This reporter ponders question of democracy and its place in today's world. New York "Times" carries articles on China and Italy; both unable to cope with democracy. Perhaps democracy has seen its day. REPORTER: Howard K. Smith
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Around the World in New York
ABC Evening News for Tuesday, Jan 22, 1974 Introduction Howard K. Smith (Washington, DC); Harry Reasoner (New York City) President, Impeachment / White House Reaction (Studio) Admin. reacts to suggestions of President' resignation and Senator Hugh Scott's statement with regard to President' innocence in Watergate. REPORTER: Howard K. Smith (White House) Press Secretary Ron Ziegler insists President won't resign. Nixon intends to turn to other business and refuses to dwell on Watergate in `74. In line with plans, Nixon meets with Teamsters president Frank Fitzsimmons, pleading case of truckers. Throughout day, President meets with Congmen. and senior aides. Nixon convinced 18-min. erasure not deliberate, according to Ziegler. Supposedly, White House has information to refute John Dean's testimony, involving President in Watergate, but White House refuses to release proof because of legal considerations. REPORTER: Tom Jarriel (Capitol Hill) Vice President Gerald Ford holds news conference [FORD - insists President had no prior knowledge of Watergate and didn't participate in cover-up.] Ford in position to view information that would exonerate President of Watergate charges. [FORD - admits President volunteered to show information to him, but he hasn't seen it yet.] REPORTER: Bob Clark (DC) Special prosecutor's office hasn't found information refuting Dean's testimony and exonerating President in any tapes and documents from White House Aide to Senator Scott looks for more evidence to back Sen's. claim; reasons for action given. Electronics company differs with technical experts' conclusion with regard to 18-min. erasure on White House tape. Officials of electronics company explain 5 separate erasures differently; details given. REPORTER: David Schoumacher Goldwater Poll / Republicans / Watergate (Studio) Senator Barry Goldwater releases poll figures showing Watergate to cause 10% loss of vote for all Republicans this year Other Republicans disagree, incling. Kansas Senator Robert Dole. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner (Commercial: Alpo Dog Food; Victors Cough Drops.) Kissinger News Conference / Oil Embargo / Plumbers' Unit (Studio) Israeli parliament approves Egyptian-Israeli disengagement plan worked out by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Egyptian President Sadat thinks Arabs must make change toward US; Arab oil embargo against United States may have triggered statement. REPORTER: Howard K. Smith (DC) Secretary Kissinger broadly hints at end to Arab oil embargo. [KISSINGER - believes refusal to lift embargo highly inappropriate.] Kissinger expects embargo to end within month. In news conf., Kissinger mentions White House plumber's unit. David Young probed leak from National Security Council to Jack Anderson and joint chiefs of staff. Kissinger admits hearing tape of interrogation, conducted by plumber's David Young, of Admiral Robert Welander, former liaison officer from joint chiefs of staff to National Security Council [KISSINGER - insists he knew nothing of investigation into leaks. Insists he didn't participate in interrogation.] REPORTER: Ted Koppel Pentagon / Top Secret Messages (Studio) Pentagon denies top secret messages to officials in Saigon, South Vietnam, were rerouted through joint chiefs of staff. Former employee of communications center charges messages meant for Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker often rerouted to chairperson of joint chiefs Admiral Thomas Moorer. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner (Commercial: Elmer's Glue; Tennessee Highway Patrol.) Cost of Living / 1973 (Studio) Govt. reports consumer prices rise 0.5% in December, making 1973 cost of living increase highest in 27 years Cost of living rises 8.8% for 1973. Breakdown of rises given. REPORTER: Howard K. Smith Senate Committee / Oil Hearings (Studio) Senate committee conts. oil hearings. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner (Capitol Hill) Oil company representatives present figures of `73 profits. Committee chairperson Senator Henry Jackson compares `72 profits with `73 for 1st 9 mos. [Gulf Oil president Z.D. BONNER - explains overall profits in past 5 years increase very slightly.] [Exxon Vice President Roy BAZE - discusses profits from oil company's viewpoint.] Execs. questioned about low taxes paid in US. REPORTER: Roger Peterson Elk Hills / Standard of California (Studio) Navy official tells Senate Commerce Committee that Standard Oil of California drains oil from Elk Hills naval petroleum reserve. Reserve to bring injunction. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner Energy Crisis / Poor, Elderly (Studio) Senate subcommittee opens hearings on effects of energy crisis on poor and elderly. Committee hears of aid program in ME. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner (Bowdoinham, ME) Many Maine homes insulated badly; poor heating systems exist. [Mrs. Barbara BAXTER - describes heating problems with her home.] Volunteers of Office of Economic Opportunity program install insulation in Baxter home. "Project fuel" may work in other states also. REPORTER: Charles Burke Stock Market Report (Studio) REPORTER: Harry Reasoner (Commercial: Bufferin; Listerine Lozenges; Dow Oven Cleaner; 9-Lives Cat Food.) Reagan / Unofficial Campaigning (Studio) In New England, California Governor Ronald Reagan helps raise funds for Republicans and carries out some unofficial campaigning for `76 presidential election. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner (Concord, New Hampshire) [New Hampshire Governor Meldrim THOMSON - plans to support and campaign for Reagan if he runs for office.] [REAGAN - doesn't discourage or encourage remarks of support.] Questioned about Nixon and Watergate. [REAGAN - doesn't have all facts; must depend on newspaper.] Throughout New England, record crowds greet Reagan with open arms. [REAGAN - places faith in Republican party; asks Americans to do same.] Reagan preaches old time Republican beliefs during trip. REPORTER: Frank Reynolds (Commercial: Calgon Bath Oil Beads; Dentu-Creme Denture Cleaner.) Rep. Gilman / POWs (Studio) New York Congman. Benjamin Gilman reports Laotian general told him 8-10 American POWs still held by North Vietnam. Pentagon to probe report REPORTER: Howard K. Smith Abortion / First Anniversary (Studio) Today marks 1st anniversary of Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion nationwide. REPORTER: Howard K. Smith (DC) Pro-abortion group holds quiet memorial in Washington, DC church. Anti-abortion group marches on White House [Senator James BUCKLEY - believes all humans have right to life.] Anti-abortion group hopes to gain support from Congress for human life amendment. REPORTER: Virginia Sherwood (Commercial: Cadillac.) Comment (Wayne, Harvard / Humor) (Studio) This reporter believes American in danger of losing its sense of humor. After John Wayne visited Harvard, some Congmen. complained to Pentagon about Army reserve unit used to transport Wayne to Harvard. Person responsible should be given medal not reprimanded by Pentagon. Congman. should dwell on more important problems. REPORTER: Harry Reasoner
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