Vice-President Spiro Agnew makes a speech putting down the media barons and newscasters.
Internet Krasinski Good News
John Krasinski launches 'Some Good News' newscast on YouTube, reunites with Steve Carell
Hype for Hopper, 1973 (open reel video)
Portable Channel attends a confusing 20th Century Fox publicity event for Dennis Hopper's film Kid Blue at Rochester Institute of Technology. Interview with newsman about newscasting this event.
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19 20 National edition: [15 January 2023 issue]
FR3 / France 3
The (Armed Forces Network) staff work at AFN radio Station and announcers broadcast news.
The AFN (Armed Forces Network) staff including announcers, researchers and editors work at AFN radio station. Staff member types on a typewriter. Senior newscaster briefs announcer before a news broadcast. Announcer reading news from a sheet of paper, speaks over microphone. Clock on Wall with AFN Berlin written under it. Another announcer broadcasts news in Berlin. Location: United States USA. Date: 1962.
Murat Mercan, Gus in Office
wide shot of woman reading paper about 9/11 in living room with radio audio being heard, medium wide shot of woman in kitchen as camera pans left tracking shot of her listening to radio, tilt up to medium shot of woman in kitchen pouring a drink, tilt down to close up of woman making drink, zoom out to wide shot of her in kitchen as radio continues to play, close up of cup, tilt up to woman looking at cameraman, close up of radio as BBC radio plays, pan right rack focus to close up of radio speaker as news continues to play on the radio, rack focus zoom in to radio as newscast about 9/11 continues
Never a Backward Step
Various shots at night of busy traffic in Picadilly Square, double-decker buses, flashing neon signs, heavy pedestrian traffic. MLS of electric billboard announcing story about Ronald Reagan winning the primary contest for Governor. Shots of large crowd watching newscaster, mostly businessmen in suits. MCU of young men reclining on stone steps and smoking. HA FOLLOW SHOT of man on roof of Criterion building. HAS of Picadilly neon signs at night. Various interior shots of newscaster control room, technicians at work. CU of tape being fed through machine, technician splicing it together with tape. Various shots of Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park. Various shots of speaker from Irish Republican Movement orating, ZOOM IN on policeman in foreground. Various shots of other speakers and their audiences. MCUs of faces of speakers, of listeners. WAS of Hyde Park showing monument in the middle, people gathered around it.
News anchor reporting live from accident
News anchor reporting live from accident
Scottish aviator Jim Mollison landing at airfield in Pennfield, New Brunswick, Canada, after transatlantic flight from Ireland
FSN-257 Beta SP
Unissued / Unused material - <br/> <br/>VS of new illuminated sign - or newscaster - on the front of a building. VS of newscaster in Birmingham. VS of newscaster in Manchester. Newscaster in railway station. VS of newscaster in London's Piccadilly Circus.
No title. Newscaster at Waterloo Station, London. <br/> <br/>L/S Waterloo Station. L/S ditto, showing Newscaster - illuminated message board that shows latest news headlines. C/U tape machine feeding information to Newscaster. C/U ditto. M/S tape machine. Various C/Us commuters on platform looking up at Newscaster. L/S of Newscaster, it reads: "London's Latest Newscaster Serving 58 Million Commuters Each Year at Waterloo Station".
Broadcaster & News Area
From a news story, a CU of a newscaster talking and a LS of the darkened newsroom.
Argentina Trans News Anchor
Argentina has first transgender newscaster
Alfred Hitchcock
Film director Hitchcock discusses his life and career in long talks with (1) Pia Lindstrom (newscaster and daughter of Hitchcock star Ingrid Berman) and with (2) film historian William Everson. Excerpts from several films iillustrate these interviews. (1) Dial M for Murder"
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Annual general meeting of the party "Ajaccio the Movement" created by Laurent Marcangeli.
King George VI funeral processions in 1952
Murat Mercan, Gus in Office
wide profile shot of woman reading paper in living room chair in front of window as radio newscast talks about the recent 9/11 attacks, high angle wide shot of woman sitting in chair in foreground with collectibles and paintings on wall in the background, extreme high angle from staircase down of woman reading newspaper in living room in front of window, medium wide shot of woman reading paper from staircase, close up of woman smiling while reading newspaper, pan left rack focus zoom in to newspaper talking about global markets opening after 9/11, pan right rack focus to extreme close up of woman reading paper, medium shot of woman sitting in chair for interview stating how to her, 9/11 happening is unbelievable, who could even think of doing something like this, as well as the worrying prospect of a Muslim group committing such an act despite it being against the teachings of Islam