Sunset at the coast, Fiji
Sunset at the coast of Fiji. Fiji is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, and is one of the most threatened nations by climate change. Most of its population live around the coasts, which are affected by sea level rise, and the tropical cyclones that hit it are likely to become more intense as the seas warm.
EJJ-9 Beta SP
B&W "Seeing London" Home Movies
ISSUE_NO = 1732 NO_OF_ITEMS = 4 COMMENTATOR = Leslie Mitchell ITEM_NO = 4 DESCRIPTION : It's probably the most famous anchorage in the world, and Cowes Week is certainly the most famous festival of yachting. Top-line sailing men like Uffa Fox are always there, of-course. Here, he's taking out Prince Philip's famous Flying Fifteen, "Coweslip", crewed by the Countess of Leicester. A big attraction of the sport is its social equality, and class is only considered in relation to the craft involved. There are plenty to choose from, Fireflies, Dragons, Flying Fifteens, Swallows, Darings, Solent Sunbeams. Names which are sheer poetry to a yachtsman. The Royal Yacht "Britannia" was there, and, of-course, Prince Philip with the latest Royal acquisition, the magnificent ocean-racing Yawl "Bloodhound". Let's watch her as the Royal Helmsman takes her out before competing in the Britannia Challenge Cup. His crew included officers from the Royal Yacht. CARD_FILE = 84873 CARD_TITLE : THE PRINCE AT THE HELM (IN COLOUR) SHOT_LIST : Key scene. GV Sailing boat. MS Pan yachts. MS Man and two women. MS Sailor with girls. CU Girl in sailor uniform. CU Sign R.C.Y.C. Private. CU Sign Royal London Yacht club. CU Sign sailing club. GV Crowds. GV Cannons. MCU Uffa Fox. MS People boarding dinghy. MCU Man unwinding wire. MS Boat hits water. MS Uffa Fox. TS Uffa Fox and men in dinghy. MS Dinghy's sail off. MS Crowd. MS Dinghy on water. GV Yachts. GV Yachts (Fireflies). MS Men in dinghy. GV Yachts sailing. GV Yachts side by side. MS Yachts. GV Royal yacht "Britannia". CU Sign "Duke races new yacht at Cowes". (2 shots) Duke at yacht (Bloodhound). MS Crew in dinghy. Pan up sail. GV Duke and crew take out "Bloodhound." CU Man. (2 shots) Duke and crew on the water with yacht. MS Front of yacht. GV "Bloodhound". GV Yachts. (2 shots) Crew on "Bloodhound". GV "Bloodhound". CU Flag. (2 shots) Side of dinghy. MS Man adjusts dinghy. GV Front of yacht. GV Yacht with "Britannia" in background. GV Sail. GV (3 shots) Yacht. INDEX : Islands - Isle of Wight, Towns and Cities, Water Sports - Yachting, Water, Miscellaneous, Mankind, Naval, Fashion, Military, British Royalty - Duke Of Edinburgh, Personalities - Uffa Fox, Shipping, Flags COMMENTS : Colour story MATERIAL : Colour material - Cut neg 05639, Cut neg 05639x, Interpos 05624, Neg track 05640, Neg cuts 05625, Dupe neg 05640x, Prints 05688(4) x Colour cut neg and dupe neg Colour neg cuts 05644 Colour n/cuts 05637 FEET_SHOT = 300 DATE_SUBD = 00/00/0000
Deauville, France (cuts). Fashionable holiday resort, beach scenes, beach games, bathing, horse racing. <br/> <br/>Montage of scenes from Deauville; a holiday seaside resort in France; on the coast of Normandy; 1920s. Looks like fun. Jumps back & forth from one scene to another; sometimes repeating a bit. <br/> <br/>Crowds at outdoor cafe and at the races; eating; drinking; talking; other people strolling by the cafe; past shops; through park; etc. Shot of 3 women standing in park; talking; 1 starts to open up paper to look at programme for races or some entertainment; man walks up to her; pointing at the paper & saying something and the lady seems to be telling him off; waving her arm in an impatient; angry gesture. Summer fashions: many light-coloured dresses & hats. <br/> <br/>Brief shots of horse race. Good shots of children playing games: a line of little girls each holding waist of girl in front of her; do a silly walk; swinging their legs out to the sides in unison. A man walks backward at front of line; holding hands of the little girl in front. Next; the girls leapfrog across the lawn; in a race. The man seems to be a games instructor. Beach cabins in distance. <br/> <br/>Next; a boys' group; doing exercises. Then 2 little boys boxing; w/ gloves. Also many good shots of children playing in water at the beach; standing in the waves; some of them holding onto a rope while others are farther out; body surfing. Some boys having trouble w/ a large rowing boat until some men help. More of the fashionable crowds in the parks, on sea front, at races and outdoor cafes. <br/> <br/>Recreation; vacation; ocean; swimming. More from Deauville follows immediately on same tape.
ISSUE_NO = 1757 NO_OF_ITEMS = 5 COMMENTATOR = Leslie Mitchell ITEM_NO = 2 DESCRIPTION : Over ten and a half thousand miles lie between London and Fiji in the Pacific Ocean. It must have been pretty frustrating those bad weather hold ups on the flight. But eventually, the Queen was to reach the starting point of her 30,000 mile tour, from Fiji to New Zealand and Australia. Movietonews will be bringing a record of the whole tour in colour. CARD_FILE = 85956 CARD_TITLE : THE GREAT JOURNEY BEGINS (COLOUR) SHOT_LIST : Key scene. MS Pan - The Queen and party walk to plane. MLS Same with plane in background. MCU Newsreel cameramen. MS The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh wave from cabin door. GV Crowd. MS Flag flying from plane. GV Plane takes off. INDEX : Towns and Cities, Aviation, Buildings, British Royalty - Duke Of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II, Flags, Photography, Mankind MATERIAL : BTN 266 FEET_SHOT = 64 DATE_SUBD = 01/31/1963
Red sky at sunset, Ushuaia, Argentina
Dramatic red clouds in the sky at sunset. Filmed in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. It is a staging point for trips to Antarctica, across the Drake Passage.
Unused / unissued material - no paperwork - dates unclear or unknown. 1928? <br/> <br/>Early colour film (probably from America) - Colour quality varies from scene to scene. <br/>CU of yellow flowers. <br/>Intertitle reads: "Some very dumb puffins -- they don't know what to do with their fish." <br/>Stop motion shots of pink flowers opening. <br/>Intertitle reads: "The gaudy Hawaiian hibiscus - - she has no conscience." <br/>Shots of puffin sitting on rocks. Its beak is full of small fish. Shots of other sea birds - possibly razorbills with fish. <br/>Intertitle reads: "All is well - - the lonely bee has found his blossom". <br/>Honey bees gather pollen from inside a white flower. CU of bee on head of flower. <br/>Intertitle reads: "This definitely closes these flowers for the season." <br/>Stop motion shots of purple flowers closing. <br/>Intertitle reads: "Gulls -- no ocean is complete without them." VS of gulls - possibly herring gulls. Standing and in flight. Slow motion shots of man throwing bread to flying gulls. <br/>Intertitle reads: "The cormorant -- he has no respect for a fish". <br/>CU of cormorant on edge of boat. A hand feeds him a fish. <br/>Intertitle reads: "Look what the color artists did to poor Robin Red Breast in France". Shots of robin feeding young birds in nest (the bird has been tinted blue). -- Spacing -- <br/>Intertitle reads: "Among New York's most interesting studios is that of Fred Dana Marsh, one of America's leading mural painters." VS of American artist at working his studio. <br/>Intertitle reads: "Although his creations are designed to enliven lofty domes and high-walled rooms, his habit is to paint them on the floor." VS of kneeling artist drawing designs. <br/>Intertitle reads: "Originality is the keystone of his art". VS of mural by Marsh, he is adding finishing touches with a paint brush. <br/>Intertitle reads: "His pet hobby is making these...". CU of puppet of Charlie Chaplin dancing. CU of head of puppet. CU of puppet possibly Mary Pickford. CU of puppet of William S Hart. CU of puppet of (possibly) Theda Bara. CU of Marsh operating puppet. <br/> <br/>Title reads: "Pathe Review". Intertitle reads: "Interesting People - Pathe Review - Three Gentlemen from Indiana." <br/>Intertitle reads: "-- and most of them have not run off to New York to seek fame. At Indianapolis for example, lives Meredith Nicholson." VS of author Meredith Nicholson and family outside house. Intertitle reads: "Best known by his romance novel, 'The House of a Thousand Candles,' his favourite pastime, when not writing, is being a granddad." MS of Nicholson holding baby. MS of author writing on pad. <br/> <br/>Intertitle reads: "And in the same home town there's another genius who, Will Rogers says, is the 'funniest guy in America". Shot of Kin Hubbard walking past camera. Intertitle reads: "- Kin Hubbard, the creator of 'Abe Martin' - that witty backwoods philosopher known in every corner of the nation". VS of Kin Hubbard reading. Various intertitles with quotations from 'Abe Martin'. <br/> <br/>Intertitle reads: "And at Brook, Indiana, we find George Ade's estate - which he calls his 'private country club'. Neighbors are always welcome for golf". VS of George Ade, American author, and others playing golf. Intertitle reads: " - personally conducted tours of his spacious gardens - ". MS of Ade walking through gardens with two other gentlemen. Intertitle reads: "- and chats at his log cabin clubhouse." Men walk into building in wood. Intertitle reads: "Ade is often called the 'dean of American humorists.' His Fables in Slang are national classics. MS of Ade at work behind desk. <br/> <br/>Title reads: "Pathe Review - Snappy Scenery. All of Guatemala in two easy minutes". Shots of coastline from boat. <br/> <br/>Intertitle reads: "First we go for a canoe ride on the Rio Motagua". Shots of kayak style canoe being paddled along tropical river. LS of ship at sea, pelicans in fore ground. <br/> <br/>Intertitle reads: "Guatemala City is sometimes noted for its open air five and dime store". Shots of open street market. Good shots of South American women carrying baskets on their heads around the market. <br/> <br/>Intertitle reads: "Here comes the national defense". VS of troops marching along road. <br/> <br/>Intertitle reads: "The Maya Indians of long ago left their trademarks all over the landscape." CU of ancient Indian carving / totem pole. An archaeologist is pointing out various features. <br/> <br/>Intertitle reads: "You can see the Mayas were real chisellers". Shots of Mayan sculpture. <br/> <br/>Intertitle reads: "Where the famous coffee comes from". Pan across valley with coffee plantations on either side. Shots of village in shadow of large mountain.
TAPE_NUMBER: EN9936 IN_TIME: 10:59:32 LENGTH: 04:08 SOURCES: APTN/V2 RECORDS RESTRICTIONS: No re-use/re-sale of film/video clips without clearance, No access Internet Music/performance rights must be cleared. contact V2 records on (00 44 171 471 3000) FEED: SCRIPT: xfa STEREOPHONICS AMERICA BOUND STORY: STEREOPHONICS LOCATION: UK DATE: AUGUST '99 For years, the musical reputation of the recently selfgoverning Wales has rested in the hands of its famous male voice choirs with Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey adding their pop personae for good measure. All that has changed with the arrival of bands such as Catatonia and Manic Street Preachers and more recently STEREOPHONICS. Famed for being the first ever signings to Richard Branson 's new music empire, V2 Records, the Stereophonics are a threepiece Welsh rock/pop band who created an enormous buzz around the UK's A&R departments before finally electing to join V2 in 1996. Indeed, Branson was reported to have taken a personal hand in their signing. Dovetailing 60sinspired pop melodicism with 90s technology and the innovations of the dance music era, the Newportbased group were first spotted by V2's A&R head Ronnie Gurr via a tipoff. However, they were keen to distance themselves from Newport's recent press designation as 'the Seattle of the 90s', refusing to acknowledge any kinship with groups such as the 60 Foot Dolls or the Welshlanguage movement. The group comprises three friends: songwriter KELLY JONES (guitar/vocals), RICHARD JAMES (bass) and STUART CABLE (drums), who have known each other since early childhood. They formed a band in their early teens, calling themselves The Tragic Love Company. At first they were a cover band, honing their skills on the pub circuit. Then came their own material. Having put together the band in 1992, the group bought a tour bus with their advance and set about making an impression on the UK's indie/alternative circuit. The debut album confirmed their promise, attracting strong reviews, with Jones's songwriting winning particular praise. The group's reward was a 1998 BRITS Award for Best Newcomer. Life in the valleys infuses much of their work. Yet the band find optimism and honor in their snapshots of life in a bucolic village. They themselves live in a straightforward manner: They are not into drugs, but "we were brought up on beer," explains Stuart. "We drink like demons. There's no dance culture, no Ecstasy or anything." Being a threepiece, the band also realized there were limitations, so they had to keep it simple and powerful: good tunes, no solos, full sound. Headsdown rock, played with passion and respect. Since signing with V2, Stereophonics have spent most of the intervening time on the road; touring with Manic Street Preachers, Skunk Anansie, playing dates with Ocean Colour Scene, Lightning Seeds and even opening for The Who. Stereophonics will soon make their first visit to the U.S. With their second album 'Performance and Cocktails' still riding high in the UK charts, the band are set to make their first onslaught on the US with their first tour beginning in September. It remains to be seen if their Welsh ravings find an audience across the water. SHOTLIST: CLIP VIDEO 'I WOULDN'T BELIEVE YOUR RADIO' ; SOT GROUP LR STUART CABLE (DRUMMER), KELLY JONES (SINGER), RICHARD JAMES (BASSIST) ; LIVE PERFORMANCE 'I WOULDN'T BELIEVE YOUR RADIO' STEREOPHONICS (V99, AUGUST 1999) ; SOT GROUP (ON HOW WHALES KEEPS THEIR FEET ON GROUND) ; CLIP VIDEO 'LOCAL BOY' ; SOT GROUP ; LIVE PERFORMANCE ; SOT GROUP (ON WHY THEY PLAY FESTIVALS) ; VIDEO CLIP ?
Healthy coral reef ecosystem
Healthy coral reef teeming with a mixed community of fishes. Filmed at Palmyra Atoll in the central Pacific Ocean. This atoll had its ecosystem destroyed by construction during World War II, but since being abandoned life has reclaimed the atoll. The site is being studied to see how corals recover after stress and collapse.
Travelogue showing the wonders of Florida. <br/> <br/>Ocean Front - Miami Beach. Aerial views of the city showing hotels, beach, sea and swimming pools. High angle shot of spaghetti junction type road system. Pan American aircraft lands at Miami airport. Freeway shots. Sign towards Miami Beach. Oceanfront scenes - art deco hotels, palm trees, swimming pools, beach etc. People paddle in the sea. Boys on surfboards - no big waves, only tiddlers. Narrator observes that "Civilisation here is unashamedly preoccupied with the worship of sunshine." Two girls lay down on towels and sunbathe. Shots of other girls in bikinis soaking up the sun. Yachts on the sea. Girl walking through a shopping street in a bikini. Various shots of shoppers and a weird candy coloured "tramcar". <br/> <br/>Seaquarium. Views from the monorail. Various shots of the tourist attractions at the seaquarium. Performing dolphins. Underwater shots of the dolphins and L/S of them jumping for fish. Deep sea fishing. Man on prow of motor boat, another man fishing. Woman fisher wears outrageous blue hat and great sunglasses. Looks pretty mad but enjoying herself. <br/> <br/>Key West - various shots of the island's colonial homes and motels. Conch Tour Train is seen moving through the island with lots of passengers on board. Fishing boats and pelicans are seen. Children paddle in the water beside mangrove trees. Everglades - a family explore the National Park admiring bird life and views at Royal Palm Hammock (?). Lovely sunset shots of the Everglades. <br/> <br/>Night shots of Miami. Great music accompanies shots of neon light signs including McDonalds, the Gold Dust Motel, the Boulevard Drive In Cinema and "Wolfies". Night club shots. Go-go dancers struts their stuff on table tops - absolutely fantastic crazy dancing by bikini clad girls in fishnets! Swinging Sixties stuff - groovy man. Note: I think that this is the 007 Go-Go club at the Shelbourne Hotel.
Diver over healthy coral reef ecosystem
Scuba diver swimming over a healthy coral reef teeming with a mixed community of fishes. Filmed at Palmyra Atoll in the central Pacific Ocean. This atoll had its ecosystem destroyed by construction during World War II, but since being abandoned life has reclaimed the atoll. The site is being studied to see how corals recover after stress and collapse.
TAPE_NUMBER: EF00/0949 IN_TIME: 18:30:44 // 19:07:44 - 21:33:06 LENGTH: 03:58 SOURCES: Shots 1-21 = Bahraini TV, the rest = APTN RESTRICTIONS: FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: Natural Sound XFA Divers and searchers have recovered most of the debris after Tuesday's Gulf Air crash, which killed all 143 people on board. Notably, searchers found both the cockpit voice recorder, or "black box", and the flight data recorder, which they handed over to investigators. There is no word yet on what caused the crash, but Bahraini officials said they have ruled out terrorist activity. The Gulf Air Airbus was circling over these shallow waters when it fell from the sky. It was coming in to land at Bahrain's airport, but never made it. Two eyewitnesses said the plane flew unusually low over their heads heading to the runway, but took a sharp turn toward the sea. Both men said the plane returned minutes later flying even lower but headed straight into the water. They said unusual noises came from the plane's engines, but they saw no flames. At the crash site, searchers retrieved both the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder from the Airbus A320. Both were intact, according to Bahrain civil defence chief James Windsor, who received the voice cockpit recorder from U-S Navy divers who brought it to shore. U-S Navy helicopters, destroyers and an ocean going tug with a 10-ton crane helped lead the search and rescue effort a few miles off the northern coast of Bahrain, which is the headquarters of the U-S 5th Fleet. Bahraini Crown Prince Sheik Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa personally directed the effort. By midday on Thursday, most of the floating debris had been collected. Only a couple of shoes and some yellow foam bobbed on the surface. Waters at the crash site were less than 40 feet (13 metres) deep. Much of the debris, bits of wings and fuselage, was visible from the surface, in water only six to nine feet deep. According to Airbus, the plane, delivered to Gulf Air in September 1994, had accumulated 17,177 flight hours in 13,848 flights. Gulf Air's most recent disaster came in 1983, when a 737-200 crashed during approach to Abu Dhabi after a bomb exploded in the baggage compartment. The crash killed all six crew members and 105 of 111 passengers. SHOTLIST: Manama, Bahrain - August 24, 2000 Bahraini TV UNBUGGED MATERIAL 1. Tail fin debris in the water 2. Debris in water 3. Divers in the water 4. Airplane wheels under water 5. Large piece of plane body in water 6. Passport of woman and baby 7. Man identity card 8. Dinghi next to large bit of debris 9. Large piece of side of plane sticking out of water with words Gulf Air 10. Seat belt, chairs on dock 11. People's belongings gathered 12. Cockpit equipment in boat 13. Various of equipment 14. Wide of boats 15. Helicopter above sea 16. Moving shot across water 17. Piece of debris, helicopter 18. Wide of scene with boats, divers, debris visible under water 19. Helicopter above water 20. Various debris under water 21. Wreckage sticking out of water APTN 22. U-S searchers walking 23. U-S navy officers 24. Searchers on board boat with cockpit voice recorder (orange-coloured box) 25. Plane flying above search operation 26. Searchers on boat 27. Equipment 28. Searchers with equipment 29. Boat with piece of debris 30. Boat with divers around 31. Black box in bucket 32. Man handing over black box 33. Various clothes on ground 34. Debris in water 35. Searcher holding money he has found 36. Divers on boat?
Dive boat
A dive boat at Yap Caverns on the outer edge of the surrounding reef. Yap is an island in the Caroline Islands of the western Pacific Ocean, the westernmost state of the Federated States of Micronesia; Yap, Micronesia
Entertainment Daily: Christies Preview - Showbiz treasures go on sale in New York
TAPE: EF01/0802 IN_TIME: 14:25:08 DURATION: 3:41 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: New York 15/11/01 SHOTLIST 1. Exterior, Christie's East 2. Wide pan, interior Christie's, various lots 3. Close up, 'The Seven Year Itch' poster (estimate $3500-5500 USD) note: "an all time icon" 4. Medium tilt, large never-before-published colour photograph of Marilyn Monroe to slides with photos in showcase note: "colour photo printed in an oversized format. Taken by a young fan who established an acquaintance with the star (estimate: $1500-2000 USD) 5. Close up, various Marilyn Monroe never-before-published photos taken by a young fan 6. Archival video of Marilyn Monroe in black dress (with music) 7. Close tilt up, Marilyn Monroe black dress (estimate: $20,000-25,000 USD) 8. Soundbite: (English) Margaret Barrett, Christie's: "I think a lot of people don't realize that she was quite a small woman. She had a small waist but she filled it out in the hips... our mannequin's a little small." 9. Close up, photo of Charlton Heston holding prop 'The Ten Commandments' tablet (estimate: $6000-7000 USD) 10. Close up, two prop tablets 11. Wide -- zooms in, Elvis memorabilia in case 12. Close up, Elvis ring (estimate: $6000-8000 USD) 13. Close up, photo of Elvis and Priscilla 14. Pull out, Flash Gordon poster to John Lennon bust 15. Close up tilt, Lennon bust (estimate: $4000-5000 USD) 16. Soundbite: (English) Margaret Barrett, Christie's: "This bust was made to commemorate him shortly after he died, it was made in 1981 even though he died in 1980 and there is only 15 of them that were made so this is a limited addition series and people really respond to it. They respond to John and the New York City on his T-shirt. It's a nice piece and hopefully it will do well." 17. Medium shot, interior 18. Close up, 'Spy Smasher' poster (estimate: $2000-3000USD) 19. Close up, 'Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy' poster (estimate:$900-1200) 20. Medium pan across 'Casablanca' posters 21. Wide shot, Charlie Chaplin posters 22. Close up, Steve McQueen as 'Bullitt' poster (estimate: $600-900) 23. Pull out, 'Sean Connery is James Bond - You Only Live Twice' poster (estimate: $700-1000 USD) 24. Wide pan, various posters 25. Soundbite: (English) Margaret Barrett, Christie's: "I think what is compelling about film posters - vintage posters - is that the artwork is different. Now they tend to do images from the movies, photographic images. Vintage ones tended to have artist that would create certain scenes or certain stars from them and so they are all different or all unique, they all have a different look I think than just a photographic image." 26. Cutaway, woman looking through posters 27. Close up, 'Moulin Rouge' poster (estimate: $600-900 USD) 28. Tilt down, 'Ocean's 11' poster (estimate: $2000-3000 USD) VINTAGE HOLLYWOOD AT CHRISTIE'S On November 19, Hollywood will again cast its magic spell when Christie's East has its Entertainment Memorabilia sale. Apart from a variety of Tinseltown treasures ranging from celebrity-owned personal items to studio-produced props, the sale will also feature a large selection of vintage and rare film posters. The eternal beauty of Marilyn Monroe glistens in this sale as the evening gown she wore to the premiere of 'The Rose Tattoo' (estimate: $20,000-25,000 USD) will be offered. Monroe went to this New York City premiere in December 1955, accompanied by Marlon Brando. This very elegant black silk crepe dress, likely made by the studio wardrobe department, has a v-neckline, spaghetti straps and small train in the back and truly accentuated Marilyn at her most gracious. The same incomparable Marilyn aura is associated with two sets of unpublished slides of her taken by a young fan who had established an acquaintance with the star. The first set of eight slides show Marilyn on different occasions as she leaves her East 57th Street New York City apartment. Although trying to disguise herself in a scarf, sunglasses and light make-up, Marilyn looks as stunning as ever (estimate: $900-1,200 USD). The second set of six slides portray Marilyn in simple attire with the exception of one shot which shows her dressed up in a car, possibly on her way to sing 'Happy Birthday' to President Kennedy in Madison Square Garden in 1962 (estimate: $800-1,000 USD). Hollywood classics 'The Wizard of Oz' (1939), 'All About Eve' (1950), 'The Ten Commandments' (1956) and 'The Godfather Part II' (1974) are some of the movies united in this sale. Cecil B. de Mille's great biblical epic is represented with what is the most significant item appearing in the movie: a set of prop 'Ten Commandments' tablets used by Charlton Heston as he portrayed Moses (estimate: $6,000-7,000 USD). From 'The Godfather Part II,' the overcoat that Al Pacino wears as he portrays ruthless mob boss Michael Corleone, will be offered (estimate: $5,000-5,500 USD). Al Pacino can be seen wearing the coat in the scene where he walks towards the door and slams it shut in Kay's face. The classic rock 'n' roll era comes back to life with items such as a gold and diamond ring worn by Elvis Presley early in his career along with a great photograph of him wearing the ring (estimate: $6,000-8,000USD). Designed in the shape of a horseshoe with fourteen single-cut diamonds around the surface while a horse head adorns the middle, this ring was worn by 'the King' for a number of years before he gave it to "Memphis Mafia" member, Alan Fortas. Elvis wore this ring on May 1, 1967 -- the day he married Priscilla Ann Beaulieu. The poster section features some extremely interesting material, both from a cinematographic and artistic point of view. One of the supreme examples is a 1929 poster for 'The Man with the Movie Camera' ('Chelovek s Kinoapparatom') with artwork created by Georgii and Vladimir Steinberg (estimate: $30,000-50,000 USD). The movie - showing Moscow life in the 1920s - used all the cinematic techniques available at the time and was a source of inspiration to later filmmakers. Another historically important poster is the 1936 one-sheet poster from the serial 'Flash Gordon' (estimate: $40,000-50,000 USD). Flash Gordon, played by Buster Crabbe, was the first silver screen superhero. The Flash Gordon character started its life as a cartoon figure but in 1936, Universal Studios bought the rights to Gordon and set out making a film serial in 13 chapters. One of the oldest posters offered is the 1928 one-sheet for 'The Circus,' starring Charlie Chaplin with artwork by Hap Hadley (estimate: $18,000-24,000 USD). Among the 380 poster lots, Christie's will further feature the 1942 French 'Casablanca' poster (estimate: $40,000-50,000 USD) and posters from all-time classics such as Steve McQueen's 'Bullitt,' 'James Bond - You Only Live Twice' with Sean Connery, 'Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy,' and two movies that have recently been re-made 'Ocean's 11,' and 'Moulin Rouge'.